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  1. Canton Mike

    Front 7 didnt really show much yesterday...

    Folks, it's exhibition season, which means nothing other than finalizing decisions & seeing what player combos work best. Case in point: 2017 Browns were 4-0 preseason. Remember what our regular season record was? Yep, that would be 0-16. Mike
  2. Canton Mike

    which qbs

    I would also carry 3, but who am I? Just another Fan, so let's see what the big guys do. Mike
  3. Canton Mike

    which qbs

    Before the game, my Son in Law said he doesn't think our 2019 kicker is rostered at this time. I believe he's right, although Siebert would be my choice if we HAD to pick from these 2. Mike
  4. Canton Mike

    Browns Depth Chart 2019

    FIFY...#22. Mike
  5. Canton Mike

    The Scary Week of Practice

    I almost posted something similar. This late in TC, I fear those "headhunters" from another team's defense trying to save/obtain a roster spot at one of our key player's expense. Founded or not, I have that fear & I don't like those "2 team" practices/scrimmages. Like Woody Hayes used to say about forward passes, "3 things can happen & 2 of 'em are bad". Mike
  6. Canton Mike

    Guiseppi up next on the Rich Eison show

    You bet! The 1st guy "affectionately" clothes-lined him & I thought the same thing, that he could damn near suffocate under there. Mike
  7. Canton Mike

    Defensive observations from tonights game...

    I have wanted a dominant, aggressive, physical LB in Cleveland for a VERY long time & I think Mack can & will be that guy. Mike
  8. Canton Mike

    Guiseppi up next on the Rich Eison show

    Am I correct in thinking Travis Benjamin was the last Brown to return a punt for a TD & didn't he leave in 2015? Why not keep the kid? At least we would finally have another THREAT! Mike
  9. Yeah & the absence of "block in the back" calls will help as well. Mike
  10. I would be surprised if we trade Callaway. We'll just have to wait & see what happens with him. Mike
  11. Canton Mike

    Callaway suspended for substance abuse

    I'm not surprised but he's a talented kid so let's hope he's smarter than Gordon! Mike
  12. Canton Mike

    I don't care if it's just preseason, I love it

    As Baker would say....."Get on the train!" Mike
  13. Me too. I miss having that slippery "waterbug" type returning kicks. What about our Special Teams? I feel much better this year than in the recent past thanks to ST Coach Mike Priefer & Staff. It was nice watching the game & not seeing flags on every return (except the initial one) but Baker & company took care of that. Mike
  14. Canton Mike

    Duke Johnson traded

    I am mostly concerned about John Dorsey. He HAS to be under investigation for grand larceny! Getting a 4th & maybe a 3rd for a 3rd round pick who didn't want to be here? Not too shabby! Actually, this trade is a "win-win" for both the Browns & Texans, but it simply amazes me how Dorsey can turn a negative situation into a positive with what seems to be a "snap of his fingers"! The man is MAGIC!!! Mike
  15. I love that kid! He just may turn into that dominant LB I have wanted for DECADES! Mike