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  1. Browns selected for Hard Knocks

    1) I totally called this months ago...HBO can't write a better script. A team that went 0-16, but kept it's embattled coach. An owner that is/was in a legal entanglement with his billion dollar company. A #1 pick, eclectic DE prospect, a #1 qb pick whom is incredibly charismatic battling a proven veteran whom was brought into win and a recovering addict whom might have to take over a mentorship role with a teammate. Come on...it's perfect 2) I wonder what is going to happen with "Building the Browns"...it had a similar vibe but was produced by the Browns 3) Rumor has it that they are going to begin filming June 1 in the Huey "cleansing" of the waters
  2. Browns selected for Hard Knocks

    Damn it...now i have to get an HBO subscription!!!
  3. Way Too Early 2019 Mock Draft

    This is an NCAA issue not Michigan. Technically, it's legal. Schools do stuff like this all the time. There is no way a school as big, influential, and powerful as Michigan does something that blatantly if it is against NCAA guidelines. No major program is that stupid.
  4. Why Witten?

    I'll be curious to see if they stay with a 2 man booth or if they go to a 3 man booth on MNF. I wonder how JT is feeling right now? Although in his tomahawk podcast (which is excellent btw), he kind of mentioned that ESPN sort of said in not so many words that WItten was the front runner.
  5. Browns trade Telfer to the chiefs

    This is "a shrug the shoulders" type of move. Nicolas doesn't wow you with anything. I wonder what his weight is at because I have no idea where the browns are going to play him. I'm assuming the browns are just taking a flyer on a guy.
  6. Draftday Trades

    London, He purposely sabotaged that trade. He practically admitted it and eventually took the fall for it. You are telling me a guy who BEFORE THAT TRADE had traded over 14x in the nfl, including on draft day when he has less than 10 minutes to submit the paperwork, did NOT know how to make a deal work? give me a break. Say what you want about Sashi, but an idiot, i don't think so
  7. Baker Mayfield Thread

    The more I read about the draft (Peter King this morning in MMQB), the more I don't think that combination would have happened. Even if the browns took barkley at 1, it has been said that almost a dozen teams had mayfield sitting on the top of their board. I think it's possible he could have gone 2 or 3 if the browns did not grab him at 1. Hindsight is 20/20 but it's possible that teams and evaluators were not on the same "ranking" scale as media personnel.
  8. actually, I would take a swing at Hurst here in the fourth if he is on the board. He's a round 1 talent. It is worth the risk. I would also go for Griffin. The kid can ball. Yes, he may have limitations, but he flies around the field (just watch his tape). Worst case scenario he is on special teams and that is important part of the team. not to mention, between him and mayfield, i'm not sure anyone is going to outwork this team. If you haven't noticed, there is definitely a theme to this draft
  9. Nick Chubb

    I like chubb. He's a good player. That knee injury from a few years ago is what scares me. I don't think people realized how bad it was and the fact he was able to come back is super impressive. I think he is a one contract guy. I hope he proves me wrong.
  10. Baker Mayfield Thread

    he's a little douchey, but I can see why his teammates and people love him. He is definitely not afraid of the spotlight. if he balls out like we all hope, he is going to be a star.
  11. Ryan Shazier

    Yeah, not a ringing endorsement for the NFL. Hey guys, you are about to join these guys...one of whom is crippled for life because of this game..but you might make a bunch of money, if you can make it to your second contract, which only 30% of you will....
  12. Please not Nick Chubb. That knee scares me. I would take Guice or Ronald Jones or even Freeman over him. Also, why take a RB at #33? There is no way the Giants are taking one. This is where i would add williams or landry or hurst. Finish off the defense, get a tackle and then take the RB with the last second round pick.
  13. Denzel Ward

    I think if the Browns add Landry in the top of the 2nd, this pick makes even more sense. You get the top rated corner and IMOP, the second best pass rusher in the draft.
  14. Baker Mayfield Thread

    So I slept on this Mayfield pick. I still have mixed feelings about him being taken number 1 overall, but that's not important anymore. What this shows though is that Dorsey is going to take his guys, no matter what other people's value on them might be. Here's my breakdown after watching some more tape and reading a little more. -The mayfield/manziel comparison is lazy journalism. I think they are completely different people and totally different players. JFF had substance abuse issues, Mayfield has college maturity issues. Yes, he has "white privilege" compared to Lamar Jackson, but he's a better qb than Jackson (not athlete b/c nobody compares to Jackson in that regard) and everyone knows qb's get the benefit of the doubt. -There are so many different evaluations of him and ranges of opinion, it's easy to see why people have totally different emotions. Some evaluators love him, some hate him. It's interesting to me that the "football guy" ended up picking the most statistically significant qb in the draft despite the fact he is 6 ft tall. Meaning, he led the country in almost every major qb evaluation (https://www.teamrankings.com/college-football/player-stat/completion-percentage). If Dorsey just went on old school drafting, he would have taken Rosen or Allen. But he didn't and he stuck to his gut feeling throughout this whole process. We should have known whom his pick was going to be when he said he wanted winners. -Mayfield and TT are perfect for each other. TT is the quiet, just grind and get stuff done veteran, Mayfield is the fiery, young buck who is going to do whatever it takes to get on the field. I think this is good for both of them. I think this could have a similar effect that Mahomes had on Smith last year in KC. Smith set the world on fire, his first 8 weeks. I think it could be the same here. Also, they are very similar playing styles and it would be easy to say that Mayfield if TT 2.0. Neither have elite athleticism, but both can move in the pocket, create with their legs (TT is a little better), and don't turn the ball over. Where Mayfield has the advantage is that I think he throws the ball with better anticipation and timing than TT. I think they are going to make each other better because TT won't have the chance to sit back and let the rookie learn. Mayfield is going to push him from Day 1. -Troy Aikmen said in his analysis, that height is the most overrated criteria in evaluating a qb. He's 6/4 and he couldn't see over his line at times. Mayfields' had one of the biggest lines in college football last year (https://stormininnorman.com/2017/07/15/oklahoma-football-sooner-2017-offensive-line-best-in-business/) averaging 6'5, 323 lbs including a 6'8" left tackle. It's all about creating lanes and Mayfields ability to get back quickly, and his footwork in the pocket allow him to see lanes. Dorsey, emphasized this when he said that his batted ball percentage was one of the lowest in the country. If you watched the senior bowl tape as well, this was the same thing. Allen had almost twice as many balls batted down as mayfield. **Note: I do think height is important and it's easy to be a rear view homer here but with the way the game is changing into a lot more RPO style of fb, I'm not quite sure it is as important as it was 10 years ago** -I think this draft is going to have 2 successful qbs from the 5 that were taken in the first round...Mayfield (because i'm trying to be an optimist here and might have a meltdown if he fails) and Rosen. Rosen is going to beast in AZ and i think him going number 10 is a giant chip on his shoulder. NY is going to eat Darnold alive and Allen is going to be pressed into action way too early. Jackson is a wild card. He's either going to be amazing or bust out completely and become a WR. (his first 3 games, he will be unstoppable and then will begin to tail off similar to RG3 when teams figured out how to contain him) -Mayfield needs to learn the intricacies of the nfl game, not the mechanics of throwing a FB. I think that is a huge advantage because he can just concentrate on the speed of the game. He knows how to "throw guys open" and the importance of timing routes. He's got a very good arm that is going to get stronger the more he plays, but he knows he can't rely on it. The other big advantage is that Todd Haley is in the building. He's not going to let him get away with the BS stuff. -a lot of people wanted watson last year because he had "it". Mayfield has "it". He's a gamer and a baller and proved it on the big stage multiple times. Overall, IMOP, Mayfield is a player. He wasn't my top choice (that was Rosen) but the kid can ball. If nothing else, he is going to push this team to be better. He may not end up in the hall of fame like Drew Brees (who was a bust his first 3 years BTW- hence the Philip Rivers era), it all depends on the system. If Haley and Hue can adapt their offense to TT and Mayfield, I think he could really excel. It won't be for a lack of effort, that's for sure.
  15. I will pass on Key as well. I don't think he's that good of a player and his head jacked up. Landry is a beast, he was just hurt last year. Hurst is a baller, but I wonder if some teams are going to be nervous about his heart even though he has been cleared. I would be ok with it in the second round and on his first contract as opposed to his big money deal. I think they can wait for the RB until 64 or later depending on what tackles are on the board at that spot. It wouldn't surprise me if they traded down from one or two of their top 2nd round picks to try and grab a 3rd rounder. I would pass on Nick Chubb. It's not that he wasn't a productive player, but his knee injury from a few years ago was nasty. I don't think it is going to hold up over time in the nfl. I also don't think the browns need to draft a WR in the second round. I like Coleman as the third option and I feel they can find value a little later, perhaps ESB.