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  1. hammertime

    Amazing grace, amazing timing, close call

    Great news! Thats the kind of story we all like to hear. Hope recovery goes qell
  2. hammertime

    Beatoff O'Rourke

    How rich..... Does anyone recall what just happened to Judge Kavanaugh? yeah lets belly ache about a forum meme fake outrage? Yep like a snowflake
  3. What does it take to kill a baby on its birthday? rape, incest, inconvenience etc. not everything is perfect.... just the innocence of a newborn 👶
  4. hammertime

    This is true.

    Can’t look at like that Cal thats there way now if he says kill babies it’s a whole other thing
  5. hammertime

    CNN Spreading Fake News Again

    of all people to smh.....you merely deflect everytime it comes up and pretend its an equal playground.
  6. Think about who posted it.... say no more
  7. hammertime

    Trunp's motorcade

    Does anyone like you?
  8. hammertime

    Is Trump the chosen one?

    You have that freedom. tiam said so
  9. hammertime

    Is Trump the chosen one?

    No. what your doing is mocking people for having faith. good luck with that.
  10. hammertime

    Is Trump the chosen one?

    Grasping huh?
  11. hammertime

    Trunp's motorcade

    You sure do get triggered easily . you must be be a real treat in person...
  12. Any chance she could pair up as running mates with Kamala, that would be awesome.
  13. hammertime

    Kamala Harris announces 2020 White House run

    She just the first of many kooks who believe what there seeing in the fake news.... Is Soros gonna fund all the weirdos?
  14. hammertime

    Kamala Harris announces 2020 White House run

    Can they make it any easier for Trump? Lol. How delusional is she?
  15. hammertime

    Did trump take a backhanded dig at Clemson here?

    Really takes you away from your safe place.huh? Fake outrage is pathetic.