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  1. Yo birdboy this is not new. but it figures your a reddit fem...... it’s just shorting a stock, been done before.
  2. hammertime


  3. You can look at almost any union trade and see what “poor leadership “ has done to the members and their pensions. Meanwhile they spend the members money telling them how to vote. they’re important but need reform
  4. Broad brush, sorry. A lot of unions have corruption and piss poor leadership . Most unions need a complete restructuring and pension protection if that even possible.
  5. hammertime

    Rob Portman retires from the Senate in 2022

    He’s an asshole. Not very bright either.
  6. You realize you come off as a real know it all turd. you refuse any possible way that you could be mistaken in the least, about anything. you must be a blast at a party
  7. Most guys are about there family but have been fed bullshit for quite some time truth is hard to distribute
  8. The members are helpless things need to change union guys understand this but have poor leadership at ground level
  9. Unions don’t care about their people anymore bad as politicians
  10. hammertime

    Typical mafia joe biden athletic supporter

    Spare us the fact that you showed up after 4 years of hate towards 45. Now it’s unity and civil discussion you preach? okay
  11. hammertime

    Trump's Letter to Biden Revealed!!!

    KH is a baby killing slut who wants to legalize prostitution. Get it right. When is your departure scheduled for? morals?
  12. hammertime

    Biden kills Larry King

    This is very sad news, Covid 19 has claimed the robust life of Larry King. He was 87.
  13. Stop it. Remember a turnip can test positive. These numbers will be construed for whatever and whoever benefits the most.