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    Another incalculable loss

    have any libs on the board criticized cuomo? bloomsberg? New Jersey? Even once? Did I miss one?
  2. calfoxwc

    Second wave?

    I hope and pray he's OK. He has corona? My father-in-law - they can't have any visitors all this time - it's sad ,.. Wife was going to visit him around Easter.... he's going on 98.
  3. well, it's that TDS'ers refuse to admit anything Pres Trump HAS DONE RIGHT. WHICH IS A HELL OF A LOT. In fact, he hasn't done anything WRONG, except to melt snowflakes psyche by tweeting in self-defense of a sold out dishonest TDS msm. That is the difference. BTW, for eight years, obaMao commie did almost? EVERYTHING WRONG. But liberals, excuse me, "independents" would never talk about it. Political gamesmanship, is what it is, and our country's well being, our Constitution/Bill of Rights... our safety and way of life...is at stake. I railed vs both Bushes = the latter one, about his doing absolutely nothing about illegal immigration. obaMao commie made it a hell of a lot worse. Why the heyl should anyone NOT want a wall to stop it?
  4. funniest cartoon strip ever was. I have all? of the books. LOL ! WELL DONE !
  5. calfoxwc

    Memorial Day

    A friend texted me today - asked if I was watching the ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. I told her no, it was so much of a heartbreak. I knew guys who lost Fathers in WWII, Korea who enlisted to finish what their Dads had started. A good friend lost a best friend on their team, and he carried his body back out. We've been to the Arizona Memorial, it's ....a solemn heartbreak. The history of wars... so many folks fought and died to keep us free. So many lost Americans who served. So many never came home. I hope it never happens that we lose one more American to battle or terrorism. But the world is getting to be a smaller, more dangerous place again, it seems. Freedom isn't free.
  6. I've shot a 36 , on the first nine once - we don't golf much. Golf is a silly sport, since I'm not good at it. (the 36 was an easy par three course lol) A friend down the road texted us and said there was a family of six deer frollicing in our field - they took a video of it. We've seen 10 deer at a time a few years ago - I can stalk through our woods and see deer, and deer hunters don't get a deer. lol Probably because my ccw is concealed.... I stalked through our woods a few years ago. stopped and was just watching our woods, it was starting to get to dusk, and looked up and saw a deer hunter in the stand! He didn't see me until he decided to quit and go home. We knew each other, I've met him - great guy, excellent honor as a hunter - his stand was 25' from our edge of the woods.... He was laughing because he would never have thought any human being could walk all that way and he would never know. lol I have pics of a baby great horned owl, several deer, some baby raccoons, and a fox squirrel that was coming down a tree and was eyeing me from ten feet away while I took it's picture.
  7. I didn't say "criticize"...I said "ridicule" those are two different words. Go look em up.
  8. I don't know of one republican who is staunch anti-Jewish folks, but there could be. The left - many are. the entire dem group in the House refused to condemn the haters Jewish people. Please try to be serious and think on that.
  9. if bird bird was an asswhole, his name would be woody. if an elephant had giant wings, it could fly. I would never say anything like "Real American Black Folk ..." please go back and READ what i said. Real American black folks will vote where their heart leads them, just like most of the rest of the country that isn't black. When I was in the service, I had friends of every single color, creed, geographic background, etc etc etc. That is what your Biden SAID. I was contradicting what your Biden said about "if you would vote for Trump, and not Joe biden, you ain't black enough. Spout off if you want, but try to get your facts straight first: https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/democrats-say-bidens-apology-for-you-aint-black-comment-is-enough/vi-BB14x6Im Democrats say Biden's apology for 'you ain't black' comment is enough
  10. NO, you don't. Murder is a personal decision too, do you support that? What about the unborn child? Isn't that unborn child a person? or the PBA child? or the child left to die AFTER being born? Politics has to do with ALL people, not your chosen few. Not much sharing of ideals with a lot of the leftwing part of the country. They are the anti-everything American. As far as a woman choosing to not reproduce, that's fine. Except murdering the child because she was irresponsible with her body, and started reproducing - it's murder to murder that child. But liberals want zero consequences for their own greed, self-indulgence, graft and sombeitchness.
  11. ah, my bad, I thought you were being serious. The KKK wasn't Christian, etc etc etc. You tell this to all the black Christian churches. There is nothing Christian about slavery, even though slavery existed back then. But sarcasm works for you all, when you are unable to respond legitimately.
  12. calfoxwc

    Second wave?

  13. When a subject COMES UP ON THE BOARD, and the CONSTANT REFUSAL to be fair and balanced...always bashing one side.....that is what I'm talking about, obviously.
  14. great. now you are greta dr woodpecker "god" of deciding all things. It's called "history", not "backtracking". You use so many words incorrectly, it's really amazing that you are so ignorant in most all your posts. You, historically, have brought the littlest bit of legitimate posts to this forum. That is really bad. some antagonistic twit "mz the pussy" was the worst, far worse than you. You sit on the sidelines, ask the stupidest, misdirecting questions, when you have nothing to legitimately offer. Apparently, that makes you FEEL like napoleon. You act like you are superior in all subjects, LOL LOL, when you don't know much of anything at all. But you love arguing with posters on attack levels. It's all you do, attack subjects and posters who have opinions. And everybody can see it on this board.
  15. well, you weren't there. It most certainly was about politics - I believe it was about our country being founded on Christian principles, which is absolutely true, read the Federalist Papers etc. God was ridiculed, Christians were ridiculed, and one poster asked me that question, I simply explained. It's part of the discussion. Judging it based on one reference takes it out of context. I did talk to God after that happened, I really sincerely thought I would hear that Ten Commandments Charlton Heston deep voice coming from the Heavens, but I never did. It's okay if you don't understand - Christian beliefs matter when discussing political wars being waged - like, abortion, opening businesses but telling churches they have to remain closed...in years past, it's been the death penalty, illegal immigration, lies by politicians = "so and so "lied" so he isn't a Christian like he says haha". There are going to be a lot of Real American black folks who will vote republican - the "walk away" movement has serious momentum now. Some of those folks are Christians, and with all the political attacks on Christians anymore... it's most certainly political. I agree a bit on the constant generalizations. Our whole country is badly seriously divided. One side thinks they are the only side allowed to win elections now. They think murdering unborn and born babies is just dandy. Like the nazis murdered millions of Jewish men, women and children - liberals TEND to refuse to talk about that part of history. The one problem with being "moderate" or "liberal" - is the strong tendency to ridicule opposing opinions. Another ONLY criticizing one side.
  16. but you rarely ever have a genuine point, greta woodpecka - and I do mean "almost never have a legimate point" - and you've talked about how superior your iq is in the past, way before Pres Trump came along. and, btw, stupidass, Pres Trump is under attack by the msm 24x7. slurs from nearly every direction. I don't mind him saying something like that in defense of himself. You brag like a psychotic bird alien from another planet. You and slurred me and others for not being very intelligent, when your posts constantly reek of bitching, more bitching, smart ass comments, and really dimwit arguments on misdirected subjects. Nope, you got nothin, "doctor" woodpecker. And everyone who has been around here a long time knows it, albeit, sometimes, secretly.
  17. of course - but greta woodpecka - someone asked me why I believed there was most certainly a God a long time ago - and woodpecker ridiculed my personal story about very nearly dying as a young fifth grade kid. He's ridiculed it so many times over the years. Seems like only ...some....lefties are allowed to have that personal or professional insight. Try to have that insight as a conservative, and it's crapped on/attacked. It's been going on for a long time. Truth is, we've had a terrific poster decide that that kind of hostility was so disappointing, he quit posting. A another poster left the football side because, for no reason, a member of his family was ridiculed. That crap isn't football, or political - but when you deal with it for so long - it is what it is.
  18. I understand - but when a "moderate" like Hoorta only disagrees with conservatives on the board, and only calls Pres Trump "xenophobic" merely about the Wall.... but never labels biden, EVEN AFTER his terrible "If You'd vote for Trump and not me, you ain't black enough"... Hoorta has NO COMMENT ? yeah - that is supporting Biden by omission. The secret TDS door for...."moderates".
  19. calfoxwc

    An Incalculable Loss...

    no, Hoorta - his first line had a point - one was contagious and one wasn't - the rest of his post was far more stupid than you want to admit. That was MY POINT. He rarely ever has a legit point - name one time when you disagreed with woodpecker trolling. Gosh, I don't remember one time. I never said the smoking vs covid thing. Go back and READ honestly. "moderate" means only arguing with conservatives on the board and never criticizing anything a trolling lefty TDS poster says. Gettin obvious to keen observers, I must say.
  20. calfoxwc

    Another incalculable loss

    if it isn't a "get Trump haha" TDS thing, it just doesn't matter. it doesn't make them feeeeeeeel good. Even when they claim to be a "moderate" but aren't really.
  21. calfoxwc


    true, but in this instance - it's TDS. They demand, to be able to use it against PRes Trump if they don't get it. But they got it, didn't use it, so that is out. but like in California, gov dirtbag gave 15...million? to ILLEGALS, then demanded the federal gov give him a bunch of money, "or first responders will lose their jobs? " WTF? how can anybody not see that for what it is?
  22. wait.... some of them have just been BRAGGING about mine and other's posts that weren't commented on ...which is silly - it was their choice to not admit they were WRONG and we were RIGHT the whole freaking time. They don't want that known so they are covering up best they can, and the knee jerk is to complain about "content". Too many posts. Your great woodpecka even admitted his spamming of a bunch of non-political threads to try to help them complain. haha. won't work. You all can deny the dots connecting, of course you do. And, yes, some of them ARE GOING TO BE LOCKED UP - THEY BROKE SERIOUS FEDERAL LAWS FRAMING FLYNN, ETC ETC, ON THEIR WAY TO TRY TO RUIN PRES TRUMP's ABILITY TO MAGA. It's been tried before - Hoorta - the belligerent bitching about everything they can't control the true/suspected true narratives of. You haven't been here, all along - so what you are telling us, is that a "moderate" only attacks Pres Trump, and never complains about the left's lies and illegal activity. got it. I don't agree though. And I ain't stoppin my opinions. Take it to the bank. You aren't helping matters by trending on their side of certain matters. Oh, and apparently, "MODERATES" use flippant lefty slurs like "xenophobia" about the WALL? and trying to stop terrorism/drug cartels/serious violent crime illegals from coming here? "moderate". I think you have your toes dippy in water in Egypt.
  23. it's very much like the dems in DC. They call legitimate legal consequences for some of them who broke federal laws...a "political attack", after well over three years of vile dishonest, conspiratorial political attacks they perpetrated. They project their own dirty illegal goals onto their opponents as a subconscious "best defense is a good offense" .
  24. calfoxwc

    An Incalculable Loss...

    my gosh you are a notoriously ignorant bigot. "scary old people" "scary some people" "scary illiterate in science people" greta woodpecka strikes again.
  25. Fauci is not a Real American. I don't trust much of what he says. Especially how he treated that researcher who made a discovery about covid ************************* another good thread that the left purposefully ignores. it doesn't fit their wimpy emotional knee jerk narrative...... just so they can complain about it not having responses......