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  1. That is a cool desk.
  2. Were paying for it one way or the other.... morally it’s kinda well wrong but hate the sin not the sinner..... less government sure problem is that the family structure is in serious trouble already....adding more temptation to an already weakened environment isn’t going to help. who knows....maybe it would help (don’t come begging for an abortion though after you get “accidentally knocked up”)
  3. Before its all said and done you know its gonna be Trumps fault...
  4. hammertime


    I suddenly want a nice t-bone with a milkshake for desert....
  5. Definition of triggered ^^^
  6. I respect your opinion Hoorta
  7. hammertime

    Why Did Rush Deserve The Medal?

    Oh yeah we can say what Pelosi did is no big deal because because because it suits your feelings Fake outrage? No. Just vile,wicked and typical.
  8. People who hate Trump -approve of guys in little girls bathrooms. -approve of killing babies up to the point full term birth.(literally head coming out of the mother) -approve of taking away your 2nd amendment rights. -letting felons vote -refuse to acknowledge simple biological things like a man is man etc. -approve of open borders. -approve of zero consequences for complete lies and shams in our judicial system. (Kavanaugh is a perfect example, why has no one been held responsible for that shitshow) I could go on for ever... Yet people who approve of Making America Great Again are racists, deplorables etc. If all you see is Trumps mastery of trolling then maybe you should look past the hair, the tweets, the ‘pussy’ grabbing comments, the obvious gaffes meant to incite responses from idiots. Trump has done what no other president before him has done and all while being wrongfully persecuted for made up crimes. I’m pretty comfortable knowing that the guy pissing off both the left and the right is exposing levels of corruption beyond comprehension. Plus my pension, wages and simple freedoms are doing better than ever. #MAGA
  9. hammertime

    Our great President was acquitted! MAGA!

    Get with it Hoorta Your sitting on the sidelines while the greatest POTUS is making history. Dont be that guy who can’t change, I’m glad I finally can see the truth.
  10. hammertime

    Where Even is Kansas City Anyway?

    No but his hand is in her pants......
  11. Yes. Faith has been tested for centuries and the true message still comes through, even after the evil atrocities committed by those who cant or wont accept it. (but nice diversion)
  12. How could anybody even want to be a part of what Pelosi is part of? That was pretty shameful and unpatriotic to response to a glowing SOTU that Trump delivered. I’m pretty sure the Catholic Church wants no affiliation with the hateful display she has repeatedly shown....
  13. hammertime

    Impeachment Witnesses

  14. hammertime

    Where Even is Kansas City Anyway?

    I like how you stated that. Trump is not perfect by any measure but in our lifetime he’s oodles better than every stooge propped up by both parties in the past. MAGA
  15. hammertime

    Trump ahead in Iowa Polls! MAGA!

    “3 car funeral “ lol how does this happen? Biden was losing so bad he sabotaged the whole shebang. dirty MF’s