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  1. 4 minutes ago, Unsympathetic said:

    Tannehill with bookend INT's -- on their first and last offensive plays of the game.

    Understated element of that game.. Bengals shut down Henry [20/62] without either of their starting DI.

    I nearly picked Cincinnati, but then remembered they had missing starters on their DLine and thought Henry and Co was going to run all over them.

    Guess not. 

  2. My early September prediction of a Buffalo vs LA Rams Super Bowl is still holding up into the divisional playoff round!

    (And now I just jinxed it!) 😁 

    Here's some predictions while I'm at it:

    Tennessee 27, Cincinnati 24
    Green Bay 31, San Francisco 17
    Tampa Bay 24, LA Rams 21
    Buffalo 34, Kansas City 30

  3. 3 hours ago, Orion said:

    I would just love to know what he thought about the whole thing and why wanted out so badly.  I'm sure Berry knows, because he talked with him at the time....but Berry won't talk.  I even tried water-boarding on him.  :)

    1. OBJ is a big city/big stage guy. He's a guy who loves the spotlight. New York is the biggest stage. Los Angeles is Hollywood. He ended up being traded to Cleveland. 

    2. This is not a dynamic passing offense. It's not how Stefanski's offense is set up.

    3. Baker Mayfield is not a dynamic passer. He can be a successful QB in Stefanski's offense, but he's not going to put up Madden numbers, thus, his WRs aren't going to put up big numbers. 

  4. 12 hours ago, BernieSuperBowl2 said:

    Haha yeah I'm noticing that. If you counter the insanity with rational thought to some of the village idiots on here, you are met with immediate scorn.

    The nice thing is, some of them kind of "self-identify" by using communist-themed profile pics, so at least you can see them coming. 😉

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  5. On 1/17/2022 at 9:02 PM, hoorta said:

    No luck there, long range forecast for Nashville is mid 30s with little chance of rain.  But it's currently too far out to be 100% certain.  

    In the history of the Cincinnati Bengals, they have never won a road playoff game.

    0-7. You could almost say they are 0-9, since they lost both Super Bowls away from CIncinnati too, but those are considered neutral sites, not road games.

  6. 4 hours ago, Browns149 said:

    I’m not for taking interior dl in first round. They are not every down players

    I'm on record with a somewhat similar stance. 

    I'm not saying I would never take a DTackle in the top half of the first, but the guy I did it for would have to be damn special. 

    I'm not sure that guy (for me) exists in this draft for the Browns at #13 overall. I'd rather get a couple guys in the mid rounds that do one aspect well, and throw them in the IDL rotation.

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  7. 24 minutes ago, tiamat63 said:


    I mean, raise your hand if you haven't* gotten your dick sucked in the Cheesecake Factory parking lot.  


    ... exactly.   We don't throw stones here, boys.

    As incredibly dark as they keep that place - like so dark you need your phone flashlight to be able to read the menu - one could probably get one IN the Cheesecake Factory and no one would notice. 

    If it happened while you were eating one of their delicious pieces of cheesecake, even better. 

  8. 1 minute ago, hoorta said:

    Look for the Bengals to try and turn it into another track meet like they did against the Raiders.   This time around I'm all in favor of Cinci going the "one and done" route.   

    This is an intriguing match up.

    I'm sure the Titans are hoping for a shitty weather/slow track type of day.

  9. 6 hours ago, calfoxwc said:

    Fans blame Raiders QB Derek Carr for playoff loss to ...

    Las Vegas Raiders quarterback Derek Carr throws during the first half of an NFL wild-card playoff football game against the Cincinnati Bengals, Saturday, Jan. 15, 2022, in Cincinnati.
       We watched that game. Overthrows. Bad throws. A few throws thrown at receiver's feet. Didn't see a few open wr's. Sacked three times - once nearly for a safety. "Held the ball too long"......qb rating 39.2.
    This is who some want the Browns to trade for to replace an injured Baker Mayfield?

    I'd love to see the Browns trade for Derek Carr...

    I'd love to see what exciting excuses you'd come up for him. 

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  10. 2 hours ago, tiamat63 said:


    You kicked SO much ass doing your research, you forgot to mention that Scherff's level of play at tackle got him kicked inside to guard because he couldn't hack it consistently in pass pro on the edge.  As he is now a guard for the Skins.     The Redskins spent a top 10 pick on a guard, believing they got a franchise tackle.     To refresh, barring transcendent talent such as Quinten Nelson, top 10 picks aren't spent on guard play. 

    Comparing a prospect you want to draft at tackle to Brandon Schreff is admitting your complete inability to evaluate a players skill set on your own and being dependent on the analysis of others.     Not to mention your lack of attention to detail on how said prospect is currently holding up in the NFL.  You sure did read a whole hell of a lot there, champ.    


    And it's almost like somebody almost called Schreff's future move to guard while watching his Iowa tape...     Oh wait...








    edit:  Meanwhile Ali Marpet, another probowl guard, was taken in the later 2nd round.   Much less draft capital invested in a value position that the 'Skins could have used to address pass rush or skill positions with.  



    I'm not sure there's an over-the-counter lotion strong enough for that burn, cal.

    Might have to consult your physician on this one.

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  11. 2 hours ago, Unsympathetic said:

    Yes.. Many years ago the assumption was that RT was essentially a third OG because passpro on that side didn't matter.

    So "giving up on" a LT in the language of the 80's/90's meant flipping him back to RT..

    Because you said.. 

    The point is that RT & LT have the same skillsets, just leading with a different leg.. At this point he's played all his NFL snaps at LT and those alabama RT seasons are pretty far in the past other than for group reminiscing over zoom time. If they're going to draft someone to take over for Conklin I'd bet they have that guy doing RT from the jump rather than teach both guys something new. 

    So if they actually do flip Wills to RT then the question should be asked.. what exactly did they think he wasn't doing at LT that he will be able to do at RT? 

    Combine that with Tia's statements regarding the 10-yard depth of Baker and I bet that's the real passpro answer.. which means it's got nada to do with RT or LT or even Wills' skillset.. And so flipping Wills to RT to blame him  ["give up on him"] for Baker's 10 would be more "doing something" to cover for the reality that they have no idea how to actually self-scout or make changes to get better.. Because they aren't getting the first step right of accurately identifying the problem(s).

    I sometimes get the feeling you pathologically just love to argue, sometimes just for the sake of arguing. 

  12. 7 minutes ago, Unsympathetic said:

    Your RT needs to be just as good at passpro as LT; not only do DE's flip but more of the best edges locate on the left rather than the right.  So whatever the criteria you may intend when you say "sticks".. either isn't valid or can be updated based on new information moving forward.

    Maxx Crosby, VonMiller, TJ Watt [LOLB, LDE, he's their edge] -- and others, I verified those 3 so far and that's the first 3 i could think of.. all line up against RT rather than a LT.

    Eagles are more notable recently for their RT not moving back to LT when their LT [peters] quasi-retired at the beginning of this season before accepting a few more million from Bears.

    So the tackle positions, regarding pass blocking is interchangeable?

    Then why did you refer to my idea that Wills possibly could move back to RT as "giving up on him"?

    Hell, I could be saying he might be moved back to RT because that is what he came into the NFL as. Seems to me that you are muddying up this conversation by first saying a move back to his natural position was "giving up on him" and then in another breath saying both sides at tackle are the same. 

  13. 4 minutes ago, Unsympathetic said:

    I wouldn't give up on Wills.. he was viewed as the steal of the 2020 draft and even with all his ankle, he still increased his rating from 61 to 65 this year.

    Somehow, a team named The Browns has apparently won each of the last two drafts.  Let's visit that team's forum - they sound nice.

    Don't forget in early rounds we have to go IDL.

    1. Saying that Wills might eventually end up back at RT isn't giving up on him, just wondering if long-term he sticks on the left side. 

    2. As DBone is known to say, no one wins the offseason like the Browns. 

    3. Definitely a need too. 

  14. 49 minutes ago, calfoxwc said:

    Ebikitie is a fine pick, but West is more a center, and not a blue chip center. That would be a dumb pick in the third round.

    and Ebikitie is rated the #11th edge rusher in the draft. I imagine he will climb draft boards at the combine - seems he could be a high third rounder. maybe. who knows.

    Fascinating, as always.