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  1. Canton Mike

    Stay at #49 or trade down

    There ya go, and Dorsey will certainly be looking at those who drop. "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder." Mike
  2. Canton Mike

    The official Terry Pluto thread

    Yep. We DO have outstanding Coordinators & position Coaches, especially Campen on the OL & that will help a lot. My biggest concern is at LB. Also, that early Bye Week may actually help to give us a little time to work on little "bugs" that may pop up. I'm hoping that we should be in pretty good shape by the Bye Week (if not before). It also helps having players that fit what Dorsey wants, smart & passionate.....I'll call 'em "WII" players...Winners who are Intelligent & Intense. Mike
  3. Canton Mike

    The official Terry Pluto thread

    Right on the money! 2007 was an absolute FLUKE! I could never understand the DA hype....Strong arm, NO touch. We now have a REAL QB and surrounding talent. What needs to happen now is for all this talent to gel as a UNIT. To be really great on field, these players need to learn what the tendencies, strengths, & weaknesses are of those players around them, then work together to mesh & achieve goals. I think that will happen, but it will take time & how much time is the question....games? weeks? a season? longer? Who knows? Stay tuned folks as it's gonna be fun watching this Team grow. Mike
  4. Canton Mike

    The official Terry Pluto thread

    Thanks Steve. I believe the "poor tackling" is largely a coaching issue. This hard, body block tackling may have resulted in more turnovers, but also (IMO) a LOT of missed tackles, longer gains, & extended drives against us. I would rather see solid tackling that results in more "3 & outs". The talent is there. I am anxious to see what different utilization of that talent brings plus I want another solid LB. Mike
  5. Canton Mike


    I wore mine again just last week. They are much more popular now than when we first got them! Mike
  6. Canton Mike

    Regular Season Schedule

    Some of this stuff may be accurate, but I'll just wait to see the official schedule & times. Until then, it's just rumor. Mike
  7. https://www.clevelandbrowns.com/news/the-improbable-story-of-how-little-known-wr-damon-sheehy-guiseppi-landed-a-tryou Fascinating story & unbelievable determination to play NFL football. The kind of story that adds to the preseason experience. Mike
  8. Canton Mike

    The Pick At 49

    The fact that no new trade has been made to date tells me something is brewing for "during the draft". (now watch, they'll make a trade today. ). It never gets boring with JD. Mike
  9. Agreed about Couch being average (or slightly above), but on the all time bust list? That's crazy! Mike
  10. Canton Mike

    It's true, Cowherd hates the Browns...

    Brings back memories of my wonderful French Grandmother & makes me laugh...Everytime I see DL's name, all I can think of is "Dan the Bastard". Mike
  11. Yep. They never gave Couch a damn thing to work with. Kevin Johnson (2nd round WR) was it. I always felt Couch should've sued the Browns for malpractice..After all, they did damn near get the kid killed! Phipps?...I hated him in college & then we traded Paul Warfield for the "right" to draft that effin' worthless POS!!! I know...I shouldn't "beat around the bush". Mike
  12. Canton Mike

    The Pick At 49

    I rule nothing out. IMO, Dorsey is as creative in acquiring talent as Freddie is creative with his offense. I'm just enjoying the ride! Mike
  13. Canton Mike

    Backup QB?

    Steelers signed him....damnit! Mike
  14. Canton Mike

    Duke Johnson Requests Trade

    I'm still hoping for Darron Lee, but whoever or whatever it is, JD will get 'er done! Mike
  15. Canton Mike

    Duke Johnson Requests Trade

    Reactions to signing other top players at their positions (as we did Hunt)..... Baker....."Bring 'em on & I'll TAKE 'em on!" Landry..."Bring 'em on & I'll TAKE 'em on!" OBJ......."Bring 'em on & I'll TAKE 'em on!" Chubb..."Bring 'em on & I'll TAKE 'em on!" Duke....."WAAA, I'm takin' my ball & going home." We want & need COMPETITORS, not QUITTERS! Bye Duke. Mike