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  1. Hilarious! With that said the 2 refs involved in the blown play should be fired immediately. Worst blown call of all-time.
  2. WarriorsRpussies

    Who is the bigger idiot

    Thought Ghoolie 😤was going to one of the answers
  3. WarriorsRpussies

    Team TD Celebrations....

    Yeah I'm 30 and caught that one and it was lol. Very few people in our age group actually supported this team during its 20 years of suck so alot people probably didn't notice it.
  4. WarriorsRpussies

    Rookie of the Year Award

  5. WarriorsRpussies

    Dez signs with Nawlins

    Damn that sucks
  6. WarriorsRpussies

    No one talking about the targeting hit on mayfield?

    God No! thats the problem
  7. WarriorsRpussies

    No one talking about the targeting hit on mayfield?

    It's the worst it's ever been. I thought when all the old refs retired this off-season it would get better, boy was soooooooo I wrong. Calls always go against the Browns and to be honest the last two years I didn't care because we sucked that bad and would have lost all those games regardless. It's different this year cause we been in every game except the Chargers game. To see all the pussy- butt roughing the passer calls though half a season, and then have our FQB take a helmet to helmet and these fags eat their whistles infuriates me to no end.
  8. WarriorsRpussies

    Who else is ordering a Willies jersey?

    Wow Wtf we are cursed.
  9. WarriorsRpussies

    Dear Quarterback, may I tackle you?

    let them wear tear away shirts anyone that agrees with Sheet is a bitch
  10. WarriorsRpussies


    I literally shred a tear its been so long my twins where born in October of 2016 they are almost two and before today they had won one game. The swearing on Sundays must have sucked for my family but it's finally over. I'll eat crow Dorsey can fuxken draft his butt off. I hated out out first round picks but Damm has he nailed both picks.
  11. WarriorsRpussies

    Don't let this be fake news

    I have it as mp4 on my ild laptop occasionally when I get drunk I watch it after the bar closes if I'm not getting laid. Maybe I could set a dummy Dropbox or something so you can download.
  12. WarriorsRpussies

    Elf come back?

    Hope he comes back. When I go out state and talk about football the Browns shitty logo always comes up. Our logo is a Shmuck3n helmet no design just a boring butt helmet.
  13. WarriorsRpussies

    Dealing with Cusswords

    It's like we are posting on Disney.com.
  14. WarriorsRpussies

    Browns Let go of McCourty

    Terrible move.
  15. WarriorsRpussies

    Joe Thomas has retired

    Dammit we finally may be able to field a NFL level football team and he retires. Good Luck Joe!