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  1. Is it as irrelevant as Johnny Manziel's football career is now?
  2. I specifically loved the story where Manziel slammed his girlfriend's head off the door glass of his car.
  3. Dutch Oven

    Hue Jackson's Jet's Presser

    Perhaps, but Hogan has proven that he can set the other team up to score as well as he does for the Browns. Both games he's played this year: Set the world on fire in his first drive only to throw a horrible interception the next drive or so that practically gives the other team a TD. That being said, Hogan should be the starter now. He won't be, but I don't know what Kizer is learning from this. He's regressing.
  4. Dutch Oven

    ***Official Browns Vs. N.Y. Jets Game Day Thread***

    I'm not writing Peppers off, not at all, but... The concern with Peppers is that he kind of falls into the category of "Jack of all trades, master of none".
  5. Dutch Oven

    ***Official Browns Vs. N.Y. Jets Game Day Thread***

    It's so obvious that I am so far into your head, you blowhard hypocrite. Did Pence walk out of the stadium today because of the anthem protests, then try to sneak back into the stadium like nothing ever happened a hour later? No, of course not. Only a pathetic attention whore would pull a stunt like that. You know, like YOU. It was also awesome today how you compared Kizer to a gorilla and a monkey. I can see why the resident racist on this board is so fond of you. And for the third time, I was born in 1975. I'm Gen X, bitch.
  6. Haha. For the love of dog. Someone, I don't even know who and I don't care enough to look it up, said that for all the pub Billy Beane got for the brilliance of "Money Ball", he never won a title in Oakland. I responded that Epstein has used the same approach and has won multiple titles. I'm well aware that MLB is different than the NFL, but since someone decided to bring up Beane, I countered with Epstein.
  7. Dutch Oven

    ***Official Browns Vs. N.Y. Jets Game Day Thread***

    Says the guy who laid down money on the Browns to win.
  8. When Billy Beane is brought into the convo, Theo Epstein can be used as a counter to the argument.
  9. Dutch Oven

    Garrett Hurt Already

    I'll admit, I kind of want to see you post during the game now. Sounds like it would be entertaining!
  10. His handmade headband he wore while golfing at a certain individual's golf course makes me think I might have been premature on my assessment of the young man.
  11. I'll have to go back and look at the 2010 draft to see what was available when the Browns drafted Haden. Now, for the Mingo pick, that draft was absolute garbage.
  12. I think he had a 2-3 year stretch where he was a top 10-15 CB in the NFL. I definitely wouldn't consider him a bad pick or a bust, perhaps someone whose peak years were limited due to injuries. That and he wasn't/isn't a superior athlete at the CB position.
  13. Ohhhh... A thousand apologies upon thee!
  14. It's almost impressive how horribly bad the Browns have been with their first round picks. Some, like Courtney Brown just didn't work out to the surprise of almost everyone. Others, like Barkevious Mingo and Johnny Manziel were busts waiting to happen. (And Justin Gilbert, if the Browns had asked his former OK State teammate Brandon Weeden)
  15. TJ Ward was a first round pick?
  16. Dutch Oven

    ***Official Browns Vs. N.Y. Jets Game Day Thread***

    Man does that '86 Browns game vs the Jets bring back memories. I was 11, and was distraught when Freeman ran in a TD to make it 20-10. Inconsolable. Then all hell broke loose! Gotta disagree with you on the white facemasks Tour, old-school grey looks so good on a Browns helmet. Still can't believe the Browns are favored today, and can't believe the "tanking" Jets have won 2 games already. If the Browns lose today, it's going to be REAL ugly. 0-16 will be a real possibility again.
  17. Theo Epstein has done very well using the same principles.
  18. I'm sure they did, with guys like McDowell, Tiant, Siebert, etc but I wonder if the whole staff was ever that much better than league average. This Tribe staff was more than a full run better than the A.L. average. That's incredible.
  19. Absolutely. I didn't have a problem with the idea of a complete rebuild, but I do have a problem with the execution of it so far.
  20. And the Nationals are choking... again. About to be down 2-0 to the Cubs.
  21. Dutch Oven

    I will fistfight Texas AG - Right Here.

    I'm ovulating like a mother right now...