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    Antonio Callaway has marijuana charge dismissed

    While the system has gotten better. It still very messed up. I was making 1gm of hash for my epileptic wife made of a plants with 18 percent CBD and less then 5 percent THC. Basically you don't get high unless you smoke boatloads of it. They didn't even care about the plants. Me and my wife was charged with 5 felonies with a maximum penalty of 22 years each of us. I was facing 8 years just for hazardous chemicals because I had rubbing alcohol used to wash the oil off the plant. Yes ohio law is still way behind times
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    The Missed Call in NFC Champ. Game

    I think your right. Soon as I read your post I had a flash back. Also it would of been a little later then you were thinking. Bernie was a rookie in 85 and I was thinking it was 91 or 92. The only thing I could find on it was a list of winners. First QB challenge was 90 and Marino won 91 and 92. Bernie wasn't on the list. Can't believe there was no video. I owe my friend an apology plus never hear the end of it 😕
  3. 30yearbrownsfan

    The Missed Call in NFC Champ. Game

    I have a question and can't find any history thread. My apologies in advance. Does anyone remember Bernie Kosar winning the Quarterback challenge. Beating Joe Montana and Dan Marino. If so how come I can't find anything about it? Help stop the argument between to old friends.
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    No. Just saying if he was I doubt we would see it. Your only as good as your players.
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    We all said that about Belichick.
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    Playoffs start

    Top 10 player no but top 10 guard yes. If Kyrie had Kobe Jordan size he would be top 3-4 player because let's be for real here Irving is a SG in a PG's body. Skill wise he is off the charts
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    Jordan vs. LeBron

    spot on both of you. Jackson arguably greatest coach ever and Rodman was huge for them. It was Rodman beating up the Bulls first in Detroit, We have the poor man's Rodman in Thomson. Got to love guys with strong motor
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    Playoffs start

  9. 30yearbrownsfan

    Jordan vs. LeBron

    You can add Jordan's team won 55 games without him. Can you see what this Cavs team would do if they could win 55 games without LeBron? They didn't win 55 games with him. My dream team Magic Jordan LeBron Bird Kareem
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    Playoffs start

    Imo LeBron and Durant match up decides the series. Durant had the highest production and his opponents had the teams lowest production allowed. His on court off court was night and day. GS lost key players to obtain Durant. They are not the same team without him. Their only skid this year was without him. LeBron has owned Durant his entire career Curry is the greatest shooter I've ever seen but lacks super athlete ability and kyrie is a perfect match. Fast enough to not be exposed on D and skilled enough to score on him. If GS chooses again to not let Love beat them and live with the out come we win this series in 6. He is the one player they can control and outcome will be bad for GS. The sacrifice will come at a great cost. The floor will stay spread and LeBron and Kyrie own them inside Just want to be on record saying it.
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    Playoffs start

    I seen them show the highlights of wide open 3s being missed and there were some but watching the game the D on the perimeter over all was fantastic
  12. 30yearbrownsfan

    Playoffs start

    I prefer Boston without home court. That game we won in Washington that went into OT made me rethink who we should avoid. I know it was just regular season game but you could clearly see that night Cavs playing to win. If it wasn't for that crazy fade out of bounds 3pt bank shot by LeBron we lose. Best game all season but my heart can't take it. We win either way but IMO the least resistance is in Boston
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    Cavs trade Varejao

    Let's wait and see what Cavs look like now that chill mode is over before saying no repeat. On another note Sanders clearly wasn't ready but his replacement had Cavs season high 6 block his first game. Only played 24 mins 10 rebs and had positive plus minus. Just one game but WOW
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    This marks the end of Josh Gordon as a Brown

    Maybe I'm just to old for head games. This is not how it's done. What is he like 12 years old. Trade him anywhere because this type of thinking by young people is the problem with this new generation and will not bring him any success regardless where he plays. 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th chances thanks for nothing. Best of luck to you because you need it
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    Zietler to the Browns per Adam Schefter

    Like it. This is good start. Is it time for optimistic thinking yet?
  16. 30yearbrownsfan

    Josh Gordon reapplies to be reinstated today...

    Far as I'm concerned this guy owes us. Don't let him go anywhere. To much of my time rooting for him to let him off the hook. Its time to pay up. Best receiver in the league so hope he acts like it
  17. 30yearbrownsfan

    Hear Me Out First

    lmao this place is unique. Where else can you go and see fans of other teams get roughed up by mods and posters lol. The 77Bengals into 77bunghole is classic and that comb over is an image you can't get rid of. I may never be able to look at Bengals helmet again
  18. 30yearbrownsfan

    Falcons Game Thread

    I liked Metcalf but all remember about his returns was fumbling the ball. The guy has got to have the most long yard returns with a fumble. Use to drive me crazy.