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  1. Tex, you can't name ONE good/great thing your demented biden accomplished in 47 years. Not one. Until you can think of one, you're done. At least try to be honest and answer Gorka's question, instead of playing hiden biden and go weepsies about President Trump. you and Hoorta voted against great things done for AMERICA FIRST. that is worse than sad.
  2. calfoxwc

    The Way-too-early 2021 Mock Draft Thread

    There are....the one I referred to earlier on the first page.... " One lb is a sleeper - 6'4' 260, and is a rising star with his team. Lost no speed. Used to be a rb and qb earlier in hs. Has already been named the Bronko Nagurski National Defensive Player of the Week this season. " "In five games, including three against top-25 opponents (Oklahoma State, UCF and SMU), he has 33 tackles, including 10 for lost yardage and four sacks. He has been named the American’s Defensive Player of the Week three times this season. " He's a secret. I haven't started my mock draft yet. Middle LInebacker.
  3. he won't answer legitimately - he'll just do another enraged "blow the forum up" illegal mexican hat dance (his favorite?) and change the subject and curse, like he's po'd he has never been able to name ONE good/great thing his obaMao commie/biden have ever accomplished. Then, he did a Tax impression when I listed over two hundred goodGREAT things PRESIDENT TRUMP HAS DONE. When he can't name one, he'll run. This is Hoorta when he doesn't own the narrative:
  4. remember when the left cried about how terrible it was that our national debt was going to burden the next generation forever? yeah. now, they don't care if it doubles or triples. weimar republic.
  5. yes, it can be repealed, and yes, it's extremely difficult. However, the only time it has ever been done Constitutionally,... was In the history of the United States, only one constitutional amendment has been repealed. In 1933, the 21st Amendment repealed the 18th Amendment—better known as “prohibition”—banning the manufacture and sale of alcohol in the United States. "prohibition" was unConstitutional, therefore, it needed to have been repealed. There is no leeway in the Constitution to repeal a legitimate right. https://www.realclearpolitics.com/articles/2018/03/30/you_can_try_to_repeal_the_second_amendment_but_you_cant_repeal_history_136666.html#! SO, if a GOD-GIVEN PERMANENT RIGHT was "repealed" it would violate the Constituion. That would be part and parcel of a government that oppresses the American people. Rights are permanent - repealing to CONFORM to the Constitution is valid, meaning, the Constitution provides the right of the American people to throw off a dictatorship that openly throws out our Constitution, and "repealing" a right is in violation of the absolute guarantee of rights provided by the Constitution. Odd, they don't talk about the 1st Amendment being repealed, do they?
  6. coming from one of the whiniest, sissiest losers the last four years, that is kinda stupid, don't ya ... feel? corrupted election. research it. Stop being stupidass, for once.
  7. well, crap. Thank God for Kevin Johnson....
  8. which, legally cannot be done. The God-Given rights are permanent, as such, it would be a violation of our Constitution/Bill of Rights to try to negate a permanent right. It will never happen to get that far. Eight years of obaMao never came within a million miles of a beginning of that kind of oppression. But, if it ever did happen, that a government took permanent control and threw out our Constitution/Bill of Rights? It's foolish for anyone to think the Founding Fathers, in all their brilliance, would allow for the negation of our 2nd Amendment, when they also included this: https://www.learnliberty.org/blog/the-declaration-of-independence-says-we-have-the-right-to-overthrow-the-government/
  9. he won't be anyone's president, he'll be a swamp rat maintaining the swamp. MORE serious voter fraud in Wisconsin. We should order the swing states with this much fraud to have another OBSERVED ELECTION. Otherwise, it's tainted worse than history will ever see again. https://townhall.com/tipsheet/bethbaumann/2020/11/24/conservative-organization-files-a-swing-state-lawsuit-over-150-000-allegedly-frau-n2580632 Swing State Woes: Conservative Group Says They Discovered 150,000 Fraudulent Ballots
  10. any leftie hear of joe biden? a definition of "legal affidavit" ??? nope. any leftie - I'll open it up to any leftwing extremist on the forum : name ONE THING that was good/great for America that obamao and biden accomplished in eight years, and demented communist joe biden accomplished in forty seven years. They hate the question, because they hate the truth.
  11. calfoxwc


    "Build Back to Nothing Good in 47 years" why anyone voted for that... egad. cnn/msnbc did America a serious disservice
  12. well, that explains Hoorta, Tex and woodpecker.....and folks I know who voted for Biden. I saw a sign in a few yards - before the election - "biden - end racism". and one exfriend... messaged that the only people who would vote for Pres Trump are either racists or idiots... just really nasty. Viewpoint shaped by....msm. big tech. too bad for America.
  13. too bad, Hoorta, his little woodpecker, and Tex won't like the truth, but it would set them free if they could just slow down with the contrariness and belligerent trolling crap. https://www.theblaze.com/news/peer-reviewed-hydroxychloroquine-study-hospitalizations Peer-reviewed hydroxychloroquine study finds 84% fewer hospitalizations among early treated outpatients 'What differentiates this study is that patients were diagnosed very early with COVID-19 in an outpatient setting, and only high-risk patients were treated early on
  14. ah, the old clay pigeons - I was good at those. Back in the day, when I was dating my Wife, we visiting my aunt in WV, and we hiked up the mountain. They had a deer camp up there - and I asked her if she'd like to learn to shoot my rifle, she said sure. So, I showed her how to shoot safely, set up about 8 beer cans on a log about 15 yards away. She grinned at me, and hauled off and nailed every one on the targets in just a few seconds. She grinned at me, and said she dated a guy and they both worked at his uncle's gun shop....... Then some years later, we were on a cruise with a whole bunch of friends. She signed up to shoot skeet on the back of the cruise ship. Now, the cruise ship moves - the seas weren't all that still. I was on a balcony overlooking when she had her turn to shoot. Some redneck guys below me were betting money on if she's even hit one. I looked down, and said they might want to not lose their money...they looked up and said "uh oh, she is your Wife?" I grinned and said "yep". They laughed, put their money back in their pockets. And she nailed every single one of those clay pigeons. Didn't miss one. Anyways, I just wanted to repost? these three parts of the Browns/Eagles game: https://twitter.com/i/status/1330613199532650496 https://twitter.com/i/status/1330612137862049792 https://twitter.com/i/status/1330977064225181696