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  1. calfoxwc

    Joe on thin ice?

    it wasn't, and no it isn't. I should bet everybody agin' Pres Trump winning again a six pack of Barq's root beer. I'll be happy happy happy. lol You fail to understand that I'm saying that some unions forgot their role, and became corrupt, greedy to the end, and self-justifying antagonistic towards Corp America in general. The AFL-CIO is a prime example. The Teamsters, at least back in the day, are another. Before you get all snidely whiplash, you should go read a book on the early coal miners plight. I explained that already. Thunder In the Mountains: The West Virginia Mine War, 1920 ... https://www.amazon.com/Thunder-Mountains-West... This book looks at the short conflict which took place in southwest West Virginia when violence escalated, first when private detectives in the pay of the coal companies got into a gunfight with locals in Matewan when the detectives came out to evict the families of miners trying to unionize. and then exploding when the local pro-labor constable, Sid Hatfield, was shot down on the steps of the courthouse in Welch by The rise and fall of US labor unions, and why they still ... theconversation.com/...us-labor-unions-and-why-they... What Went Wrong? Why Does It Matter? What Now For Labor? By the mid-1950s, unions in the US had successfully organized approximately one out of every three non-farm workers. This period represented the peak of labor’s power, as the ranks of unionized workers shrank in subsequent decades. The decline gained speed in the 1980s and 1990s, spurred by a combination of economic and political developments. The opening up of overseas markets increased competition in m…
  2. calfoxwc

    Bottom line on the virus

  3. calfoxwc

    Meet Bidens replacement

    lol .... you do know what "etc" means, right? I got two of the top three offhand, should have included New Jersey - also extremely democrat. with being sanctuary states. And yes, Florida has several sanctuary counties. and yes, florida is right up there to. Makes my freakin point. + New York MAP » 83,889 427.6 1,941 9.9 Feb. 26 Mar. 31 + New Jersey MAP » 22,255 250.6 355 4.0 + California MAP » 9,599 24.5 206 0.5 + Florida MAP » 7,765 37.7 101 0.5
  4. calfoxwc

    Bottom line on the virus

    got this in an email from the township: this is serious crap. Like an invasion of an microscopic alien species
  5. calfoxwc

    Left Tackle - Flugel Faves and Hopefuls

    Peart has some terrific qualities, some scouts wonder about his toughness. Some say he seems very soft. I looked at him before, and the Browns' LT Robinson came to mind. Definitely has the physical skills. But my goofy opinion - I didn't think he was a football player. But if you guessed right and he will be - he would be a steal later on in the draft. I like Ben Bartch better. I like Ezra Cleveland a lot more. *************************************** https://www.si.com/nfl/packers/news/scouting-combine-offensive-tackles-1 Ben Bartch, Saint John’s (6-5, 308): Bartch went from Division III All-American to the Senior Bowl. “It was really important,” he said of his performance at the prestigious all-star game Mobile, Ala. “One of the main red flags most scouts have on a player like me is the level of competition. They need to see how you are going to do when you go up against the biggest and fastest guys out there. And that's to be expected. You just have to rise to the occasion when you get the chance.” Bartch played tight end during his first two years at the school. With limited playing time, he moved to left tackle and set the stage for his path to the NFL. To do it, he had to pack on the pounds. That meant seven meals per day and a smooth creation that include eggs, cottage cheese, peanut butter, bananas and milk. Over the course of weight training and conditioning, he’d eat seven meals. Just eight Saint John’s players have been drafted, and none since offensive lineman Kurt Wachtler in the 15th round of 1974. The last Johnnies player to appear in a regular-season NFL game was running back Rick Bell, who played for the Vikings in 1983. He studied abroad in South Africa during Spring 2019
  6. calfoxwc

    Left Tackle - Flugel Faves and Hopefuls

    Wherever Becton goes - it will be intriguing to watch how he does in his career.
  7. I don't think so. Ever since I was spooked by that old movie..."The Fly", I'm not much on experimental medicine/tech stuff. lol
  8. My best friend, since hs, and that camping trip - the four of us are really close - we plan on doing a LOT of fishing. His Wife just had a new knee surgery in Fed - we want to explore out West. Ah, the stories. I think I told the story about teaching my Wife to shoot on the mnt in WV on a trip before we were married.... My Wife and I have as one of our hobbies, buying old outdoor books, old westerns. So many of those are so much fun to read. I will find "The Old People" !!! Teaching kids to shoot, ride an ATV, camp... is such an honor. So many are adults now, and they come out and I see them being exactly safe as we taught them - riding ATV's and especially, shooting. He's actually beat me to it - assembling his own AR-15. Crap. I think I'll start working on my lower today, unless Wife and I start on another jigsaw puzzle, which I'm not good at. Just two weeks ago, a best friend's son came out to our place with his girlfriend - they wanted to just camp out overnight in the cold. LOL He had told her most of what he learned about the outdoors and shooting was because we taught him. My Wife and I mentioned that they probably shouldn't camp in the woods - stay in the field out back. His girlfriend asked why, and he grinned, and said it was because of "widow-makers" - big branches that can break off, dead trees that can keel over. He said he learned that from us when he and his sister would go camping with us as kids. His parents have never camped, never been outdoors, period.
  9. calfoxwc


    when we were flipping houses - I bought the gals a couple of boxes of masks. Sure enough, they are N95 masks. I wear them if I have to go out. and nitrile globes, which I also had a box of. I'm not playing. Don't want it, don't want to spread it, don't want to bring it home. and plenty of bottles, a few big ones, of purell. I think I'm going to make a couple of pumpkin pies this weekend....
  10. calfoxwc

    Dewine has done a great job!!

    I think DeWine has been pretty good as gov, but I won't trust him on gun control. He's screwed up on that one, then had to reverse himself. A whole 'nuther 4 weeks. Crap.
  11. calfoxwc

    Activities for You Stay-in-Placers

    Texas has bluebonnets, we have dandelions. Well, you can eat the greens and blossoms here, and make a bitter coffee with the roots . April 1st - I think we want to go fishing from shore over at a local lake, but it's still early - fish are still deep except for crappie and they love structure. Time to go sit in our beautiful woods.
  12. calfoxwc

    Meet Bidens replacement

    NY, Cali, oregon..etc... Sanctuary States for Disasters
  13. Yep, went out on me, too - Thanks to Kathy !!!