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  1. Correct me if I'm wrong, but to my knowledge, Pittsburgh has yet to sign any of their picks. There has to be a reason, right? Covid? I can't imagine with the way contracts are structured for rookies it is that hard to get done.
  2. Bigalow80

    Myles Garrett, 7 year 147$ million

    I love the fact that the deal is 5 years AFTER his rookie deal. the 25/yr doesn't kick in until 2022. 7 more years of MG. Just a thought, but if MG is working as a 1099, his taxation is significantly different. I believe his "corporate" tax is only 20%. I could be wrong.
  3. Bigalow80

    Walter Football Early 2021 Draft Look

    IF Rosseau is on the board at 8, I will be shocked. He's going top 4 if he stays healthy. Lawarence, Fields, Sewell, Rosseau
  4. Bigalow80

    Washington Redskins

    I think what we are missing from all of this is once the Indians decided to go away from Chief Wahoo, what they realized is they no longer have a mascot (slider does not count). Personally, I hope they keep the name as it is incredibly generic (unlike redskins or braves) but I think its a losing battle in today's times. Other than the Block C (which I like but from a marketing standpoint is extremely boring and only so much you can do) they have nothing they can brand out with and sell. This is why I think the plan to change the name has been in the works for years. What's going on in today's times gives them the perfect opportunity to make the switch with the least amount of blowback. Yes, there are people who will swear off the team but when you average 15k people in the stands on a 93 win team, how loyal are your fans? They will find a way to negotiate to keep the trademarks on Indians and Chief Wahoo but ultimately this team name is going to change and this is why I believe Spiders is going to be the final answer. There is a connection to the teams history and even though they were bad, they did win a championship. It has tons of marketing and branding potential. It's not overused as a mascot or a symbol. They can call Progressive Field "the web" or whatever spider home you want. It's not tied to the Rock n Roll Hall of fame which we need to get away from as the "only" thing in Cleveland. Guardians is ok and has lots of freedom to design and a connection to the city but it sounds contrived. Long story short, it's all about the marketing potential and the ability to sell merchandise.
  5. Bigalow80

    Vernon Restructures Deal

    It wouldn't shock me if they try to add Everson Griffin to the mix as well if they can get him for less than $10 mil. Joe Woods had a stacked line in SF and they would rotate quite a bit. One more guy who can bounce inside/out with some veteran leadership would be a good thing. Think of that line on 3rd and long? DIL: Richardson, Ogunjobi, Billings, Elliot DE: Myles, Vernon, Thomas, Clayborne...Griffin?
  6. Bigalow80

    Njoku and agent Rosenhaus demand trade

    I'm interested to see what Berry does here. Njoku has no leverage. He's under contract for 2 more years. Plus, he was hurt last year so his stats aren't exactly glowing. I would tell Rosenhaus that they are welcome to seek a trade with another team but if it doesn't start with a 2nd round pick, then I'm not interested. It's not that I think Njoku has that sort of value right now, as I don't think the Browns could get more than a 4th rounder, 3rd at best, but it's setting the standard for future players with this regime. In addition, there is no reason to cave to him. If there is one position group on this team that is easily replaceable, it's the tight ends. yes, stefanski loves them, but that also means he can develop them. Look at MN last year. No 1000 yard TE and none caught more than 75 balls. It was spread out. Plus, i think players such as Carlson are just as effective in this scheme I have seen various scenarios, all are speculation and manufactured with no credibility) but I'm not sure which is realistic: Njoku and a 3rd rounder for Ngakuoe? still have to pay Ngakuoe Hassan Riddick plus a 4th for Njoku? Trading for potential Jamal Adams for Njoku and 2021 & 2022 2nd rounders? Still have to pay Adams Njoku to cowboys for a 4th rounder...I've seen this deal for Washington as well
  7. Bigalow80

    What if they cannot play this year...

    I think it is a real possibility the season gets cancelled. Golf is struggling with people getting Covid. Just imagine what happens when football starts? However, The NFL makes most of their money in tv and media contracts. Fans in the stands dent the wallet but they aren't going to force a team to sell. Especially not after the last few years. I'm assuming all contracts would be extended for another year since I don't believe contracts are official until they start active training camps. That being said, I do worry about the Indians. Any chance of keeping Frankie is toast unless the Dolan's sell. Although, the market is going to be crushed so the idea of a player getting a $300 million contract are pretty much over. Who knows, maybe frankie will take a short 2 year deal to increase the window.
  8. Bigalow80

    Myles Garrett is a stand-up man

    That is what's so crazy about the whole helmet situation. It was so out of character for him. The browns aren't worried about any of that stuff though. he's going to get $$$$
  9. Bigalow80

    Saints release Warford

    Great analysis gumby and tour. From what I have read the exact reason the Saints let him go. He's great in a phone booth, but they want to get their lineman out in space and have them run. I think at this point with the Browns, you see what Teller and forbes and maybe even hubbard have in the tank before you sign someone else.
  10. Bigalow80

    Andy Dalton Released

    I'm curious as to where Dalton lands...and Cam Newton for that matter. Who has a realistic back-up option? San Diego? Jacksonville? Tampa? They will definitely be making less than $7 mil/yr especially after Winston's deal with NO. If I'm the Browns, i patiently watch what Dalton does. If he is not signed by training camp, I would invite him just for the sake of having another qb who will know the playbook. Odds are he won't make the team but it could be a good way for him to get some reps in and stay ready. hell, maybe be able to trade him for a 7th rounder for a qb needy team. In saying that, i fully recognize that it maybe more beneficial for him to just sit and wait for someone to get hurt and there be an opening somewhere.
  11. Bigalow80

    UDFA tracker

    If nothing else, a good development piece.
  12. Bigalow80

    Draft Grades

    I completely disagree. The reason the Ravens and Steelers are always so good is because they develop from within and when they need to drop big money on one or two guys they can afford to do it. They make up for it by developing players and then getting comp picks when they leave. Cleveland is trying to do the same exact thing. They are thinking into the future. The Browns are hoping Njoku plays like a star and then they can try to deal him for a 1st or 2nd rounder or let him go the following year and get a 3rd round pick for him. Then they have Bryant developed and ready to slide right into his role. It's pretty obvious this is what they are trying to do. Don't be surprised for a Clowney signing on a short term deal either for this exact reason.
  13. Bigalow80

    The 2020 Free Agency Thread...

    Hubbard resigned for a very team friendly deal. I would not have done that deal. I like Williams and if the browns wanted him, they would have offered more. The 49ers were screwed because they found out Staley was retiring the 2nd day of the draft. They didn't have much choice.
  14. Bigalow80

    2021 First Round Prospects !!!!

    I'm just going to put this out there that as of right now, the Browns have 11 picks in next year's draft including 2 in the 3rd, 2 in the 4, 2 in the fifth...Don't be shocked if they try to sign clowney just so they can get another comp pick when he leaves. The ravens and patriots have made a killing on building their teams off the middle rounds and I think Berry wants to do the same thing.
  15. Bigalow80

    Draft rounds 2 and 3

    I like the guys from Fantasy Pros...pretty reasonable with their evaluations and unbiased. Of course, they have their favorites and they did like the MH over phillips. However, one interesting thing they said was that this is a projection pick. If Phillips would have stayed one more year as advised and learned pass coverage a little better, he's a for sure 1st rounder. He won't get on the field a ton this year, but next year, he could be really good. They graded the pick as a B. I would hold true to that evaluation. Even Berry has admitted that not all draft picks and rookies are great when they enter the league and they are not going to draft based on them helping this year. The theme of this draft is clearly potential. They are drafting for the future and not necessarily for immediate production. I can't say one is right or wrong but it's pretty obvious they are playing for upside. Honestly, solid draft. I would say they are drafting in the top portion of the league. Unfortunately, I love what the Ravens and Bengals are doing as well. At least they aren't packers draft!!