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  1. Dutch Oven


    I think Kraft might be preoccupied right now with other matters.
  2. Dutch Oven

    Regular Season Schedule

    5 out of the last 7 games being against the North is going to be bananas.
  3. Dutch Oven

    Regular Season Schedule

    Damn... the Jets game being a MNF game might keep me from roadtrippin' it.
  4. Dutch Oven

    The official Terry Pluto thread

    I mean, Browns fans are more excited about the schedule coming out tonight than the Draft next week. Reminds me of 2008. 😲😁
  5. Dutch Oven

    The official Terry Pluto thread

    Terry scribbling about the Browns and the Draft... https://www.cleveland.com/browns/2019/04/cleveland-browns-draft-scribbles-how-about-some-linebackers-terry-pluto.html
  6. Dutch Oven

    Jags trade theorhetical

    Not going to get into him as a teammate, but he's got a career 3.7 yards per carry after his first two seasons. There's some value as a guy who can consistently churn out 3 or 4 yards for a ball-control team (see: Eddie George) but as the 4th overall pick in the draft? Dude has been underwhelming so far considering his hype entering the NFL. Ezekiel Elliot, Saquon Barkley or Todd Gurley he is not.
  7. Dutch Oven

    Regular Season Schedule

    Hmmm... I have family within a hour of the Meadowlands. Might be time for a road trip!
  8. Dutch Oven

    Cut Browns Find New Home Thread

    The good thing is the rookie can easily find like-minded company here. The amount of fake tough guys on here is almost impressive.
  9. Dutch Oven

    OBJ is a BROWN!!!!!

    Roughly 20 or so years ago I went to a dollar store and found packs of unopened 10 year old baseball cards, and bought a few just for kicks. Inside the 10 year old pack of baseball cards was a 10 year old, petrified piece of gum that used to come in baseball cards back in the day. Damn right I chewed it. 🤣
  10. Dutch Oven

    Baker Mayfield bats left handed

    Did you see that video with him and Kevin Hart where they are in ice baths or hot tubs or whatever? Baker's got a dad bod.
  11. One game tia. I still contend there was nothing about Couch that was special. Not his arm, his accuracy, his athleticism, his ability to dissect opposing defenses, or his ability to lead. IMO, his ceiling was an average to slightly-below average starting QB. (Which still puts him in the top 15-20 QBs in the NFL) I mean, it's not like Baker Mayfield stepped into a ready-made playoff contender either. Those 2016 and 2017 Browns teams he inherited were as bad as the first years of the expansion Browns.
  12. It should. No way a guy with an almost 1:1 TD/Int ratio should be on anyone's list as one of the worst draft picks ever. Ridiculous. But while he didn't have a great surrounding cast, I still have my doubts about how good he ever would be. I can't think of anything regarding his game that was above average.
  13. Apparently the NFL Draft started in the 1980s... 🙄 The picks of Tim Couch, Courtney Brown and Gerard Warren to start the Browns reboot crippled the team for a decade. (Along with every other stupid move they made)
  14. Dutch Oven

    Building The Browns

    Without a doubt this current team is better built for sustained success than it has ever been since returning in 1999. It isn't even close. I mean, Baker Mayfield and Myles Garrett vs Tim Couch and Courtney Brown... 😁
  15. Dutch Oven

    The Pick At 49

    I was just going to ask what position he would play in the 4-3, since it seems like he's a bit of a tweener in it.