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  1. Bigalow80

    Potential trades

    Honestly, at this point, I think it's worth signing Dez. He's got attitude and swagger and can at least challenge the rookies. The only WR trade target out there would be OBJ, but that's too rich for this season. Cooper is no better than the rookies.
  2. Bigalow80

    Let's assume Hue is fired after the season

    Lincoln Riley is going to be the easy answer. I'm sure people will ask about Urban. I found this article on the old interweb... https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2780149-an-early-peek-at-hottest-future-nfl-head-coaching-candidates#slide10
  3. Bigalow80

    Potential trades

    Just curious, if the Giants wanted out of the OBJ drama and they were willing to do it for a 2nd round pick or let's even assume the Browns are winning games and it is going to be at the back of round 1, would the Browns make that deal? I keep going back and forth. First and foremost, that's a TON of money to put into WR's with Landry. However, the two work well together and are different types of players. Second, he instantly makes this offense better and I think Cleveland is a destination for him considering Landry and Baker. Third, the browns could still continue to develop Callaway, Willies and Ratley but this would mean jettisoning Streater and probably Higgins. I'm assuming Higgins is probably thrown into the deal, however. Finally, the browns currently have the cap space to do it now since they have a cheap qb and they have a few more years before they need to pay Myles Garrett. TT comes off the books next year which is the big number but nobody else of major concern is a true free agent. I'm thinking it is worth a phone call. Can someone talk me out of it? https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/free-agents/cleveland-browns/ https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/new-york-giants/odell-beckham-jr-14421/ Over the first three years of the deal, Beckham will be paid $60 million for an average of $20 million a year over that earlier term. This means the new money average of the extension is $18 million a year over the five years, but his total average over the entire deal is $16.4 million a year over six years, which includes his previous option year (for this season). Beckham was set to make $8.4 million on the fifth-year option of his rookie contract. The agreement reworks Beckham's 2018 contract into a $1.459 million salary with a $20 million signing bonus. The Giants will save $3 million against the cap.
  4. Bigalow80

    Josh Gordon Traded to Pats

    It was stated earlier, but I'll reiterate the message. The browns put it out there that they were done with Gordon. They waited until Monday to get as much traffic on him as they possibly could get and the result was a conditional 5th round pick, that in turn, they may end up having to PAY NE A 7TH if he doesn't play in 10 games. Essentially, the Browns could be paying to get rid of Gordon. That is how much the league wanted Josh Gordon. Everyone knows his talent. But everyone also knows his baggage. It's obvious most GM's see Gordon the same way the browns do. Enormous talent, but someone who is only out for themselves. Gordon forced his way out of Cleveland and all the other GM's around the league saw this. The browns supported him time, after time, after time and he still only cares about himself in the end. In today's NFL, teams don't see these types of players working out well for their team anymore. They may provide moments, but often times, the juice ain't worth the squeeze. in the same breath, Tell me, why is Dez Bryant not signed? the same exact reason. He maybe a step slower, but don't tell me he still doesn't have top 15 WR potential in this league. It's his me attitude that is scaring teams away. I wanted the Gordon thing to work out. I wanted the redemption story and I wanted the Browns to be the team that had that feel good moment. At the end of the day, for this team, they had to cut the chord. They got the best deal they could. The Browns should walk away and have zero regrets. They did what they could for that man and it was not going to be reciprocated not matter what. Sure, he's probably going to be a stud, but it was never going to be with Cleveland in his head. Sometimes a win by subtraction is the best thing. No, there is no one on this roster whom has his talents. But at some point guys get tired of the coddling and the babysitting of a man. This is a it's time to grow up moment. The browns just proved, it doesn't matter how much talent you have, if you don't want to be on this team, we will trade you for pennies on the dollar.
  5. Bigalow80

    Desmond Harrison is Left Tackle

    Not everyone wants to coach when they are done. JT has even said that. He doesn't mind helping out and teaching but he doesn't want that lifestyle. He wants to continue to his broadcast and podcast career.
  6. Bigalow80

    How many wins does it take to make it tyrods team.

    If everything goes according to plan, then I would assume next year would be the year. The Browns are going to have to make some big decisions though as free agency is going to come into play. I will be curious to see how much TT has to do to get tagged. He's the only one on the list below whose probably worth the tag unless Robinson plays out of his mind at LT. Also, the Browns could tag TT, just so they can try to trade him to someone else. With a very weak upcoming qb draft class, if there is a team out there that is desperate, it's possible to get at least the 3rd they gave up for him. However, the Browns will need to make a decision on how they are going to approach the Gordon contract and some of the younger guys as well such as Higgins, BBC, coley to name a few. https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/free-agents/2019/all/cleveland-browns/
  7. Bigalow80

    OUR "Hard Knocks" Thread

    It's interesting to see how Callaway's scouting report is very true. Amazing talent but has made questionable decisions off it. However, everyone also said he was a good kid who just doesn't know any better. I think we are seeing that before our very eyes. Calloway seems like a kid who just doesn't know any better. He's a follower and not a leader, which is ok. Not everyone has to be the alpha dog. He doesn't run his mouth, seems to work hard and accepts coaching well. The team likes him but they see a 21 year old who is still very green to the real world. Haley said it best when he called him a puppy dog. Having Landry on this team is the best thing for Callaway's future. He can see what it takes to work hard, have that right attitude and how to stay out of trouble. I think I like him more now than before the episode, which is surprising to say.
  8. I am not sure Gordon needs that much time to get on the same page with the qb's as a first or second year player. Give him a week or two of practices, plus a little late night session with TT and Mayfield and I think he will be fine. Even if it takes him a few regular season games to get into the full swing of things, this is partly why you have a guy like Landry around to help ease the burden. Not to mention, at worst, he is a decoy drawing coverage. After watching hard knocks, I have a very good feeling Josh Gordon is going to be a Brown for a long time. I think with the organization standing behind him as well as he begins to wrap his head around his disease, the Browns are going to be a very safe place for him. I think they will get a contract extension done by the end of the year (yes, there is going to be an out clause for the browns) where Gordon sticks around for a number of years.
  9. Bigalow80

    Why is Jackson Painting Himself Into a Corner?

    Hue keeps saying Tyrod is the starting qb, because the media asks him EVERY SINGLE DAY! I have listened to three post-game press conferences and every single day their is a Tyrod vs Baker comment. What is he supposed to do? He gets dinged if he answers the question and he gets dinged if he doesn't answer the question. I actually think this is the smart play. let people know that Taylor is the starter and go into the season that way. This is not a Kizer situation where they want to "see" if Mayfield has it. Mayfield is proving he is legit (in shorts and t's of course so take it for now). But the Browns also know how much media scrutiny there is going to be especially with Hard Knocks around. They are going to slow play him as long as possible because they KNOW he is their qb of the future but they also know they need to win ball games. Taylor is GOING TO WIN some games. plain and simple. He is at the very worst a solid NFL qb. If the browns can get a little momentum and start to get the feel of a winning culture, especially early on, this team is going to start to play relaxed football. However, the opposite is true. If they start to lose early, and Baker is the starter not only will moral be down, but the questions of was he the best choice at #1. This is assuming he is playing well. Imagine if he is not playing well and someone such as Rosen or Darnold are having good starts to their careers? Jackson is playing the long term game and Dorsey is letting him go. Plus, this drives competition to the rest of the team as they are proving it does not matter where you are drafted, the best players are going to play. (Side Bar, I really like most of these rookie qb's and think at the very least they are going to be solid nfl qbs. The more i think about it, Rosen was my favorite qb from a skills perspective but Baker is exactly what the browns need for this team. He's smart, has a swag, he connects really well with the fan base, and he is a worker. He may not be the most gifted, but he clearly fits the personality and the culture the Browns are building).
  10. Assuming that he did not fail a drug test or relapse... 1) Good for Josh Gordon and his team. Seek help when you think there is a chance of relapsing or any confusing thoughts. This shows MAJOR progress that he is maturing and serious about his disease 2) Good for the Browns for supporting this. I think the Browns have a much stronger support group as a team than ever before. I feel as though this was definitely in the works because Gordon felt as though he could leave and not be judged by his teammates. It's the beginning of training camp. Outside of timing routes, for a guy like Gordon, this is the least useful part of camp. 3.) Mental health (Kevin Love) and Addiction (too many to name) are major problems in pro sports, good job by the Browns and Josh Gordon's team for identifying and reacting. The NFL should be applauding the Browns and Gordon (assuming he is clean) for this approach. 4) This is more 3b, but I am guessing this was all part of the plan from the very beginning. There is a ton of stress and pressure on Gordon going into this year. Kudos to his team for planning this ahead of time and setting him up for success. The Browns had a statement very quickly in response to this. I think they knew of the plan and supported it from the very beginning. 5) The browns have enough talent at the WR position and other receiving spots for the worst case scenario. Gordon makes this unit potentially elite, but at the same time, unlike in years past, they have a legit go to guy in Landry, Johnson is amazing out of the backfield, Ndjoku is a legit receiving threat at the TE position, and Callaway and Coleman could be stars in their own right if they can stay on the field.
  11. Bigalow80

    Elf come back?

    Personally, not a big fan of the elf. I don't really understand the connection (yes, I know the back story) but it still doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me. However, I know there are quite a few people whom still really like it. I would not be opposed to keeping it on media guides, promotional material, etc. just definitely not on the uniforms. Also, i feel like the Dawg Pound is more of a connection to the fan base as opposed to the team. I"m a part of the 80s/90s generation so to me it has much more significance. I can be swayed with the argument to make it part of the culture and make it the "official mascot or logo" of the browns. However, they have to find a way to make it unique and cool. Most of the stuff they have shown so far sucks. Traditional is good but if they are going to reboot the uniforms, they better have a wide variety of fans polled. Not sure if they went "totally classic" it's going to do much better than the new ones that are already being scrapped. Whether people want to admit it or not, they do have to sell to the younger generations especially in jersey sales.
  12. Bigalow80

    Browns selected for Hard Knocks

    1) I totally called this months ago...HBO can't write a better script. A team that went 0-16, but kept it's embattled coach. An owner that is/was in a legal entanglement with his billion dollar company. A #1 pick, eclectic DE prospect, a #1 qb pick whom is incredibly charismatic battling a proven veteran whom was brought into win and a recovering addict whom might have to take over a mentorship role with a teammate. Come on...it's perfect 2) I wonder what is going to happen with "Building the Browns"...it had a similar vibe but was produced by the Browns 3) Rumor has it that they are going to begin filming June 1 in the Huey "cleansing" of the waters
  13. Bigalow80

    Browns selected for Hard Knocks

    Damn it...now i have to get an HBO subscription!!!
  14. Bigalow80

    Way Too Early 2019 Mock Draft

    This is an NCAA issue not Michigan. Technically, it's legal. Schools do stuff like this all the time. There is no way a school as big, influential, and powerful as Michigan does something that blatantly if it is against NCAA guidelines. No major program is that stupid.
  15. Bigalow80

    Why Witten?

    I'll be curious to see if they stay with a 2 man booth or if they go to a 3 man booth on MNF. I wonder how JT is feeling right now? Although in his tomahawk podcast (which is excellent btw), he kind of mentioned that ESPN sort of said in not so many words that WItten was the front runner.