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  1. Bigalow80

    Left Tackle - Flugel Faves and Hopefuls

    I appreciate the fact that Callahan is here to help make the decision. His knowledge will go a long ways in selecting the right guy. IMOP, the only one who seems like he could be a massive bust is Becton...I just have a bad feeling about him. That being said, i know very little about evaluating offensive line talent. One guy whom I didn't see on the list is Ezra Cleveland. He's getting a lot of hype right now and the browns have had him in for a visit. My predicition is the Browns are going to trade back to 12 with the Raiders and still get their guy. The Raiders want a #1 wr and if the board falls the way it is currently looking, the Raiders will want to jump the jets to get their guy. #12 and a 3rd rounder to jump a couple of spots. The browns would take that in a heartbeat. Also, I wouldn't mind if the browns took a 1 year flyer on Peters. Basically, help the young tackle, wherever you draft him, get accustomed to this abnormal season that is going to happen. If Peters is playing at a high level, great. If he sucks after 5 games, you cut him or try to trade him for a late round pick to someone whom has injuries. This also helps to provide depth.
  2. Bigalow80

    Browns Sign OL and rework another

    Hubbard is a quality depth piece. Not a starter but good enough for a few weeks in case of an injury. Well done.
  3. Bigalow80

    Everson Griffen

    I thought the 49ers have been trying to get rid of Solomon Thomas for the last 2 years? No takers? he could be interesting...I still think they should swing for the fences with YN from Jax..Yes, the browns have some signings coming up (MG, DW, etc) but if they could front load the deal they might be able to make it work for the next couple of years. I'm not sure it would take more than a 2nd round pick to get it done (2021 2nd...the Jags have a million picks) or get really creative and trade the #10 pick for #20 and YN. Then potentially move-up if necessary. It gives the team some leverage against MG (not much) but an option. Plus, you could always trade one of them if you absolutely had too.
  4. Bigalow80

    Schobert to Jags

    But no state income tax in FL! That 10.75 there is closer to 12 or 13 in Ohio...good for Joe.
  5. Bigalow80

    Quarterback Carousel

    Part of me wants Jameis Winston to go to NE, just for the drama. I think Big Bill is secretly thinking, watch I will take this cat who nobody wanted and turn him into a magician! My hunch is that Carolina will get SOMETHING for Cam. I think both NE and Chicago make the most sense. When he is healthy he is pretty good, that's a big IF but at the same time, $19 million for a starting qb is nothing. I think it will be a pick on Day 3 of the draft. Cam in NE also helps the Stidham learning curve. It's a one year deal and if he gets hurt you have a real opportunity to see what you have. They really think Stidham can develop into something, which is why I don't think NE is going to panic. I don't think Brissett is going back to NE. I actually hate the deal for the Colts with Rivers. Did they watch game tape? he blew more games by himself than any other qb in the league. I would have much rather have had Cam or Winston. Does LAC take a chance on Winston?..a younger version of Rivers? Do they rather take their chances in the draft with a guy like Herbert or Love or Tua if he falls (I still stand by my thoughts that I wouldn't draft him because of his medical and I think he is overrated...he'll have a few good years but than it's going to bust out). Washington is NOT going to draft Tua! Put a nail in that coffin. Haskins began to show promise at the end of the year. Plus, Chase Young is a generational talent. he's the best player in this draft and if you are a GM who takes a qb who has MAJOR medical concerns over that player, then you deserve to not hold a job. Rivera is a defensive guy...no chance he passes on Young.
  6. Bigalow80

    Meet our new FB...

    Not only is he a true fullback, but he is mostly known for his special teams work. That doesn't go unnoticed and when you have an opportunity to get a guy for a 7th round pick next year who can help fill multiple positions of need, you do it. The Vikings player is a developmental player. You need bodies to fill your PS and depth.
  7. Bigalow80

    Browns sign Case Keenum

    If Baker doesn't get the message that his boy GG, is out the door and this is his job to lose...than he's more worried about fame than winning. IMOP, I think he is going to buckle down and be the guy we all want him to be.
  8. Bigalow80

    Malcolm Jenkins is Available

    He's also 32 and not the same player he was a 3 years ago. If the price is on the low side, sure. I'm not spending top dollar for him though.
  9. Bigalow80

    Both Murray and Burris gone

    The team acquiring the player is still obligated to the franchise tag salary. However, they are able to negotiate a deal with them up until the July Franchise deadline. The seahawks traded for clowney last year and were unable to negotiate a long term deal but still paid him under the franchise tender. The 49ers traded for Clark last year and were able to sign him long term. Most of the time when a team is trading for a franchise player they have already had conversations with the agent so they have a general idea of what it is going to take to sign the player long term.
  10. Bigalow80

    Deforest Buckner traded

    Cam Newton just hit the trade block...I think before you sign Phillip Rivers, the Colts would take a look at him. Watch out for NE and either TB or LAC (whomever doesn't get TB) on that one as well.
  11. Bigalow80

    The 2020 Free Agency Thread...

    It is interesting that neither of the big LB's (Schobert or Littleton) have signed yet...I'm wondering if teams are thinking the same thing that the Browns were in that they aren't worth $10+ per year. I could be totally wrong on all of this, but the teams that needed LB's seem to be filling holes quickly (raiders, giants, dolphins)
  12. Bigalow80

    Browns sign Case Keenum

    good move. Paid a little more but got the guy who can push and teach baker. NTM, if Baker goes down, we know he is a quality back-up.
  13. Bigalow80

    Both Murray and Burris gone

    Exactly why they would have to trade for him..I saw that MN would be willing to let him go for a mid-round pick...Not so sure now that they traded Diggs and got some draft picks back but they are still in salary cap hell.
  14. Bigalow80

    Both Murray and Burris gone

    Bold prediction...they will trade a 3rd round pick for Anthony Harris from MN...
  15. Bigalow80

    Browns to sign TE Austin Hooper

    It's free agency...the next guy up always gets paid more. That's the name of the game and GM's know it, if you want to get that player. Did you see what Murray and Burris just got in the open market?!