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  1. Dutch Oven

    This Week in the AFC North

    Man, the Browns were so damn close to being two games up already on the Ravens come late Sunday night, if tomorrow plays out like we all think it will...
  2. Dutch Oven

    Anthony Walker to the IR

    Speaking of availability...
  3. A girl I was talking to years ago was friends with Jeff Garcia's wife in high school. My imagination had a fun ride when I found that out.
  4. His stats are his stats, but he definitely has been trending up.
  5. Derek Carr career stats: 27,331 yards (7.0 yds/att), 172 td (4.4%), 72 int (1.9%), 64.4 comp %, 92.1 QB rating. Baker Mayfield career stats: 11, yards (7.5 yds/att), 75 td (4.9%), 44 int (2.9%), 62.1 comp %, 89.3 QB rating.
  6. I did hear an interesting stat today... apparently since Baker has entered the NFL in 2018, no QB has thrown more fourth quarter interceptions than him. I'd be curious to see his career stats by quarter, but I can't find that breakdown.
  7. There could not have been a worse matchup for a defense that had so many new faces. Nothing I saw yesterday changed my mind about the Browns ability to play with anyone in the NFL. But they need to finish games against the Chiefs and the Ravens of the world.
  8. He had the cherry on top of the choke sundae the Browns served up to the Chiefs. Until then, he had played great.
  9. Dutch Oven

    Tale of the Tape - Browns vs Chiefs

    That was some fucking bullshit, and I'd like to see Stefanski tomorrow make a comment about how opposing coaches better keep their fucking hands off his players.
  10. Well we all expect you to only show up for the 6-7 losses.
  11. Dutch Oven

    Dutch's 2021 Browns Questions

    Can @hoorta or @Zombo lock this please? Thanks!
  12. Amazing what they can do when they don't jump offsides. 😁