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  1. Yep! Do we see a pattern here? Mike
  2. I'm always searching for new & simple seasonings & found a GREAT one for steak & pork....... 7-2-2....... 7 -Tblsp Kosher salt (Diamond Crystal brand. If another brand, drop it to 4) 2 -Tblsp fresh, coarse ground black pepper 2 -Tblsp GRANULATED garlic I had Diamond Crystal, so I used the 7 tablespoons...it was great on grilled filet & grilled pork tenderloin & will remain my "go to" on those cuts of meat. The garlic MUST be granulated, NOT garlic powder. It's a very simple rub & very easy for me to remember (no small feat at my age). Mike
  3. Yep...Tyrod got concussed down 0-14, Baker came in & won it...even caught a 2 pt PAT from Jarvis! I loved being in the stands for that one...I wasn't going to wear my Baker jersey 'till he was starting, but wore it that night on a whim & WHAM! Mike
  4. Yeah, I think the players' bodies in general were not ready for the pounding of NFL football & hope we err on the side of caution. I guess we'll see soon enough. Mike
  5. Bill, Yeah, eat the spices & pitch the "alleged meat"!! As a fellow 'Nam Vet, you should go to hell for even posting a PICTURE of spam!! I will NEVER again eat meat from a damned can!!! 🤢🤮 Mike
  6. Canton Mike

    Seibert waived, Parkey elevated to 53 man roster

    ST Coaches had been working him out at 1st Energy on numerous occasions this year. He also had ONE solid year in college.. https://www.footballdb.com/college-football/players/austin-seibert-seibe0006 Also, check out his stats per distance. I rest my case....I am no Seibert fan. Mike
  7. Canton Mike

    Seibert waived, Parkey elevated to 53 man roster

    As Paul Harvey would say...."Now for the REST of the story"... He also made 25 of 30 PATs last year & missed his one & only PAT attempt THIS year. This isn't a Parkey endorsement, just a more complete look at Seibert's performance. Mike
  8. Canton Mike

    Anyone Else Pick Up On This?

    About 3-4 weeks would be about right.....an injury perhaps, rookie comes in, wins, & it's "bye-bye" Tyrod again. Mike
  9. Canton Mike

    2020 Browns Depth Chart

    Yeah, I have waited a long time to watch a Browns Team methodically march downfield rather than throwing the ball up for grabs. I'm hoping I'll see a new "M.O." starting this week. Mike
  10. Canton Mike

    Protest Thread

    Nope, I'm all in too. I'm a 73 year old VietNam Vet & don't approve of public demonstrations (kneeling during the Anthem, etc), so I will refrain from watching until kickoff. That being said, I understand that others have as much right TO demonstrate as I have NOT to. Let's just keep all demonstrations non violent & not judge, make fun of, or belittle others for their viewpoints & beliefs. GO BROWNS!!! Mike
  11. Canton Mike

    Top 5 RBs of all time

    My opinions: 1..Jimmy Brown..He stands alone! 2..Barry Sanders..Did more with nothing around him. Most underrated. 3..Walter Payton..What a work ethic! 4..Gale Sayers..Riddled with injuries but the most beautiful runner I ever saw! 5..Pick who you like. Many greats, but all others are a drop from the Fantastic 4. Mike
  12. Canton Mike

    Browns Training Camp 2020

    Yep. Phil got better with time and, as stated previously, he knew those winds like the back of his hand. He would be a great addition, but we don't know whether or not HE would be interested OR considered. Phil didn't conquer those winds overnight, so we need to be patient with Siebert as well. Mike
  13. Canton Mike

    Browns Training Camp 2020

    Back to Training Camp....I enjoy Mike Priefer's pressers. The guy is straight forward & takes on all questions with some humor as well. I think a good move was made by retaining him. Mike
  14. Have your fun Tia. You don't need to like or agree with other's posts, but if making fun of others makes you feel like a big man, go for it boy. I'm done with the punks on this board.
  15. I like Harrison Bryant a lot. He has, among other things, the 2 things I find most lacking in Njoku.....HEART & PASSION for the game. Those can't be taught. You either have them or you don't. I think Bryant's a football player. I don't think Njoku is. Don't get me wrong....I don't doubt for a minute Njoku's talent & ability. Many "flops" have had those. The INTANGIBLES are the difference. Mike
  16. Canton Mike

    Trivia Questions and Answers

    Terrell Davis, Denver
  17. I'll be buying some too. Even if I fail to win, I will not have lost. Mike
  18. I almost posted as you did, but thought saying it might start a war on the board due to Chubb's popularity. That being said, Chubb just may be one of those backs with long term value. Mike
  19. I believe you may have nailed it. Unfortunately, in today's NFL, you can't keep them all but it's always tough to lose a high character, productive, loyal guy like Joe. It's a coin toss & I worry a bit about Ward's long term durability. Good LBs tend to have long & productive careers, so we'll see. Time will tell Mike
  20. Canton Mike

    Trivia Questions and Answers

    Rob Gronkowski
  21. Canton Mike

    Trivia Questions and Answers

    I'll guess one of the most overlooked ever!...Barry Sanders Mike
  22. Gip, Angie's was a fave sit down place back in the '60s when living in Wadsworth, but it has changed. Still good though. Sit down: Luigi's has been & still is our fave sit down place even though we now live in North Canton. Carryout: Double cheese, double pepperoni, well done at Pizza Oven in Canton & Pepperoni Magnifico @ Marco's in North Canton (great pizza & an UNBELIEVABLE veteran's discount). I refused that discount during this pandemic until their business picked back up. Mike
  23. Canton Mike

    Chip Banks shot

    Texas Ag was talking about Texas, but you are right about Ohio's "Toxic Trio". One of my fishing buddies is terrified of snakes & screamed "MOCCASIN!" one day while we were on a local pond a couple years ago. I went over & saw a damn big water snake laying by a bridge abutment, told him what it was, that there are no moccasins in Ohio, then I reached down & spooked it into the pond (never was able to lay a hand on it). He didn't go near that bridge the rest of the day & we never saw that snake again! In fact, the only venomous snake I ever came across was a small (8" or so) massasauga rattler. Mike
  24. Canton Mike

    Baker admits some things

    Baker will be fine! No blame placing on others by him. He takes responsibility for his shortcomings & is obviously also taking action. I still say the kid is the "Real Deal" & we'll not regret his being a Brown. Mike