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  1. Trump likes red flag laws and has said “take the guns first, due process later”. So you better hope it never comes across his desk. Logic ********************************** I know, but he did not say he approved of mistaken identity being allowed, so we better hope he makes sure that does NOT happen. Any action has to be double-checked, reviewed, and there has to be accountability. The left wants these problems. It fits their agenda. I'm not against LEGIT well written red flag laws either. But a lot of people have the same name. Computer-wise, I wrote a software for a company once, that imported new giant ASCII databases into current databases, and there would be "J. Q. Smith" with the same street name, but different zip code. "John Smith" could be the same as "John Q. Smith" and "J. Q. Smith" Different birthdays, Father-son, same name. etc etc. They had had several "experts" and nonexperts come in to write it, and they all failed miserably to get started. I didn't have an easy time of it, but I completed it in six months, like I said I would. As a last resort, my software kicked a relatively very small anomaly list, those that couldn't accurately be resolved. "red flagging" ...deliberate false claims, will happen, don't discount it. Just like "swatting". There sure as hell better be accuracy, and serious legal consequences for being wrong, especially liars for whatever vengeful reasons. The left would LOVE mistakes to be made, to intimidate and frighten and damage those with guns.
  2. which is nonsense, what you spew most always. It started with soft-pedaling a few cranky hater players kneeling in disrespect to our Flag and Anthem and country. You don't understand anything - the black power salute during the olympics was 50 years ago - that, since you probably don't know, was before PRes Trump became president. 2 Black Power Advocates Ousted From Olympics - The New York Times www.nytimes.com/learning/general/onthisday/big/1018.html?module... http://www.espn.com/video/category?id=12740388 Mexico City, Oct. 18--The United States Olympic Committee suspended Tommie Smith and John Carlos today for having used last Wednesday's victory ... https://www.forbes.com/sites/andyswan/2017/10/11/espns-politics-are-killing-its-brand/#1f0b3b4f1429 "if we take a look at the chart below from LikeFolio, we can see social media consumer sentiment at ESPN dropping from 62% all the way down to 41% positive in the last month alone: "
  3. well, it was the best I could come up with, so..... lol
  4. I'm guessing, that the dems are pandering to the victim subculture, the victim black/hispanic/poor/gay/transwhater/mentally ill/corrupt fringe victimhood as their base. This is one example.
  5. (woodpecker's nanny got just what she deserves)Haha
  6. LOL. the woodpecker got his beak twisted over that one.
  7. they figure it will force Americans to give up their God-given 2nd Amendment rights out of fear: https://www.ammoland.com/2019/08/florida-man-has-firearms-rights-taken-away-over-mistaken-identity/?utm_source=Ammoland+Subscribers&utm_campaign=d03799fb1c-RSS_EMAIL_CAMPAIGN&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_6f6fac3eaa-d03799fb1c-20770865#axzz5x3W1SMOa you watch. no due process? it's a giant door for lefties to dishonestly and happily walk through.
  8. I've noticed that Fox News is getting more leftwing spokespersons on certain shows. It's tough to ignore. They are getting a lot more lefties watching. Msnbc and cnn, etc, are losing viewers. This, imho, is why the polls are changing. That, and the activist left goes apecrap over polls, to influence people. It lends itself to stuffing polls with fake representative numbers. The day Pres Trump has a landslide victory after even Fox News had polls showing he'd lose....well, that will be a fun beginning to 12 months of leftwing hate x 2.
  9. https://www.theblaze.com/news/ilhan-omar-rashida-tlaib-post-vile-cartoon-by-artist-who-competed-in-irans-holocaust-denial-contest
  10. facts don't matter to liberals - their emotions rule their perception of everything.
  11. calfoxwc

    which qbs

    I tend to agree...but when it comes to live action during the regular season, I believe Stanton has the edge because he isn't going to make mistakes, reading defenses and fancy crap defenses will throw at the Browns. Gilbert is really impressive, may have only make a few mistakes throwing into coverage... Blough sometimes, to me, has looked "not ready for primetime", then he does look like he's ready to be on the active roster. I believe he has some nice talent and a fine arm, but he is too inconsistent. How long he would last on the practice squad ...who knows. But in a big game, everybody knows Stanton has seen pretty much everything, knows how to run the offense. Gilbert was really impressive... But experience counts hugely, and I think it's Baker, Stanton/Gilbert. Blough on the practice squad. He needs time there.
  12. calfoxwc

    Front 7 didnt really show much yesterday...

    https://www.clevelandbrowns.com/news/5-players-who-impressed-in-the-browns-win-over-the-colts 4. Genard Avery
  13. https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=slut a discrace to all women. now more than ever women are treated as if they were one. its some morbid way to make themselves feel adiquate, or wanted, or excepted for that matter. whatever the reason there is no excuse some, usually very ugly, feminists think being a slut is somehow liberating or will prove to everyone that they are equal to men, although they failed to comprehend that men sluts are assholes too. Being a slut is seldom just about sex but is more a desperate plea for attention. A slut can be a man but is usually a very pathetic girl that is absolutely desperate to be noticed and get attention. A slut is a woman with no morals and no respect for others because of her self centered point of view.
  14. calfoxwc

    Time Running Out for Austin Corbett

    true. We all just have our impressions. He could turn the corner and be fine. Moving him around seems tough for him to just play one position, learn it and try to get very good at it.