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  1. Dste Ace

    Exemptions for Religious Institutions

    Thinning out the herd...
  2. Dste Ace

    Antonio Brown..off the rails..

    I always thought Gronkowski was a meathead, but it turns out he hasn't touched a dime of his salary or signing bonuses, but has lived off his endorsements.
  3. Dste Ace

    The official Terry Pluto thread

    11. My plan would be to keep Dorsey with the caveat that he refrain from drafting guys who flunk drug tests at the NFL Combine (Antonio Callaway) along with other obvious character risks. The Browns need to get back to bringing in guys to play basic football, the blocking and tackling that were so lacking this season. An NFL scout said that a when a player flunks a drug test at the Combine it isn't a red flag---it's an air raid siren. The players are told in January to stop smoking weed and whatever else is in their arsenal. They are told that they will be extensively drug tested at the Combine. Anyone who flunks a drug test at the Combine is a fucking idiot. Actually, under the CBA, any player that flunks a drug test in today's NFL is a moron.
  4. Dste Ace

    Last game as Browns Fan?

    The Browns have a bandwagon?
  5. Dste Ace

    Browns Road to the Playoffs

    I think this pretty much sums up my feelings as far as the Browns playoff aspirations.
  6. I agree, no help at all. Just commenting on the (unfortunate?) reality that certain players---LT, Jordan, Bonds---don't have to worry about the rules like the rest of us schmucks.
  7. Of course, the other side of this is that one player is arguably the GOAT at his position, and the player for the Browns is most certainly not. 😏
  8. Dste Ace

    Browns at Steelers Official Gameday thread

    We'll beat Cincy (maybe) in CLE. In Cincy? Nope Arizona? Nope Ravens? Will be uglier than Tenn and SF.
  9. Dste Ace

    Browns at Steelers Official Gameday thread

    This.^^ Precisely this. ^^ I thought it and you said it. This team has no heart, no mental toughness. When things are going our way we roll like gangbusters. At the first sign of adversity, we fold like a cheap suit. We have not come from behind one single time this season. When we get behind, it's over. And you can bet your next fucking paycheck that in a close game, the Browns will allow the other team to drive the length of the field for a TD right before halftime. Woody is exactly right about Kitchens. Our coaching staff is The Smell of Ass. We have more talent on offense than half the league and we can't get out of our own fucking way. On defense, our tackling is atrocious. We have a ball carrier stopped for little or no gain, nobody wraps up and he ends up gaining 8. And it's all the more soul crushing because we ended last year with such high hopes. And no, I didn't expect us to go 13-3. Or even 10-6. But I certainly thought 9-7 was a strong possibility. Denver and Pittsburgh. 2 shit teams and we shit the bed. Fuck it, I'm out. See ya next year...
  10. Dste Ace

    No suspension for Rudolph?

    Playing in Pittsburgh. That means that any Brown who uses harsh language within earshot of Rudy will be ejected/suspended.
  11. Dste Ace


    No worries, Hoorta. Vag already tried that shit in an earlier reply to me.
  12. Dste Ace


    After Myles ripped his helmet off (and got kicked in the balls) he is clearly backing up with two very large Steelers between him and Rudolph. Rudolph charges at him swinging and then Myles completely goes off the rails. I honestly don't understand your "defenseless player" defense of Rudolph. OK, he doesn't have a helmet. But instead of backing away he charges at Garrett. You make it sound like Rudolph was trying to get away and Myles chased him down and bashed his head with a helmet. And BTW, why aren't Pouncey and the other lineman trying to push their quarterback away from the skirmish instead of letting him charge at Garrett? Rudolph reminds me of Pedro Martinez when he was with the Red Sox. He would throw at hitters, then when the hitter came out to the mound Martinez would hide behind a wall of teammates while still talking shit. (Well, there was the time he stepped up and threw a 72 year old man to the ground.)
  13. Dste Ace


    Will you, at the very minimum, acknowledge that after he tore Rudolph's helmet off, Garrett was backing up, with two Steeler lineman between him and Rudolph while Rudolph charged at him? Jesus, you Steeler fans act like Garrett waited until the play was over and then just started beating Rudolph with his own helmet. There is plenty of blame to go around in this incident. Garrett fucked up and deserves to be suspended. As does Pouncey.
  14. Dste Ace


    And he said it without a trace of irony.
  15. Dste Ace


    Preach on, my brother