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    Mueller report

    You simply cannot comprehend that your wrong. Your as bad as that Cleve guy and his gay porn collection.
  2. The reason you threaded this is because your a triggered little girl.
  3. hammertime

    Mueller report

    You really are having a hard time with this huh? people should be thrilled , yet all they can do is double down in denial. sad, truly sad. God Bless the USA. MAGA
  4. France is a dumpster fire due to its border policies. yellow vest riots....once again, look at basis of the unrest.
  5. France has a very strict border policy, I doubt that its Muslim terrorists.
  6. If these illegals get free epi pens I’m gonna get triggered....lol damn things are expensive
  7. So that’s what a Democrat is about? what locker room will they use? Trump didn’t think it could get any easier.....
  8. hammertime

    Candace Owens

    Very encouraging. very informative. how soon before the Democrats try to destroy her?
  9. not sure this is a choice but for those who want reparations allow it with the caveat that it comes with a one way ticket to their motherland, no return access to ever be granted. would really love to see some figures.....
  10. hammertime

    Joe Perv in more trouble

    truthfully i think he is just a weirdo a harmless weirdo. and it shows that the democrats are cannibals
  11. Great time to be an American!!!
  12. hammertime

    No kidding

    A little? lol....
  13. hammertime

    Story time . . . Swamp draining (...)

    This is my favorite thread. absolutely love the effort and content!!
  14. Entering the USA is a privilege. mexico has screwed up for a long time.
  15. I’m disappointed the border wasn’t closed 6 months ago. completely ridiculous how patient the US has been
  16. hammertime

    Vietnam Real American War Hero

    Craft it anyway you want though.
  17. hammertime

    Vietnam Real American War Hero

    Really? its more about McCain and trump
  18. hammertime

    Vietnam Real American War Hero

    Trump was able to blast McCain because everyone knew McCain was a asshat lets here here the other side?🧕🏼
  19. hammertime

    Vietnam Real American War Hero

    Bullshitte he was always an asswhole just because he died doesn’t exclude his horrendous history as an asswhole as a person and a politician
  20. hammertime

    Why People Believe King Liar

    You were one of those people who cried when Trump won, weren't you? The sooner you accept you lost the sooner this country can continue to be great.
  21. hammertime

    The Truth about John Mccain, dirty politician

    Why disparaging comments? McCain was a well known asswhole
  22. hammertime

    A win win situation

    Las Vegas has the best ventilation all other casino smell rank to me anyways
  23. hammertime

    A win win situation

    are you saying i can smoke a cigar and not be smoking 2 packs a day by next week? (i quit 2 years ago, crave every f ing day)i still dream about smoking and love the smell of it still.....i hate being a quitter.
  24. hammertime

    Democrats take down the p o w flag and...

    “There is no moral justification for this ban which violates every value of our American democracy.” how rich....but its okay to kill babies its okay to try and destroy Kavanaugh, etc. You cant change biology because you "feel" like it.