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  1. WarriorsRpussies

    Hidin Biden's vp choice will be susan "traitor" rice

    Something is seriously wrong with yourself as you made AN entire thread replying to yourself in a conversation till Woody came. How fucken creepy is that???? I literally click on this by accident, but man have some self respect. Jesus WTF is wrong with you people. God lord!
  2. I get what his saying, especially in regards to safety but his walked back on it since seeing how the Browns are taking ever precaution. With that said I remember being blown away by Vikings set up only to learn that their Infections Control Officer actually got Covid last week.
  3. WarriorsRpussies

    NFL Top 100 - #1 Jamie Gillan

    Wait they were women on this board? Sorry but this place comes off as a big old sausage fest.
  4. WarriorsRpussies

    NFL Top 100 - #1 Jamie Gillan

    The fucked up thing is he has no idea he confirmed that his an idiot, even in his own eyes/words. What an imbecile. That's actually the opposite of hilarious and actually quite sad.
  5. WarriorsRpussies

    NFL Top 100 - #1 Jamie Gillan

    You are MUCH better man then him Gip I must say. He has actively promoted misinformation and anti-science propaganda without a care in the world. Doesn't matter if it's effects healthcare workers, infants, or the elderly, the cost of human lives be damned. Also I'm pretty sure the idiot blocked me because the mods can see though his cry-baby bullshit. I also don't want to wish harm on anyone, but if these morons want to drink bleach, Lysol, and fish tank cleaners that's completely out of my hands.
  6. WarriorsRpussies

    NFL Top 100 - #1 Jamie Gillan

  7. WarriorsRpussies

    Njoku Back In

    This stupid muthafucker. Anyone read his recent comments about player safety after wanting out. Then he backsteps and says he loves the city and fans. Look I'm pro player all the way. I understood why Duke wanted out he was going to never see the field after week 8 so do you man, but this David character was specially told he would be a huge part of the offense. And like a lazy **MASK** he demanded out cause he was NOT the clear No 1 and would have to actually put some work in and not drop easy passes. The team picked up his option and gave him a chance and this is how he repays them by hiring a slimeball agent, Fuck this dude.
  8. WarriorsRpussies

    Myles Garrett, 7 year 147$ million

    Good for Myles hopefully he'll help us fuck up (within the rules) the Rapists for many years to come!
  9. WarriorsRpussies

    Cam to The Pats

    https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/29380463/qb-cam-newton-reaches-1-year-deal-patriots-sources-say Wonder what stats he'll out up this year if there is indeed a season.
  10. WarriorsRpussies

    Good study of Wilson

    This is part of not having a regular off-season that sucks. I think he can be coached to be average starter which is all we need but fucken covid.
  11. WarriorsRpussies

    Big Ben Booze and Porn

    Fuck him his a rapist.
  12. WarriorsRpussies

    Browns players taking a knee

    I literally took a vacation out of state, to bury my died uncle and you sorry losers and your still are on this shit! Jesus Christ what is wrong with you idiots!!! You are still a scary pedo that's into 3 years olds girls and are clearly are an open racist so fuck off ... Good lord, no words literally, your stupidity knows no bounds. Have fun with you goats and sheep's you sick fuck.
  13. WarriorsRpussies

    Browns players taking a knee

    That's for proving my point!!!
  14. WarriorsRpussies

    Browns players taking a knee

    This is your well thought out rebuttal for having pedophile tendencies? How sad. What does that even mean unless your using the English (UK) term? Next you call me a fag and I'll think you called me a cigarette. What an idiot.
  15. WarriorsRpussies

    Browns players taking a knee

    Hence the /s which means sarcasm Einstein. You probably hate him because of which side of the WW2 he sided on and the used of the scientific method. It ain't like the infowars junk stats "you" guy preach. Now trying saying that in a low Mr. T voice with some bass (which you may also hate because of the color of his skin) very slowly and try to sound out the letters "Einstein". Sorry that flew over your head in between the Lysol injections. It's OK if you run into some trouble, since we know you having a hard time reading and pronouncing things, my 3 years olds have the exact same problem. . Also I'm also a BearCat, what else do you know about me Nostradamus?