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  1. London game Ravens Jags

    I would guess that it will be televised locally. (?)
  2. Kizer

    How dare you imply that Hogan is anything but a physical specimen. PoG saw Hogan throw that football over that mountain. The Browns would've definitely won state if Hue had put Hogan in. Hogan might have found his soul mate as a result.
  3. 2018 QB Draft Class

    I believe his stats vs the big boys (teams of the top 5 leagues) is pretty 'eh'...
  4. London game Ravens Jags

    44-0 Jags. Holy crap.
  5. We just need to get them to win the last game they play in the postseason.
  6. ***Official Browns @ Colts Game Day Thread***

    Dork? That burns sooooooooooo bad.
  7. ***Official Browns @ Colts Game Day Thread***

    Pray tell, where does a woman belong? Barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen?
  8. Another typical start for Kluber today vs the M's could pretty much seal the deal for Cy Young #2 for him. Kluber: 17-4, 2.35 ERA, 191.2 IP, 252 SO, 0.850 WHIP, 5 CG, 3 SHO Sale: 17-7, 2.75 ERA, 209.1 IP, 300 SO, 0.946 WHIP, 1 CG, 0 SHO The only thing Sale has going for him is a higher K/IP rate.
  9. I agree, or another DTackle.
  10. Kizer

    Here's a serious question PoG: Let's say Hogan had won the starting job out of training camp, and he had performed EXACTLY like Kizer has so far in the first two games. Would you be calling for Kizer?
  11. Josh Gordon

    His complexion is a little too dark for DieHard's preference. #MAWA
  12. Survey Wednesday

    He was light-years ahead of the shitstorm Manziel put up when he started his rookie season. His game vs Cincinnati was laughable. It honestly looked like they grabbed a guy from the Muni Lot and told him that he's the starting QB for the Browns that day.
  13. Kizer

    It really is puzzling. Hue decides to start a very young, not terribly experienced rookie at QB but doesn't seem to do much to make it easier for him.
  14. Josh Gordon

    And yet you can go on and on about what a wonderful talent he is and how he'll do wonderful things if given the chance. Interesting.
  15. Betting odds on HC Firing

    Because he's a TROLL whose only reason for being on this board is to piss off people to get attention? That being said, if the Browns only win 3 or 4 games this season, there's nothing I've seen from Jimmy Rebates Haslam that tells me Jackson will be back next season.