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  1. WarriorsRpussies

    For All... Before They Completely Disappear

    I'm sure this racist idiots will either commit suicide or be arrested as insurrectionist in the next couple of month. Fuck these confederate POS's, terrorists, and traitors to the country. May the FBI hunt you bigots down and imprison you all. Have a nice nite snowflakes I'm out... Drops mics bitches (off till September)
  2. WarriorsRpussies

    Thanks Tavern Heads !

    He sounds alot like Herpes
  3. WarriorsRpussies

    This Week in the NFL Playoffs

    looks like the fake browns are going to lose great day
  4. WarriorsRpussies

    Congrats from a steelers fan

  5. WarriorsRpussies

    It's time for the 25th for 45

    I view you as a joke and possibly a terrorist. Thanks for the laughs!
  6. WarriorsRpussies

    It's time for the 25th for 45

    dupe and cal is racist
  7. WarriorsRpussies

    It's time for the 25th for 45

    Wtf is wrong with you seriously. Its antifa that organized 20000 racist white people to storm the capitol? Good lordy.... Are you Retarded???? You are are racist and support racism end of story, wave your confederacy flag like the traitor and loser you are, own it bitch. You lost loser
  8. WarriorsRpussies

    It's time for the 25th for 45

    These MAGA protesters/white nationalist should be treated as domestic terrorists and either be imprison or shot on site. They are danger to our society like the idiots above have clearly shown. It's time for a FBI to track and remove these people from our great nation. Fuck these racist fucks.
  9. WarriorsRpussies

    Stefanski tests positive.

    Same here. My gf has a 16 year old and 14 year old along with our twins. They don't care what you are and that's great. I don't give a shit what happens in someone else's bedroom as long as your not trying to shove shit up my butt, soo what's the big deal. Old people mostly suck.
  10. WarriorsRpussies

    Stefanski tests positive.

    Thanks! What a POS. People like that don't belong in a modern society. Also isn't the female coach we got a homosexual.
  11. WarriorsRpussies

    Stefanski tests positive.

    Can you paraphrase the article please. Use to love deadspin before they hired some right-wing nutjob as the editor and he threaten to censor all stories that contained anything political, so all the writers quit and it's now and no pun intended a "dead site". I refuse to give them a click until it's in the wayback machine.
  12. At least they weren't drinking and racing at 3 in the morning I suppose 🙄
  13. WarriorsRpussies

    Stefanski tests positive.

  14. WarriorsRpussies

    Stefanski tests positive.

    The weird thing is the Sunday before President day is their ultimate goal because most people will be off the next day.