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  1. Surprise!!! Its a white guy???

    It's probably only a matter of time?
  2. How Many Times

    I've said this, too, many times. Hue can't fool a defense, he's too busy protecting his project qb. Running on first down nearly all the time is worse than stupid. One time I noticed a pass on first down - was when he benched Kizer for Hogan. I suppose that means he's hoping for a first down running the ball, so Kizer won't have to throw..? But it just keeps getting them into 3rd and longs.what ...the....hell? If you don't try to keep a defense guessing, you play right into their hands in any competitive game. Hue isn't learning that, or doesn't care. I'll say it again - Kosar used to love to throw a bomb on the first play of the game, to get into the defense's heads.
  3. Calfox's dismal midseason mock draft special

    hmm. thought for sure I'd catch hell for my draft picks. reckon I'll give it time....
  4. Hue most likely gone now....

    For somebody that knows a ton about football, dammit, Tour, I just about lost my drink of green tea right onto my keyboard. LOL Wasn't expecting that LOL, dammit.
  5. Joe tore his tricep....

    Joe Thomas is the only jersey I'll ever buy, I think - he was getting pain all over during the season - now he can finally take a break. Hell of a guy, outstanding LT, Outstanding Cleveland Brown.
  6. Kizer partied Friday Night

    I did get irate updates from a few friends earlier on - that pretty much got me riled up even before i found it on the radio, by then, Kessler was in there. . they think Kizer will never get it. I say maybe he will...but most of his ints are just mind-boggling.
  7. Kizer partied Friday Night

    you nailed that one. I wanted to, didn't see it anywhere... although, there are a few things you obviously missed: A. Boise safety had a ton of respect for him http://www.idahostatesman.com/sports/college/mountain-west/boise-state-university/boise-state-football/article179363276.html B. Boise State is no slouch - They were unbeaten last year. and Allen and the Cowboys beat them. "Allen’s combined 193 yards accounted for nearly 80 percent of the Cowboys’ offensive output against the Broncos, but he also threw two interceptions. “They did what we expected them to. They brought four most of the time, and they were able to find their way to me. It’s frustrating,” said Allen, who was sacked four times. “We’ve shown as a line we can play better than that — I can play better than that. I need to get rid of the football faster. I need to put it in more catchable situations for our receivers. You can’t point fingers, it’s a team game. I need to be better for this team.” C. The Boise HC respects him hugely: “He’s obviously a tremendous competitor. He’s a very gifted athlete,” Boise State coach Bryan Harsin said. “... He’s one of the best football players that we’ve played against.” D. And Boise State's defense has been terrorizing backfields every game. " Boise State’s STUD ends have terrorized opposing backfields all season, and continued Saturday night." E. He isn't the whole team. http://www.idahostatesman.com/sports/college/mountain-west/boise-state-university/boise-state-football/article180274666.html and... for the fourth consecutive game, they had a different offensive line lineup. http://www.wyosports.net/university_of_wyoming/football/wyoming-expected-to-get-jackson-back-on-offensive-line/article_432d9c36-b2f3-11e7-ad47-a3b6e2f6ef97.html
  8. Calfox's dismal midseason mock draft special

    second pick, second round: Brian O'Neil, Pitt if he doesn't go before this....he could very well come to the draft as a junior. He's excellent. http://www.post-gazette.com/sports/Pitt/2017/07/31/brian-o-neill-pitt-nfl-draft-stock-piesman-trophy-acc-football/stories/201707310062
  9. Calfox's dismal midseason mock draft special

    first pick, second round:
  10. Calfox's dismal midseason mock draft special

    Second pick in the first round - Calvin Ridley, WR, Alabama.
  11. Apparently, first overall pick - Josh Allen, QB, Wyoming. Kizer couldn't play like him in college, and seems he may never play like Allen... in the Pro's, either.
  12. Kizer partied Friday Night

    I'll tell you how bad it is... I haven't even watched the game yet. I was at the sold flip house digging for a second septic tank, then we painted the front brick on the other flip house, and I only heard the last 8 minutes. Or, I'd be more irate... LOL Oh, and I have to get a couple of truckloads of firewood into the barn, and other stuff... may be working an all nighter because I didn't get to do it over this weekend, and it's supposed to rain in the morning.
  13. Kizer partied Friday Night

    I thought by now Kizer would show SOME kind of improvement, but this last game was worse than pitiful.I think he just doesn't see it - timing, accuracy, progressions.....zilch. If I had to do a mock draft right now,Josh Allen would be my #1 pick of the draft - even at first overall. My second pick would be a wr... Kirk... or Ridley. After that, who knows ...but three wr's in the draft might be necessary. And, Hue runs an undisciplined offense, players like britt, coleman, kizer, lewis, higgins...don't care to play football, they just want a paycheck, and Hue apparently doesn't want to see it, and won't hammer down on players who don't care to win. Williams is a genuine wr... The offensive line, TE's, and rb's deserve a hell of a lot better than the qbs and wr's that are making this offense a farce. So do all the fans. If Williams is named Interim HC tomorrow, I won't be a bit surprised. Nothing is going to improve while the offensive coaches allow some players to fart around on and off the field. I would have already had Kenny Britt out the door for his lackluster behavior on the field. Kizer is struggling, and stayed out partying til 1 AM Friday night? I'll bet Trubisky and Wentz weren't out partying til 1 AM.
  14. Well, I've criticized him so much over the years, I figure to give him a bit of cred for honesty without partisan bloviating. http://www.theblaze.com/news/2017/10/22/jimmy-carter-lets-loose-knocks-obama-and-hillary-says-russia-didnt-alter-election-praises-trump/