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  1. Canton Mike

    Kobe Bryant Killed in Helicopter Crash

    RIP Kobe. It is always a tragedy to see such young lives lost. Mike
  2. I agree. The fool put himself under a microscope. He should be keeping himself so clean that he squeaks. Instead, he gets in a car that smells of pot & speeds. Simply STUPID! Mike
  3. Canton Mike

    Roll Call

    Born in Berea, raised in Akron. Moved to Canton in '74 & now in North Canton. Mike
  4. Canton Mike

    Luke Kuechly Retires

    Good for Luke! Like Jimmy Brown, he left STILL being respected for his "on field" play. I applaud both. Their legacies as players are totally positive & lasting. It's sad watching players lessen their legacy by playing long past their prime. I remember how Jimmy left me wanting to see more of his great play, but my memories of his play are nothing but great. Kuechly has left his Fans with the same. Mike
  5. Canton Mike

    Stefanski Introductory Press Conference

    Admittedly, I previously had an ignorant perception of analytics & this hire. I learned a hell of a lot after listening to both Stefanski's & DePodesta's pressers. Both gave me "meat & potatoes" answers that were easily understood & professionally/intelligently presented. Color me "SOLD". I want to see the rest of the staff (officially), but Jimmy (who has always wanted a winner & been willing to change) may have hit on these 2 guys. Mike
  6. Canton Mike

    Analytics in football

    Nickers, I've got your back. Analytics, like computers, are great tools. However, if you become totally dependent on them, you have problems. Mike
  7. GUILTY as charged Your Honor!
  8. Canton Mike

    Analytics in football

    Me too Tour, me too! LOL Mike
  9. Canton Mike

    Browns hire Kevin Stefanski as HC

    I DO NOT like this hire! Keep in mind, I applauded the drafting of Manziel, the hiring of Hue, & the promotion of Freddie. After analyzing the situation, I don't know Jack Shit! GO BROWNS! Canton Mike
  10. Canton Mike

    Soldiering On. GM/OC/DC choices

    I hate to even THINK it, but I have an awful feeling that Wilks may be retained. 🤢 Mike
  11. Canton Mike

    Soldiering On. GM/OC/DC choices

    1) I hope not! 2) Wilks was the Coach & I saw nothing but regression. Our tackling is some of the worst I have ever seen & I expect players to be coached UP! Ours were not. Obviously, I'm no fan of Wilks, but... Mike
  12. Canton Mike

    So, who would you pick as the next HC ?

    The more I see & read, the more solidly I'm on the Saleh train. Mike
  13. Canton Mike

    So, who would you pick as the next HC ?

    Agreed. That's why waiting longer is worrisome. Mike
  14. Canton Mike

    So, who would you pick as the next HC ?

    I can see the headline already... "STRONG INTERVIEW LEADS BROWNS TO SUPER BOWL WIN!" Mike
  15. Canton Mike

    HC/GM/Position Coach tracker

    McDaniels interviews tomorrow. He brings a winning tradition & a knowledge of how a successful franchise is run...IF he pushes the issue & IF the Haslams would listen, learn, & change accordingly, that could be a great thing. To this point, my favorite is Saleh.....we'll see what happens. No matter how things end up, I'm still (as always) a Browns' Fan. Mike