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  1. Tiffinbacker

    Ohio Sports Mount Rushmore

    ummmmm.......does no one on this board remember a old ball coach by the name of Woody Hayes? Should'nt he be on there?
  2. Tiffinbacker

    Buckeyes Do get a BCS Game

    buckeye's lose another one...texas 48 osu 20
  3. Tiffinbacker

    my fellow fans......

    old dawg, you can piss up a rope! you are also a lemming.....
  4. Tiffinbacker

    my fellow fans......

    Because I care where the coach comes from, or who the QB played for, or that our RB broke records against us? Get a grip, Francis. We're looking for winners. Just my point vegas. you as well as the other lemming's act as if you would sacrafice everything you ever preached against just for a few wins, I hope we sign cow-head, lose as many games then sit back and watch as all you lemming's call for his head.
  5. Tiffinbacker

    my fellow fans......

    The ones that are begging for cow-head to be the next coach of our browns makes me embarrased for you all !!!! how could you root for this man after all he has done to us?..Maybe you lemmings would have been happy if we went out and signed john elway to help at qb ? or maybe brian sipe as o.c. ? we know he calls all the right plays(red right 88)......you all make me sick !!!!!!!!!
  6. Tiffinbacker

    cowher in a nutshell........

    i think they need a coach, just saying that there is a greater need to evaluate talent and how well that talent can perform in a team enviroment, these things cannot be coached, they are the make ups of people personality, until the browns draft or sign team first players no coach will win here.
  7. Tiffinbacker

    cowher in a nutshell........

    First off, B.C. was a great motivator, but he was always surrounded by great assistants, many of wich went on to head coaching positions, ala. malarky, wizz, grimm(should be a head coach ), labeau, marvin lewis, dom capers ect.... Second, the brownies need someone that can evaluate talent at the college level not on the "i had a good year last year in the nfl, so give me money" level. B.C is not that guy, in pitt, he was not responsible fo drafting players, the g.m is and when cowher was given his 1 guy a year pick that pick has all but been a bust... the browns, in my opinion, do not need a coach as bad as they need a g.m and a new scouting dept.
  8. Tiffinbacker

    Changes on the Oline

    ya know, i have been reading this site for some time now and the knowledge just amazes me sometimes, i do not think i am the most up to date fan on here, or am i saying i am smarter than anyother fan here, but i really would like to see more posts on true fan thoughts, from seeing games live or just thoughts on things noticed from watching games on tv rather than simple cut and paste posts from other sporting sites.
  9. Tiffinbacker

    RAC Predicts Victory vs Denver

    sorry masters, i did'nt put 2x2 together persay, and actually never hear of him reffered to as rac. and i hope you are being sarcastic in questioning me being a browns fan....i did not bash you so please keep your wannabe quick witted humor to yourself please.
  10. Tiffinbacker

    RAC Predicts Victory vs Denver

    who is rac ?...to me this guy sounds as if he has his shit together....I'm taking the browns giving the 3 points for 500$ because i also believe this is our time!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Tiffinbacker

    new nicknames for.........

    the general of this brown arm y...........I'm going on record as calling our boy bq ......Captain of arms
  12. Tiffinbacker

    With the Mighty Quinn at the Helm, we will make the playoffs

    i totally agree, this team will be playoff bound this year....thank god the front office got their heads screwed back on and pulled the trigger on this, this team is to good, great line play, awesome wideouts, badass secondary the only part that was lacking was a true field general......kinda gives me an idea for a bq nickname....how about general rocket arm?...any ideas from u guys?
  13. Tiffinbacker

    It's official: Quinn to start Thursday

    hey there guys........long time reader, first time poster here. I know the last few years have been really tough on all of us as browns fans, but the news of brady quinn starting thursday is the breath of fresh air we need to get this team to where it should be, in the super bowl!!! I have told everyone since we drafted quinn that he is going to be to the browns as lebrone is to our cavs!!!!!!!! he will save our season and mark my words, you heard it here first, "WE WILL BE IN THE PLAYOFFS THIS YEAR " He's a winner and he's got the respect of this potent offense, something da has lost as of late, sorry for rambling on, I'm just stoked, and all jacked up knowing the f.o is finally seeing the light............