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  1. On there death bed it’s a real site when they beg for forgiveness.... you laugh now....great thing is, if you really want to be saved even on your death bed god will forgive you. that is a loving God
  2. He’s gonna pork her... hes gonna pork her dad....
  3. hammertime

    A 25 year old fox hit on me today

    Wrap it up 😎
  4. hammertime

    Trump says Iran just made a BIG mistake!

    Play stupid, it’s gotten you this far.
  5. hammertime

    Trump says Iran just made a BIG mistake!

    I’m very clear in what I’ve said.
  6. hammertime

    A Christian victory!

    Who were the wack jobs that voted for it?
  7. hammertime

    Trump says Iran just made a BIG mistake!

    You’d rather be right than see America succeed. Thats messed up.
  8. hammertime

    Trump says Iran just made a BIG mistake!

    Your not a true American. its all about you, this great nation doesn’t need crybabies who won’t help make us great again. leave if your so unhappy
  9. hammertime

    Trump says Iran just made a BIG mistake!

    It really makes you a piece of crap
  10. hammertime

    Trump says Iran just made a BIG mistake!

    Why is Clevis so excited for our President to make a misstep? you really want the man to fail and that is so un American
  11. Bird boy sure is in a tizzy with this thread..... amazing the mention of faith and Christianity has a particular few up in arms. but they’re non believers......for now.
  12. Your next Clevis......simpleton.
  13. hammertime


    The Greatest Nation Ever!!! (even with little turds like clevis and woodpecker)
  14. hammertime


    God Bless America!!!
  15. hammertime

    Our great President FB feed

    The union trades are not supporting Biden. The people with jobs support Trump. Those must be hall rats.
  16. hammertime

    Story time . . . Swamp draining (...)

    Jab is not a quitter! 😊
  17. hammertime

    Story time . . . Swamp draining (...)

    Favorite thread here!! keep it going!!! love reading the variety no matter how scattered it is.
  18. Come on man.... you seriously are getting hooked on this crap?
  19. Serious question. Nobody is so cold-hearted as to turn our backs. What is a suggestion for a solution?
  20. hammertime

    Harder Joe, and faster!

    It’s a shame Biden is gonna waste all that $$ on a campaign that already doomed.
  21. hammertime

    How do you help the homeless?

    Thought I’d bring this up again seeing how LA is about to become toxic with typhoid etc. San Fran is in need of few thousand Porta Johns and Seattle along with the rest are becoming a wasteland of hypodermic needles and trash. Why is it no one wants to tackle this problem? I do like the idea on detainment camps where they can detox the majority of the and attempt to insert them back into society if possible. Can we still send convicts and homeless to the Land down Under? Lol
  22. hammertime

    10 minutes too late

    Most upsetting is the prevalent thought that it’s a choice..... when did viciously destroying an infant become a choice?