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  1. The Jaguars basically have a bye this week. Most teams likely can't help but look ahead before facing this dumpster fire.
  2. Jaguar Trivia

    1. NE. They lost to Patriots in 96, 05, 07 postseason. Beat them in 98.
  3. Rumors. Harbaugh, others to Browns??

    Not sure if even Jesus would want to coach this bunch.
  4. This team has a very serious chance at going 0-16.
  5. Hue on the end of the first half: "It's on me"

    Previous to the coaching change, were the Rams hiring & firing gm's & coaches left and right? They have a stud QB. They've got Gurley.
  6. Hue on the end of the first half: "It's on me"

    This is why I'm so divided: Firing him means starting over. Yet, this guy has blatantly cost this team multiple wins this season.
  7. AJ McCarron

    Both of these franchises are dumpster fires.
  8. Hue Jackson has been a coach before and we know what he's not capable of. Shanahan has potential ( See last year) but he's got some flaws too.
  9. Yep. My guess is NE didn't want him to fail in this toxic dump of an organization. SF is a much better option with Lynch and Shanahan.
  10. The team's best player ( Albeit hofer) is a lineman. That's usually not a recipe for success.
  11. Possible head coaches for 2018: McDaniels, Belichick, Jeff Fisher,
  12. Colts Shopping TY Hilton

    I'm sure he would just be thrilled to leave one dumpster fire for another...
  13. Yet somehow they ( Don't ask how) will lose to the bye...
  14. I seriously think this franchise is at least another five years away from competing. There's nobody to build around. Wheres the franchise QB? WR? Anything?