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  1. What happened in your life to make you like you are? I’m feeling bad about giving you grief.
  2. Title of this thread is meant to attract filth through google searches thw ahole who started this thread knows it. brownsboard gets linked with this title.....
  3. hammertime

    I'm not sure this was a good idea

    Let them go and then refuse entry back into the US.
  4. hammertime

    Recession concerns

    Desperate times......desperate measures. They need to create chaos before they are all arrested. I’m hoping Trump is a few steps ahead of this latest tactic. Amazing what this president has gone through in order to make America great again.....
  5. hammertime

    Actual laugh out loud moment

    3rd grade teachers making more than 80,000 in Westlake....
  6. hammertime


    Cute response birdboy but I have no angst or profanity or other signs of distress. Help Us out and give us an educated response. do U of M proud. Make Stanford regret there choice.
  7. hammertime


    Weird defense... you literally decided it was ok because of an Obama penis meme? there is no fun or decency in what you posted....... just flat out pure Hate/evil.....
  8. hammertime


    Leaving no doubt to what type of person you are......
  9. hammertime

    Gun Control emotionism gets refuted by FACTS

    You know just like real life.... nobody likes you or could care less if your gone...... your a a weird poster with a lot of ass references and truly bizarre pics and mentions man you think your so apt with ngrs drops your really just a loser
  10. This wasn’t real was it?
  11. Degree from Michigan and that’s your response? how could you not agree with something so simple?
  12. I must have struck a nerve by posting common sense... come here legally and pay taxes like the rest of us. what is so damn hard about that?
  13. If we got half of the existing illegals to pay taxes and learn the pledge of allegiance in English I’d grant them citizenships imagine our tax base if everyone here was legit... we must bring immigrants into this country the legal way.
  14. hammertime

    Let's play the feud

    Real Men.