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  1. Wow did we just get some good coupons from Jersey Mike's yesterday : 1 free sub no purchase, BOGO sub, buy 2 giants get 1 $1.99 (worth about $11) and $2 off any......will be going back today! Maybe draft day also.
  2. No BROWNS WEEK 9? Hey no problem we still have to eat, so what's your favorite gameday or just weekend eats? Dine in or tavern hangout, carryout, favorite rib, chicken, pizza, sandwich, whatever or even cook at home what's up for gameday?
  3. Ooodey, ooodey, ooodey going to beat dem......or wait wrong language.
  4. Actually when you look how close the BROWNS were in the 1-31 stretch with that cast of caracters and play calling to grabbing a few wins they have a chance this year......especially against Cincinnati and maybe 1 each from pit/bal. And all of this 0-fer nonsense might not have ever happened.
  5. The "Eyes" Have It...

    You forgot Barkley..... "These big pro guys are scary, I can't just run away from them."
  6. Barkley at #1 Overall

    C'mon Dutch, give him some odds, collect your money Thursday night on PayPal and be done with it.
  7. Barkley at #1 Overall

    Not again!
  8. UPCOMING SCHEDULE MAR/APRIL 2018, scheduled pitchers Date Opp Result Rec Win Loss Save Att Thu. 29 @ Sea L 1-2 0-1 F. Hernandez C. Kluber E. Diaz 47,149 Sat. 31 @ Sea W 6-5 1-1 C. Carrasco J. Paxton C. Allen 35,881 April Date Opp Result Rec Win Loss Save Att Sun. 1 @ Sea L 4-5 1-2 M. Leake D. Otero E. Diaz 24,506 Date Opp Time TV Indians : Pitcher Opp: Pitcher Mon. 2 at LAA 10:07 PM ET STOh/ESP2/FSW M. Clevinger (0-0) J. Ramírez (0-0) Tue. 3 at LAA 10:07 PM ET STOh/ESPN/FSW J. Tomlin (0-0) G. Richards (0-0) Wed. 4 at LAA 4:07 PM ET STOh/FSW C. Kluber (0-1) T. Skaggs (1-0) Fri. 6 vs. KC 4:10 PM ET STOh/FSKC C. Carrasco (1-0) D. Duffy (0-1) Sat. 7 vs. KC 4:10 PM ET STOh/FSKC T. Bauer (0-0) I. Kennedy (0-0) Sun. 8 vs. KC 1:10 PM ET STOh/FSKC M. Clevinger (0-0) J. Hammel (0-0) Mon. 9 vs. Det 6:10 PM ET STOh/FSDT J. Tomlin (0-0) M. Boyd (0-0) Tue. 10 vs. Det 6:10 PM ET STOh/FSDT Wed. 11 vs. Det 6:10 PM ET STOh/FSDT Thu. 12 vs. Det 6:10 PM ET STOh/FSDT Fri. 13 vs. Tor 7:10 PM ET STOh/RSN Sat. 14 vs. Tor 4:10 PM ET STOh/RSN Sun. 15 vs. Tor 1:10 PM ET STOh/RSN Tue. 17 at Min 7:10 PM ET FS1 Wed. 18 at Min 7:10 PM ET STOh/ESPN Fri. 20 at Bal 7:05 PM ET STOh/MASN Sat. 21 at Bal 4:05 PM ET FS1/MASN Sun. 22 at Bal 1:05 PM ET STOh/MASN Mon. 23 at Bal 7:05 PM ET STOh/MASN Tue. 24 vs. ChC 6:10 PM ET STOh/WGN Wed. 25 vs. ChC 7:10 PM ET STOh/ESPN/NSCH Thu. 26 vs. Sea 6:10 PM ET STOh/RTNW Fri. 27 vs. Sea 7:10 PM ET STOh/RTNW Sat. 28 vs. Sea 4:10 PM ET STOh/RTNW Sun. 29 vs. Sea 1:10 PM ET STOh/RTNW Mon. 30 vs. Tex 6:10 PM ET STOh/FSSW
  9. Well we BROWNS fans have been kicking around this draft stuff since the last CLE vs pit game, four long months we need something else to do until it's April 26....this is worse than waiting for Christmas when you're 6 years old, I know make a to do list! x do taxes, done. x make a quarterback list, done to death do another mock draft? watch the INDIANS play in Puerto Rico starting Tuesday, *4/17/18 and Wednesday 4/18/18, now that will be neat! get ready for the Kentucky Derby 5/5/18, hey that's Cinco de Mayo too, woo-hoo I know get ready for summer, now there's something to look forward too in NE OHIO! Any other ideas? Please? *edit, the INDIANS are off Monday and play Tuesday (FS1) Wednesday (STO/ESPN) in Puerto Rico.
  10. Pick Six

    That might be the general idea, if I were Hue I wouldn't be buying a new house in Cleveland just yet.
  11. Geeezzz this seems like Opening Day in football or even baseball, I don't really remember this kind of hoopla just for a draft. We might get out our CHICAGO ITALIAN BEEF SANDWICH recipe, four pounds of top round seared then cooked for hours in the oven, featuring Italian seasonings and roasted red peppers sliced very thin served up on sourdough bagettes. Haven't had it in years and plenty for the neighbors and day two. See GAMEDAY food if you're interested in the recipe. Ummmmm.
  12. Oh we finally tried our local Jersey Mike's Sandwich store, 1.6 miles from our house, small store front. I had the Philly Steak $7.55 half, not bad nice amount of meat, got a Pastrami Reuben for tomorrow. Wife had the Caesar Chicken Wrap $7.75 I thought it was quite tasty. I guess it would be mjp GAMEDAY approved.
  13. Pick Six

    Josh Allen: 4 CLE, but the BROWNS brain trust might not be done with the hocus-pocus stuff Sam Darnold: 2 NYG Lamar Jackson: 23 NE Baker Mayfield: 12 DEN Josh Rosen: 5 BUF Mason Rudolph: 29 JAX A prize goes to the person who comes closest with their predictions.....yes you get to coach the BROWNS in Game 1 until Hue gets back from vacation
  14. #1 Overall Pick Trivia (Short)

    OK I'm back ND and USC.Final, well you know......
  15. #1 Overall Pick Trivia (Short)

    5. ND, final answer Regis.
  16. #1 Overall Pick Trivia (Short)

    4. Which team has made the most #1 overall picks in history? 5. Which 2 colleges are tied for having the most players selected #1 throughout history? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Just for a start you always have to think about the great old football powerhouses like ND, USC maybe Ohio State.
  17. #1 Overall Pick Trivia (Short)

    Oh I have a few ideas but some are tricky when you think about them too long.......good questions.
  18. #1 Overall Pick Trivia (Short)

    Oh yeah which one(s)?
  19. Twilight Zone (Spring 2018)

    Want to borrow my brown & orange sunglasses with that?
  20. Tank Carder Question

    And his sisters Ellie Mae, Joleen, Bobby Jo and Elvira.
  21. Twilight Zone (Spring 2018)

    Hmmmmm, 7, 3, 1, null followed by what? Odd prime numbers? Thank goodness it's Cleveland sports and not reality. .....let's see, 1 win? 2, 4, 6? What about a 5 win season?
  22. Browns Schedule Thread

    I seem to remember that the now money losing NFL Europe was most successful when it was around areas where US GIs were stationed. But as a novelty you still might see a few more American football games.
  23. Browns Schedule Thread

    Maybe someday I'll go to a pittsburgh game...... .......maybe not.
  24. Twilight Zone (Spring 2018)

    Well the BROWNS haven't had a winning season since 2007, the most recent;: 7-9, 3-13, 1-15, 0-16 Hopefully if they get near 7 wins it would be great realistically if they get over 3 it would be nice. ......oh they have an opportunity in this draft to significantly improve the team.