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  1. calfoxwc

    A little more James Comey news

    I wonder if the prominent ones are fearful - people die in the deep state corruption. The obamao mafia. "you can join, but you can never leave...alive" http://lasvegas.cbslocal.com/2016/08/10/the-list-of-clinton-associates-whove-died-mysteriously-check-it-out/
  2. calfoxwc

    A little more James Comey news

    they have obstructed justice under the untrue claim of "national security" egad, like some Jason Bourne movie or something. Obamao put all these political weapons in place for the left's safekeeping. And comey, etc etc.... would get to keep their positions forever, if they could just keep the corrupt dems in office.
  3. so, how the heck can immigration officers KNOW that the children really ARE with PARENTS anyways? no driver's licenses, no paper work? These illegal bastard parents ??? breaking our laws, are creating a very serious tragic condition. but the dream of a free ride will entice millions to come here. and of course, our entitlements will crash. Why does the left want to give illegals SS, free everything, when SS is already on the ropes? Cloward-Piven. and the left getting to flood American voter demographics with those who don't even speak english... is priceless. Meanwhile, President Trump's approval is going higher and higher.
  4. It's impossible. the birdbrains just parrot "ripping children away from their mommies and/or daddies", all the while ignoring human trafficking, and the fact that so many of those "kids" are old enough to be ms-13 and other gangs. and of course, woody chimes in with another subject change. Just pitiful.
  5. calfoxwc

    Update on Shelton

    Shelton is a NT - Lawrence Guyis 309 lbs, more able to do stunts etc. He may end up on a defense as a NT and do very well. Good luck to him.
  6. calfoxwc

    anyone own a 10mm semi auto?

    I'm thinking capacity could be illegal in some asinine liberal states/cities. So far, the original M&P compact, precursor to the very excellent 2.0, is close. Don't care for the lackluster grip texture, but it's barrel is a half inch shorter. I want a cross between a compact and a subcompact. "sigh"
  7. major takeaway from Horowitz testimony - he admitted he didn't have the power to get a search warrant or convene a grand jury, so he didn't have access to strzok/page/etc etc etc etc PHONE and emails. how convenient. Dirty rosenstein won't call for a independent prosecutor, and sessions is worthless. what a mess. Only republicans in congress are grilling them for the most part, the dirty dems are grandstanding for poltical advantage. dems are corrupt to the core. They are hopeless.
  8. MS-13 apprehensions at the border skyrocket - Click2Houston https://www.click2houston.com/news/ms-13-by-the-numbers May 23, 2018 - MS-13 gang members are being caught entering the United States illegally in ... but gang members are found crossing into the U.S. illegally every day. ... and it's not uncommon for a 18-year-old veteran MS-13 member to have killed 20 people. ..... Family mourns the death of Angleton couple, 5-year-old son ... Two gang members in U.S. illegally are accused of kidnapping 3 girls ... www.latimes.com/nation/nationnow/la-na-texas-kidnap-killing-20170303-story.html Mar 3, 2017 - Two MS-13 gang members from El Salvador, both in the United States illegally, held three teenage girls against their will and killed one of them ... Related search ms 13 allies Sureños Los Zetas Sinaloa Cartel La Familia Michoacana
  9. then there is the intelligent caveat to the "poor little children" problem https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2017/jun/21/30-of-border-children-have-gang-ties/ Nearly 30% of illegal immigrant children at border have ties to MS-13 or other gangs
  10. calfoxwc

    Worst cities to live in

    demoncrat bastions of garbage'
  11. calfoxwc

    anyone own a 10mm semi auto?

    No, I thought I told that story before - we graduated from hs, and decided to go camping in the wilderness of central Ontario. We weren't partiers - didn't drink, Fort Lauderdale wasn't our style...My best friend, his older brother, and it was awesome....his older brother had friends who got in a lot of trouble, got hurt...so we had the adventure of a lifetime. We were about ten miles north of the Mississauga River, at the end of of a 6 mile jeep trail/dirt road, and we camped across to the other side of Rocky Island Lake with my parent's 17 Grumman canoe. Amazing trip. We caught big n. pike in the eddies near the rapids... lots of cool stories.
  12. Here is the problem: assuming the children are with PARENTS is liberal stupid. https://www.aclu.org/other/human-trafficking-modern-enslavement-immigrant-women-united-states
  13. calfoxwc

    anyone own a 10mm semi auto?

    yep - thank goodness back in 1969, we tied our food up in a sack in a tree - away from camp. We had a bear step on our tent in the middle of the night one night. It must have been a big bear - we heard the sniffing near my head that I thought of when I watched Jurassic Park...