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  1. hammertime

    Explosion in Lebanon

    That’s even more disturbing than anyone can imagine I had heard the rocket fuel angle on the explosion nothing on tunnels....
  2. hammertime

    Frightened teachers

    It’s unconstitutional to fund schools with a property tax. teachers get a bad rap due to a few idiots. the idiot count is on the rise, by a lot.
  3. hammertime

    Frightened teachers

    It always thrills me to see a 2nd grade teacher pulling in over 100,000.00 while I bust my tail year round for about the same... Now there scared? Is there no end to it all? -$$$$ that’s how you end it.
  4. You really want to go to the ‘what have you done card’? listen up podunk.... go screw your self. I hope your baby keeps safe.
  5. DeWine can shove his mandates up his covaid infected ass.
  6. hammertime

    Explosion in Lebanon

    It really could be just dumbass stuff... lack of leadership leads to really bad scenarios.... someone knew that sh I t . was there.
  7. Your one weird transvestite... was that you spray painting in a viral video? too bad Stanford thought you were a dipshit.....
  8. hammertime

    Meanwhile back in Europe

    Some people would find it personal that people want to hand this country over to socialists... defund our police. open our borders. fund unlimited late term abortion s. take away our guns. the list goes on and on.... but you go on and worry about that boogeyman that gonna kill everyone....your scared, we understand stay home and if a grown man 6th grade teacher is scared have Him put on a pair of work boots and earn a living doing something else while we let our youth life as god intended them.
  9. hammertime

    Meanwhile back in Europe

    Using the ‘minion method’ I’ve smoked quite a few shoulders with a standard kettle. The offset lends for a lot more capacity though 😎 Charcoal Matters
  10. hammertime

    Meanwhile back in Europe

    It’s a shame to see a nice Weber kettle discarded like that.....
  11. hammertime

    President Chavez Wants To Delay The Election

    The fact that your talking is good im pretty sure almost all Trump supporters see his shortcomings Hes human like all of us. Does DT love his country? Absolutely. has DT helped our country? Yes. Proven over and over. do the democrats want to defund the police? Yes does Biden want to end all fossil fuels? Yes do Democrat’s want unlimited taxpayer funded early term abortion? Yes it was Democrat’s who delivered bricks to peaceful protests. Yes our country is more important than your hatred towards Trump. its not too late.
  12. hammertime


    When DeWine realizes he’s gonna lose a lawsuit he folds... just like the daycare issue he gave up on... DeWine like to portray himself as a country bumpkin but he has an agenda and it’s not about “saving Ohioans”
  13. hammertime

    President Chavez Wants To Delay The Election

    So your gonna go full on troll till the election? there is no way your as stupid or naive as birdboy and ms.tex.... you don’t need to even like him, just know that your not letting pure evil ruin our country.
  14. hammertime

    Democrat with a gun.

    Lol Happens way more than you’d think. he was lucky
  15. hammertime

    President Chavez Wants To Delay The Election

    Is that something you’d like? You do realize everything the Democratic Party stands for don’t you? Are you and the other never Trumpers gonna pretend that all this ANTIFA rioting isn’t happening? Are you for defunding the police? Did you approve of the hearing for AG Barr? All because of your hate for 1 man you’ll let this country burn? That is TDS.