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  1. Canton Mike

    I think the Steelers are in Big Trouble Sunday...

    I used to worry every year that the Browns MIGHT hire Gruden. I can't stand that idiot! Now he's Oakland's headache. Mike
  2. Canton Mike

    Steps for next year

    I believe that, were Greg hired as HC, his son Blake would become D coordinator. Mike
  3. Canton Mike

    Baker gets ROW 4th time!

    HELL NO! That booze is worth more than the rest of the package! 🤣🤑 Mike
  4. Canton Mike

    Baker gets ROW 4th time!

    OK, OK! I'll even throw in my "Hue Gotta Believe" T-shirt & #2 shot glass!! Mike
  5. Canton Mike

    Damarius Randall Vid at Bengals game

    Good news that we have Randall at least ONE more year!..Thanks for the update. Mike
  6. Canton Mike

    Damarius Randall Vid at Bengals game

    I just hope it's the Browns who are paying him. Now we need to find a LB with his mentality. Mike
  7. Canton Mike

    Baker gets ROW 4th time!

    ......AAANNND wiser, you young whippersnapper!! LOL
  8. Canton Mike

    Kareem Hunt

    REAL men don't kick women, or get violent with them for any reason. Hats off to KC for cutting this punk! Too bad a REAL man wasn't there to kick his cowardly asss! Mike
  9. Canton Mike

    Baker gets ROW 4th time!

    Ok, take THIS advice sonny boy. Contact a kindly old 72 year old in Ohio & pay him $75.00 PLUS shipping for a seldom worn Manziel jersey. He MIGHT even throw in a Danny Shelton lava-lava!! LOL Mike
  10. Canton Mike

    Baker gets ROW 4th time!

    Baker just took his 4th Pepsi Rookie of the Week honor. This a day after being named NFL Rookie of the Month!! BTW, I got a Baker "undraftable" hoodie tonight for my 72nd Birthday. HEY COLIN COWHERD! Where are you now you arrogant dipshitt? Mike
  11. Canton Mike

    Damarius Randall Vid at Bengals game

    How can you NOT love Randall? His spirit is contagious! Mike
  12. Canton Mike


    Of course Dorsey knows more than we do, he'll decide & I will (of course) support his choice, but I agree with you Nickers. Mike
  13. Canton Mike

    John Dorsey Appreciation Thread

    I totally agree. I have always hated playing the prevent. Play the way you GOT the lead & put the damn game away. Today, I wouldn't have taken my foot off the gas until we passed 50 points. I always thought Marty was a brilliant game day coach UNTIL he got a lead & I don't want to revisit those days. I wonder what Dorsey was thinking when one of our HC candidates DID take his foot off the gas early today? I guess we'll see, but I DO trust Dorsey. Mike
  14. Canton Mike

    Where are our weaknesses now?

    I would normally agree but Clay III IS 32 years old. Funny thing is the "Matthews Men" tend to play super football beyond the age of 35! Mike
  15. Canton Mike

    John Dorsey Appreciation Thread

    Landry also deserves a LION'S SHARE of the credit for this Brown's Teams' new, winning attitude. Mike