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  1. Bigalow80

    I need a lil help wth the NFL's "new math"....

    I"m also confused because I thought once you committed for going for two, you could not revert back to a fg and vice versa
  2. Bigalow80

    Duke Johnson traded

    4th rounder that can very easily turn into a 3rd. He needs to be active for 10 games. Someone just tweeted that this is the highest compensation for a RB since the Trent richardson trade! https://www.profootballrumors.com/
  3. Bigalow80

    Any Holes left to Fill?

    You can never have too much talent. I think that is why the Browns drafted positions such as K. Unless your name is Garrett or Mayfield, no one is really safe on this roster. I wouldn't mind trying to get a little more depth on the DL/DE positions. I think the browns will be active once cut-downs begin to happen in August. Dorsey was extremely active last year at turning over the bottom of the roster and I think he will be again this year. For once, the Browns might also be a FA destination for the guys who get cut because of salary.
  4. Bigalow80

    Any Holes left to Fill?

    One date to keep in mind is Next Wednesday, 5/8. After Tuesday, none of the free agent signings go against compensatory picks. Thus, if the browns wanted to sign Suh for $18 mil for 1 year, it would not count against their compensatory chances. I think Dorsey is going to make a move with someone then to help finish off the Roster and the league overall is going to see a flurry of signings.
  5. Bigalow80

    round 2

    I wouldn't be surprised to see the browns trade DOWN actually. If the board is still fairly stacked with what they are looking for but they can pick up an extra 4 this year and potentially a 3 next year, it makes a lot of sense. The nice thing is the browns can essentially do whatever they want. Stay put and take the best player available, trade up to get their guy or trade down and accumulate some more depth. The sweet spot of this draft is between 25-65...lots of really good football players. Personally, i think they stay put and take the best player on the board which is looking like a corner or safety.
  6. I'll take this deal over the rumored OBJ deal 100/100 times. Giving up Zietler is tough, but 1) Corbett should be much better going into year 2 2) This draft is extremely deep in OL. The browns could still draft more lineman 3) Vernon switched to a 3-4 last year and did not get to put his hand in the ground as much and he still dominated 4) The whole goal of FA is to supplement your team so when the draft comes around you take BPA. That is exactly what the browns are doing. 5) They were still able to move up almost 20 spots in the draft. That is more firepower. I think Dorsey is going to create some fireworks on draft day to get his interior DL. If Oliver falls into the 10-12 range, watch out.
  7. Bigalow80

    Andrew Berry leaves for Eagles

    IMOP, this is a HUGE loss. Berry is an up and coming star in the league and is considered to be one of the brightest administrators in the front office. Him and Sashi get a bad rap but they did exactly what they were going to do and set Dorsey up for success. (that conversation/argument is in a different thread). He was well respected in the building and I think was able to help modernize the Browns. He may not have directly selected players, but his influence was all over how to evaluate all aspects of their game. If you noticed, he was in all the important meetings with Dorsey. It sounds as though Dorsey is a control freak and probably has very different philosophies compared to Berry. I wonder if the Hunt signing had anything to do with it. It seems as though Berry did take character into account and we know dorsey doesn't care. From what I have been told, the biggest issue is ownership and they still don't have their shizit together. They are the biggest problem, to no one's surprise. I'm a Berry and Sashi fan so I think this is going to be a big loss. He will be a GM within the next 3 years, mark my words. Best of Luck to him.
  8. Bigalow80

    Browns sign Kareem Hunt

    Let's see how long Hunt's suspension is going to be. I'm putting it at 8 games. i think, the browns are going to transition Duke over to WR. He's a perfect slot receiver, a position they need to make stronger. Also, Hillard played really well in the preseason at RB and KR. It wouldn't surprise me to see him become the back-up during the suspension, while Duke moves over. Duke can always be the emergency RB, if absolutely necessary. Once Hunt comes back it becomes a 60/40 split in Chubbs favor. Chubb did play in a RB by committee at Georgia, so it's not as though he isn't used to it working. If anything, it probably prolongs his career a little, not that those guys think about it that way.
  9. Bigalow80

    Inside the Browns front office, ESPN

    I am and always will be a believer that Sashi Brown got screwed in this whole thing. Don't get me wrong. John Dorsey is absolutely, 100% the right guy to run this team moving forward. However, this was all part of Sashi's plan to burn it to the ground, acquire picks, have very creative and well crafted contracts, and then build it back-up. Yes, they did not select the qb's above, but that was never in the cards. The long game was to acquire assets for the future. IMOP, Trubisky is WAAAAY overrated and should have never been a pro bowler, watson is very good but still struggles in the pocket and mahomes...yeah, he's special and there is nothing bad to say about him. Sashi brown never got the chance to fully execute his plan, and I personally, think that he should get more credit than he does. Dorsey has done a great job, but Sashi absolutely laid the groundwork. Haslam panicked as he does time and time again and never gave the full plan a chance. The browns failures are on Haslam alone for being a terrible owner and not listening to the smarter people in the game. This article painfully paints this picture. One only hopes Haslam actually read the article and had a come to Jesus meeting. Once again, Dorsey is the right man for the job and I have zero qualms about that...but just imagine what him and Sashi brown could have done together.
  10. Bigalow80

    Freddie's Staff searches

    Here's the bottom line...Most of these guys realize, that the Browns are the "up and coming team" similar to what the Rams were just before McVay took over. If this team performs as well or better than expected MOST of them will be getting head coaching interviews. I hate to say they are using the Browns as a potential stepping stone, but that is kind of what the NFL does in their coaching searches. I'm not going to complain. If the Browns win and develop a good culture that sustains winning aka NE, than I'm ok with the one year and go mentality. It's all about bring a SB championship to this organization!!
  11. Bigalow80

    Antonio Brown

    I'm fairly certain Munchak just left Pittsburgh for Denver... https://www.post-gazette.com/sports/2019/01/15/pittsburgh-steelers-mike-munchak-denver-broncos-offensive-line-coach/stories/201901150145
  12. Bigalow80

    Freddie's Staff searches

    If Jim Bob Cooter gets the job, can you imagine the memes and quotes being thrown around...Alabama boy Freddie Kitchens and Jim Bob Cooter. Oh boy. People are going to have a field day. I have target Kris Richard as a DC potential since the beginning. I would love it, although, with guys like him and Monken (TB OC) it may only be a one year gig as they are surely going to get HC jobs in the near future. Especially if this Browns team makes the playoffs (which they should) next year. Personally, the two guys above would be my top choices but I would be good with Vance Joseph, Dan Cambell from NO, Pagano, etc. I want experienced HC's on the sideline with Freddie at least for the first year or two.
  13. Bigalow80

    Coach Interviews

    personally, i love the fact that Dorsey is interviewing everyone under the sun. It's the way it should be for this position. The goal is to win right now. No more waiting. They need someone whom can come in and do just that. I think with the success of this draft class, Dorsey's position within the organization is even stronger. I think/hope, the Jimmah knows to keep his nose out of it, and to trust his GM. Sit there and listen to what everyone has to say. The browns are the #1 job on the market right now. They are going to get their guy. It's not going to be McCarthy, McDaniels or Arians and I'm about 99% sure it won't be Williams. The biggest concern is probably that if they don't hire Kitchens as a HC, then if they light it up this year (which they should), he is going to be a hot HC elsewhere and will probably be gone. Tough dilemma but I think that is a question that most of these guys are getting in their interview plans. What's the NEXT step? My personal thoughts as to whom is going to be HC: 1) Dave Toub (ST coordinator in KC). I still think this is Dorsey's guy. He comes in for the next 5 years, wins a SB and retires into the sunset. He does all the little things and knows how to manage a team. Freddie takes over after that. 2) Dan Cambpell (TE coach NO). He's a players coach who preaches discipline. He did a good job in that disaster of a season for Miami. Players really liked him and they played hard. He got the raw end of the stick in Miami but he has since been tutoring under Payton for the last 3 years. I think he has everything the browns want and need. 3.) Matt Eferblus (DC at Indy). Very similar to DC above. I think he has the right mentality for the job 4) Matt Campell (Iowa St. HC). He's probably #1 on the big board but I think he gives college a few more years. He's a really good coach and he is very willing to adapt his style of play to the game. He does a lot with not very good talent 5.) Kris Richard (passing coordinator DAL). I do not think he is going to be the HC. HOWEVER, he could very easily become the DC of the Browns. If any of the guys above are hired, look for him to take this position as similar to kitchens this might only be a one year deal before he gets a HC gig of his own. Resume builder for him 6.) Nick Flores (defensive coach NE). There is a whole thread on him but he's a dark horse. I'm not a fan of the belichek tree so I would stay away. **If you haven't noticed my theme with all of these coaches it is that the Browns are going to be winning A LOT! That is the expectation. Playoffs and Super Bowl within the the next 4 years. Also, with winning, there will be a lot of poaching of the staff. I have a feeling within the next 5 years these guys will all be gone: Kitchens, Richard (if hired as DC), Eliot Wolf, Andrew Berry, young williams
  14. Bigalow80

    Browns Uniform.. One Man's Vision

    just make the color rush unis the home unis full time and I will be good. Those are the best uniforms the browns have had in a long time
  15. Bigalow80

    Quarterback Talk

    Hurtz will eventually be asked to play another position. He just doesn't have the arm talent. Lock will be coming out but there is zero chance he is the #1 qb prospect on the board. He has all the measurables but his accuracy and decision making are not good. This is a very down year for qb's both in FA and in the draft. 2020 is absolutely stacked. I think there is a 0.000000001% chance Haskins stays in school now that Herbert left. He is the #1 qb on the board for most teams and unless he gets hurt or does something stupid, he will be a top 15 pick in the draft. I personally don't think he or any qb in this draft will be a top 10 pick, but when it comes to qb's and the draft you never know. If I was a GM of any team needing a qb desperately, ie the Jaguars, Redskins, Giants I think this is the time to give the Raiders a call. If I'm the jags, i offer 2019 1st (this is going to be top 10), 2nd and 5th round, 2020 1st, 3rd round and 2021 2nd rounder for carr. That team needs a qb desperately. The giants should make the same offer. I'm not sure Carr is that good of a qb but he is better than anything else in this draft right now. Haskins has potential but with those teams, I'm not sure you have time to wait. I'm hoping the book is out on TT and no one signs him to try and be a starting qb. I would love for the browns to bring him back for around $5 mil per year and then take a chance on a qb later in the draft (stidham?). I think the qb room is in a good place and if TT tests the waters and realizes there just are not any opportunities for him to start, then it would be awesome if he came back. Just because, if he is still there in the 5th round or later, the browns should draft Murray. Why? To hold his draft rights for at least a year. They have 10 picks. Sometimes you throw a dart in the wind to see if it sticks.