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  1. Browns looking at WR trade ?

    So here's what i'm thinking... A 5th rounder to get Pryor back.
  2. I Trust In Kizer

    So.... Now what???
  3. I Trust In Kizer

    So.... What did you guys think?
  4. I Trust In Kizer

    Zane hasn't shown me to be that guy. if you're missing kicks in the rain, how can you make kicks in December/January?
  5. I Trust In Kizer

    Actually, he is flawless in the preseason. http://www.clevelandbrowns.com/team/statistics.html
  6. I Trust In Kizer

    Zane hasn't wowed anyone, and he missed a 50+ I'd stick with the veteran in this area.
  7. Browns looking at WR trade ?

    They'd probably want a #2 for Landry. I would wait until after final cuts.
  8. I Trust In Kizer

    After last night's game, Kizer's ascension to the starting role isn't a rush job, and he looks to FINALLY be the quarterback that I've been saying all along that the Browns need: A playmaker at the position. From what I can see based on these 3 preseason games, the team will most likely be spending next years draft picks on playmaking WR's (because so far only Coleman has shown any form of consistency) and a FS, maybe even another TE, for Njoku has been slow in his development. If they can resign Crowell, then you're looking at strengthening the secondary and back up positions. Oh, and Gonzales doesn't look like he's going to make the cut, for I've seen a LOT of Parkey out there.
  9. Can This Draft Start like our 1978 Draft?

    I don't know, I'm leaning towards a defensive heavy draft early on. I'm sure we can get a TE in the third round or FA after the draft.
  10. Draft Talk

    Thank you!
  11. Draft Talk

    Where are you all finding this "Draft" game?
  12. Draft Talk

    I went defensive heavy with my draft, mainly dealing with the secondary, because that's our biggest defensive weakness. FA looks like garbage this year in that area, so the draft is the only way to repair it. Moving Haden to safety is an idea if you can't get Hooker, but you're going to need a bonafide corner to take his place, for Calhoun is a nickle guy.
  13. Draft Talk

    Oh my... lol
  14. Draft Talk

    The way I see it is this. Your most glaring weaknesses were offensive line and your secondary, so this is how I would approach it. QB: You keep who you have at QB outside of McCown. I don't like any of these guys coming out, even Watson, who looked pedestrian against OSU's defense. Kevin Hogan showed promise, I'd continue developing him, he looked like an early version of Steve Young. RB: You're set. OL: Outside of LT, LG, RG, you're in trouble. I would find a C/RT in free agency, get some PROVEN talent up there and pay handsomely if I have to and be done with Cam Erving. WR: It was a disappointing season for this group. Gordon gone again, Coleman hurt, then practically vanished. All this hype about the rookie class, where the heck was Higgins???? Only Louis and Pryor stepped up, and Hawkins was eh. The FA class only has two good names in it that aren't coming here, so you're going to have to go back into the draft for your outside WR, for Coleman's playing in the slot in this offense. I'd go after Westbrook (Oklahoma) or Darboh (Michigan) in the second round. TE: You're set. DE: Hands down, my #1 pick is either Allen or Garrett. The biggest weakness on the line is RDE, and you plant one of them there, it'll help Nassib and Shelton, because if you double team either of them, someone is coming free to make a play. LB: Throw money at Collins, flat out. Give him a 5 years deal, put him on the outside and be done with it. The biggest weakness is on the inside because of Davis, so I'd dip into the draft Either Davis from Florida or Walker from Northwestern in the second round. CB: Oy vey, the teams OTHER biggest weakness. Flat out, if I can't trade Haden, I'm cutting him and starting over with this group. The only bonafide starter on the roster is Taylor, but he's a solid #2 corner. MAYBE you can get Tankersley (Clemson) or Conley (OSU) to fall into your lap, but if they keep Haden, go after Hooker (OSU). S: You need a killer back there at SS with some weight on him, so I'm thinking Clemons (Louisville). He'd pair well with Hooker. So in order, my draft board would look like this... First round: (2) Own pick and the Eagles' pick. DE (Allen, Garrett), S (Hooker) Second round: (2) Own pick and the Titans' pick. CB (Tankersely, Conley), ILB (Davis, Walker) Third round: (1) Own pick. SS (Clemons) Fourth round: (3) Three *compensatory picks due to free agent losses in 2016. CB, CB, WR (best players available) Fifth round: (3) Own pick, the Patriots' pick and a *compensatory pick due to free agent loss in 2016. WR, RT, C. (Best players available) Sixth round: (1) Own pick. SS (Best player available) Seventh round: (1) The Colts' pick. FS (Best player available). With that, you're shoring up your teams biggest weaknesses. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCw7QJ7TmKpx4-zjNhOWM6HQ