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  1. Browns vs Lions

    Great Kizer finally playing well and they fail to protect him.
  2. Browns vs Lions

    We would have 2 stud TEs? It worked for the Patriots before Aaron Hernandez decided killing people for fun.
  3. Browns vs Lions

    Terrible time management at the end. They looked shook probable because they have been getting blown out rather then be in a tight game before a half. That Devalue fumble really hurt. Kizer is decent today.
  4. "With the First Pick of the 2018 Draft, the Browns Select..."

    Why not trade up to have the 1st and 2nd picks. It's not like we are short of draft picks.
  5. A Sunday in the regular season without a Browns loss

    I really and I mean REALLY try stay positive about the Browns but that's on them. And it not like is some new thing, they could also have HoF talent like AJ Green and Julio Jones on the roster but they choose to be idiots.
  6. A Sunday in the regular season without a Browns loss

    Not so sure been watching MVP candidate Carson Wenzt pass for threeTD passes before the end of a half. Even on the bye the Browns lose just pathetic.
  7. Why is this board Censored now?

    Are talking about mentally? Cause neither me or my friends children's are Browns fans. We're all in our early 30s. WHY would this kids watch this $hits show or waste their time on a forum.
  8. Why is this board Censored now?

    LOL I just pictured Jimmy as Elmer.
  9. Why is this board Censored now?

    And by the way an announcement would have been the correct way of going about this instead of a cop out and thesilent treatment and some talks of Ghoolie to cover it. Not cool.
  10. Why is this board Censored now?

    wow after the censoring and looking at my previous post its make me think about posting . looks something a 6 year old would say after autocorrect.
  11. Why is this board Censored now?

    Didn't really mean for this thread to come to personal attacks and Ghoolie I find you entertaining and for the most part your right unfortunately (entire board groans) though you come off semi-racist and pompous and while the latter is cool... I just.... let let me think; for real the Browns Shmucken suck, really bad and for me not call them $h1t without censorship like 1940 nazi germany is strange. I really hope the mods that are lift the ban cause it's childish in itself and make this place OBR lite. Everyone here is an adult in if cuss words about football offend you your a sissy plan an simple. I don't promote attack on other posters but damn the Browns are literally the Shmuck boyz of the league. Let us vent dammit. This post is going to look nonsensical cause of censors and it doesn't make any sense. Please correct this. Would the censors rather me call the Browns mediocre than embarrassing pooper Sheet stains of a Shmucken 2 dollar whore they are???
  12. Josh Gordon

    Can you imagine if we got TY Hilton via trade with those 2 coming back as well, we would have a clear understand on what Kizer can do. Sighs...
  13. Why is this board Censored now?

    LOL hope its changed.
  14. Zane Gonzalez

    Why did we let that scrub that missed 3 FG against go. He ended up being good the rest of the way.
  15. Biggest Trade Deadline concern

    It did this year.