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  1. Down to the "Final Four"

    Craig Morton is one. No clue about the other. 5. I'm stumped. I'll say Oakland. 8. Chiefs? 11. NFC:3. AFC:1
  2. Down to the "Final Four"

    1. Montana? 4. A)McNabb & Aikman B. Brady. 5. Has to be Minnesota 7 A) So basically the team to never lose a championship game? Giants? 8. Were the Jets another?
  3. Playoff drought History

  4. Playoff drought History

    sorry I thought the Browns won the division in 94. They hosted a playoff game as a WC. Indeed it is Browns.
  5. Playoff drought History

    1. Buffalo. 2. Bengals 3. Bengals 4. Bengals 5. Lions or Browns? 8. AFC south. 9. Every NFL team has won the division at some point. Technically, it would be the LA Rams (85) if you exclude St. Louis. Otherwise, it would be the Lions ( 91). 10. Without actually winning SB? I'd be the Bills. I think... 11. Err....Detroit or Cardinals?
  6. Hue Jackson is undefeated

    Pending a loss, this game will clinch 16-0. Steelers and Patriots will likely both win Sunday, and both play at 2 pm on the 31st. Thus, I foresee Ben and the gang all playing when this clown show shows up.
  7. Marvin Lewis leaving Bengals

    My thinking was you need " continuity" with a head coach. After today, I am officially on the fire Hue bandwagon.
  8. Dorsey: No Commitment to Jackson

    Why would he accept the job if the owner won't let him fire the incompetent coach? Where's your pride man?
  9. Your comparing a well run ( sans 2017), storied franchise, to one of the most toxic dumpster fires in the last twenty years. These two franchises don't belong in the same sentence.
  10. Team of losers

    If my aunt had nuts she'd be my uncle.
  11. Team of losers

    If the best thing we can say about a bunch of millionaires is they didn't "quit"..well we got problems. Every team tries to win. I'm sure the coaches and front office want to win. They're just an awful organization from top to bottom. The players aren't good enough.
  12. The Jaguars basically have a bye this week. Most teams likely can't help but look ahead before facing this dumpster fire.
  13. Jaguar Trivia

    1. NE. They lost to Patriots in 96, 05, 07 postseason. Beat them in 98.
  14. Rumors. Harbaugh, others to Browns??

    Not sure if even Jesus would want to coach this bunch.
  15. This team has a very serious chance at going 0-16.