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  1. Go Vikings

    Sorry for the loss of a treasure, which is what a best friend is. You have been left with wonderful memories. Go Vikings! Mike
  2. Unbelievable!! All through college & in the pros these idiots are warned about this stuff & they STILL do it. Guess they earn the term "Dumb Jocks!". Read it & KICK butt Brownies!!! Mike
  3. Not buying it Paul...Crow 24 (4 yrs), Duke 24 (3 yrs), Dayes 23 (rookie), & Vitale 24 (2 yrs). The closest to establishing any success would be Duke (but he's not getting near enough touches). The elder statesman is Crow & he is hardly consistent. I will say the RB room is the MOST experienced, but still insufficient IMHO. Mike
  4. I'll also give Sashi credit for leaving our QB, RB, WR, & TE rooms DEVOID of a positive veteran presence. What's THAT tell ya??? Mike
  5. Josh Gordon

    To quote the late, great MLK, "I have a dream!"....My dream is that we fire Ryan Grigson, he accepts a GM position elsewhere & offers us a 1st for Gordon. What the hell, he gave us a 1st for Trent!!!! Mike
  6. "With the First Pick of the 2018 Draft, the Browns Select..."

    Hoping that your math is better than your grammar, it's difficult to block 8 with 5. Mike
  7. Sashi Press Conference

    Here 'tis.... https://livestream.com/accounts/14486240/events/4231100/videos/165526217 OOOH, I'm impressed!!! MIke

    Agreed on the mad draft trading Bob. How many PLAYMAKERS have these "wonderboys" added from all their trades & how many were taken with the picks we traded? Mike

    Regardless what the REAL story may be regarding Garoppolo and McCarron, regardless whether you wanted either or not, these moves/non moves result in Browns' Fans being blind sided once again. Perception among most Fans, media, other NFL teams, & the league itself is that this is the most inept, dysfunctional, & laughable franchise in the league. Our next home game is 11/19/17. Unless something drastic (starting with the naming of a REAL Team President) takes place before, my current plan is to drive to Cleveland, tailgate, walk to the stadium, & remain outside. I want my seats to be EMPTY, therefore I will neither sell nor give them away. Imagine the message sent if a huge number of Fans did the same. Jimmy, Dee, and their lackeys could look out & see more Browns' Fans in the streets & parking lots than in the seats. "Sow & ye shall reap". Am I pissed?..................Damn right I am! Mike
  10. AJ McCarron

    Somebody needs to lose their job over this. We are the laughing stock of ALL professional sports, not just the NFL! Mike
  11. Browns looking at WR trade ?

    It wouldn't surprise me after the JG trade & the Hogan injury. Mike
  12. Jimmy Grabsapillow Traded to....

    This opens (or LEAVES open) many doors for our QB poor Brownies. Just have to wait & see! Mike
  13. ● 2017 World Series ● Anyone watching?

    To answer the original question.....NOPE! Not me. I could care less with the Tribe out of it. Mike
  14. QBs the Browns could have picked

    EXACTLY!!! Mike
  15. You must choose: Podesta/Sashi or Cowher

    Alfred, my MAN!!! Mike