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    Browns _ Steelers Game Day thread

    Sorry, but that remark is classless & uncalled for. That's all I can say...and YES, I am a huge Brown's fan. Mike
  2. Canton Mike

    Gradkowski or Cribbs at QB

    Exactly! Cribbs can run elusively with speed & surprising power, catch passes, & throw the ball. Those talents equal a lot of different wrinkles in an offensive game plan. Mike
  3. Canton Mike

    Gradkowski or Cribbs at QB

    AMEN! I have wanted to see Cribbs at RB since LAST year...he is wasting away on special teams & would still be under utilized at WR. With his talents, he is IDEALLY suited to RB. Let's hope this happens...at least a couple of us hope it happens. Mike
  4. Canton Mike

    Running Back..

    Well, someone AGREES with me on this! We are wasting the finest talent on the team as a special teams player. The havoc Cribbs would create for defenses as a full time running back would be great to watch. Mike
  5. Canton Mike

    Fighting in the locker room

    Lerner has simply set this team back horribly by keeping RAC until season's end...I posted this on a fishing board's sports forum... I stated weeks ago that RAC needed to be let go before things got out of hand. Obviously they have. He has totally lost control of this team...OOPS!...He never HAD control of this team. A big mouth who can back it up on field is one thing...Smith is the other. If the story is true per the reports I have seen, he should already have played his last game as a Brown. The Browns have had some GREAT players in the past....name just ONE of the REALLY good ones as lippy as this bush league wonder...certainly NOT Jimmy Brown, Kosar, Graham, Motley, Groza, Warfield, etc. Great players let their "on field" actions do their talking for them. Get rid of this clubhouse cancer NOW! Mike
  6. Canton Mike

    Browns All Star, All Era team

    Roach....Are you & I the same age, or do we just THINK alike? Jerry Sherk & Clay Mathews were not "flashy", but just GREAT blue collar players. Sherk's peers around the league considered him the top D-tackle in the league. John Madden absolutely LOVED Mathews!...I consider the Linebacker position to demand supurb athleticism & conditioning & Clay Mathews remained at or near the top of his position for a LOT of years!...WHY is he not in the Hall of Fame? I agree with the others too, but let's not forget Gary Collins, Dave Logan, & Brian Brennan.....you'll search far & wide to find 3 better "possession" receivers who were also "money" players. These guys came through when the heat was on. (Logan was drafted into THREE Pro sports...Football, Basketball, & Baseball. I'm just glad he chose the Browns...I loved watching him play.) Sorry for the rant, but let's face it, the Browns have had some real GREATS! Mike
  7. Canton Mike

    Shaun Rogers and Joe Thomas make the Pro Bowl

    Rogers was a "no brainer". Thomas was a "reach" (aty least this year), but Steinbach going down hurt him. Who kicks better than Dawson?, & look at his "50 & overs"!! CRIBBS?.....I have NEVER, since I started watching Pro Football in the early 1950s, seen a Special Teams player dominate both offensively & defensively as Josh Cribbs does. He should have been a "no brainer" too!!! I'm DAMN mad about THIS snub! Let's take it out of the voter's hands next year...I would LOVE to (once again) see a 2 back offense.....for now, Jamal & Cribbs. Josh Cribbs would add so much....speed, elusiveness/moves, power, pass catching & throwing abilities....the diversity he would add to the offense is amazing! What a shame to waste him on Special Teams for a few plays a game. Mike
  8. Canton Mike

    Browns will pick 6th

    I think the Browns will pick 7th...as far as who?...I have no idea as I have not had the time to follow the college game as usual. They SHOULD be able to grab a very nice player. I DO agree with moving Cribbs to RB...that would REALLY diversify the offense. Time will tell Mike
  9. Canton Mike

    Beau Bell Inactive again

    As stated before....AMEN, AMEN, & AMEN!!!!! Having NO COACH would send a more positive message than continuing to subject Brown's players & fans to this. I watched Dinkins make a nice catch....in the Giant's game (I THINK).....then he dropped the next 2 or 3. Continuing to play him is just another reason to admire RAC's solid decision making. Mike
  10. Canton Mike

    my fellow fans......

  11. Canton Mike

    Is Joe Thomas injured?

    I think your last sentence says it all. We need a TOTAL housecleaning...Bring in a Coach with a winning history (Cowher or Marty) & assistants who weren't tied to losers. The current Browns are (as a team) very POOR fundamentally & I blame the coaching staff....A solid fundamental team doesn't have to be fancy to win. It may sound silly, but maybe Joe brought solid fundamentals from College with him that were still in place last year, but this year they have slipped without being addressed. Just my thought as to a possibility. Mike
  12. Canton Mike

    My few notes from the game.

    I'm concerned about Rogers too, along with others who have played hard & shown pride all season. I have been saying that allowing RAC to hang on until season's end will result in lost fans, player's saying "to HELL with this", & even more disgruntled players speaking out. I don't care if the water boy has to coach out the season, if we allow RAC to finish it, there may be irreparable damage done. I have never seen a team or organization in more confusion & turmoil than this one. I think Rogers would play hard for a tough coach...the guy just wants to WIN...he obviously isn't playing like a loser, but management & ownership have to show him & our entire team that the Brown's hierarchy WANTS a winner....nothing less. Mike
  13. Canton Mike

    Crennel vs. the Butch Davis Era

    Edwards isn't catching, defense isn't tackling, offense is stalling, team seems lackluster, disgruntled players.................. WHERE is the coaching? Personally, I will NOT judge players on this team until I am confident they are in the right hands, & RAC & his bunch are NOT the right ones. The coaching staff is the "common denominator" in this whole mess. It is not ONE player or one facet of this team that is under achieving....it's the whole damn team. I don't buy the "pros shouldn't have to be taught fundamentals" theory. The greatest coaches I've seen in different sports PREACH fundamentals! If they need tackling drills to win, then damnit, DO tackling drills. If an all pro receiver needs splinters in his butt while a lesser athlete tries to fill his shoes, then PUT his tail on the bench. This team needs discipline & direction. To go one step further, I am really starting to think that Savage is one step higher on the ladder than his comfort level. Seems to me that a total house cleaning may be in order. Mike
  14. Canton Mike

    Cowher on the radio 11-21-2008

    After listening to that, BC said NOTHING. He didn't say yes or no to coaching. The man's no dummy. Mike
  15. Canton Mike

    Bill Cowher

    I don't know whether to laugh, cry, or just BARF!!! Mike
  16. Canton Mike

    Tackling Issues

    I think far too many coaches assume players at the pro level have no need to work on fundamentals...that they are in place & will remain there. Doesn't it seem funny then that the truly GREAT coaches, in ANY sport, seem to be the ones who STRESS, TEACH, PRACTICE, & REHEARSE fundamentally sound play? It comes down to coaching...I rest my case. Mike
  17. Canton Mike

    Too soon for draft talk??

    How can you say size at ILB is over rated?? Didn't the Steelers absolutely WASTE a pick on a skinny ILB from Kent State some years ago?....Boy, that lightweight Lambert kid would never amount to anything!!...Just the HOF, that's all! I agree with you...I call it the "double I"...Intelligence & Intensity, & that's JL. I also agree with the Mathews kid...what lineage HE has! Mike
  18. c-dawg, I think Chud can be salvaged & make a fine coordinator. The rest can certainly GO! As far as your comment regarding flexibility, I agree. Too much weight training when flexibility should be emphasized. I was at the Giants Monday night game early...the Giants came out, got in formation, exercised & stretched. The Browns?....Broke up into little groups & did what they damn well pleased. There is NO total team plan now & that MUST change. Fundamentals..Many say Pros should KNOW them, & while there may be truth in that, the FINEST coaches in ANY sport stress fundamentals above all else. You made fine points. Mike
  19. I am almost 62 years old, a lifelong Brown's fan, & Romeo's teams are the WORST fundamentally coached teams I have EVER seen. One positive....even on an "off" night, Brady got us a win by making some key plays. That young man is showing me a lot. DA would have played catch with the Bills. It is long past time to get the broom out...I'm talking about the coaching staff. Mike
  20. Canton Mike

    Is There a Worse Tackling Team in the League

    Bad tackling is a result of bad coaching. How many times did we see Wright reach out & "grab" a runner with both hands?...Did he actually expect them to fall down from fear? The poor tackling coupled with a "non-rush" against a QB who was clearly having an off night. WHY can't, or won't, our coaching staff play aggressively? Tonight begged for aggressive play & we could have put this game away. Instead, we had to rely on an improbable field goal....If we do that the rest of the season, we'll lose most (if not all) the rest of our games. We were damn lucky! Mike
  21. Canton Mike

    Lerner trying to sell?

    I agree almost 100%. My one question mark is Chud. I really liked the offensive plans last year & am not convinced Chud has had the same level of freedom & control this year. On the other hand, if Chud has called the offense all this season, he IS part of the problem. Mike
  22. Canton Mike

    Phil Savage Must Go Too...

    I'm not ready to throw in the towel on Savage yet. He HAS made mistakes...IMHO, the largest are: 1) Re-signing DA when you KNOW someone else would end up giving us good picks for a guy who couldn't put a game away. Last year, DA was the recipient of a LOT of other things going well such as Chud's influence, O-line play, receiver play, & a great back. What QB wouldn't have won?...& he STILL never was able to put a game out of reach so Brady could get game experience. 2) Apparently sticking with RAC for the rest of this year. I think we have enough talent with which to win, IF they are properly coached (read, in part, tackling fundamentals) & motivated (sometimes motivation is collecting splinters, Mr Edwards). The team is not properly motivated now & I am concerned that by sticking with RAC through the season, our self motivated & prideful players may say, "Get me OUT of here!". I honestly believe that we COULD win with the players we have, that we are NOT a bad team, but a team whose talent is not utilized to be successful. The Browns, again IMHO, probably get LESS out of the talent they have on the roster than any other team in the league. THAT is called poor coaching. Mike
  23. Canton Mike

    Just a thought

    My comment is meant as, while Cribbs is fantastic on special teams, I think his talent is under utilized there for a relatively few plays a game. This young man should be utilized as a full time player, whether on offense or defense....We have others to put on special teams. Sure, he would be missed there, but I would like to see his abilities utilized as a starter. Just my opinion. Mike
  24. Canton Mike


    Ditto, but WHO has the final say?...Maybe the HEAD COACH? He is worthless. Mike
  25. Canton Mike

    Just a thought

    Not a bad idea. I would prefer him as a WR, but maybe he doesn't run good routes....although I don't really trust THIS coaching staffs evaluations (if that is an issue). Cribbs is clearly our best all-around player & should certainly be utilized outside of special teams more than he is. Of course, a REAL coach would already be taking advantage of the young man's value & abilities to a fuller extent. Mike