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  1. hammertime

    2017 Ohio Highschool Football

    the whole premise of a 'super' league is so that they wouldn't have to play with any OHSSA teams. Your looking at the OHSSA format if your talking circle jerk.....'super' league would be a national schedule not limited to OH. I know who is gonna have a better product without even playing in the OH tournament and so would everyone else.Teams like Menter, Wayne, Mason etc. would be in this 'super' league. Its not going to be just private schools.
  2. hammertime

    2017 Ohio Highschool Football

    They absolutely have an advantage in gaining competitive superiority. Its called a better product. I would like nothing better than a league of superior teams who strive for greatness in and out of the classroom. Its probably the only way folks are gonna be happy. Get ready though, there is gonna be like 99 differents trophies being handed out so 'little johnny' doesn't feel left out. Side effect of a super league is that there are no restrictions on 'recruiting' at this point since the new super league will have no affiliation with OHSSA.
  3. hammertime

    2017 Ohio Highschool Football

    The privates offer a better product more than not. That's how they keep the doors open. what your calling inducements is actually the schools advertising their product, which is an 'opportunity' to receive a better education, training etc.. Not always the case but again more than not. You mention LeBrons situation which is far from the norm. Look at Mauriice Claretts highschool 'journey' We are also now in the age of open enrollments which gets dicey casue publics are robbing from other publics. Do some students receive financial aid to attend some of these privates? Yes. But said student is still held to the same standards as any other student once enrolled. The privates have the luxury of expelling a student who is not meeting the criteria while the publics do not. So if you think offering a better product and advertising your product is 'recruiting' then we're at an impass. competitive balance now is another whole can of worms....
  4. hammertime

    2017 Ohio Highschool Football

    So were getting somewhere on this. You've identified a couple programs that can be outstanding. Now heres the tricky part. Can you force these kids to attend or is it a choice? What constitutes recruiting to you?
  5. hammertime

    2017 Ohio Highschool Football

    absolutely you can find D1 talent at all levels of highschool football. and there are years were maybe a D2 or D3 could compete with the D1 champion(highschool levels) but depth usually will decide it. Why do you think 'elite' players would want to play for Hoban?
  6. hammertime

    2017 Ohio Highschool Football

    yappi is another source for gossip mixed with facts. scoutingohio is a site that profits off of kids looking to get noticed for scholarships. jjpuddle was place before factions broke off and formed yappi. I don't follow the lower divisions....kinda like following D2 or D3 in college ball.
  7. hammertime

    2017 Ohio Highschool Football

    Highschool football Gipper. Stay on track and bring facts. Congrats on your childrens education. You have any highschool football takes? Or is it just your mission to derail this thread every year?
  8. hammertime

    2017 Ohio Highschool Football

    Enlighten us Gipper.... Do you know anything about highschoool sports? Year after year you go to the asshole card for a highschool football thread. Obviously your kids were never good enough to be "recruited". Probaly because you kept making excuses for them....
  9. Still a few weeks away from real games. Anyone got any horses in the race this year? This thread dwindled last year, but I figured we'll give it another shot this year. St. X St. IGGy Moeller Elder St.Eds Mentor Colerain Wayne Stow Div 1favorites.
  10. hammertime

    3 million votes cast by illegals

    So its an accepted fact that there was voter fraud we just don't know the numbers? Therefor its not an issue? Dead voters? Felons? How many is alright?
  11. hammertime

    3 million votes cast by illegals

    in the big picture it really doesn't matter. but folks who are clinging to the argument that Clinton won the popular vote should realize that illegal voting did take place. Its also comical that people who didn't vote are unsatisfied with the results.
  12. hammertime

    3 million votes cast by illegals

    Who here doesn't think that there were illegal aliens voting in this election? Who would an illegal alien most likely vote for?
  13. hammertime

    2016 Ohio Highschool Football

    Week 7 is in the books. Region 2 in Div 1 looks to have the strongest teams this year. Colerain, Wayne HH, St. X, Elder all are capable threats this year. Region 1 in Div 1 has a lot of 1 loss teams with Ed's, Iggy, Solon, Stow, McK and Mass.Jackson leading the pack. St. Edward vs. St. Ignatius in First Energy Stadium this year so someone will leave happy this year. Any surprise teams this year? Who's your favorite heading down the stretch? # weeks left of regular season games.
  14. Do the crime , do the time. Murderers will face,judgement at some point.
  15. hammertime

    Guess the Movie Quote

    Yes. Goldie in her better days.