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  1. 5150k9

    Quarterback Merry Go Round

    Isn't that against the law, during a natural disaster?
  2. 5150k9

    Marty Schottenheimer 200 wins Dead @77

    RIP, Gods Speed Coach.
  3. 5150k9

    I Guess That Settles That

    Slow your roll Gip,. My god man, I know you’re probably gonna light me up with a whole bunch of six syllable words or whatever, but you’ve got to get a grip on yourself.
  4. 5150k9

    NFL Carousel

    OMG Please hire him!
  5. I agree about the speering rule, and all the talking heads are too. Might see a change next season.
  6. Can Mary Kay Cabot just go away please!!!!!
  7. 5150k9

    The rivalry is back baby.

    Sorry, F them and all I wish is bad luck to them. I hope they draft shitty.
  8. Thats what I say! For the love of god, we had all 4 starting receivers out(with no practices with the back ups), 2 starting linemen out, 2 starting LB'rs out. Thats never happened 2 days before a game. I dare you to tell me what team would over come that? And we were in the game up to the end.
  9. 5150k9

    MNF.... PTG at CIN

    Good point. Just seems we get screwed on a more regular basis.
  10. 5150k9

    MNF.... PTG at CIN

    I know as a long time Browns fan, we get screwed by the Refs routinely. However, watching this MNF game is there a true agenda by the NFL. Seriously that shot to Finleys head was a personal foul. Then the offsides on Pitts D should have been a free play, but was blown dead. Doesn't pass the eye test. Lets go Bengals! Week 17 could be interesting.
  11. 5150k9

    Baker Mayfield

    Sarah Spain. She’s a talking head on ESPN. And she’s from Cleveland.
  12. 5150k9

    Baker Mayfield

    sorry, couldn't help myself.
  13. 5150k9

    Random question

    OMG! I just blew my jack daniels/coke out my nose. Please tell me you you are a writer. You got a gift.