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  1. Canton Mike

    The official Terry Pluto thread

    You mean, sorta like Bart Starr? 😉 Mike
  2. Canton Mike

    Timeless Tribute by Denzel Ward

    The article below says so much about the young MAN we have in Denzel Ward & his upbringing. It just seemed appropriate that this be posted during this Thanksgiving season. "Make Them Know Your Name" Mike
  3. Canton Mike

    Drunken' Thoughts

    I have been, & still AM, a huge Baker Fan & I DO "trust the Jiggins". Look at Baker's NFL experience so far...then look at Drew Brees' first few years in the NFL. These guys are pretty similar in many ways. Mike
  4. Canton Mike

    No Browns Today, So.... Whoyawatchin?

    I went fishin' with a buddy on 2 ponds he recently got permission to fish. I got the only fish...5 undersized bluegill. I shoulda stayed home drinking beer & watching football! Oh well, at least I didn't miss a Browns' game & I DID get outside on a beautiful day. Mike
  5. Canton Mike

    Trivia Questions and Answers

  6. I've always been a Fan of Higgins, but I'm trusting this new regime on the handling of his playing/game time. After all, they know a hell of a lot more than I do. Mike
  7. A "turkey" for Myles would be 3 sacks. Phillips interests me as well. He's the LB from LSU I liked most, so let's see. He's a "blue collar" player. Mike
  8. Why don't you just take a hot bath, melt, & go down the drain where you belong? ice cube, you are one fuckin' IDIOT! Mike
  9. Canton Mike

    **** Official Browns at Cowboys GAMEDAY Thread

    BOTTOM LINE...THAT pass was incomplete, Browns WON the game!!! Mike
  10. Canton Mike

    **** Official Browns at Cowboys GAMEDAY Thread

    I agree with the highlighted & I believe 2021 will bring a D loaded draft & FA period. That, combined with continued great coaching, will hasten our improvement. I hoped to see "progress" through this season and, so far, have seen improvement in every game this year. In past years, Browns teams would probably have just folded after 1) losing the early lead, 2) losing Chubb, & 3) watching Dallas get within 3. There is no "quit" in this Team & I credit the FO & Coaches with that. Also keep in mind that the Haslams put these folks in place, & are paying for this talent, so some credit goes to them as well. Mike
  11. Canton Mike

    ***Browns VS Football Team Official Game Day Thread***

    Wasn't that Leroy kelly in '67? Man, we have some kinda tradition of great backs here in Cleveland! Mike
  12. Canton Mike

    ***Browns VS Football Team Official Game Day Thread***

    One thing I'll add that I've noticed in all games this year...we are wrapping up & TACKLING rather than doing that "kill shot" shoulder block shit! Finally, a coaching staff stressing fundamentals. Mike
  13. Canton Mike

    Gale Sayers R.I.P.

    Agreed. Given good health, my all time "dream backfield" was Jimmy Brown & Gale Sayers. Sayers was awesome to watch running a football. RIP Gale. Mike
  14. Canton Mike

    Trivia Questions and Answers

    Would Cleveland Browns fit this?