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  1. Dste Ace

    No suspension for Rudolph?

    Playing in Pittsburgh. That means that any Brown who uses harsh language within earshot of Rudy will be ejected/suspended.
  2. Dste Ace


    No worries, Hoorta. Vag already tried that shit in an earlier reply to me.
  3. Dste Ace


    After Myles ripped his helmet off (and got kicked in the balls) he is clearly backing up with two very large Steelers between him and Rudolph. Rudolph charges at him swinging and then Myles completely goes off the rails. I honestly don't understand your "defenseless player" defense of Rudolph. OK, he doesn't have a helmet. But instead of backing away he charges at Garrett. You make it sound like Rudolph was trying to get away and Myles chased him down and bashed his head with a helmet. And BTW, why aren't Pouncey and the other lineman trying to push their quarterback away from the skirmish instead of letting him charge at Garrett? Rudolph reminds me of Pedro Martinez when he was with the Red Sox. He would throw at hitters, then when the hitter came out to the mound Martinez would hide behind a wall of teammates while still talking shit. (Well, there was the time he stepped up and threw a 72 year old man to the ground.)
  4. Dste Ace


    Will you, at the very minimum, acknowledge that after he tore Rudolph's helmet off, Garrett was backing up, with two Steeler lineman between him and Rudolph while Rudolph charged at him? Jesus, you Steeler fans act like Garrett waited until the play was over and then just started beating Rudolph with his own helmet. There is plenty of blame to go around in this incident. Garrett fucked up and deserves to be suspended. As does Pouncey.
  5. Dste Ace


    And he said it without a trace of irony.
  6. Dste Ace


    Preach on, my brother
  7. Dste Ace


    Oh fucking please. Harrison took out Josh Cribbs and Colt McCoy helmet-to-helmet in the same game and Steeler fans cheered long and loud. I was driving home from Erie on I-79 when Antonio kicked our punter in the face and Stan and the rest of the boys were yukking it up in the DVE booth. "Boy, he wasn't expecting THAT, was he?" Spare me the outrage. If the Steelers didn't want Mason to get touched with 8 seconds left in the game, then they should have simply taken a knee. Don't send your receivers down the field and then complain because someone hit your quarterback. Garrett completely lost it on the field and he most definitely should be punished. But give the self-righteous indignation a rest.
  8. Dste Ace


    Except for the part where Garrett's helmet is twisted to the point that he's looking out the ear hole. "Chasing sacks, hence taking Rudolph to the ground with 8 seconds left." So, with 8 seconds left in a two score game, the Steelers are still trying to score but Garrett is at fault because he didn't take a knee? Right. Look, I get it: Garrett deserves a suspension. But can we please stop acting like Rudolph was serving Thanksgiving dinner to the homeless when Garrett suddenly for no reason decided to start whaling on him with his own helmet? After Garrett tore his helmet off he is clearly backing away with Pouncey and another Steeler lineman between him and Rudolph. Rudolph chooses to be the aggressor and charges at him when Myles loses it. Again, Myles deserves a suspension. But comparing him to Burfect is asinine. P.S. James Harrison says hello.
  9. Dste Ace

    ***Browns @ Broncos Game Day Thread***

    I definitely wanted a team. I was just led to believe that we would be getting an NFL team.
  10. Dste Ace

    ***Browns @ Broncos Game Day Thread***

    Something I read earlier: "Miami is intentionally tanking and the Browns have won one more game than them."
  11. Dste Ace

    Path to the Playoffs

    Oh, for fuck's sake. Playoffs. Are you actually watching the fucking games?
  12. You are what your records says you are.
  13. Dste Ace

    Browns record after 2-5 in 2019?

    Let us pray...
  14. Dste Ace

    Browns record after 2-5 in 2019?

    6-10. But then again, my friends tell me I'm an optimist. 😶