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  1. Dste Ace

    Saudi Arabia Assassination

    Nothing will be done to Saudi Arabia. We've been kissing their butt since the 70's. Trump spoke with the prince yesterday and then came out with the "rogue killers" bs. The story that they are preparing to release is that 15 guys flew from SA to the consulate in Turkey. They were supposed to kidnap and torture Khashoggi but--oops!--the fukker died on them. They haven't decided whether or not to say if the prince knew about it beforehand. "Mistakes were made."
  2. Dste Ace

    Saudi Arabia Assassination

    In the early 80's I was TDY in Saudi Arabia three different times. 2-month TDY's and the only upside was the $2500 cash in travel pay when we got back to the States. Downsides included no alcohol for two months and having to deal with Saudi Arabian society. The Wahabbi sect are hard-core Islamists who made no effort to hide their hostility to Americans. The religious police who dressed in black and carried staffs/clubs were a particular joy. In public they would literally spit at Americans in contempt. U.S. servicemen were under strict orders to be subservient and kiss SA butt at all times. And this was when Reagan was President. You know that there is some serious cash changing hands when 15 of the 19 9/11 hijackers were from Saudi Arabia and we retaliated by invading Iraq. I once read an insider account of a meeting with then-CIA Director Leon Panetta and an official from the State Dept. The official from State referred to Saudi Arabia as "one of our closest allies" and Panetta told him 'if you truly consider Saudi Arabia as one of our closest allies then I humbly suggest that you immediately resign your position.'
  3. I'll say this...the teams left on the schedule are certainly not looking at the Browns as an automatic win like they probably were a month ago.
  4. Dste Ace

    ***Official Browns Vs. Ravens Game Day Thread***

    And yet another fourth quarter drop that would have resulted in a first down and extended the drive. I see another heartbreaker in our near future.
  5. Dste Ace

    Some thoughts (Browns at Raiders)

    We had nine dropped passes. Nine. That's beyond frustrating. Nine drops is utterly pathetic.
  6. Dste Ace


    After Njoku's crucial 3rd down drop in the 4th quarter the game announcers even commented on all the drops. Basically said that Browns receivers need to catch the ball to help a young qb out. Njoku looked awesome in preseason but now that it counts he's reverted back to Board Hands.
  7. Dste Ace

    NFL Phucks Cleveland Twice in 4 Weeks

    It seems to me that over the last few years there have been certain times--the 'Tuck Rule' game, last years Steelers-Patriots 'actually he didn't catch the ball', and yesterday's 'no that wasn't a first down'--where it just seems that the refs are saying "Just give us a minute so that we can figure out how to rule that what everyone just saw didn't actually happen." I'm not a conspiracy theorist. But I firmly believe that Earl Morral threw the Super Bowl against the Jets in '69 and Neal O'Donnell threw the Super Bowl against the Cowboys in '96.
  8. Dste Ace

    Why was Amos Jones hired

    I particularly enjoyed the delay-of-game penalty on the last extra point.
  9. Dste Ace

    Why was Amos Jones hired

    It has literally been years.
  10. Dste Ace

    Why was Amos Jones hired

    Because we're the Browns? And that is what the Browns do.
  11. Dste Ace

    ***Official Browns @ Raiders Game Day Thread***

    Yeah, we got fukked on a couple of calls. But the Browns laid flat on their backs and spread their legs wide to allow them to go balls deep. Double digit lead in the fourth quarter and turnovers and dumb penalties let the Raiders right back into it. And I'm officially sick and tired of watching Njoku drop crucial third down passes. He looked awesome in preseason, though. FFS, we scored 42 on the road and STILL found a way to Browns in up.
  12. Dste Ace

    ***Official Browns @ Raiders Game Day Thread***

    Once again, snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. Goddam man, being a Browns fan is the absolute worst.
  13. Dste Ace

    Cardiac V2.0?

    Over the last 3 seasons, by Game 4 I've turned the games off by the middle of the second quarter (at the very latest) and mowed the yard, washed the car, etc.
  14. For some reason I pictured Cal as being a tad older...😏
  15. Dste Ace

    Am I the only one who...

    Perhaps a Crisis of Confidence? His throws lacked zip and the last two throws, with open receivers, were inaccurate and looked like he was throwing a balloon. He just didn't look like he had any confidence to make the throws.