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  1. hammertime

    2018 Division 1 State Championship

    I'll give more tomorrow.
  2. hammertime

    2018 Division 1 State Championship

    Div4 is tonight
  3. hammertime

    2018 Division 1 State Championship

    Kenston beat archbishop alder Div3
  4. St Edward defeats Colerain 24-10 Division 2 Akron Hoban beats Massillon 42-28(?) Clearly it's a Brothers of the Holy Cross conspiracy... Congratulations to all the division winners!!!!
  5. hammertime

    White House suspends Acosta's press pass!

    So once again you have the opportunity to denounce what is clearly inappropriate and just plain rude yet you refuse?? Acosta is true dips hit and all you can do is say ' "Well so is Trump" You are part of the problem also.
  6. hammertime

    White House suspends Acosta's press pass!

    Your part of the problem. Instead of agreeing that Acosta is an pooper your spinning it around that someone lied??? Pathetic.
  7. hammertime

    White House suspends Acosta's press pass!

    Wow. Can you imagine the reaction if this was done with ANY other president? America will come round to the right side and when it does the respect for our POTUS will be reinstalled. Acosta really thought he was gonna stick it to Trump...His job of actually reporting is so far apart from what hes actually doing its embarrassing.
  8. hammertime

    Caravan of illegals

    This. Illegal immigration is a huge drain on our country. At least pretend you love America if your coming into USA that helps your cause.
  9. hammertime

    Caravan of illegals

    Do you believe we should have an open border to Mexico?
  10. hammertime

    Ohio ballot issue 1 - vote no

    This is a.tricky one 20 grams of certain drugs are a big NO. This is a solid NO it still needs work. Be careful how you read these bills...
  11. hammertime

    Caravan of illegals

    Its not just the Trump era that you refuse to take a stand on. how as a decent human being can you not take a stand on reckless accusations that were made on Kavanaugh? instead you just spin words to say that the republicans do the same thing? Your not the only one. Instead of taking the side working for America, there a group heres that's just interested in proving Cal etc wrong..... Instead of excepting that there is fake news people just point fingers and say ammoland etc is bad. at the same time refusing to accept that the media is wacked.... and I apologize about the balls comment, that doesn't help the situation.
  12. hammertime

    Caravan of illegals

    Do you ever actually take a stand or do you just talk in circles? Do you even have a set of balls?
  13. hammertime

    Trump Chooses Science Over the Biology Deniers:

    Sheesh. Nobody is denying these folks to feel how they feel or even how they identify themselves. The argument is that just because they suffer from gender identity crisis that everybody else has to change the biological terminology of a boy is a boy etc... its ridiculous and being compassionate is great but don't make it out to be normal.
  14. hammertime

    Caravan of illegals

    at a brisk pace of lets say 4.2 miles per hour you burn approximately 150 calories per mile. are we to believe that there are thousands of people with children that can endure a 2000 mile walk? this is such a shitshow. seriously think of all the Sheet from however many thousands of people and the lack of infrastructure along the way. Anyone want to guess if there are any weapons on some of these travlers? how desperate is the left? VERY.
  15. hammertime

    This Elizabeth Warren thing is hilarious.

    Watching her video is really scary. She really believes her own BS, it's become her reality. Such is the way of the hardcore liberals, they've been out of touch for so long the wacked out messages have become normal.....