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  1. Soju

    Our Wide Receivers Blow

    hard to blame the receiver when Baker's throwing it 5-10 feet above their heads on 50% - 75% of the plays
  2. Soju

    Baker Mayfield

    Baker apologists getting SMASHED itt
  3. How many times would a good offensive play calling coach dial up a draw on 3rd and 10? Sounds like a coach that doesn't trust his QB, or horribly inept at calling plays. Which is it?
  4. Stockholm syndrome is a real thing. I guess now you know. I'm sorry you like being tortured by this horrible play calling.
  5. which of those did I mention? I said Alex Van Pelt. The others were clowns.
  6. Just because this coach brought a level-headed, professional demeanor to the organization that coincided with a couple winning seasons you guys want to put him in the god-tier level of coaching exempt from any criticism. He's far from it. Look at that 3rd and 10 draw play. Straight Retarded. He just can't call a game. Run, run, pass, over and over and over and over again. Opposing teams know it too. Hand over the F'ing offensive reins to Alex Van Pelt and let him call games like he did last year when Stefanki was sitting home in his basement watching the Browns RUN the score up on the Steelers in the WC round in last year's playoffs.
  7. Baker isn't doing ANYTHING in this conservative dink and dunk offense Stefanski has installed. He ruined WR Stefon Diggs in Minnesota until he left for Buffalo to become a pro bowl-type receiver. He is ruining OBJ now. The guy just doesn't like the pass game. He has installed this 1991 archaic offense of running the ball constantly instead of the upgraded 2021 passing attack of today's NFL. Look at baker when we spread the offense and let him throw indiscriminately. He balls out. Stefanski in Minnesota made Kirk Cousins regress (now Cousins is doing better without him), and now Baker--not to mention the WRs. OPEN UP AND SPREAD THE OFFENSE AND GUN SLING -- THAT'S HOW YOU SET UP BAKER TO WIN. Otherwise Baker should leave, because Stefanski is killing his value.
  8. Soju

    Baker Mayfield

    Baker SUCKS. Time to get a real QB before our SB windows closes for good. DO not pay him what he thinks he's worth. Meanwhile, Stefanieowski better start calling better plays and fire Joe Woods. Follow my advice and we win multiple Super Bowls.
  9. Soju

    Baker Mayfield

    lol wut?! "Never been prouder" of that performance? Ok, I'll remember that take when my daughter brings home a failing grade with a smile. I'm so proud of you sweetheart! Can you bring home a lower grade next time? There you go sweetie, here's a snickers bar.
  10. Soju

    Baker Mayfield

    Was Baker drunk today? He SUCKED. NOT a "franchise QB" sort of day. Throwing above, behind, wide of every ALL day. TERRIBLE showing.
  11. Soju

    ***Official Gameday Thread Browns at Ravens

    Baker and that bum Beckham Jr need to GO. baker: I give up on this bum. I gave him 2-3 years but he just can't read zone. At all. He came into the league as the most accurate QB of the draft but can't throw with accuracy anything over 10 yards. He's hesitant int he pocket and throws WAY too many INTs. He's just a wreck and his confidence is shot. Odell is a loser through and through. He's no better than Braylon edwards. Havent won an opener in 16 years. WTF is wrong with this franchise? Pathetic SHI# stain LOSERS! What can I say anymore. It's actually harder to suck this long than to occasionally be good and have a great season. This team is f'ing cursed. Hey at least we can will have Fields or Trevor as a consolation prize--which I'm fully expecting them to turn into a pumpkin once they put on the Sh#% stain uniforms.
  12. Soju

    Browns Reveal New Uniforms

    SAME BORING CRAP. These unis are a tip of the hat to all you boring boomers out there.
  13. Soju

    Freddie's Staff searches

    This Wilks guy rubbed players the wrong way in Ariz., stubborn, and the defensive Hue Jackson type. HATE this pick.
  14. Soju


    You hate to be "premature"? I think you're LATE on the notion he is our franchise QB.
  15. Soju

    Good old Hue Jackson

    Hue seriously needs to be fired if we lose next week. Enough is a F'in NOUGH!