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  1. Dutch Oven

    Best Browns New Uniform Ideas

    It looks like a photo negative to me.
  2. Dutch Oven

    Best Browns New Uniform Ideas

    Still no official word of when, but the Haslam's son-in-law J.W. Johnson just tweeted: "Who is ready to see the new uniforms?"
  3. Dutch Oven

    New Draft SIM in Town... PFN

    Thomas and Baun as the first two picks for the Browns would make me have to consult a doctor after four hours.
  4. Dutch Oven

    Survey Monday March 30

    And that is your opinion And that is your opinion
  5. Dutch Oven

    Survey Monday March 30

    Yes, you can be wrong about your opinion. You do it on here every day.
  6. Dutch Oven

    Survey Monday March 30

    Go ahead and think that, you've been wrong before, you'll be wrong a couple times more before this hour is up.
  7. Dutch Oven

    Survey Monday March 30

    Regarding the 2016 World Series, the Indians had pretty much two healthy starting pitchers. They didn't choke the WS away, as much as they ran out of gas. It would have been practically a 1980 Miracle On Ice World Series win if the Tribe could have won it all. That's how banged up their starting rotation was going into the playoffs.
  8. Dutch Oven

    Best Browns New Uniform Ideas

    No. White facemasks looked cheap and plastic. Old-school grey facemasks. Hell, I'd easily keep the current brown facemasks - which I like more than I thought I would - before ever bringing back the white facemasks.
  9. Chris Collingsworth sometimes get shit from football fans, but I think he does a really good job. Knows his shit, yet comes off not taking it too seriously. Has fun. Also, he's absolutely despised by Steelers fans. He must be doing something right.
  10. Dutch Oven

    Best Browns New Uniform Ideas

    I'm not exactly sure where Icecube is getting any of his thoughts on this thread! 😁
  11. Dutch Oven

    Left Tackle - Flugel Faves and Hopefuls

    It feels like if the Browns take ANY position besides LT, it will be a shock to most of us.
  12. Dutch Oven

    Trivia Question of the Day March 30, 2020

    Bill Belichick, Vince Lombardi, John Madden, Paul Brown, Don Shula, Tom Landry, Bill Walsh, Bill Parcells, Joe Gibbs, Mike Tomlin
  13. Dutch Oven

    Survey Monday March 30

    5. Chi Chis. Unlike Italian food, which I am a complete snob about, give me Chi Chis for Mexican every day of the week. My dish? The Cancun, which was seafood enchiladas. Best Mexican fried ice cream ever.
  14. Dutch Oven

    Best Browns New Uniform Ideas

    Shitty owners, shitty GMs, shitty coaches, shitty players. I really consider Blanton Collier's retirement to be when the Browns really became Modell's team. The Paul Brown era, with his hands all over the team after he was fired, was now gone. It was Modell's team now. And in those 25 or so seasons until the Browns moved away, they were a .500 team. They've been an unmitigated disaster since they came back in '99. It has nothing to do with "curses", but has everything to do with incompetent leadership from the top.
  15. Dutch Oven

    Best Browns New Uniform Ideas

    Nickers put me on ignore because he was tired of me making him look even more moronic than he usually does on his own. 😁