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  1. ☆ 2019 INDIANS SEASON THREAD ☆ MAJOR LEAGUE Movie now 30! Misc. chit chat. 2019 1-2 must wake up bats.....already and the pitching should be decent. Classic sports movie “Major League” debuted in theaters 30 years ago on Monday April 1 the home opener.
  2. mjp28

    RIP Bill Nelson, Browns QB

    Wow, I remember that great era RIP.
  4. I'm in the hospital again, 9th time since 2015, geeezzzz. Well, briefly, I've been battling an infected hip wound since 2014 which turned inward and tunneled about 5 to 6 inches deelp not very wide at all but near the femur....not good. SO I'm on IVs again and hope to be out before the Fiinal 4 or 2 but we'll sse...... later, mjp.
  5. mjp28

    March Madness Tournament Challenge

    VIRG 85 TT 77 Final...... and my tie breaker was 79-77, hmmmmmm. THE 2019 TBB MARCH MADNESS FINAL NUMBERS - Congratulations to everyone! It was fun.
  6. mjp28

    March Madness Tournament Challenge

    OT, why not this year.
  7. mjp28

    Best pitching or bad hitting?

    Good pitching is nice great pitching keeps you in almost every game and sure helps your bullpen. C'mon Lindor and Kipnis get well soon.
  8. Well for a hospital it's ok......but it's not like our GAMEDAY food here!
  9. One will be crowned soon......
  10. mjp28

    The official Terry Pluto thread

    phoynes@cleveland.com Yes Terry Pluto must never stop writing things down......about Cleveland sports. https://connect.cleveland.com/staff/tpluto/posts.html I have written to Terry in the past and will write him again when I get my stuff in order again soon and will include Paul Hoynes who covers the Indians and MLB this time. https://connect.cleveland.com/staff/phoynes/posts.html I might have some writing time coming up this week.......
  11. OK just got some preliminary information. I've been in one tough week so far. In Tuesday, surgery Wednesday to cut out any absess near hip. Now rest and recovery. Well 2014 got wound, 2015 got really sick pneumonia and kidney infection lost 63 pounds, 2017 sick again got osteomylitis (infection) of top of left femur July to Sept......just found out it is back. At least 6 more weeks of IV antibiotics (+/-). It should get easier Probably a few more days in the hospital then a month plus at a rehab less than a mile from my house should be home in May......been through this before. Even though my wife is a retired nurse with ~42 years experience my insurances will NOT pay for this at home. Thank goodness for my tablet and Wi-Fi.
  12. mjp28

    March Madness Tournament Challenge

    And a special award for our friends Tour and Mark O. who also ended up tied in an exciting tightly fought contest! We care.
  13. mjp28

    March Madness Tournament Challenge

    THE 2019 BROWNS BOARD MARCH MADNESS FINAL RESULTS - and nobody had the Final Two 1. COOKIE - The champion, made his move before the Saturday playoff game by picking VIRGINIA and NOT MICHIGAN STATE. Congratulations! 2. (tie) - Zombo and mjp28 and for all eternity "if" the referees had called the double dribble on VIRGINIA they would be in the TEXAS TECH vs AUBURN tie breaker to decide the 2019 TBB NCAA CHAMPIONSHIP. Zombo 68-57 vs mjp28 79-77 so who would have won? The tie breaker is part of the contest -but- what a way to pick a CHAMPION after 63 games. SO whether it is the race for the Super Bowl or March Madness finals sports can be slightly.....imperfect, but oh so much fun. Most wins mjp28 46, now that would be an interesting tie breaker. That was fun and now on to MLB then NCAA and PRO football! .......oh and wait for the following 13 awards to be mailed out soon. .
  14. UPCOMING SCHEDULE ~ 2019 MAR/APRIL ~ Pitching looks HOT, bats not? Date Opp Result Rec Win Loss Save Att Thu. 28 @ Min L 0-2 0-1 J. Berrios C. Kluber T. Rogers 39,519 Sat. 30 @ Min W 2-1 1-1 J. Edwards B. Parker B. Hand 15,271 Sun. 31 @ Min L 3-9 1-2 M. Perez C. Carrasco 15,613 April Date Opp Result Rec Win Loss Save Att Mon. 1 CWS W 5-3 2-2 J. Edwards D. Covey B. Hand 34,519 Wed. 3 CWS L 3-8 2-3 C. Rodon C. Kluber 10,689 Thu. 4 Tor W 4-1 3-3 T. Bauer A. Sanchez B. Hand 10,375 Fri. 5 Tor W 3-2 4-3 A. Cimber J. Biagini 12,881 Sat. 6 Tor W 7-2 5-3 C. Carrasco T. Pannone 18,429 SUN 7 TOR W 3-1 M. CLEVINGER L ? ...... 4 IN A ROW! Date Opp Time TV Indians : Pitcher Opp: Pitcher Tue. 9 at Det 1:10 PM ET FSDT/STOh C. Kluber (0-2) J. Zimmermann (0-0) Wed. 10 at Det 1:10 PM ET FSDT/STOh T. Bauer (1-0) M. Boyd (0-1) Thu. 11 at Det 1:10 PM ET FSDT/STOh bei.ber (0-0) S. Turnbull (0-1) Fri. 12 at KC 8:15 PM ET FSKC/STOh C. Carrasco (1-1) B. Keller (1-0) Sat. 13 at KC 7:15 PM ET FSKC/STOh M. Clevinger (0-0) H. Bailey (0-0) Sun. 14 at KC 2:15 PM ET FSKC/STOh C. Kluber (0-2) J. Junis (1-0) Mon. 15 at Sea 10:10 PM ET RTNW/STOh T. Bauer (1-0) Y. Kikuchi (0-0) Tue. 16 at Sea 10:10 PM ET RTNW/STOh bei.ber (0-0) M. Leake (2-0) Wed. 17 at Sea 6:40 PM ET RTNW/STOh C. Carrasco (1-1) W. LeBlanc (1-0) i. 19 vs. Atl 7:10 PM ET STOh/FSSO Sat. 20 vs. Atl 4:10 PM ET STOh/FSSO Sun. 21 vs. Atl 7:08 PM ET ESPN Tue. 23 vs. Mia 6:10 PM ET FSFL/STOh Wed. 24 vs. Mia 1:10 PM ET FSFL/STOh Thu. 25 at Hou 8:10 PM ET ATSW/STOh Fri. 26 at Hou 8:10 PM ET ATSW/STOh Sat. 27 at Hou 4:05 PM ET FS1/ATSW/STOh Sun. 28 at Hou 7:08 PM ET ESPN Tue. 30 at Mia 7:10 PM ET FSFL/STOh
  15. No BROWNS WEEK 9? Hey no problem we still have to eat, so what's your favorite gameday or just weekend eats? Dine in or tavern hangout, carryout, favorite rib, chicken, pizza, sandwich, whatever or even cook at home what's up for gameday?
  16. In front of 18,429 the TRIBE wins 7-2 now 5-3 and going for 4 game sweep Sunday 4/7. The starting 5 is awesome!
  17. mjp28

    March Madness Tournament Challenge

    Well zombo and mjp screwed on the no double dribble -OUT. Virginia won cookie rooting for Texas Tech and Mark rooting for Michigan State for the 2019 NCAA TBB MM CHAMPIONSHIP! ........oh and Mark O. and Tour have locked up a last place tie.
  18. mjp28

    I have my 2019 "Darkhorse" QB...

    You wonder how much the "newer" protect the QBs and also WR targets at all cost rules are slightly skewing the game in many ways including maybe less emphasis on the 6' 5" prototypical tough old drop back "Aikman-like" quarterbacks and allowing the smaller mobile quick release guys to be more effective? Will there be more spots for the Drew Brees, Russell Wilson types? Plus there are more 6' 2" guys out there than 6' 5"+ guys.......just a thought.
  19. Saturday, April 6 Time (ET) TV channel Livestream Auburn vs. Virginia 6:09 p.m. CBS March Madness Live Texas Tech vs. Michigan State 8:49 p.m. CBS March Madness Live - our last BIG TEN team green vs red Monday, April 8 Time (ET) TV channel Livestream National Championship 9 p.m. CBS March Madness Live
  20. And in front of 12,881 Carlos Santana hits walkoff homerun #1 in 2019. TRIBE 3-2 FINAL now 4-3.
  21. 4/5 - listening to the INDIANS on WKBN 570 because the cheap hospital I'm in won't pay for STO......their other hospital has STO and the BTN, go figure. ......nice to listen to Hammy!
  22. mjp28

    March Madness Tournament Challenge

    And I will be rooting for both of you! .......from the hospital, had surgery Wednesday recovering now but will not be home for at least another week or two. Pictures to follow, on second thought no pictures of me but maybe check the HOT cheerleaders thread.
  23. mjp28

    Closing My Office