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  1. http://www.theblaze.com/news/2017/12/11/another-government-official-linked-to-fusion-gps-and-the-trump-dossier dirtier and more corrupt this leftwing deep state is proving to be. Our country is in serious jeapardy, we all are in trouble when our gov goes out of control and will do any dirty thing to keep control.
  2. yeah, could be. I guess he dates around, but his coach tries to limit that and keep him about football. So, really, we don't know if Mason makes the list or not, so we leave him Goff-like off the list for now.
  3. The girlfriend appraisal. Last year, Wentz had his girlfriend of a good while, and no pic of Goff having a girlfriend could be found. So, based on my scientificly spontaneous deduction... it's Josh Allen - he has the tie breaker. Forget silly stats
  4. now that we see rosen is off the list, right up there with Allen.... is Clayton Thorson, who is now engaged to his longtime girlfriend. So, you know as a future star pro qb, he has "IT".
  5. Now, Mason Rudolph is pretty much a private person outside of football. But he makes the list: maybe not. I think this is his girlfriend?.....
  6. well, here is Darnold and his girlfriend. But she goes to another university. Too bad, he surely must also be a jackwagon. So, cross him off the list. dammit. btw, he fumbles a LOT, so it's no big thing.
  7. http://heavy.com/sports/2017/12/baker-mayfield-girlfriend-morgan-mayberry-dating/ Yep, a different drunken problem with the local police force. He was visiting with his girlfriend in Arkansas. He used to date a gal from another state, but matured as a qb and started dating Mayberry. So, all in all, he puts himself back on the maybe gets put back on the list...list.
  8. apparently, Josh Rosen is a bad pick for the Browns. He has a girlfriend from the University of Arizaona. UCLA is in California. When you are such a jackwagon you have to go out of state to have a girlfriend...just cross him off the "should be drafted" list, I say.
  9. first of all, asswhole birdbrain woodypeckerhead, your combacks warrant ridicule. "you're an idiot" because you don't want to believe what is posted doesn't explain why you disagree. You just knee jerk at the source of the opinion. Pretty cowardly, I must say. Let's define the terms so you can have some kind of small idea of what you could talk about: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deep_state_in_the_United_States now, stop your ignorant chirping and read this: https://www.mikelofgren.net/introduction-to-the-deep-state/
  10. He's a dirtbag, alright. Against Americans' second amendment, a corrupt pro-clinton hack, an obamao special. even hired pro-clinton hacks as "prosecutors"...even had to fire one or two of them already. dirtier and dirtier in deep state muck. https://www.ammoland.com/2017/12/questions-on-muellers-complete-fast-and-furious-role-remain-unanswered/?utm_source=Ammoland+Subscribers&utm_campaign=1f0e3fb0c4-Monday_Morning_Email&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_6f6fac3eaa-1f0e3fb0c4-20770865#axzz50xjF3DEl
  11. based on what? your feathered feelings? how do you figure that? don't knee jerk, explain.
  12. free speech rights, it's a big thing in schools - except it has to be LIBERAL students free speech. there is no reasoning about the club "harboring" anything. The site was visited by some haters who wrote bad stuff. Why is that the fault of the site? It was not the conservatives in the group who made the remarks. If you had a site, would you think your site should come down because some haters wrote bad stuff in the comment section?
  13. http://www.theblaze.com/news/2017/12/08/high-school-conservatives-sue-district-over-veterans-day-anthem-protest-response so they disabnded the club because in the comments, hater liberals used offensive language in response to their post about protesting... WHAT? this is what liberal dems do. Knee jerk stupidly to make a liberal anti-American point.
  14. well, that's how I see it. I mean, one of them had the complaint that Trump LOOKED AT WOMEN, CHECKED THEM OUT VISUALLY while being part of a pageant. seriously? another one of the three is SEVENTY FIVE YEARS OLD !!! but sure, she "remembers" about Trump kissing her...what... 37 whatever YEARS AGO??? The deep state is outraged that they lost, and OUR PRESIDENT WON. This is getting out of hand. The old soviet kgb couidn't have manufacted crap phonier or malicious to ruin somebody than this crap. So, for 38 years it was fine, but now all of a sudden, her "memory" kicks in, and based on zero evidence except their new willingness to lie to exact revenge for Trump winning... what a crock of crap.
  15. Kiser not the reason folks.

    I didn't say it to look smart. I never played - but that isn't the only time I've watched him throw to the first receiver he looks at, and never looks to the other third of the field. I like him, but I think he doesn't see the entire field - doesn't even look. It....is.....on.....tape. Tour is correct - I didn't see the play, just major bits and pieces, just a glimpse of the replay - as far as other things go, Kizer seemed to turn the corner just a bit- with the addition of Gordon actually on the field, which turned out great to see. We had to laugh at the coach giving him a pair of sunglesses back on the sidelines. That had to be just for fun... I don't see a veteran qb cominghere to not start... BTW, watching other college qbs ... several of them survey the freaking field from one side to the other very quickly - whenZizer doesn't, it's that a logical appraisal to guess at that he may have that as a problem, since none of us is an expert? Should be real interesting to watch some of the major qbs play bowl games.
  16. http://www.theblaze.com/news/2017/12/09/a-black-navy-sailor-claimed-he-was-the-victim-of-racist-graffiti-then-the-truth-was-revealed "oh, PULLLLEEZE let me be a victim, too !
  17. browns 1000 time more classy then the bengals

    yeah, we saw tomlin's mouth go "great job" after he got injured. that is the dirty play steeler coaches teach. It's been going for for years. They DRAFT certain players who are dirty and violent in college - like Troy Pollygonnacheapshotyu
  18. Kiser not the reason folks.

    actually, I don't - we had out second Thanksgiving yesterday, and I went to the kitchen for more whole berry cranberry sauce, and saw the replay as I came back into the tv room. I have to go back and rewatch it entirely. But Kizer still didn't throw to a WIDE OPEN target - because he never looked. He see the whole field = I figure that is why he gets in trouble - first read covered... just wait until maybe first read gets open....
  19. That's tough... hang in there. Never freaking give up.
  20. Kiser not the reason folks.

    that feeble hail mary hurl up into the air was an embarrassment. Kizer brainfreezes under pressure - he only sees one place, can't scan the field for best options. He isn't a dumb guy, but he just doesn't see the field. He'll be a good/great backup, but the Browns need a real qb.
  21. after all this time, we still don't know what woodpecker thinks about issues, only what he doesn't feel about issues. we never hear what he knows? about any issue, but we know who he keeps "disagreeing" with because he puts people down when he disagrees...apparently for no legit reason, because he never explains anything. Above is woodpecker snowflake award, fitting that it goes to the woodpecker.
  22. http://www.theblaze.com/news/2017/12/09/watch-nikki-haley-smokes-the-united-nations-in-blistering-speech-over-trumps-jerusalem-declaration Time to drain the swamp of the socialist/one world order fascist gov deep state liberal commie neo-demoquackic sombietches. Obamao and the Clintons are corrupt cowards... and they typify their mafia type corruption in our government - organized slime.