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  1. Warther Museum in Dover, Ohio. https://thewarthermuseum.com/plan "Mooney" Warther was a master carver of trains who had NO peer. I don't care WHERE you live, that place is worth the trip. He dreamt of what he carved perfectly to scale & he took no mearurements & used no machinery. He & his efforts were amazing & the museum is amazing. I had the pleasure of visiting with his son, David, for almost 2 hours back in the late '70s or early '80s. Mike
  2. Canton Mike

    I hate the Ravens

    Now, now boys, play nice! After all, it IS Thanksgiving......Have a GREAT TURKEY DAY!!! 🦃 Mike
  3. I'll be fryin' turkey tomorrow as I have for the last 22 or 23 years & making peanut butter fudge. Funny that you mentioned grilled cheese. A few games ago, I decided to start our tailgates with an early morning favorite I remembered from "Dutch Pantry" at the Niles' exit.....grilled sausage patty on an english muffin topped with provolone cheese & dill pickle slices....Nathans Dills are really good on this & it's the pickles that really make these sandwiches great! Mike
  4. Canton Mike

    It's Steeler Week

    FIFY... Mike
  5. Canton Mike

    Lawrence CUT!!!

    Caught me by surprise but I'll defer to the experts who see him all the time...I just saw a few good plays. Mike
  6. Canton Mike

    Major Props for Major Nine

    There's an old saying that "Every dark cloud has a silver lining" (in this case, opportunities). I was very anxious to see the Miami game (and the rest of the upcoming games) to see who might make the most of their opportunity. If nothing else, our depth is getting valuable experience. Chad obviously bought into "next man up" & took advantage of his opportunity. GO BROWNS! Mike
  7. Canton Mike

    Terrelle Pryor wants to be a Steeler

    He SHOULD be a Steeler....after all, he IS a worthless piece o' crap! Mike
  8. Canton Mike

    New NFL CBA

    Gip, I TOTALLY agree with your statement in issue "A". Very well stated and YOUR suggestion would (dare I say) bring FAIRNESS & CONSISTENCY to the process. Thanks again, Mike
  9. Canton Mike


    If you watch NFL football every week, it's pretty obvious they don't know their own rules. Mike
  10. Canton Mike

    No suspension for Rudolph?

    I think wussy boy Mason Rudolph has put a huge target on his own ass & I don't think it will just be the Browns being the "heat seeking missiles". Mike
  11. Canton Mike

    No suspension for Rudolph?

    Gip, I don't think there was either, but I mentioned it in this case, because excluding Rudolph from suspension deserves it & the NFL deserves all the shit people can throw at them. That punk even called Myles' actions "cowardly" & "bush league".......What were HIS? Wussy boy should have just kept his mouth shut. "People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones". Mike
  12. Canton Mike


    A player's POSITION should never have ANY influence in violations! Mike
  13. Canton Mike

    No suspension for Rudolph?

    Let's just throw some more gas onto the fire Roger's Boys started with preferential treatment..... White QB started it & kept it going...he walks with a fine. 3 black Linemen reacted...all were suspended.............Could this be construed as racism on the part of the NFL? I sincerely hope this blows up in Roger's face! While Garrett deserved a suspension, it should be a definite # of games, not another "beg Roger for your freedom" suspension. Mike
  14. Canton Mike

    Baker has turned the corner

    I was one of those, thinking his working with Baker in LA was good enough.........I was WRONG. Mike
  15. Canton Mike

    Baker has turned the corner

    Makes a case for players actually showing up for OTAs etc, doesn't it? Let's hope OBJ realizes that. Mike