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  1. millersc

    The Browns Board Tailgate 2019

    Well my brother is not going to be able to make it.. but I will be up with a buddy of mine so the head count won't change..
  2. millersc

    Tailgate Party- Jags

    Well you can count Andrea and myself as in...
  3. millersc

    Tailgate Party- Seahawks

    Count Andrea and myself in...Looking like great weather.. Hopefully football as well...
  4. millersc

    Where Were The Fans?

    Are you for real? When you spend $1000 a year and give up 10 Sundays a year then you will may have earned the honor of making a comment on who stays and why... I see most of the same people year after year... Oh I forgot you are in a bar in CT.. Well get of your bar seat and sit in in the 45 deg weather with 30 mile hour winds with rain, for the 8 hour collective game and tailgate... Whatever...
  5. millersc

    Tailgate Party- Titans

    Count me and Andrea in. (2 total)
  6. millersc

    Official Tailgate party Notice- Jets

    Just wanted to make sure you counted Jarrod and myself...
  7. Well with everything going on are we having food and beverages? You can count on me for 2..
  8. Well count me in for two... Hope the lot is open since it wasn't on the second pre-season game... You never know what the city is up to...
  9. millersc

    Browns -vs- Green Bay Tailgate Party

    Sorry I got this in a little late count me in for 2.
  10. millersc

    Braylon Edwards Accused of Assault

    Braylon has enough energy to party and get into fist fights after playing a pro footbal game? Thats some poop there! I only went to the game and tailgated and was out buy 10PM. Guess he didn't play hard enough to have all this extra energy.. And they traded Winslow?
  11. Just wanted to know if the tailgate party was on? If so count me as two. I will be parked at the lot either way. Shawn
  12. millersc

    TAILGATE PARTY 10th Anniversary

    Andrea and myself will be there Sunday. I have been looking to this all year. So I guess that’s 2 more. Can hardly wait… Shawn
  13. millersc


    Ok I'm relaxed now..a few beers I'm good to go... I just really think Winslow was a much better player than Edwards... He was open just as much... What I didn't see was the browns making any attempt to get him the ball more... I do think his badmouthing was to get him traded. He wants to win, I'm not too sure about the rest of them.. Thats all... I don't usually post... this one upset me a bit... Just seems like the same thing... next thing you know we will run up the middle for a loss on ever first down. The never ending rebuild... Thanks..
  14. millersc


    Well he will be the next former Browns player to get to the Super Bowl. I would like to know the ratio of caught to thrown passes he had. I would be willing to bet its way more than Edwards "Stone Hands". AKA Brown Nose. They both had 3 TD's each. Whatever... Same story, new owners, staff, players, etc... Its all BS!!! Bottom line they kicked him to the curb or he pissed them off to get traded. Plus they need to lower there what they spend on players to cover the money they blew on ROMEO. So we will get another so/so player in the draft... weeeee... Maybe OBAMA will give the Browns a bail out!!!???
  15. millersc


    I added pics and video I had from the game on my Google picasa site. Feel free to download or send to print what you like all in full res. http://picasaweb.google.com/millersc69/Bro...ey=NYgmZwI5nsc# Shawn