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  1. Dutch Oven

    Odell Embarrassing Us Yet Again...

    So the "moderator" never moderates. Bold move. 🤣
  2. Dutch Oven

    Classic uniforms of the good old days

    It was kind of neat I suppose to see the orange pants for a "special" night game, but give me the brown jerseys/white pants (and white jerseys/white pants) look 95% of the time. The brown pants can be set on fire.
  3. Dutch Oven

    Win-Loss predictions

    After two games I feel pretty confident about my 6-10 prediction.
  4. Dutch Oven

    ***Browns VS Bengals Gameday Thread***

    Joe Burrow was interviewed after the game, and said that he can't remember the last time he's lost two games in a row, and that it is a horrible feeling. Oh Joe, welcome to Cincinnati. You have no idea.
  5. Dutch Oven

    How did the Defense get so bad?

    Get so bad? When was it good?
  6. Dutch Oven

    Protest Thread

    They did, and got tear-gassed so that Captain Bonespurs could walk his fat ass across the street to a church that wants nothing to do with him and fake being a good Christian so the mouth-breathers who thump bibles and still support one of the most morally deficient humans ever spawned can feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I guarantee all you "keep politics out of my sports people" would have raging boners if players held hands before the game to support law enforcement. Just call it for what it is - it's not that politics are getting inserted into sports that bothers you, its that POLITICS YOU DON'T AGREE WITH are being inserted into sports that bothers you. I don't see any of you complaining about how every pre-game show has turned into a hour long commercial for the armed forces, either.
  7. Dutch Oven

    Bungle Week

    A topic so nice, needs to be done twice! 😉
  8. Dutch Oven

    Odell Embarrassing Us Yet Again...

    If it was up to you the poli board wouldn't exist either. 🙂
  9. Dutch Oven

    Classic uniforms of the good old days

    I agree. I think the Sipe era uniforms were the worst Browns uniforms they ever had, until the 2015-2019 ones (1984 were bad too, but only lasted one year) so I've never been a big fan of the orange pants for the Browns. With brown and orange, simpler is better.
  10. Dutch Oven

    Classic uniforms of the good old days

    That would be interesting, since the Browns never unveiled orange pants when they introduced the new unis this spring. Jimmy's son/son-in-law/nephew/whoever mentioned something at the time of the reveal that he had no idea Browns fans liked the orange pants so much and that they needed to get with Nike to give them some.
  11. Dutch Oven

    OBJ trade whispers bubbling once again

    From the day OBJ was traded for, it was pretty obvious that he was going to be a relatively short-term "get". He was never going to retire from the Browns - they'd get 2 or 3 years out of him and then ditch him when they needed to free money up. What is hilarious is that this idiot will probably do victory laps on here when he does finally get traded... 🤣 "SEE I TOLD ALL OF YOU!"
  12. Dutch Oven

    Bungle Week

    They played the Browns tough last season, Browns were somewhat lucky not to get swept. And while Burrow is a rookie, the Browns defense at this point isn't going to strike fear into him or anyone else. I really hope you are right.