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  1. Canton Mike

    NFL ...the dark side

    This REALLY echoes my feelings! Every time the Haslams erred, they took it on the chin, swallowed their pride, headed in a different direction, & eventually struck gold. DePo is an important piece of that gold. We'll see what happens as we move thru the years of retaining the talent we have amassed, but this Franchise is quickly establishing itself among the better ones in the NFL. Mike Joe Thomas' Aunt Mary...what a neat lady she is!
  2. Canton Mike

    2021 Browns OTA's/rolls into Mandatory Camp

    Hey Gumby, Head over to The Black Pelican & have the blackened Tuna with Salsa.....I swear that I could eat that every day!!! Sadly, we can't make it down there this year, but NEXT year hopefully... Mike
  3. Canton Mike

    NFL ...the dark side

    AMEN to the boldfaced sentences! Mike
  4. Canton Mike

    The Gipper Rest in Peace

    Sent mine via PayPal...no problem. Mike
  5. Canton Mike

    The Gipper Rest in Peace

    Me too!
  6. Canton Mike

    The Gipper Rest in Peace

    Gipper will be missed for sure. RIP Gip. Mike
  7. ..And with the cheese nicely browned?...Oh YEAH!!! Mike
  8. Canton Mike

    Browns Roster Moves 2021

    To me, this is a head scratcher. McCrane (who was cut) had far more impressive stats than this guy. Oh well, they know more than I, so.... Mike
  9. Canton Mike

    Post Draft Survey

  10. If you haven't yet done so, just click on the lower left & you'll get the full game (cut down) on youtube. Mike
  11. Canton Mike

    Draft Grades

    Berry gets great value in his picks as well. His waiting as long as he did to trade up for JOK & still get him took brass balls! Mike
  12. Canton Mike

    Rounds 2 & 3

    I believe he said the Browns were his 1st interview. I don't know how soon & how much they will utilize him, but his presence & speed will really open things up underneath. Mike
  13. Canton Mike

    Jeremiah was a Bullfrog

    Yeah, I'll stick with JOK too. He'll be fun to watch for sure! Mike
  14. Canton Mike

    Jeremiah was a Bullfrog

    A friend went up Thursday night & said most of what he heard was that teams didn't know how to use him. If true, I think they'll regret passing him by. Great for us though. Mike
  15. Canton Mike

    Rounds 2 & 3

    Me too (JOK first, then Newsome, ). When we took Newsome, that was fine, but I just KNEW JOK was out of the picture. I figured he would go VERY early in the 2nd, but teams drafting for need plus some not knowing how to use JOK, allowed him to drop to where Berry trade slightly for one hell of a bargain. That man has nerves of steel. GO BROWNS!!! Mike