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  1. No BROWNS WEEK 9? Hey no problem we still have to eat, so what's your favorite gameday or just weekend eats? Dine in or tavern hangout, carryout, favorite rib, chicken, pizza, sandwich, whatever or even cook at home what's up for gameday?
  2. Should we draft a quarterback 1st overall?

    Gordon? Maybe, maybe not. But Kizer if he survives will have some major experience, Hogan another stop-gap, build the team for 2019 (gulp!). A plan, we'll see.
  3. OH YEAH Frank's used to be called Frank's Louisiana Red Hot years back.......we used to consume gallons of the stuff years back with pork rinds or chips playing pinball at the famous now gone JIMMIE'S INN in Niles, Ohio, still have my bumper sticker. Great memories!
  4. WEEK ATURDAY, OVEMBER 11 TIME (ET) MATCHUP TV LINKS 12:00 PM Indiana 24, Illinois 14 BTN Recap » Box Score » 12:00 PM Nebraska 21, Minnesota 54 FOX Sports 1 Recap » Box Score » 12:00 PM Rutgers 6, #14 Penn State 35 BTN Recap » Box Score » 12:00 PM #12 Michigan State 3, #13 Ohio State 48 FOX Recap » Box Score » 3:30 PM Michigan 35, Maryland 10 BTN Recap » Box Score » 3:30 PM #20 Iowa 14, #8 Wisconsin 38 Recap » Box Score » 7:00 PM Purdue 13, #25 Northwestern 23 Recap » Box Score » SATURWDAY, NOVEMBER 18 TIME (ET) MATCHUP TV LINKS 12:00 PM Rutgers @ Indiana Tickets » 12:00 PM Minnesota @ #23 Northwestern Preview » Tickets » 12:00 PM #24 Michigan @ #5 Wisconsin FOX Preview » Tickets » 3:30 PM Purdue @ Iowa Tickets » 3:30 PM Illinois @ #9 Ohio State Preview » Tickets » 4:00 PM Maryland @ #17 Michigan State FOX Preview » Tickets » 4:00 PM Nebraska @ #10 Penn State FOX Sports 1 Preview » Tickets » FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 24 TIME (ET) MATCHUP TV LINKS 4:00 PM Iowa @ Nebraska FOX Sports 1 Tickets » SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 25 TIME (ET) MATCHUP TV LINKS TBD #23 Northwestern @ Illinois Tickets » TBD #17 Michigan State @ Rutgers Tickets » TBD #10 Penn State @ Maryland Tickets » TBD #5 Wisconsin @ Minnesota Tickets » 12:00 PM Indiana @ Purdue Tickets » 12:00 PM #9 Ohio State @ #24 Michigan FOX Tickets »
  5. I knew a couple of guys that knew Danny personally, no kidding! Quite an "interesting" and fun guy. I did not know him.....at all.
  6. Since our Brownies and 6 other teams do not have cheerleaders from Men' Fitness magazine one of the 10 fittest cheerleaders from the other teams:
  7. This Week in the AFC North

    Something to shoot for, beat 0-14! ScheduleEdit Regular season Week Date Opponent Result Kickoff[a] Venue TV Attendance Record 1 September 12 at Houston Oilers L 0–20 2:00 The Astrodome NBC 42,228 0–1 2 September 19 San Diego Chargers L 0–23 1:00 Tampa Stadium NBC 39,558 0–2 3 September 26 Buffalo Bills L 9–14 1:00 Tampa Stadium NBC 44,505 0–3 4 October 3 at Baltimore Colts L 17–42 2:00 Memorial Stadium NBC 40,053 0–4 5 October 10 at Cincinnati Bengals L 0–21 1:00 Riverfront Stadium NBC 40,700 0–5 6 October 17 Seattle Seahawks L 10–13 1:00 Tampa Stadium CBS 43,458 0–6 7 October 24 Miami Dolphins L 20–23 4:00 Tampa Stadium NBC 61,437 0–7 8 October 31 Kansas City Chiefs L 19–28 1:00 Tampa Stadium NBC 41,779 0–8 9 November 7 at Denver Broncos L 13–48 4:00 Mile High Stadium NBC 61,703 0–9 10 November 14 at New York Jets L 0–34 1:00 Shea Stadium NBC 46,427 0–10 11 November 21 Cleveland Browns L 7–24 1:00 Tampa Stadium NBC 36,930 0–11 12 November 28 at Oakland Raiders L 16–49 4:00 Oakland–Alameda County Coliseum NBC 49,590 0–12 13 December 5 at Pittsburgh Steelers L 0–42 1:00 Three Rivers Stadium NBC 43,385 0–13 14 December 12 New England Patriots L 14–31 1:00 Tampa Stadium NBC 41,517 0–14
  8. This Week in the AFC North

    I got skunked again starting with our beloved but totally inept Brownies........geeezzz professional football sucks!
  9. Is that this place in Parms? I've heard about it before on this board. https://www.antoniosparmatown.net/
  10. Official Jacksonville Jaguar Game Thread

  11. Hey and who said fixer uppers can't be fun! .......and I'd love to see your neighbors
  12. Official Jacksonville Jaguar Game Thread

    Holy Shitskie! But I'll take it.
  13. This Week in the AFC North

    Wow, almost happened in Q1.. So... Two of JAX's starting OL and one back-up are OUT. And our Shon is IN. AS we all know games turn on the OL. So I'm down... Prediction: CLE 21 JAX 14 Each D scores... thinking it's a Kindred Pick 6 for us... maybe a scoop and score for JAX. But we contain Fournette and Ivory putting the game in Bortles cold hands. Meanwhile Calias gets the better of Shon a couple times, but in the end does not best him. Crowel continues to roll-well while Duke does his dinky-doo excepting one long wheel route for one score. Our other... a Kizer run where he meets and runs over Gipson at the GL. Pretty sure I see Kizer leading us in rushing today.
  14. Briefly.....Ossobuco or osso buco is Italian for "bone with a hole" (osso bone, buco hole), a reference to the marrow hole at the centre of the cross-cut veal shank. In the local Western LombardMilanese dialect, this dish's name is oss bus. There are two types of ossobuco: a modern version that has tomatoes and the original version which does not. The older version, ossobuco in bianco, is flavoured with cinnamon, bay leaf and gremolata. The modern and more popular recipe includes tomatoes, carrots, celery and onions; gremolata is optional. While veal is the traditional meat used for Ossobuco other meats such as pork may be used.
  15. I think it might be chili for us next weekend, like winter has come early this year! Osso buco, haven’t had that in a long time.
  16. F-uck the steelers

    Yeah, getting our hopes up....... "Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in!"
  17. This Week in the AFC North

    And still in crystal ball time give me the LA Rams +1, NE -7 and DEN -2' with GB +1 to round it out.
  18. This Week in the AFC North

    ONE MAN'S OPINION SATURDAY AFTERNOON EDITION....... Winless and witless. That sums up the Browns. Only Cleveland could outgain the Lions, 413-335, while dominating time of possession and still fail to cover as double-digit underdogs. The Browns are 8-27-1 (23%) ATS in their last 36 games. DeShone Kizer is showing improvement although his 14 turnovers in eight starts remains a killer. He does get his top receiver, Corey Coleman, back this week. The Browns rank fourth in run defense. They’ve permitted just four rushing touchdowns. The Jaguars are run-oriented with Leonard Fournette and in letdown mode after a thrilling home overtime victory against the Chargers. Cleveland has lost four games by three points. (Ah-ha a clue!) SO WHAT TO DO? WELL THE BROWNS ARE +8' THIS WEEK AND THEY KEEP LOSING BY 3, SO TRY TO FIND SOMEONE YOU DON'T ALREADY OWE MONEY TO AND BORROW AS MUCH AS YOU CAN GET ON THE BROWNS.......hey they're due, right? GO BROWNS!
  19. Week 11 NFL and week 12 NCAA football, what's cooking? Saturday - oven baked pork chops Sunday - keilbassi on the grill outside
  20. Haven't had a PJ pizza in many years but it was always so greasy! I had a friend who loved it with extra, extra garlic dipping sause. Man you could grease your car with that stuff just run over a few every 5,000 miles. (and I'd rather discuss food and particularly our area pizza than our 0-ferever BROWNS......well sometimes)
  21. 2017 Ohio Highschool Football

    Well they beat a good Canfield team I know a lot of sports announcers and prognosticators were kind of surprised on that one. Who does SVSM have in front of them?
  22. 2017 Ohio Highschool Football

    Well SVSM 13-10 over now 12-1 Canfield. I saw the highlights and recap Canfield led 10-0 at half but SV ran the second half kickoff back for a TD but the kicker was Canfield only turned the ball over 10 times in 12 games and turned it over 4 times in that game and that was it. A fine season was over just like that, but that's football.
  23. F-uck the steelers

    Remember the 2017 draft grades? A bunch of A, B grades, a lot of sites thought they did well like an A- from SI. Cleveland Browns: A- ANDY ALTENBURGER/ICON SPORTSWIRE April 29, 2017 The Browns entered the draft with two first-round picks and wound up making three on Thursday: DE/OLB Myles Garrett at No. 1 overall, followed by S Jabrill Peppers (No. 25, after a trade down) and TE David Njoku (No. 29, after a trade up). The Peppers and Njoku picks, without question, indicate Cleveland wants to stockpile athleticism, even at the expense of immediate returns. The pick that really swings this class, though, happened at 52, which is where Notre Dame QB DeShone Kizer landed. Hard to imagine the Browns thought he would be there when they passed on a QB several times earlier. DT Larry Ogunjobi (No. 65) and CB Howard Wilson (No. 126) are great picks for a rebuilding team—Wilson especially, because he has top-two corner upside. Using No. 185 on DT Caleb Brantley was a misstep, regardless of his talent. He recently was arrested for misdemeanor battery and accused of punching a woman. Click here for a complete list of the Browns’ picks. SPONSORED STORIES
  24. F-uck the steelers

    I've been a BROWNS fan since the late 1950s but since 1996 not just 1999 things have not gone well for maintaining and growing a fan base. Just like decades of success build loyalty decades of failure can erode it. The newer generations probably could care less if they miss a game or just say screw it and go play or watch soccer (gasp!). A football coach years back told me he was starting to lose some decent players and now with the concussion and other stuff parents are reluctant to have their kids play tackle football. Our town just did an expensive renovation of the Boardman high school stadium, it is "noticeably" empty during many games and that is going on all over. And don't think that the great NFL isn't aware of all of this......and their new billion dollar stadiums. BROWNS fans and others have reason to be worried, especially if your team is a perennial loser. Just sayin'.
  25. There is a LOT of stuff on YouTube, way more than when it started up.....I try to stay away from it because you can waste a whole bunch of time watching everything on there.! (actually it's a good site)