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  1. Tobalaz

    Time and effort

    Bud I understand. I had to take a season of 2 years back and get the depression out of my system. Spent the days building Android roms and playing Payday 2 online. Sometimes we just hit that point we can't take anymore because we've been making the same mistakes for 15 seasons and its like watching your idiot son constantly putting their car in reverse and backing into your front room every time they get in the car.
  2. Tobalaz

    anyone else miss Mangini?

    I blame the poor running game on the oline coach. It's pretty obvious he only knew how to drink and beat women. Wait.. We had Ray Rice coaching the oline?
  3. Tobalaz

    ANNOUNCER BIAS during televised broadcasts

    We need Bernie back doing the play by play. Brent Jones smacked us around more then Bernie ever did anyone.
  4. Tobalaz

    Jonathan Paul Manziel

    Johnny didn't look as bad as last year, but he still looked bad. He made a couple nice throws and some nice scrambles, but when you're holding on to the ball past 3 seconds you're just begging to get your linemen called for holding. Another thing is, you can't blame the online when Johnny is carrying the ball one handed like a loaf of bread, that's just begging to get stripped. He's got to learn to protect the ball better, hell man one of those fumbles was from Johnny running into his own guy. He's either not seeing the field or he just can't read the field. He looked like a rookie qb, like what he should have looked like last year. Maybe at this rate he'll be ready to start when he's 30. He's got a lot of work to do.
  5. I think the majority of the fans don't give a shit who is the coach, gm or qb so long as we can WIN A GAME and not get blown out of the water like a fish in a barrel.
  6. Tobalaz

    For the record books

    And 3 out of 4 of the most single game rushing yards are on us too. These past 15 years have been pretty brutal.
  7. Don't take this the wrong way, but in the off season our media fed us any information that made the team look good because if they were honest and let us know how bad it was going to be they'd be locked out of the training facilities and refused interviews like they do in Pittsburgh. Every year, most fans buy it, hear about improvements, and think this is the season its going to be different. It's honestly hard not to when its the team you love and love makes hope sping eternal... Until you get fed up with the lies and lose faith. It takes more with some then others, but we all hit a breaking point sooner or later.
  8. Tobalaz

    ***Official Browns @ New York Jets Game Day Thread***

    I agree with you on all but #1.When your qb expects to rock the ball to sleep while singing it a lullaby you tend to get holding calls instead of those "fat guys" letting their slow ass qb that can't make his reads get killed.
  9. Tobalaz


    Because the family insists I still watch Browns games to "support the home team" and I believe they COULD BE great again, but we've got morons as far up as the owner box and straight down the line through the coaching staff.We're always seeing coaches come in, and instead of adjusting to the talent, they insist it be traded and dumped for their guys and in the process get fired for taking too much time. Great coaches adjust, as much as I hate the Pats they change their schemes with their talent instead of rebuilding and changing their talent to their schemes. I want THAT HERE. Problem is every first time head coach knows it all and thinks their way is going to work with an entirely new group of players with different skill sets then what they had. We see the same thing over and over, and we've either got to find the right guy or let the new guy learn and hope he becomes the right guy. Besides, I moved out of the city and live on a farm now, I've got no one to talk about the games with anymore...
  10. Tobalaz


    Glad to see impotent rage still lives on trolling the Browns forums.Still, what did he lead with? It might have been ballsy but it was still nothing short of stupid no matter how you look at it.
  11. Tobalaz


    Thank you.
  12. Tobalaz


    I was thinking more like McCown would be lucky, actually WE would be lucky if McCown turned out more like Jake Plumber because he sure as shit ain't no Elway...
  13. Tobalaz


    No dumbass, I'm talking about leading with your head, not diving for a TD.Apparently reading isn't your strong suit. May I help you sign up for some remedial English classes at the elementary school? I heard they're all the rage in Pittsburgh...
  14. I always liked the NFL more then college up until about 3 years ago. Then again, Sunday was the only day my dad, uncles and grandfathers got together and we all watched the Browns together. Now watching the Browns is like watching that movie Pixels, not even nostalga can save something THAT BAD.
  15. I remember this happening to the Jags when Del Rio was coaching them during playoff time. Jags had to signal in the plays by hand and the Pats D just seemed to know exactly what play was being ran.Then again, the Pats didn't get punished for taping signals until the 3rd time they were caught, each time being told to stop. The Pats are to cheating as the Steelers are to roids and hgh.