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  1. Canton Mike

    Happy Father's Day!

    HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to all Dads out there!! Mike
  2. The way Jarvis said "Who's your SOURCE? Where you gettin' this from?" (about the 1:05 mark) is CLASSIC! These guys will train this media yet. LMAO MIKE
  3. Canton Mike


    One of my twin 13 year old Granddaughters, Abbi DeSantis, competed this morning in the AAU Gymnastics Nationals in Orlando, Florida. She is in Excel Gold Level & I would say she did OK..... Balance Beam (her weakest event)....9.1, 2nd place 🥈 Floor Exercise......................................9.55, tied for 1st 🥇 Vault.....................................................9.3, 1st place 🥇 Uneven Bars........................................9.9, 1st place 🥇 Overall.................................................37.85, 1st place 🥇 This old Grandpa is so proud he could BURST!!! Abbi's goal is Olympics & I ain't betting against her. She has the competitive spirit of our boy Baker! Mike Here are the "headless" pics of her Medals...
  4. This thread bothers me as it is "buying trouble" & looking for negatives. Can't we just enjoy what we have, look at our Team in a positive tone, & deal with any issues as they happen? Remember the song "Don't Worry, Be Happy". Mike
  5. Canton Mike

    Survey Wednesday 6/12/19

  6. Canton Mike

    Player v. Player

    IMHO you couldn't have said it better John. I, for one, agree with you. Mike
  7. Canton Mike

    Colin Coward

    What I wrote are my observations & opinions. I'll not defend them to anyone else. You & I obviously see Grossi differently & that's ok. Have a nice day. Mike
  8. Canton Mike

    Colin Coward

    Dutch, The 2 folks I referred to, MKC & Grossi, CONTINUE their negative crap during these new, positive times & you're DEFENDING their continuing with the negative BS because of the past? That's unfortunate as "now" is NOT the last 2 decades. It's a new time & a new culture. It's time to stop looking back & START looking ahead! Mike
  9. Canton Mike

    is TE our weakest

    Bill, I agree. Our LBs were attempting to stop RBs that (far too often) had an "untouched" full head of steam by the time they got to the backers. I don't think that will happen much this year with the DL upgrades we have made & you are correct, that should help our LB play immensely. I also love the addition of Takitaki & Wilson. I honestly think we'll be ok (or better) at LB this season. Mike
  10. Canton Mike

    Colin Coward

    Simple & to the point, thank you. I think many on this Board would LOVE to see Cowherd, Grossi, & MKC go away. The only way that will happen is by ignoring them. PERIOD! Mike
  11. Canton Mike

    Player v. Player

    BB in NE (my media handling hero) probably would have responded, "We signed Hunt". It's ok to ignore stupid questions & statements from the likes of MKC, Grossi, & Cowherd. Mike
  12. With deer whistles, you need to be at 35mph or more for them to be effective. First time I experienced them working was on a dirt road headed to fish the Au Sable River in Grayling Mich in 2006. My fishing buddy asked why a deer stopped in the road ahead. I told him I thought it was my deer whistles. I slowed as deer are usually in pairs (or more) & when I got down in the low 20s, not only did the deer in the road run off, but we saw the white tail of the 2nd deer (which had already crossed the road) as it took off too. You won't regret the purchase. Mike
  13. So did I, but after hitting deer twice in a month years ago (Dec 2005), I figured I would try them on all Family vehicles. Not one of us has hit deer since & every one of us can give multiple examples of deer stopping & occasionally reversing. Believe me, at 7 bucks or less a pair, they're worth it. Mixed reviews?....I was asked by another DW fan how many negative reviews may have been from body shops. Just a thought, but my experience is just that...EXPERIENCE! Try 'em. Mike
  14. Canton Mike

    Player v. Player

    Agreed. Mike
  15. Thanks Tom! I love the phrase "Who says I can't?". Friends of ours wouldn't allow "can't" to be said in their home. Anyone who said it was instantly corrected, often by their children. This video had me thinking of them. Mike