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  1. Zero will happen. Deep state is way ahead of what reaches us peons….most is just trolling us to get a reaction….think about it.
  2. hammertime


    We have an exposed, flawed voting system. You cannot trust what’s happening right now….. think midterms, viruses….
  3. hammertime


    Did anyone expect a fair election? not me.
  4. I think it’s only fair that you give J a break. This thread is voluntary and pretty extensive. From the start he’s told us it’s hit or miss. These are dark days , how can anyone say otherwise? we are living with a senile 46. corrupt Generals, and a sleeping public who just wants their pumpkin latte. this thread has brought to light a lot of truths and yes I know some deeeeeep rabbit holes. I say 👍 Everything in moderation.
  5. Like rats 🐀 this is all part of the plan
  6. Does anyone think Biden has a clue? If division is their goal, they’re headed in the right direction.
  7. hammertime

    Good Luck - Blocked

    Its been intermittent as to board access. Depending on what device you are using. All in all this board is fairly clean of bugs.
  8. hammertime


    Best thread ever😎.
  9. The swamp will cover for all the corruption and evil. just like old times.
  10. hammertime


    Gotta love these ‘Catholics’ who try an defend Biden. Spin it any way you want, killining babies is never the way to heaven. Baby killing is wrong no matter what.
  11. hammertime

    Polls are BS but....

    You are an idiot. Go lick some door knobs on a family getaway. I doubt your offspring is as lame as you….
  12. hammertime


    Luckily we don’t attend church because of who is saying mass or who is the pope. But rather because of faith.
  13. Hold on a second….. so for one day they ran out of eggs? Its a cheeky story yes lol i guess we should get use to weak paybacks