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    Delete This Account

    Mods, delete this account. Goodbye NFL, goodbye Browns, goodbye Brownsboard. Good luck all.
  2. Sure. You brought your veteran status to the fore when losing the discussion. In my opinion you used it as a shield. You claim you felt insulted, that I was being too rough on you and Cal. What a joke, especially in this ruthless political forum run by traitors. Yes, I said traitors. I believe you were flailing, trying to distract from your unjustifiable suicide position, so you wrapped yourself in the flag. I took it easy on you (while still holding you accountable) and, true to form, you then reject my sincere thanks. So THAT is why you brought it up! You could reasonably suspect that I do in fact respect the military and would respond in kind, and then you use that occasion for insults and to try to claim the high ground. Pathetic. Try learning to argue instead. Here's a clue; you didn't get to pick who you served. Nope, never, not once. You served Hillary Clinton. You served Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi. Bernie Sanders. All of us. So did Cal. Those are the facts. You do not get a line item veto on who you defended. Tell yourself otherwise, go ahead, what do I care? Here's another clue: Don't say stupid sh* t then expect a pass, for any reason. So, to further recap, you disrespect my respect for the military, and then use my own argument "against me" and think I will not notice. You said: "Let's look at it this way. Theres run-hide-fight. You go ahead and do your duty to run and hide. No one will think less of you for that. Not even me." Horse sh*t. How about your "reeks of cowardice" comment from before? Just because you feel like being rational now doesn't erase what you said earlier defending Daddy Donny. I will hold you to it, that is who you are. Or, if your position somehow has "improved" then I take credit for it. I promised an update on our active shooter drill. Here it is, then I will cease to participate in this political forum run by individuals who hate representative democracy. Shooter attacked our cafeteria. Seven were killed. Our campus police office is close by and they were able to intervene and shoot the attacker. My office suite is one floor up and on the other side of the building. An emergency text message told us where the shooter was. I grabbed my staff, as well as seven visitors who were clueless across the hall, and led them down the hall and out the exit on the complete other end of the building. I led my little troupe down to our standalone child development center and we stood guard as best we could. And Cal, yes, I talked to the feds. Trump has put his stamp all over this process. I pretty much couldn't stand Obama either yet have to give Trump credit for this one. I also asked them about his "run into the line of fire" comments and if that was what they suggested people do.... they turned red and said nothing. They looked embarrassed. Great Leader my butt.
  3. Brace yourself Cal... I totally agree with you. Regarding Wentz. I thought, "Grab him, act like you never even had the pick. Get that guy into your system now." Work under center. Loved the way his eyes worked downfield on his dropback. Very aggressive. Starting to feel the same way about Allen here, especially since we have the 4. It appears he defines late bloomer. Not much to see in high school, coming on strong now late in college. He also seems to respond to coaching. If our plan is to sit our guy for TT, get this kid into our system now. Let him learn our way. I know, weak analysis, unsupported by acumen. May well be my calling card. I have lunch with an Eagles fan every day who heard me say that about Wentz and he wonders what the hell our front office is thinking. Defillipo went to the Eagles after here, he had scouted Wentz for us. Did he sabotage the Wentz file when we fired him and take the good file to Philly? Freaking turnover...
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    TJ Carrie Is A Brown

  5. Sober Poet

    Joe Thomas has retired

    Dammit London. You been beating me to the post by two minutes all day. True fan. Well played... God Bless Joe.
  6. Sober Poet

    Another one signs, TE Darren Fells

    Please delete. Did not see LondonBrown's post. Good one London.
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    Another one signs, TE Darren Fells

    Link to Article CLEVELAND, Ohio -- The Browns continued the complete overhaul of their offense Wednesday, agreeing to terms on a three-year deal with former Lions tight end Darren Fells, a league source confirmed for cleveland.com. It's three years, $12 million, according to NFL Network's Ian Rapoport, who first reported the agreement. Fells (6-7, 270) joins a tight end group that includes 2017 first-rounder David Njoku, Seth DeValve and Randall Telfer. In 2017, Fells caught 17 passes for 177 yards and three TDs. Fells is the sixth offensive player the Browns have added since Friday. The others are quarterback Tyrod Taylor, receiver Jarvis Landry, offensive tackles Donald Stephenson and Chris Hubbard, and running back Carlos Hyde. They're also still pursuing some receivers, including former Browns and Redskins wideout Terrelle Pryor. Like several other tight ends, Fells' journey to the NFL started out in the basketball court. Only his hoops dream was playing out overseas, in Belgium, Finland, France, Mexico and Argentina. But Fells had always wanted to take a shot at football, ever since the Vikings wanted to sign him out of UC Irvine -- where he played basketball. "Straight out of high school, everybody told me I should've played football over basketball," Fells told USA Today Sports. "After senior year in college, I got a call from my head coach and he told me Minnesota wanted to give me a tryout. I'm thinking, 'Timberwolves?' He said, 'No, Vikings.' I said, 'They do know I play basketball, right? That's weird.' "I had a tryout and they wanted to have me come to training camp, but I had a guaranteed contract from five countries to play basketball and make about $100,000 with the team paying taxes, an apartment, a car and some food." Fells, who played tight end and defensive end in high school, spent two years overseas before deciding to resurrect his football career. The Seahawks worked him out in 2013 as a defensive end, but invited him to camp as a tight end. They cut him twice before he landed on the Cardinals' practice squad, and eventually their active roster in 2014. Fells mostly blocked for the Cardinals, but caught a career-high 21 passes for 311 yards in 2015. A year ago, the Lions signed him to a one-year deal worth $1.5 million, and he won the backup job behind Eric Ebron. "Every day, I pinch myself when I walk in here," Fells told USA Today Sports. "It is still a dream."
  8. Sober Poet

    Salary Cap Adjusted

    Got a little increase. I'll take it. NFL issues adjustments, we estimate the Cleveland Browns now have $114.39 million in available cap space The jump in cap space is due to a $5+ million credit the Browns just received from the 2017 season. By Chris Pokorny@DawgsByNature Mar 8, 2018, 7:20pm EST SHARE The Browns are rolling in dough. Photo Illustration by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images Last week, the NFL confirmed that the salary cap for the 2018 season has been set at $177.2 million. Last year, the cap was $167 million, meaning this year sees an increase of $10.2 million. Two weeks ago, we projected a salary cap of $178 million, so let’s revise all of the Cleveland Browns’ cap-related figures as of today. First, let’s take a look at this graphic released by the NFLPA, which confirms each team’s individual salary cap for 2018: Back in mid-January, we projected the Browns’ adjusted cap space to be around $218 million, so not much has changed in terms of dollars and cents.Here are the updated cap figures in a more formalized manner. CONFIRMED BY NFLPA NFL 2018 Salary Cap (Projected): $177.2 millionBrowns’ Rollover from 2017: $58.91 millionBrowns’ 2018 Adjusted Salary Cap: $177.2 million + $58.91 million = $236.11 million ESTIMATED BY OVER THE CAP / NFLPA ESTIMATE Browns’ Top 51 Cap Total: $116.52 millionBrowns’ Dead Money for 2018: $10.27 millionBrowns’ Total Cap Spent for 2018: $116.52 million + $10.27 million = $126.79 million Despite our estimates, the NFLPA public salary cap report indicates that Cleveland’s number is actually $126.87 million, so we will stick with that number. BROWNS’ ADJUSTMENTS / CREDITS FROM 2017 The NFL does not formally announce salary cap adjustments/credits to the public, but they kick in every year around early March and can be derived from the NFLPA public salary cap report. The Browns received a credit of $5.15 million. These factor in things like “likely to be earned” escalators that were unearned, grievances, and other miscellaneous things that are pretty hard to track down. FINAL SALARY CAP SPACE When you subtract the two subtotals above ($236.11 million - $126.87 million), you get $109.24. Add in the lovely adjustments/credits of $5.15 million, and then you can see how the “$114.39 million in cap space” figure was derived.
  9. Sober Poet

    Browns 2018 Salaries by Unit

    Link to Article Looking at the Browns' 2018 salaries by unit: offense, defense, and special teams How much do the Browns have dedicated toward each position on the roster heading into the offseason? This post is going to take a look at how much money the Browns have invested in offense, defense, and special teams leading into the 2018 NFL offseason, with the data being current as of March 5th and pulled from Over The Cap. When we look at the Browns' available cap space, we are only factoring in the Top 51 contracts on the team. For the purpose of analyzing money committed to all positions, we are looking at all 73 contracts on the team. Note: This does not include any of the Browns’ UFA, RFA, or ERFA. It is expected the club will bring back guys like Josh Gordon and Austin Reiter, but until they do, those salaries cannot be factored in, since there is nothing to go off of right now. Offense The Browns have invested $63.50 million on offensive players, which is the sixth lowest figure in the NFL. The investments, in order from highest to lowest position, are as follows: OG ($18.96 million), OT ($18.35 million), WR ($7.38 million), C ($6.75 million), TE ($5.37 million), RB ($4.65 million), and QB ($2.05 million). Defense The Browns have invested $60.35 million on defensive players, which is the 21st highest figure in the NFL. The investments, in order from highest to lowest position, are as follows: OLB ($21.28 million), CB ($14.39 million), DE ($11.61 million), DT ($6.73 million), S ($4.92 million), and MLB ($1.42 million). Special Teams The Browns have invested $3,832,292 on special teams players (no ranking currently available). Total Cumulatively, the Browns have invested $127.68 million on players against the cap for 2018, which is ranked 28th in the NFL*. These figures do not include dead money toward players who are no longer with the team, but the pie charts should give you a general idea as to where the Browns stand in positional spending. Some figures are a little misleading, since defensive ends, nose tackles, and/or outside linebackers sometimes split work at different positions. As stated earlier, these rankings do not take into account any free agents, restricted or unrestricted. Smaller contracts, like exclusive rights free agent deals, aren't included either, even though they will likely be tendered. The Browns' most lucrative-invested position is offensive guard, thanks to the signing of Kevin Zeitler and extension of Joel Bitonio last year. On defense, similarly, outside linebacker is the most lucrative due to extensions last year for Jamie Collins and Christian Kirksey. Are there any position numbers that jump out at you? *Special teams calculations are approximated to be the same for every NFL team, as Over the Cap's total amounts only include offense and defense.
  10. Sober Poet

    President for Life not a bad Idea Trump says

    Slap in the face to everyone who ever tried to defend our institutions, Founding Fathers, etc. Wow, what a load of completely unAmerican garbage. And probably why you don't mind that Russia is running our politics. You do actually hate America and what we stand for. Pathetic. If my party can't rule forever then shut it down....
  11. Thanks sincerely for your service. Sincerely. It doesn't give you the right to be wrong though.
  12. Tell ya what guys. We have a mock active shooter event planned for this spring that will encompass our entire campus. It will be huge. We have to practice, because the threat is that real. We have to advertise it to keep people safe. We know the date, but don't know exactly when or where it is going to break out. It will have federal oversight, and will be a joint effort between fire, safety and law enforcement at all levels. Cal asked who trains us? Trump's government. Plain and simple. So yeah, I have a problem when he undercuts his best people directly...probably fire them next for disagreeing with him. And no one is saying you can't do what your conscience dictates, grow up and reread the thread. Do you guys realize that we also have standing policies where we HAVE to intervene if things are getting physical between a couple or some such? We all have roles to keep people safe, ourselves and others. It makes me think of the Seattle mass shooting in 2016. There were many interviews with people with conceal carry permits who were armed at the time and did not go out and try to take out the shooter. Why? The most compelling reason for me was: "How would the cops know I wasn't the shooter?" Were they cowards or did they understand their role in the crisis? And, really, what are the chances of you actually being outside a grade school when someone shoots it up? Astronomical but improving I would say. It's a false argument to provide cover for a president who can't control his mouth, or fingers. Get a clue. That said, these trainings and mock killers roaming the campus can get pretty intense. I mentioned whiffle balls in an earlier post. We had to resort to whiffle balls and bean bags and write things "stapler" or "fire extinguisher" on them. Why? Because they actually had people arm themselves with office equipment in the first scenario and some folks got so involved that they actually bounced staplers and paper weights off the head of the "shooter" and injured him. No kidding. They lit him up. I believe I have done my civic duty by providing some insight into the state-of-the-art in survival training in these scenarios and am going to leave this thread now and work on some interesting stuff for the Barber Shop. I will try to remember to return and tell you how I did during the scenario. I doubt very much I get to deploy the kamikaze approach many of you seem to favor, since I manage people and must see to their safety as well.
  13. Who cares what you "think"? The training that I had broke down the major mass killings point by point, death by death, as they happened, examining the blueprints of the buildings involved and the timing of the arrival of security forces as it happened. We considered each action by the killers and victims and problematized them so that we could keep ourselves and each other alive. We actually barricaded ourselves in a room that had serious security flaws and armed ourselves with anything we could to plan our counterattack if necessary. We ran a scenario where we encountered the killer and hit him with, well, wiffle balls, pretending they were heavier objects Your fantasies were not included. Go figure. The first thing they said was not "run down the hall and impale yourself on a bullet." Again, go figure. You He-Men are ridiculous. The only thing to do is run in and die like Daddy Trump says. Save 'em all or die, just like your moral absolutism (look that up if you have to). My trainers were real men who had been there, not pathetic keyboard heroes addicted to whining...like yourself.
  14. Take your hero complex to your grave then.
  15. Again, fair enough. The custodian at VATECH was not a teacher either and did exactly as you say. So, following that model, what if you buy them no time and get mown down immediately like him? Not a win, just another casualty. No effect, just one more dead person.