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  1. 2019 NFL HOF, anyone here going? NFL 100th SEASON. https://www.profootballhof.com/events/2019-hall-of-fame-game The Atlanta Falcons and Denver Broncos will face each other in the 2019 Hall of Fame Game on Thursday, Aug. 1 at 8 p.m. ET in Tom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium, adjacent to the Pro Football Hall of Fame. The game marks the fourth appearance by each club in the annual preseason classic. Both teams own 1-2 records in the Hall of Fame Game series. Single event tickets for the Hall of Fame Game are on sale now. Ticket prices range from $69-$199. 2019 Pro Football Hall of Fame finalists Finalist Pos Team(s) Pro Bowls All-Pro Times as HOF finalist Steve Atwater S Broncos, Jets 8 2 3 Champ Bailey CB Washington, Broncos 12 3 1 Tony Boselli OT Jaguars, Texans 5 3 3 Isaac Bruce WR Rams, 49ers 4 0 3 Alan Faneca G Steelers, Jets, Cardinals 9 6 4 Tony Gonzalez TE Chiefs, Falcons 14 6 1 Steve Hutchinson G Seahawks, Vikings, Titans 7 5 2 Edgerrin James RB Colts, Cardinals, Seahawks 4 1 3 Ty Law CB Patriots, Jets, Chiefs, Broncos 5 2 3 John Lynch S Buccaneers, Broncos 9 2 6 Kevin Mawae C Seahawks, Jets, Titans 8 3 3 Ed Reed S Ravens, Texans, Jets 9 5 1 Richard Seymour DE Patriots, Raiders 7 3 1 Don Coryell Coach Cardinals, Chargers Tom Flores Coach Raiders, Seahawks Pat Bowlen* Owner Broncos Gil Brandt* GM Cowboys Johnny Robinson^ S D.Texans, Chiefs *Contributor Committee finalist ^Senior Committee finalist
  2. No BROWNS WEEK 9? Hey no problem we still have to eat, so what's your favorite gameday or just weekend eats? Dine in or tavern hangout, carryout, favorite rib, chicken, pizza, sandwich, whatever or even cook at home what's up for gameday?
  3. Not exactly the most exciting list of presenters this year.
  4. Just from my desk drawer most all are $50s and not the ones in my wife's purse or the ones I have not sent for yet. Give me your number and I will fax you a few.
  5. CLEVELAND, Ohio - Presenters for the Pro Football Hall of Fame's class of 2019 include a wife, a father and an agent for the upcoming inductees. Inductees and presenters: • Cornerback Champ Bailey: Jack Reale, Bailey's agent, attorney and friend. • Contributor Pat Bowlen: Steve “Greek” Antonopulos, Broncos trainer who has worked for the team for 43 years. Contributor Gil Brandt: Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones. • Tight end Tony Gonzalez: Dennis Allen, Gonzalez's cousin and best friend. • Cornerback Ty Law: Byron Washington, Law's friend. • Center Kevin Mawae: His wife, Tracy Mawae. • Safety Ed Reed: His father, Edward Reed Sr. • Safety Johnny Robinson: Johnny’s stepson, Bob Thompson. This year will mark only the fifth time a player's wife has served as presenter. The others: Kim Singletary (Mike Singletary, 1998); Deanna Favre (Brett Favre, 2016); Gene Jones (Jerry Jones, 2017), and Brenda Warner (Kurt Warner, 2017). It's the ninth time a father has presented his son for induction. The others: Herb Hannah (John Hannah, 1991) Roy Lott (Ronnie Lott, 2000) Harold “Red” Allen (Marcus Allen, 2003) William Sanders (Barry Sanders, 2004) LeGrande “Grit” Young (Steve Young, 2005) Clifton Roaf (Willie Roaf, 2012) Lawrence Williams (Aeneas Williams, 2014) Robert Brazile Sr. (Robert Brazile, 2018) The Hall of Fame Game between the Atlanta Falcons and Denver Broncos is Thursday, Aug. 1, at the Hall of Fame in Canton. Enshrinement ceremony is Saturday, Aug. 3. Here are ticket options.
  6. Simple question May 25, 2019 - DO THE INDIANS MAKE THE 2019 PLAYOFFS? Feel free to comment.
  7. Well now that I'm off of all of that healthy hospital food back to good ol' GAMEDAY food. MLB is still in full swing and what's better than some hot dogs with the game as the TRIBE is trying to recapture first place! ........high school football starts in just five weeks!
  8. But everyone else is filling up the parking lot it's always packed! And we know that you can not beat the good ol' ma & pa restaurants in the MV area. (see the MV pizza cook-off for some names) Posted: Mar 25, 2019 / 11:49 AM EDT / Updated: Mar 25, 2019 / 11:51 AM EDT The winners of the 10th Annual Mahoning Valley Pizza Cook-off were announced Monday. Pizzerias across the Valley competed in various categories. The winners are listed below: Traditional – Uptown Pizza Gourmet – Pizza Joe’s No-Red – Bruno Bros. Brier Hill – Belleria People’s Choice Award – Cocca’s Pizza Maestro di Cucina – Bruno Bros. Cocca’s, Bruno Bros. and Belleria also received special recognition for being in the event for 10 years. Potential Development hosts the event every year. The program provides educational services for students with autism and is the school’s signature fundraiser. The event was held Sunday at Mr. Anthony’s in Boardman. Storm Team 27 meteorologist Alex George was a guest judge at the event.
  9. As of today, more than 72,000 Americans who were involved in World War II remain unaccounted for, according to the Defense Department. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ There were some real hell holes in the Pacific my late father-in-law was in several of them. I worked with many of those guys in the steel mills, a tough bunch including Lou a member of that Greatest Generation. God bless them all.
  10. INDIANS 10 kc 5 final. Now -3 1/2 out min down 3-5 7th inning.......hmmmmmm. ..........edit add Oak 5 Min 3 final.
  11. mjp28

    All Time Browns Depth Chart

    You know what this is. Before there was a Joshua Cribbs, there was an Eric Metcalf. Touching Eric Metcalf on a punt return kills you immediately. I was going to look at the impact of Paul Brown and football. Then Josh Cribbs took me back to one of the best afternoons of my young football life. October 24th, 1993 Eric Metcalf shouldn't have played. He injured his right knee in the previous weeks win over the Bengals. He missed practice on Monday, Tuesday, Wednsday and Thursday. On Friday he did nothing but a light walk through. In today's NFL world he would have been declared doubtful (although our coach was Belichick, so maybe not). On Friday he told Cleveland Browns owner (I refuse to add his name to such an amazing tale) "I'm playing in the Pittsburgh game. I'm just not going to miss that." Thank God he didn't......... https://www.dawgsbynature.com/2009/12/22/1212207/a-look-back-the-greatest-punt
  12. mjp28

    All Time Browns Depth Chart

    Ahhhhh great Cleveland Browns memories and then there are the Dirty Two Dozen +1. Some did try even put up some good or sorta' good numbers but most just were big buck busts.
  13. Had a really good GAMEDAY meal before yesterday's INDIANS game, sirloin steakburgers about 1/3 pounders on the grill with American cheese lettuce and whatever, baked beans, potato salad and my weak moment treat plain ol' potato chips to snack on during the game......I could eat a bag full of them but have to quit. Sometimes simple can be nice. The grillin' life. ......oh we haven't had one our favorites Wedgewood Pizza since maybe February, on the list plus a pile of unused gift cards to The Olive Garden and others maybe a Sunday GAMEDAY meal.
  14. mjp28

    Topical trivia question

    Some of those missle silos that I have seen on shows on PBS could be a bunker capable of surviving a nuclear blast. Many are being converted into residences and long term bugout shelters.
  15. mjp28

    Topical trivia question

    Too wacky not to be TRUE.
  16. Diner patron: You know, they could be a lot worse. Construction worker: You know, these guys aren't so fucking bad. Groundskeeper #1: [In Japansese] They're still shitty. Groundskeeper #2: Hai
  17. mjp28

    ELO with Jeff Lynne

    We have the DVD and CD nice music!
  18. mjp28

    1986 Browns vs. 2019 Browns

    This has my juices flowing comparing 2019 and 1986 plus remembering the Sipe and back to the great Jim Brown era. GO BROWNS, forever!
  19. Sounds good, we take ALL of our VISA reward points as restaurant gift cards for gifts or our treats have about $300 in my drawer now. Ummmmm, need to get busy on those.
  20. mjp28

    Crazy/Bold Predictions....agree or disagree

    Agree or disagree- semi-retirement seems to agree with The Gipper? More free time on his hands.
  21. mjp28

    The official Terry Pluto thread

    After thinking about it for awhile one big KEY component the offense might greatly help the defense by establishing more ball control and time of possession getting leads and greatly cutdown on defense plays and tackles......isn't that what winning teams do? Eh? (new tablet new spell checker which I have to keep checking....sheesh)
  22. mjp28

    The official Terry Pluto thread

    Wasn’t Jamie Collins part of the problem? A: Joe Schobert (24) led the NFL in missed tackles. Other missed tackle totals: Collins (20), Briean Boddy-Calhoun (12), Damarious Randall (12), Jabrill Peppers (11), Denzel Ward (10), T.J. Carrie (10), Derrick Kindred (10) and Trevon Coley (10). Collins, Calhoun, Peppers, Boddy-Calhoun and Kindred are no longer with the team. Q: The defense is a worry? A: Dorsey did a good job adding Olivier Vernon and Sheldon Richardson to start on the defensive line. Myles Garrett and Larry Ogunjobi are excellent. Morgan Burnett can help against the run at strong safety. I’m hoping one of the rookie linebackers (Sione Takitaki or Mack Wilson) emerges as a run-stopper. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Obivously the primary concern and focus from training camp day 1 on to game 1 and beyond.
  23. mjp28

    The official Terry Pluto thread

    If Mayfield started all 16 games in 2018 they coulda' gone 9-7 last year.......10+ is the target this year (with of course a touch of luck).
  24. Sunday July 14, 2019 Twins at Indians 1 pm. At 2 pm rib eyes on the grill and baked potatoes with the works, big garden salad ~and a Sam Adams Boston Lager~ oh yeah. GAMEDAY food is back!
  25. D"oh and d'oh blew that golden opportunity still they must win Sunday at 1 pm.......great pitching matchup . INDIANS 50-40 .555 on track to win 89.91 games.....need bats to wake up again.