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    Tailgate Rules Clarification (vs Giants Nov 27)

    Haha I figured as much, and I figured it was that kind of rule. I just didn't want to be the one who does something stupid to the point where they have to enforce it. The thing I wanted to emphasize is that we are on foot. The lot looks like you can just walk onto it like any other parking lot. Is this the case? Or is it closed off during gameday where you have to pass through some kind of gate person (again on foot) just as you would with a vehicle? Or will it be easy for use to bring a few drinks and walk around the lot and just check stuff out without any problems? Thanks guys (I know it's easy to do with a car and I imagine they're not searching vehicles. I just wanted to know if showing up on foot with a closed cooler would raise any eyebrows from parking staff)
  2. Hello, Two of us are heading down from Canada to Cleveland to see the game on Sunday Nov 27th and I'm having trouble finding clarification on the tailgating rules. We will not have a vehicle with us and we are wondering if it would possible to take in the tailgating. I see that there is a "no alcohol" rule. Is possible to walk onto the lot with some beer so that we can "not drink it"? Or will be refused at the parking lot gate. Just wondering if we should bother even trying to tailgate without a vehicle on Sunday. If by any chance someone is looking for two people to join them, it would be great to meet some Browns fans! I was in the city last summer for an Indians game and loved the fans that I met that time! Thank you! (PS: We will not show up empty handed if invited to join. Be it food or refreshments)