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  1. Canton Mike

    Hopkins to the Cardinals

    A rare prediction from me.....Bill O'Brien is unemployed in 2021. I put this more on him than the GM, or they BOTH may be unemployed. Mike
  2. Canton Mike

    Irish Humor till the end

    I LOVE it, but I'm Irish too. Mike
  3. Canton Mike

    The 2020 Free Agency Thread...

    For a guy who can't stay on the field? Thanks but no thanks. Mike
  4. Canton Mike

    Trivia Questions and Answers

    Patriots, Chiefs, Texans, Titans. That's all I have & not at all sure about those. Mike
  5. Canton Mike

    untradeable Browns

    Yeah, let's go fishing! Mike
  6. Canton Mike

    untradeable Browns

    Agree totally about Njoku! He DOES love parading around at TC sans shirt showing off his six pack abs. If he amounts to anything, I will be surprised. Mike
  7. Canton Mike

    Higgins re-signing?

    PERFECTLY stated!! Mike
  8. Canton Mike

    Combine OL Measurements

    Hmmm...Rookie Thomas next to veteran LG Bitonio? Interesting. Could history repeat itself? Mike
  9. Canton Mike

    Viewing the NFL Combine

    Thanks Tour! Commitment to do all drills would have to be in writing prior to invitation being finalized. If a player won't commit, pull the invitation & offer it to another kid who wants to go & fully participate. Mike
  10. I agree with you, Larry.....2nd round. Mike
  11. Canton Mike

    did grossi just call Baker

    Tony apologizes... CLEVELAND (WJW) — ESPN Cleveland 850’s Tony Grossi was suspended over a comment he made about Cleveland Browns QB Baker Mayfield on Tuesday at the NFL Combine. Grossi, over a hot mic, reportedly referred to Mayfield as a “f***ing m*****.” A short time after his suspension was announced, Grossi tweeted a statement, saying he’s “truly sorry” for his “choice of words.” (My take: "Truly sorry for getting caught") “I sincerely apologize for using a word that is a derogatory slur. There’s no excuse for using that language in any context. It was said without malice but also without thought.” (My take: Without malice my ass, you chicken shit!) He went on to say he will “strive to be a better person and professional.” (My take: HAHA! In your next life Tony!) Grossi apologized to Baker Mayfield, the Cleveland Browns, little people, Good Karma Brands and to his listeners. (My take: I'll bet he pee'd his pants while doing so!) Mike
  12. Canton Mike

    did grossi just call Baker

    Talk about well deserved "self destruction"!!! Tony Grossi, aka loser, idiot, bigot, & dumbass. hahahahahahahahahahahahaha....oops, I forgot unemployed. Mike
  13. Great post Bob!! Your last statements about owners & Lindor are PERFECT!! Mike
  14. The TE position is the one position on the Browns that concerns me most. We'll address OT & safety. I just hope we can finally land a good, COMPLETE TE...one who blocks, runs good routes, & CATCHES the ball. Obviously, I'm not as sold on Njoku as some others are. We'll know more in the next 2 or 3 months. Mike
  15. I'll not argue that a retractable dome may bring Super Bowls & other events to Cleveland but, as a 73 year old Browns' Fan & Season Ticket Member, I prefer football played "in the elements". I really can't imagine sitting "inside" at a football game. It just doesn't seem natural to me. Bottom line is that, no matter what, I'm all in as a Browns' Fan for the rest of my life. Mike
  16. Canton Mike

    Browns OT Robinson Facing Federal Drug Charges

    I also wonder the same thing. LOL Mike
  17. Canton Mike

    Alex Van Pelt - OC

    I like it too. Imagine that...Browns Coaches who are preaching & teaching fundamentals...FINALLY!!! Mike
  18. Canton Mike

    HC/GM/Position Coach tracker

    Our new QB Coach?..... Mike
  19. Canton Mike

    Browns OT Robinson Facing Federal Drug Charges

    ...but, but, but he was a Combine STANDOUT! (surely, a day or 2 at the Combine should override a season or more of college play) .....and folks wonder why I want to draft "I & I" (Intelligence & Intensity) over "F & S" (Fast & Stupid)!! Mike
  20. Canton Mike


    Agreed, but IF Canton got a team & it was named the BULLDOGS, the stadium would be PACKED & this area would definitely support the Team. No other Pro team or major college program splitting interest. The official beer could be Thirsty Dog Brewery's "Old Leghumper"!! Mike
  21. Canton Mike


    FIFY! Mike
  22. You're right Gum. We really don't know what Grigson will be doing or what strengths of his may be utilized & how, so I'll just take a wait & see on all these happenings. Mike