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  1. hammertime

    CV truth

    What a load of shit that article was. did you even read it?
  2. How long before DHead and birdboy post with some deflection on this topic? theres no way people think Biden can be the leader of the country....
  3. I’m pretty sure we’re never gonna see Obama convicted of anything. what is the best we can hope for?
  4. Old pussies like DHead and Texfag need a good awakening worthless shits like birdboy and his crew need to embrace America and the values it was built on. its not thru little verbal text like here but in the real world where we can make a difference.
  5. Wow! Really thought they were gonna harvest enough votes to pull off a miracle..... this is how we win. Through the elections.
  6. hammertime

    Trump COVID-19 disaster

    It’s good to question. listening to both sides is good also. Trump loves to troll that’s for sure. It’s so blatant it’s cringe worthy sometimes. The man has done what he said he would do. His opponents have been very dishonest.
  7. hammertime

    Trump COVID-19 disaster

    Hoorta you’ve got it bad....
  8. Treason is punishable by death. may god have mercy on their souls.
  9. Hell yes he’s a coward pisses his pants daily when the wind blows
  10. Promises to reform yourself when he loses... can you at least do that for your country.... loser
  11. Make it happen J!!! Bells and whistles when the pencil neck a hole goes down....
  12. hammertime

    Bars and restaurants

    I received a pm telling me he was Retarded. If this isn’t true let me know. I feel like i should make a donation to his cause after pointing how Retarded he really is....
  13. hammertime

    Make of This What You Will

  14. A haiku would have sufficed 😎