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  1. Dutch Oven

    #1 Overall Picks usually work out

    This is the first season of a new regime. Any negative talk will be dealt with swiftly by the majority of Browns Town. If the Browns win 3-5 games this upcoming season, no one will say a peep to someone like Tacosman. Then, the gloves are off. I've seen this movie once or 12 times before. 😉
  2. Dutch Oven

    The Browns Will Be In The Playoffs This Year

    I don't want to be a wet blanket, especially since the season is 2.5 months away and it is kind of fun seeing people being optimistic, but looking at the schedule, where are you guys seeing 9 or 10 potential wins?
  3. Dutch Oven

    Antonio Callaway

    It's no "To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar" but for a Swayze flick it isn't half bad... 😂
  4. Dutch Oven

    Athlon 2018 OL player rankings

    I agree. Strong in the middle, questionable on the edges.
  5. Dutch Oven

    The Browns Will Be In The Playoffs This Year

    No team in the NFL was worse against the spread than the Browns the last two seasons. That means that as bad as 1-31 was, they actually performed worse than people (Vegas) expected.
  6. Dutch Oven

    CowTurd: Apparently does not do his homework!

    What is his opinion of lamps?
  7. Dutch Oven

    Greg Little

    If there was any doubt how Weeden's career in Cleveland would go, it should have been crystal clear in his first game when he got stuck under the giant American flag before the opening kickoff.
  8. Dutch Oven

    The Browns Will Be In The Playoffs This Year

    You are preaching to the choir brother. Gun to my head, I'm predicting 4 or 5 wins. But it's June, and while I might not agree with the level of optimism being shown by many lately, it is nice to see from Browns fans.
  9. Dutch Oven

    Greg Little

    Greg Little's "highlight" video has been blocked because it didn't meet the minimum length of time dictated by the NFL.
  10. Dutch Oven

    The Browns Will Be In The Playoffs This Year

    Just let them have their fun, Orion. It's June. 😉
  11. Dutch Oven

    Greg Little

    I honestly think so much bad, godawful Browns football has caused my memory to just blank out. I barely even remember Greg Little at this point. I mean, I know the name, but can barely remember him with the Browns. No idea when he was drafted, or by what regime.
  12. Dutch Oven

    Big Gay Soccer Thread

    While I absolutely loathe soccer, I am thoroughly enjoying the Blowhard's thread being hijacked by it.
  13. Dutch Oven

    Former Brown Winslow arrested for burglary

    And Jim Brown won nothing until the Browns put a high-performance passing attack around him with Frank Ryan throwing to Gary Collins and Paul Warfield.
  14. Dutch Oven

    Former Brown Winslow arrested for burglary

    He's waffling. He loves this draft, thinks Dorsey really nailed it out of the park. Good times for the Browns are on the horizon boys!...… You know what boys, I think the Browns blew this draft... Browns are going to keep sucking... The NFL sucks, I'm going to watch the XFL... scratch that, I'll pick another NFL team... Typical attention trolling.