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  1. WarriorsRpussies

    ***Browns VS Steelers GAMEDAY Thread***

    Your right about that one. The difference is like someone pissing on you, or getting puke on. Both suck!
  2. WarriorsRpussies


    An absolute perfect tackle he semi suplexed him to keep him from a 1st.
  3. WarriorsRpussies


  4. Jesus was in Tavern when happened and didn't see the actually play but good lord. Will be lucky to start next season
  5. WarriorsRpussies

    Bill O'Clown finally fired

    You won't get any arguments out me about his sub-par play but look at the number Freddie did to Baker, it may take another year for him to recover. If I remember right Matt choose to bang bitches at USC while in the NFL, and party during the season like a crazy frat-boy.
  6. WarriorsRpussies

    Bill O'Clown finally fired

    Yeah I seen him play but Gase is as bad as Freddie and they're devoid of talent, so I don't think he got a fair shake.
  7. WarriorsRpussies

    Bill O'Clown finally fired

    After seeing what the Cardinals did I'm thinking yes, precedent has been set. Sucks because I thought Darnold was best QB in that class.
  8. WarriorsRpussies

    Bill O'Clown finally fired

    Literally one of the worst Gms in history of sport. It will take half a decade to fix that mess wasting away Watson's prime years. No cap or picks. Dolphins will be really good in like 3 years with all those 1st rounders.
  9. WarriorsRpussies

    OBJ trade whispers bubbling once again

    Trade him for a 5th...
  10. WarriorsRpussies

    Nick Chubb Update

    Sorta good news could have been more serious.
  11. WarriorsRpussies

    President Trump and First Lady test positive for COVID-19

    His a fucken Retard so why waste your time? Dude probably think the world is flat. I guarantee you his the type of person that would go bungee jumping without a cord and wonder why things went sideways. Like I said before our education system and specifically that **MASK** Besty Devos is a total disaster. Here's the proof.
  12. WarriorsRpussies

    President Trump and First Lady test positive for COVID-19

    And to top it off these shit heads didn't bother to tell Biden's crews or Christoper Wallace (who is really, and I'm mean really fucken pissed) they may have been exposed. No Human decency what so ever. Vote these vermin out.
  13. WarriorsRpussies

    President Trump and First Lady test positive for COVID-19

    This was bound to happen. Like a true dumb ass he downplayed the whole thing and called it a "democratic hoax" while knowing full and well about how serious it is. What's even stupider he went on tape explaining how he lied about the whole thing and costing thousands of souls for his in-actions . Then to top that off, after entering the debate a Doctor went up to them with masks in hand, explained to them it was required in the Clinic at ALL times and his dumpy family and loser cronies waved him off. I couldn't care less what happens to him and deplorables he surrounds himself with because they all act Willy Nilly, constantly breaking public health codes, while lying about the severity of the situation. I'm more concerned about that specific Doctor, his family, and the other public healthcare workers and patients that may have been exposed. Like how much of immoral fucktard piece of shit do you have be, to be so inconvenienced about wearing protective face gear, during a pandemic, you endanger the lives of fellow human beings at a damn Hospital?
  14. WarriorsRpussies

    Our old friend Tyrod Taylor

    Yeah I remember thinking how the hell do you injure yourself warming up before a game. Guess the Doc done fucked up