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  1. Vegasdogg

    Hey Dicknuts

    Some people - no matter how long they have been posting their "thoughts" on a message board - have no clue what forum etiquette means. And no matter how long you have been "here" I highly doubt you've been around longer then Zombo. So sure we can choose to read it or not read it, but do us all a favor and join the adult world. Show some self-restraint once in a while and resist the urge to Add Reply on a more regular basis. You're an adult so just because you can doesn't mean you should.
  2. Vegasdogg

    Rookie Camp Observatons

    The fun has certainly gone out of most Browns fans who fork out the money to watch this team. Ever since I was little I got excited over the Browns camp. Fcuk it this is supposed to be fun. Have some fun gawddamnit....LOL.
  3. Very well done. Nice job.
  4. Vegasdogg

    Ok, This Is Scary... Way Scary

    Some whiny liberal fancy boy doesn't like Texas? Big fooking surprise there.
  5. Vegasdogg

    For All You Hillis Lovers

    Wow Browns fans will turn on their own players faster than I thought. Dude had strep throat and now we're tossing him off the reservation. Incredible.
  6. Vegasdogg

    Mangini To Join Espn

    I think Mangini is going to be just fine. I liked his NYJ vs NE analysis last season for the playoffs.
  7. Vegasdogg

    Mangini To Join Espn

    Bitter much? Mangini is the LEAST fake coach I have ever listened to. I have no idea where this is coming from, but to each his own. "Fake being tools..." Really? Do they sell these "fake being" tools at Home Depot?
  8. Vegasdogg

    Mangini To Join Espn

    Eric is actually pretty damn informative. He gets into the details that rabid fans of the NFL like us (hey we're on a message board everyday, we qualify) love to learn about. Now, he can talk about "situations" and I think 100% of people will learn two things. 1) He is basically a genius on football. 2) He does not take himself seriously. I agreed with letting Eric go but I always said I liked him. Still do. Eric is going to be kickass for ESPN, IMO.
  9. Vegasdogg

    Rodgers And Tatupa

    Signing a Tatupa or a Rogers to a one year contract (that is what they're asking for (and Rogers got) doesn't seem to do much for me. They come here and play and then we have to replace them again if they leave. Or overpay them to stay. Lose-lose signings if you ask me. Lots of the FA's are singing 1 yr deals.
  10. He is fighting unfair tickets being written. He has clout that brings exposure to the situation. More people know about the issue now than before he got involved. This is more than a "millionaire fighting a parking ticket."
  11. Vegasdogg

    Roth Wants Out

    I really, really like Katy's boobies. And Roth is not going to come back to the team because of the change. Lets face it we have had a lot of change and he isn't getting any younger. He needs to do what is best for him. I like him and his attitude but he wasn't kicking major ass out there to be honest. Vickers is the man but it is all about the dollars. We need to get younger and we'll need the money to sign whoever we pick with those 2 1st rounders next season. Heckert knows that and so does Roth and Vickers.
  12. Vegasdogg

    Real Fans

    Rich, just when I thought you could not get any dumber, you go and redeem yourself.
  13. Vegasdogg

    Things Rex Ryan can do in the off season

    Yeah but he is funny. Big difference.
  14. Vegasdogg

    Things Rex Ryan can do in the off season

    I think he should see a Psychiatrist. This guy is one angry fella.
  15. Vegasdogg

    Has Jay Cutler overtaken over the title...

    Can someone please point to one time Cutler has ever quit on his team, or missed significant time during the season? Can someone tell me when he stopped playing or didn't do everything he could to win a game? I don't like the prick. But he hasn't shown he is a quitter.