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  1. so much for taliban fan posting about the pentagon's cya dishonesty. https://redstate.com/bonchie/2021/09/18/tucker-carlson-eviscerates-joe-biden-for-droning-kids-and-raises-some-important-points-n444749 Carlson begins with the most obvious fact: that this strike was done to make Biden look good. The Pentagon went all out in playing it up in the aftermath, claiming — with no equivocation — that “multiple suicide bombers” were killed. They also claimed to have seen multiple secondary explosions, something that we now know never happened. Also, in what may have been a veiled swipe at Fox News’ Pentagon stenographer extraordinaire, Jennifer Griffin, Carlson put up one of the claims she had regurgitated. In the end, every detail she reported without question was completely false. At another point, Carlson played a montage of media analysts on networks like CNN and MSNBC lauding Biden for the strike, asserting that it was evidence that America’s ability to conduct counter-terrorism operations was strong. Of course, that “ability” ended up murdering children, in a strike that was meant to cover for the president’s asinine handling of the withdrawal from Afghanistan.
  2. calfoxwc

    Upcoming HyperInflation

    Why is U.S. Inflation Inevitable? https://isectors.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/Why-is-US-Inflation-Inevitable.pdf To understand why inflation in the U.S. is inevitable, it's necessary to look at the numbers. The United States Government brought in (mostly from taxes) revenues for the 12 months ended August 31, 2009 of $2.2 trillion ($2,157,940,000,000). The U.S. Here's where inflation is hitting America's wallets hardest https://nypost.com/2021/06/10/heres-where-inflation-is-hitting-americas-wallets-hardest/ Jun 10, 2021Prices for fruits and vegetables rose 0.2 percent from a month ago, and 2.9 percent over the prior 12 months. Citrus fruits specifically are hurting wallets, 2.8 percent more expensive in May than ... Inflation Is Here, and It Is Going to Get Worse | Mises ... https://mises.org/library/inflation-here-and-it-going-get-worse Inflation Is Here, and It Is Going to Get Worse. As compared to September last year, the growth momentum of price indexes shows visible strengthening. Year on year, the rate of growth of the consumer price index (CPI) rose to 1.6 percent in January from 1.5 percent in the month before and 1.1 percent in September last year.
  3. You stepped in it, Tex, it's your fault your shoes stink. You want to buy the crap biden and his corrupt general is saying? Milley is a freaking LIAR. Lt. Col. Oliver North: 'No Americans left behind' in Afghanistan was a ‘blatant lie’ so, your trolling is making you look like you are woodpecker's other dumb bird friend. and your hero, Hoorta's hero, woodpecker's hero.... Vindman? ADMITS HE LIED TO CONGRESS. BUSTED! Lt. Col. Vindman Reveals He Lied to Congress ... https://freedomheadlines.com/freedom-wire/busted-lt-col-vindman-reveals-he-lied-to-congress-during-impeachment-sham/ Lt. Col. Vindman Reveals He Lied to Congress During Impeachment Sham. ... Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman has recently put out a new book in which he flat out claims that he was the primary source of the leak. He leaked the information to Eric Ciaramella so that Ciaramella would be "the whistleblower", but in reality, this is just a formality. ... Here's your sign:
  4. I was implying they were lying. How stupid of you to always play the dumb victim card. They were following the wrong car based on taliban misinformation. They SAY they followed the car for eight hours. I call bs. They COULD have VERIFIED. But they knee jerked to save a tiny bit of biden credibility, but it backfired, like most things they have done. They did a political thing to make biden look good. They COULD HAVE VERIFIED, and obviously did NOT CARE TO. They jumped at the chance to save the obaMao/biden corrupt presidency. It blew up in their faces, just like you stupid take blew up in yours.
  5. calfoxwc

    Quick Yes or No Question - Election

  6. Apparently Tex stupidly keeps wanting another. His posts are self-destructive. Of course the military can make a mistake. With Hoorta's, woodpecker's and Tex's mentally incompetent fake hero as president. The president approves drone strikes. No need to bitch forever about anybody else because of your emotionally warped choice to vote against your own country, Tex. https://www.theblaze.com/news/french-military-kills-isis-leader-who-ambushed-us-soldiers and your asswhole hero murdered MURDERED SEVEN CHILDREN. MURDERED SEVEN CHILDREN. Admit it, you are a taliban fan just like your joe biden.
  7. calfoxwc


    he's not all there anyways even when he is in our WH
  8. it shows what the ulterior motive is - their power via manipulating people.
  9. corrupt crap - just like a school board saying "if you don't vote for our big salarr raises, we are going to have to cut busing your kids." emotional knee jerk attempts at manipulation
  10. Let me guess, Hoorta asked his little neo to come in and start antagonizing the people he wants to silence. No workee, emotional hater knee jerkie.
  11. calfoxwc

    Cal They make a great side dish & possum stew

    I haven't tried those. Yeah, I know - it's Sept, haven't come here for a long while...lol. I did dehydrate 4 lbs of green beans. The kids believed me when I told them they were dehydrated cooked grasshoppers. They ate them ,too. lol
  12. I did, too. A brilliant hs spec ed teacher who loved the outdoors, especially camping in a tent, and fishing - I'm one of the luckiest blessed guys on the planet.
  13. It seems they are purposefully spending us into crisis that they can use to fake-justify their left-wing agenda
  14. it was deliberate misinformation from the taliban. The biden handlers jumped at the chance to brag about how biden got the bad guys. MEANING - they did NOT do their due diligence in making sure of what the hell they were doing, Tex. So you think that in "8 hours" they couldn't verify who was actually in the car? SERIOUSLY? You don't know the capabilities of the drone cameras, Tex. Furthermore, your cherry picked General is a liar of bureaucratic cya power mongering. He's a hack for the power brokers on the left in D.C. MURDERED SEVEN CHILDREN. MURDERED SEVEN CHILDREN. https://noqreport.com/2021/08/30/general-mckenzie-lied-as-u-s-military-abandons-thousands-of-americans-to-the-taliban/ General McKenzie Lied as U.S. Military Abandons THOUSANDS of Americans to the Taliban