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  1. Dawgs89

    Hue interview with mkc

    Hue got the shaft here. Embarassing what they did to this good man.
  2. Dawgs89

    Fire Hue now!

    Firing Hue now would make little sense. The team has been competitive in every game except the Chargers.
  3. Dawgs89

    Best Players not in the HOF

    Bill Cowher shouldn't sniff the hall of fame. 4 AFCCG losses at home. 1 SB win in 1 years. He has no shot.
  4. Besides the economical impact, what about emotionally? Would it be a lifelong dream for some fans? Bigger parade than the Cavs? Biggest moments in the city's history?
  5. Dawgs89

    ***Official Browns @ Raiders Game Day Thread***

    We just got absolutely screwd
  6. I think Brady is done. Frankly, the writing is on the wall. The question is whether the organization would have the guts to possibly release him. And from what I've heard in the media over the past year, such a decision will be the owner's call. As for Baker becoming Drew Brees, that's quite a stretch right now. Way too early.
  7. Dawgs89

    Josh Gordon Traded to Pats

    I think Rosie is beautiful!!
  8. Dawgs89

    How is your excitement

    An upgrade in special teams and coaching will do wonders for us. I see the light at the end of the tunnel.
  9. Dawgs89

    is hue gone on monday?

    Why are people wanting Williams to be fired? The defense looks to be a strength of the team. For christ sakes we were playing a top ten QB of all time in one of the toughest NFL venues.
  10. Dawgs89

    Josh Gordon Traded to Pats

    I doubt this will happen. Moss was a headcase...but he played. Gordon doesn't play.
  11. Dawgs89

    Why is Jackson Painting Himself Into a Corner?

    Might want to hold of roasting a guy who just lost his brother & Mother.
  12. Leases are made to be broken. It's definitely possible.
  13. Look at the roster additions. Furthermore, Hue isn't Dorsey's " Guy".
  14. Win win situation. If they win 9 or more games, we see postseason football. If we win 7 or less, Hue is gone & a better coach is in.
  15. Obviously, a new arena, government funding, and a fan base would be a necessity. Could you see it happening? Would you support It?