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  1. Sure thing big timer. A "Cockroach" you'd love to have on your team. If one of your receivers was blowing up DB's and LB's you sing his praises from now until early in the morning. However because he's part of the opposition people have nothing but negative sh.it to say. It's amusing. I will give you that much.
  2. Snatch98

    This Week in the AFC North

    Didn't work out to well.
  3. Thanks for the laugh. I've stayed away from the Browns board as of late but this brought me out of my vacation. Joey Galloway, Coles, Mason, TJ? and then you have Mushin, Eric Moulds etc on the first list over Hines? Laughable. Yea I get it you hate the Steelers but look at the numbers, the rings, the accolades and Hines being a primary face of the STeelers, not to mention the best blocking WR in the NFL currently and maybe ever. Additionally the "dirtiest player award" is also amusing and he himself thinks it's amusing. He's a WR fellas, beating up on LB's, DB's whatever and he's catching heat for being dirty. Every team in the NFL would love to have Hines Ward or a player like him. The peer voting is also a bunch of sour grapes. Get over it. Hines Ward is a future hall of famer without a doubt and will certainly get in before guys like the ones I listed in my post....oh and I forgot Chad Johnson lol. Yea solid receivers but in before Ward? lol. Thanks for the laugh Gip.
  4. As the world turns @ Brownsboard.com, I mean as the Pot stirs. The Steeler offensive line started to gel and get seated in their game plan later in the game and Holmes is uncoverable one on one. Combine that with Big Gay Ben's ability to win and his prowess in the hurry up and it's game over. A sound defeat? lol I guess you weren't watching the game. Hell if Woodley hadn't been sidelined with cramps at the same time Polamalu was in the locker room the Titans may not have even scored. Ugly game for sure but good teams win the ugly games as I said in the other thread. Stir, stir, stir that pot.
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    I've been keeping my mouth shut but I had to respond to this comment and the thread in general. FIrst off the preseaon game was played on a Thursday, there is a ungodly amount of construction downtown because of road work and preparing for the G20 summit in September. The Casino just opened as well so traffic patterns are a damn nightmare. I wasn't really paying attention to the stands but it seemed like a good number of people showed up for a PRESEASON GAME. As far as Timmons is concerned the comment above is asinine. Timmons is going to be a monster this year. Look what he did last year in limited time on the field. He closes as fast as Polamalu in the open field, hits heavy and has good instincts. Yes the Steeler fans are going to miss Larry because he was a great steeler but from a on the field perspective Larry was going to be on the bench this year anyway. Why do you think he essentially forced a release/trade etc? I get it everyone here hates the Steelers just like I hate the Browns but at least make some sense. There are a few Retards around here but I know for a fact there are plenty of knowledgeable individuals here. You may want to make it seem that way. EDIT: ANd the last i checked our preseason game wasn't blacked out, like yours is about to be....so much for people not buying tickets and showing up for the game on thursday.
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    why do the mods let trolls stay on here?

    "Haters gonna hate" I read daily but haven't posted lately, nothing juicy worth posting about. However I don't consider myself a troll even though I'm certain a percentage of the membership lumps me under that category.
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    Tackling Big Gay Ben

  8. Snatch98

    Late 1st round prospects

    I want the Cavs to draft Sam Young and not because he's a Panther and I'm from Pittsburgh. He's exactly the kind of scorer the Cavs need. I'd be so stoked if the Cavs get a shot to draft him.
  9. Snatch98

    Tackling Big Gay Ben

    It's definitely inserted.
  10. Snatch98

    James Harrison's Dog on Roids too

    My point is, it doesn't take much to come away with some stitches and for all any of us know the 2 year old could have hurt/scared the dog in some fashion and the dog reacted in a certain manner. I know most dogs are pretty scared of little kids unless they were socialized with little kids at a young age. AND it just so happens part of being a responsible pet owner is socializing your pets with young children from a early age. Tough situation for sure and I'm a harrison fan but can't begin to tell you how he is as a dog owner from the sound of this obviously not a great one.
  11. Snatch98

    James Harrison's Dog on Roids too

    3 stitches? Do you realize how MINIMAL 3 stitches is? Have you ever had stitches? It doesn't take much for a large canine tooth to pierce, lacerate or damage the skin. The gf that was over was the one that wrongfully called the police on Harrison several times over the last 5 years. Her idiocy has been documented on more than one occasion in the local Pittsburgh papers. It wasn't a stereotype but rather statistical and documented fact that she has a screw loose. Now back to the stitches..I recently rubbed up on old wooden fence a few months ago and got caught by a fairly large splinter. I barely grazed the thing and came away with 4 stitches and the cut was less than a inch long. If the article involved a Cleveland Brown and a Pit Bull I'd be making the same argument FOR the player in question because I LOVE the breed and understand that ill behaved dogs are a direct result of negligent owners. Blame the deed, not the breed. PERIOD.
  12. Snatch98

    James Harrison's Dog on Roids too

    Thank you. I was so pleasantly surprised to read this here and wish more people carried that view point. I got my first pit bull when I was 7 years old. I'll be 27 in September. Rocky my first lived to be 17 and was the best dog I've ever owned. My parents currently have two a 11 year old female Adrian and a 2 year old male Conan (Conan O'Brien, he's a red nose) One of the most well mannered and rewarding dogs anyone could ever own and it's so amazingly unfortunate they carry such a B.s Stereotype because of the thug culture that often attaches itself to the breed. Based on what I've read about the Harrison situation, he himself wasn't home and his ex-wife or ex-gf was over with his son and let the dog out of the kennel. Now you take a idiot broad, she is an idiot. It's been documented a few times in the Pittsburgh media and a dog she isn't around often and add a two year old to the mix. A two year old around ANY DOG without on the point adult supervision is a recipe for disaster no matter the breed. The kid could have poked the dog in the eye, hit the dog with something messing around whatever and it certainly doesn't take much for a dog to break the skin of a two year old kid. It's unfortunate but you really can't blame the dog. I know my skin has been broken 100% by accident by a few of my dogs when playing in a spirited fashion etc. I went home this past week to scout the job market (I'm planning to move back to Pittsburgh even though I LOVE Columbus) and I had my 11mo old Doberman, my rescued Chocolate lab who showed up 25 pounds underweight this past thanks giving to my front door, my families two pit bulls and a 1.5 year old Boston Terrier WITHOUT issue. It's 100% the deed and not the breed. Great, GREAT dogs. EDIT: A few people went on the record defending Harrison's dog saying he's a big softy as well. It doesn't take much for a little 2 year old to get hurt by a dog. If the dog really wanted to inflict some serious damage Harrison's kid would be pretty banged up. Little kids grab, pull, poke kick and generally SCARE THE SH.it out of dogs until they are fully used to the kid at least.
  13. Dumb agreed. However who the xxxx cares? I sure as hell don't because the rest of the team is going and we're wearing a sixth super bowl ring. If it's on PTI it's a 30 second snip where they will both say "WHAT THE HELL IS HE THINKING" and move on just like the Pittsburgh fan base. I didn't post after initially reading this the day it was posted because I had hoped it would just die. It obviously didn't and that's fine but it's also why I'm posting now. In more important news the salary cap was increased and the Steelers and the rest of the NFL should be able to resign their important veterans and aspiring rookies sooner than later. Steelers > *
  14. Snatch98

    Way off topic...Anyone seeing Star Trek tonight?

    I'm not at all in to Star Trek but the movie looks kick a$$ and it's getting great reviews. My gf just called me from work and said her mom and bro want to check it out and asked if we want to go so I guess I'll be seeing it tonight.
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    Browns Board Fantasy Football Question?????

    lol that's fine. I guess constantly referring to me as a inbred hillbilly is A-okay. Give me a break, I didn't realize so many were so thin skinned.