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  1. https://www.theblaze.com/news/beto-orourke-who-supports-the-green-new-deal-and-universal-health-care-previously-criticized-big-govt-spending Beto O'Rourke, who supports the Green New Deal and universal health care, previously criticized big gov't spending
  2. calfoxwc

    Carl Jung compared Hitler to Muhammad.

    I didn't realize he said that. But, it makes sense - I've brought this up a few times in the distant past... The Nazi Connection to Islamic Terrorism: Adolf Hitler and Haj Amin Al ... https://www.amazon.com/Nazi-Connection-Islamic-Terrorism-Al.../dp/1935071033 The Nazi Connection to Islamic Terrorism: Adolf Hitler and Haj Amin Al-Husseini [Chuck Morse] on Amazon.com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This is ... Relations between Nazi Germany and the Arab world - Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Relations_between_Nazi_Germany_and_the_Arab_world The relationship between Nazi Germany (1933–1945) and the leadership of the Arab world ... In public and private, Hitler and Himmler made warm statements about Islam as a religion and political ideology, describing it as a more disciplined, ... ‎Nazi perceptions of the ... · ‎Arab perceptions of Hitler ... · ‎Opposition · ‎Cooperation How Nazis courted the Islamic world during WWII | Middle East| News ... https://www.dw.com/en/how-nazis-courted-the-islamic-world-during.../a-41358387 Nov 13, 2017 - DW: In your book, "Islam and Nazi Germany's War," you wrote about the ... Anti-Semitic propaganda was often connected to attacks against the ... The Nazis, with the help of an Arab cleric, used Islamic extremists as a ... https://timeline.com/nazis-muslim-extremists-ss-6824aee281d2 Apr 6, 2017 - When the Nazis heard Mohammed Amin al-Husseini calling for Arabs to “kill the jews wherever you find them,” they knew they had found an ...
  3. beto pranks with poop, wrote about running his car over elementary school children, and he eats dirt. and brought some home to feed his family. He needs to get some counseling before he starts believing he's dinosaur poop or something.
  4. too many hs kids, even college kids, don't know it. We're doomed to repeat it. all these young people are in a rage over their knee jerk manipulated emotions, but they haven't lived life long enough to have wisdom. Take it from those older folks who EXPERIENCED life and understand full well the dangers we face. https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/opinion/damn-socialism-why-are-you-chasing-me-chinese-americans-see-ghost-of-communism-in-democrats-leftward-turn ‘Damn socialism, why are you chasing me?’ Chinese-Americans see ghost of communism in Democrats’ leftward turn
  5. calfoxwc

    Why KNOWING history is vital to the future

    oh, really. and I suppose you bounce around from planet and to planet in your little nut spacecraft, while misspelling "inaccuracies" moron. LOL
  6. calfoxwc

    I use CAPS for EMPHASIS

  7. I imagine he's mentally ill. Just not right.
  8. allowing higgardly to be investigated, much less indicted. the obaMao mafia ruled in their own favor. time to get this into prosecutions - our country can't stay a free country if the dems/deep state/socialists get away with having no laws apply to them, and all laws apply to reps, even when the reps are innocent... https://www.theblaze.com/ben-ferguson/this-cover-up-is-massive-ben-ferguson-on-stunning-revelations
  9. but here are enough Real Americans, meaning, those with genuine integrity in applying the law, that it's coming to the forefront.
  10. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN BY GOLLY I had just posted about this, different link, but ... didn't elaborate. Pres Trump has REAL AMERICA winning again and again and again. https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2019/mar/19/supreme-court-upholds-ice-detention-without-bail-s/
  11. calfoxwc

    Why KNOWING history is vital to the future

    that is pretty ignorant trolling, cleve. I was studying WWII and socialism-->communism decades before you were existing on this planet. During the cuban missile a long time ago, I was going on 12. Chances are, you were not existing during the Pres Reagan years. but you "know it all" bs.
  12. GOP congressman sues Twitter for defamation and 'shadow banning' https://nypost.com/.../devin-nunes-sues-twitter-for-defamation-and-shadow-banning-c... 19 hours ago - California Rep. Devin Nunes filed a lawsuit against Twitter on Monday, claiming the social media site has “shadow banned” conservatives.
  13. calfoxwc

    Why KNOWING history is vital to the future

    this is true - and the effect of social media - antagonistic groupthink has a good bit of effect.
  14. it just keeps getting more and more screwed up. Obamao commie judges don't care about explaining per our Constitution why they make their decisions - most it seems their decisions are made for them by the left, and they auto=rule just that way. Let's call it "tyranny by fake legality" https://www.theblaze.com/news/judge-blocks-kentucky-heartbeat-bill
  15. .........waiting.....for relevant condemnation by a liberal on the board................................................
  16. calfoxwc

    Looks Like Ogbah Has Been Traded

    I suppose they could be wanting to trade one of them, to try to swap picks and move up in the second round? maybe. kinda possible.
  17. calfoxwc

    Why KNOWING history is vital to the future

    all the little adult kids need to learn something about the world and it's dangers before being so asswholish on issues. from the link above: " Yu immigrated to the U.S. with his mother in the late 1990s. In the immediate aftermath of Sept. 11, Yu, then a U.S. Green Card holder, felt a “surge of patriotism,” prompting him to join the Army. “When something happens so close to you, it doesn’t matter if you are an American by legal status,” he said. “You get a sense that that’s your country. You feel part of the community.” (Daniel Allott) Yu saw a nascent socialism developing under President Barack Obama, whom he voted for twice before turning to Trump in 2016. He believes more and more Chinese are voting Republican, though he thinks many are reluctant to say so for fear of being ostracized. Zhou, Li, and Yu believe Republicans can win over Chinese-American voters by emphasizing the Democrats’ embrace of socialism, and the GOP’s staunch opposition to it. “I just want America to be America,” Li said, “not another Soviet Union, Cuba, or China.”
  18. you betcha the economy is thriving. https://www.cnn.com/2019/03/18/politics/cnn-poll-trump-economy-tech/index.html CNN Poll: 7 in 10 say economy in good shape -- and Trump may reap the benefits
  19. Texsag won't admit it, won't read it, won't talk about it. Pitiful.
  20. and, trying now to give the vote to 16 yr old high school students who know nothing and only operate on out of control emotions. easy to manipulate.
  21. Texsag, woody and cleve voted.....
  22. calfoxwc

    So who wants Burfict?

    Burfict is way too stupid to be a part of a TEAM.
  23. sick "workers party" stuff. https://www.cnn.com/2019/03/14/politics/kfile-bernie-nationalization/index.html
  24. calfoxwc

    Browns are America's Team

    LOL. they are both dorks, but it's a TEAM. ! That is really funny stuff - this team has the confidence from last year that they can really rock and roll this year to high places in their game. Going to be SO much fun.
  25. yeah, they are just tiny little indicators that counter other opposite polls from somewhere else.....