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  1. Dste Ace

    Is Trump the chosen one?

    "For now we see through a glass darkly..." That's One Corinthians for those of you keeping score at home.
  2. Dste Ace

    Trunp's motorcade

    The motorcade was carrying Chinese officials.
  3. Dste Ace

    The Missed Call in NFC Champ. Game

    While it is true that the Saints missed several opportunities to put the game away... The simple fact is that if the correct call is made and the flag is thrown, the Saints run the clock down to 00 :04 and then kick the game-winning field goal. So yeah, that blown non-call cost the Saints a trip to the SB.
  4. Dste Ace

    Inside the Browns front office, ESPN

    As many on this board suspected, Haslam has been the driving force behind the last 6 years of Suck. The Hue Jackson Debacle was brought to you exclusively by Jimmy Haslam. As a Browns fan, this article left me feeling sick. What a shitshow. Haslam told the front office he was pleased with the drafts and free agency but also seemed torn, wanting a heavyweight football name at the helm. He had gone from a nontraditional hire in Banner to a lifelong scout in Farmer and then swung back to an unorthodox pick in Brown. Now he wanted to swing the other way. On Dec. 7, Haslam entered Brown's office and fired him. According to people who saw him afterward, Haslam looked frayed when he exited the meeting, knowing he'd gone back on his word to Brown. Friends around the league urged Haslam to start over clean and fire Jackson too, but he refused. Dorsey was hired as GM that same day. The Browns were starting over again, with another arranged marriage between coach and GM. "We just don't know what we are doing," Dee said in the office around that time, according to multiple sources in the building, a refrain they had heard her utter before but that she denied through a team spokesman. "If we'd known how hard it would be, we never would have bought the team." Who knew running an NFL franchise was so complicated? Fucking hell. Obviously, the future success of the Browns hinges on Jimmy suppressing every instinct he has and getting out of the way and letting the football guys make football decisions. But the last couple of paragraphs of the article don't instill me with high hopes of that happening.
  5. Dste Ace

    Mainstream media is wrong again

    I stand corrected. The 'unconfirmed' disclaimer was on the Cohen story. And if I'm not mistaken, one of the two Buzzfeed reporters on the Cohen story had already previously filed an erroneous report on Cohen. I still stand by my other statements. Is it too much to ask that stories or video be checked and confirmed before screaming BREAKING NEWS?
  6. Dste Ace

    Mainstream media is wrong again

    When this story was breaking, CNN, MSNBC, etc. were saying "This is an unconfirmed report from Buzzfeed". I don't remember them making the disclaimer on the Indians story. Maybe they did with the BuzzFeed attorney Cohen story. But even if they did the damage has been done it's already gone viral and everybody has seen it and most Stooges think that this Indian was attacked by Republican teenagers. WSS WSS---semantics aside, I think we are both in agreement on this. Not every 'reporter' made the disclaimer---I specifically recall Chuck Todd and at least one other talking head saying that it was unconfirmed. But to me, the disclaimer is not the issue, nor does it let the person reporting the story off the hook. 'Unconfirmed' is the equivalent of "I know a guy who knows a guy..." Until it is confirmed it is just bullshit and shouldn't be reported as fact. And the news services do a tremendous disservice to the electorate and to the country when they do this kind of shit. It also amazes me (I guess it shouldn't) that they can be so tone deaf. The news organizations bitch and moan over Trump calling them Fake News! and then turn right around and give him ammunition.
  7. Dste Ace

    Mainstream media is wrong again

    When this story was breaking, CNN, MSNBC, etc. were saying "This is an unconfirmed report from Buzzfeed". So if it's unconfirmed, why the fuck are you reporting it as fact? When 60 Minutes became the #1 show in 1974, Executive Producer Don Hewitt said it was a double-edged sword. He felt vindicated because until that moment the news divisions at the networks were regarded with disdain by the programming execs.; a boring, necessary evil and financial drain on the network. But Hewitt knew that everything would change once the network execs saw that the news divisions could actually make money for the network. Now news would be packaged as entertainment. People forget (or are too young to remember) that in the 1970's 60 Minutes was a serious investigative news magazine. While they did some 'fluff' entertainment pieces the majority of their stories were serious investigative stories. Watergate, Syria----Mike Wallace's interviews with Yasser Arafat royally pissed off the PLO at his "disrespect towards Chairman Arafat." Wallace exposed government officials in Chicago and L.A. who were getting illegal kickbacks. He was interviewing the Shah of Iran as early as 1974 and exposing, to the State Departments dismay, the nefarious shit going on between the Shah and the U.S. government. He was one of the first to report that the Shah was facing some serious opposition in Iran 2 years before the embassy takeover. ALL of the 'news' networks, etc---CNN, MSNBC, FOX News, Breitbart---ALL are doing a tremendous disservice to the American electorate.
  8. Dste Ace


    It's a vicious cycle. Players complain that they want a coach that will treat them like men, and when they get that coach, the players immediately begin acting like immature boys. A guy like Gregg Williams was exactly what the Browns needed. Granted, the tough love schtick usually wears thin with the players after 2 or 3 years but it was definitely what this team needed at the time.
  9. Dste Ace

    Mark Levin on the border wall standoff

    And now, for something completely different...
  10. Dste Ace

    Mark Levin on the border wall standoff

    The extreme partisanship is amusing, in a very sad way. Remember when overcompensating males were carrying their AR-15's to places like Target and Sonic because Obama and His Negro Army were coming for their guns? And yet Trump signed an actual ban and...not a peep.
  11. I have been calling for this for years. Full-blown knock-down drag-outs like you see in Taiwan or Lithuania. I have visions of Lindsey Graham in wild-eyed Kavenaugh mode, screaming "I'll scratch your eyes out, bitch!!!"
  12. Negative. We go to Baltiwhore and bend them over and ass-rape them in front of their sorry ass fans.
  13. Dste Ace

    Coach Williams

    A more recent example of fuckery from the Army Ordinance Board: https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/1981/06/m-16-a-bureaucratic-horror-story/545153/
  14. Dste Ace

    George H.W .Bush 1924-2018

    He was the original 'Swiftboat' victim. When he was running against Clinton he was accused of bailing out of his plane in February 1945 over ChiChi Jima, only concerned with saving his own skin, without regard for his crewmen. The truth, as told by his fellow pilots who witnessed his actions, is that he stayed with the plane far too long, trying to give his crewman the opportunity to bail out. He finally bailed out, with the other pilots screaming at him over the radio to get out because the plane was on fire. His plane exploded seconds after he bailed out. (He was 20 years old) His crewmen didn't survive. 50 years later he said "I think about those guys every day." As recounted in Ronald Kessler's "In the Presidents Secret Service", he and (especially) Barbara were extremely well thought of by the agents on their Secret Service detail. One story that stands out is that he and Barbara never went home to Texas before Thanksgiving and Christmas. The would remain in D.C. until the day after those holidays in order to allow the agents on his detail to spend the holiday with their families. There aren't many like him around anymore. R.I.P Mr. President.