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  1. Soju

    Freddie's Staff searches

    This Wilks guy rubbed players the wrong way in Ariz., stubborn, and the defensive Hue Jackson type. HATE this pick.
  2. Soju


    You hate to be "premature"? I think you're LATE on the notion he is our franchise QB.
  3. Soju

    Good old Hue Jackson

    Hue seriously needs to be fired if we lose next week. Enough is a F'in NOUGH!
  4. Nope. What goes around comes around little faggots. Remember they wouldn't trade us Garoppolo? They said they'd do him right by sending him the San Fran instead of Cleveland. F off. You aren't getting the QB YOU want now. ROT.
  5. Soju

    Is this for real Detroit and Cleveland

    you gotta be an idiot to believe this
  6. nobody has time for this ish, gramps.
  7. Soju

    Saquon at the Combine!!!!

    The average life span of an NFL RB is just under 3 years.....6 years for those making opening day roster and Pro-bowlers 11 years. I believe barkley can be a pro bowler.
  8. if they aren't "enamored" with any of the top QBs you take Barkley number 1 and take one the QB's you aren't "enamored" by with the number 4 pick.
  9. Soju

    Saquon at the Combine!!!!

    Pure manimal! Don't screw this up Dorsey! You take this beast number 1 overall and the next best available QB. Don't be an idiot!
  10. Soju

    Josh Allen mechanics are very good.

    Dear God NO! We saw in Kizer last year what an inaccurate QB entails. Stay the F away!
  11. Soju

    Are you all so sure Kizer can't be your QB?

    I don't get it. So just because Aikman and Bradshaw (who go way back) made it, we should apply that to all horribly performing QBs? Kizer just simply doesn't have it, he never really did have it. He has a strong arm, but inaccurate as hell, holds onto the ball too long, and can't read defenses...not to mention he locks onto receivers as well. There's just too much going wrong with him and I'm not comfortable with the wait it out game.. When you are presented with the chance to secure a true franchise QB, especially suffering through Kizer last season, you DO IT and don't second guess it.
  12. Soju

    Thoughts On Today's Parade

    He went on: " “I got a kick out of it,” James told The Athletic. “I can’t even sit here and say that I didn’t. You know how you see some Sheet and you’re like, ‘That’s not really happening, right?’ And it’s so bad that it’s laughable. So when I seen the video at Browns Stadium, I was more like, ‘I cannot believe this is actually happening.’ And it actually happened.”
  13. Soju

    Thoughts On Today's Parade

    He has our back. He knows our hearts are in the right place.
  14. Soju

    The Browns are on the clock!

    screw those offers. Im staying put and taking Rosen
  15. Soju

    The Browns are on the clock!

    dont overthink this. You take Rosen and Barkley 1 and 4 and call it a good draft. Everything else is icing on the cake