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  1. hammertime

    Joe Biden has shut down ICE

    These illegal aliens are not all MS-13 etc. i would Hope they’re some decent majority that can see the true filth that brought them here. the key now that they’re here is to educate them. Hell, that’s a major problem for our current citizens. Joorta, ms. Tex and a few others who have bailed all wanted this. Because of hate.
  2. How many from this board we’re invited to the house warming party? gifts?
  3. So what did Chauvin do? Are you satisfied with the preparation for the courts decision? Do things look OK to you? Do you feel like you were presented with ALL the info or just what they wanted you to see? Now at court it’s not the same, is it? George Floyd killed himself.
  4. You see what “they” want you to see.
  5. You are way to polite J. Woody wants to blow you, he just has a hard time asking you. not wanting an experimental vaccine doesn’t make you anti vax either
  6. hammertime

    Biden wants a Civil War..

    I know this sounds cuckoo but seriously read the Swamp thread and sort through what J posts. Biden is a skin puppet. We’re in for some shit....people are starting to wake up.
  7. hammertime

    And We Thought Heels Up Harris

    Hunter really really likes it when she wears that.
  8. Your accepting this? dont you care? we finally had someone who was going to end it?
  9. hammertime

    More stupidity

    That’s your argument?
  10. hammertime

    More PC MLB

    Baseball is dead to me....kinda sad. Not one owner will stand up against a shit decision?
  11. So it’s okay with you?
  12. hammertime


    At least they’re easy to pick out of the crowd... 80 million.... lol. For mush brains 🧠