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  1. Happy trails Don Williams RIP

    Love this song! Eric Clapton also did this. He'll be missed! RIP Don. Mike
  2. I sure hope this is true that Leslie IS coming back! Mike
  3. Hue and the offense

    Can we please wait more than 2 games (against 2 of the top Ds we will face all year) before we begin CRUCIFYING the HC??? Rookie QB, OL that needs to gel, new D system, very young players etc, etc....TIME people...give them some TIME!!! Look at the ages of these players. They will learn & grow together, but it ain't gonna happen overnight. We are finally working toward the long term success of the Browns & I read all this bitching. It just makes no sense to me. Mike
  4. Corey Coleman placed on IR

    The break, while a different bone in the same hand, appears to be more severe than last year's. He had surgery today. Mike
  5. I hate the Steelers Shirts

    Just ordered mine...Now let's see how many get sold. Mike
  6. Ordered mine....C'mon folks, support the Board & get a shirt too!! Mike
  7. Great Zomboni on the run

    Flugel & wife are safe but sort of "in the dark" as they are without power. I have heard it may be a couple weeks in many areas before power is restored. Hopefully, the Flugs will get theirs back soon! Mike
  8. Ravens open @ 7.5 point favorites

  9. Browns/Ravens Trivia plus

  10. Folks have criticized OUR "high priced" OL for the sacks by Peeburgh, but I maintain a number of them were on our rookie QB not getting rid of the ball. As far as the OL goes, regardless of talent, they must gel as a cohesive unit. Their play will improve throughout the season as well as Kiser's. There is a lot to look forward to with our young Browns. Mike
  11. Corey Coleman

    They also played very well together in the 3rd exhibition game. Mike
  12. Corey Coleman

    Try 11ish games Mud. Ten of those were last year, so now it's time to move on to 2017 & hope the kid has a better & healthier year. He had an OK start yesterday. It's obvious you don't like him, but you ARE still a Browns' Fan, right? Your negativity toward Coleman & Sashi are starting to wear thin. Mike
  13. Kizer

    I was there. The sacks were on Kiser, but remember, he is the 2nd youngest player in the NFL (behind ONLY our own David Njoku). While he made typical rookie mistakes, he played one heck of a game against one of the best teams in the league & was clearly not intimidated. He also converted a 4th down and a 2 point PAT. The Steeler fans I talked to after the game were unanimous in their praise for our young Browns' Team. They made me proud!! Mike
  14. Hue "irate" with Haden cut

    Quoting Jason LaC????????...... What grade are you in? Mike
  15. Great Zomboni on the run

    I just talked to Flugel. He & his wife staying put in Largo, Fla. Their area has not been marked for evacuation & they have nearby shelters if worse comes to worse. He hopes to watch the Browns' game but, of course, communication access may prohibit that. He DID say that, win or lose, we should not over react & remain positive. He will keep me updated as able. Mike