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  1. no, Woody. A gun is designed to shoot a bullet. Nothing more. the use of that function varies. A baseball bat is designed to hit fast, with force. Is a baseball bat used as a weapon? yep. It's intended use is baseball. The intended use of a gun is to shoot a bullet, or self-defense, even if you don't have to shoot. The bat is a weapon at times. Can murder/maim. Bombs are ILLEGAL. But they were used at the World Trade Center. How is that, when they are illegal? It isn't laws we need - it's stopping the illegal gain/use of weapons. Should we make knives/baseball bats hard to buy? If I'm out in the wilderness, lost and have a broken leg - if I hear someone yelling off in the distance - I shoot my pistol three times into a bank/nearby tree. It's an international signal for help. It's use is a good purpose. It would be heard a mile away. Fire destroys. Fire can destroy an entire street, the homes and everyone in those homes. Should be ban fire? There IS arson, you know. Should we ban matches? Make them very expensive to buy? A knife is designed to cut. Not designed to murder, even though it has been used as a weapon that murders. Cut a rope, carve a piece of wood, whittle....
  2. Makes sense to me.

    their false narrative is Trump collusion with the russians, out of spite because he won.
  3. A tragedy ringer?

    No, the point is also - the kid is disingenuous. He's a fake "victim". He's acting. He was acting in the lifeguard scene, and he's acting outraged toward Trump and the NRA for whatever reasons - it's popular and he sees michael moore etc making a living in the media being leftist hater. Instead of doing something stupid to get on "America's Got Talent"...he is being stupid to get into leftwing msm money making. and fame.
  4. Guns aren't designed to kill or maim. They are used for that - but they are also used, as I would, for self-defense. As in, a bear attack, I could fire my weapon into a tree and the bear would/could/should take off and run. Like nuclear weapons, I suppose - they aren't designed to kill entire cities and everything and everybody in it - they are designed to make other countries not do that to us. Guns are designed to shoot a bullet. The use of that function varies. The intent is to defend. If we go on vacation out west with friends this summer, and we end up on the roadside with our tires disabled from some potholes... and some car pulls up with four ugly scums with tire irons, my gun would be a deterrent. So, guns are made to shoot a bullet, and the application would be - we don't get beaten/murdered/robbed because it is designed to shoot a bullet, the bad actors leave and take off.
  5. A tragedy ringer?

    yep, he's a student, but he's an activist wanting to be famous punk. He'll be on the usual lefty msm shows. ellen, ooprah, he'll make a living for a while of being a smart mouth hack for the dems. Then he'll get a gig on the bachelor show.
  6. so funds this garbage? soros-funded activist groups? https://www.ammoland.com/2018/02/attack-gun-rights-leaders-underway-spread-word/?utm_source=Ammoland+Subscribers&utm_campaign=6085874274-RSS_EMAIL_CAMPAIGN&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_6f6fac3eaa-6085874274-20770865#axzz57mEz3d4Q
  7. NOPEl. sea levels no rise. https://wattsupwiththat.com/2017/03/08/no-climate-change-didnt-cause-5-whole-pacific-islands-to-be-swallowed-by-sea-level-rise/ Almost 25-years of meticulous data gathered by the Australian Bureau of Meteorology displays no discernible sea-level rise for Solomon Islands and Nauru. See the two graphs below. But both want your money for catastrophic climate-change mitigation: Solomon Islands gets access to fund to combat climate change There are numerous stories in mainstream media going back 15-years regarding the urgent plight and impending doom of these islands in particular. Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology is well known for adjusting data to suit their AGW agenda; however, sea-level data is difficult to adjust and is primarily adjusted for Barometric Pressure (very little wriggle room). How much money would you give the Solomon Islands and Nauru for climate-change mitigation? The Australian Government, despite its own data, already spends tens of millions through the ‘Pacific Adaptation Strategy Assistance Program’ and the ‘Green Climate Fund’. Taxpayers should be up in arms and increasingly they are as new political voices emerge and take votes from the major parties. Advertisements
  8. LOL. more silly false narratives only five islands out of HUNDREDS fell into the ocean. https://climatechangedispatch.com/sinking-solomon-islands-and-climate-link-exaggerated-study-author-says/ Sinking Solomon Islands and climate link ‘exaggerated’, admits study’s author A new study published in Environmental Research Letters shows that some low-lying reef islands in the Solomon Islands are being gobbled up by “extreme events, seawalls and inappropriate development, rather than sea level rise alone.” Despite headlines claiming that man-made climate change has caused five Islands (out of nearly a thousand) to disappear from rising sea levels, a closer inspection of the study reveals the true cause is natural, and the report’s lead author says many of the headlines have been ‘exaggerated’ to ill-effect.
  9. Something We Can All Be Proud Of

    I think it was chinese, too, at the Pearl Harbor Arizona Memorial. Five of them whooping it up, laughing about something in chinese, most of the group turned and stared, I thought about saying something.....and our guide was really upset, and went after them in hushed tones and that )*_)(*_)(* turned to silence and they didn't utter a peep after that.
  10. A tragedy ringer?

    the punk was reading off a script or something. A little looking to be famous liberal twit. Didn't rehearse his speech very well.
  11. Makes sense to me.

    and her "unnamed sources" now we know where she happily gets her false narratives -
  12. just so it's clear, background checks ARE REQUIRED BY LAW at GUN SHOWS. Now private citizens can sell guns without a background check. Problem is, if private citizens had to do background checks, that would require universal registration, which means the gov, worse, a liberal gov, would know where every gun was and who owned it, and they could be taxed out of owning them, they could have the guns, names and addresses of the owners published to the public like happened in NYC.... I'm fine with banning those bump stock things. But the corrupt leftwing media and liberals always see everything as a wedge to get more power and ultimately, win a permanent win over non-liberal Real America. That is why nothing else much can be done about gun control. The mental health part - MUST be addressed. MUST BE added to the background checks. Relevant criminal investigations/offenses - must be added. But, that opens the door to abuse. Be a kid in liberal school system, and not be in athletics, be a conservative, and some other kids will revel at the chance to turn that kid in falsely if they find out his family hunts, and he as a .22 for squirrel hunting. Be an avid liberal dr., and anti-gun, and the same thing applies. We already have false reports, causing a swat team to show up at someone's house as a joke or something. Wait til the door is opened for completely unwarranted false reports of an anti-gun political hackjob on any hunter some liberal activists don't like. These shootings happen because of mental illness, drugs, bullying... but the liberals want to go after a couple of hundred? million American gun owners and our 2nd Amendment. If one of these mentall ill kids locks the doors to a school, and throws gasline around and sets the whole school on fire, the msm could hardly cover it, and the left would not have anything to say about all the kids and adults who would tragically die. Which would be a number far exceeding any school shooting.
  13. meanwhile, I suppose we should enact some stringent land mine and grenade control laws... wait...they ARE ILLEGAL. but this kid had them anyways. more laws isn't the answer - the murderers will still get them. http://wjla.com/news/local/police-guns-ammunition-vest-found-at-home-of-student-arrested-for-having-gun-at-md-hs
  14. more and more - mmgw was a fraud - and it is being continued for political reasons. like a global nazi threat or something. "scientists" - not honest scientists at all. but there are those who will ignore the proof of fraud. http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2018/02/20/delingpole-noaa-caught-adjusting-big-freeze-out-of-existence/