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  1. Dutch's '17 Browns Questions

    Hey Dutch any more thought on a draft questions thread? Inquiring minds want to know.
  2. ......... Costello explains, based on the beliefs of “many people,” that “whatever” could become a five-year, $150 million offer, with a “good chunk” of it guaranteed. (Some think all of it would be guaranteed.) One source speculated to Costello that the cash flow may consist of $60 million in 2018. That would represent an increase of $13.8 million over what Jimmy Garoppolo will receive this year under the terms of his five-year, $137.5 million deal. If the full package will have an increased value of $12.5 million over Garoppolo’s, a $13.8 million bump in first year cash flow isn’t grossly out of line with the difference — especially if the bulk of the deal will be guaranteed, anyway.......... This is an overblown, ridiculous, obscene amount of money for anyone to do anything sports related or not. This arms race has got to end before it ruins the game. They were "speculating" about $60,000,000 (+/-) in guaranteed money......really? Guaranteed to do what? Kirk Cousins the $150,000,000 man.

    Odds to win the WS in the AL CENTRAL, all Indians early on: CLE 15/2.....or 7.5/1 not close in the ALC, Tribe has the pitching again MIN 28/1 KC 66/1 CWS 100/1 DET 125/1.....after the fire sale
  4. MLB Future Odds - February 2, 2018 The Indians look like lock in the AL CENTRAL. ODDS TO WIN 2018 WORLD SERIES (11/1/18) Team Odds New York Yankees 5/1 Houston Astros 11/2 Los Angeles Dodgers 6/1 Cleveland Indians 15/2 Chicago Cubs 9/1 Boston Red Sox 10/1 Washington Nationals 10/1 Los Angeles Angels 16/1 Milwaukee Brewers 20/1 New York Mets 20/1 St. Louis Cardinals 20/1 San Francisco Giants 20/1 Arizona Diamondbacks 25/1 Colorado Rockies 25/1 Minnesota Twins 28/1 Toronto Blue Jays 28/1 Seattle Mariners 33/1 Texas Rangers 40/1 Baltimore Orioles 50/1 Tampa Bay Rays 50/1 Kansas City Royals 66/1 Atlanta Braves 80/1 Philadelphia Phillies 80/1 Pittsburgh Pirates 80/1 Chicago White Sox 100/1 Miami Marlins 100/1 Oakland Athletics 100/1 Cincinnati Reds 125/1 Detroit Tigers 125/1 San Diego Padres 125/1 How To Bet MLB Futures The “Odds to Win” wager in pro baseball is also commonly referred to as a future wager. Bettors must correctly select a team to win an event that takes place a later time. The money wagered will be tied up until there is an outcome and bettors will receive fixed odds when they place the wager. The future odds are normally updated on a weekly basis and wagers can be placed throughout the season. To figure out your Win Amount, take the odds and multiply by the amount wagered. Ex. New York Yankees (20/1) to win the World Series. The Yankees are listed as a 20/1 betting choice to win the World Series. If you wager $100 on New York to win the World Series and it captures the championship, then you would win $2,000 (20 ÷ 1 x 100). You would collect $2,100, which includes your win and stake ($100). Odds provided by BetOnline.ag Updated Sun, Jan. 21, 12:30 PM ET
  5. Yes that is the regular season, you also hope you're way ahead finishing on the road -but- the Tribe should do well in their division the pitching looks LOADED again.
  6. STUFF COMING UP SOON ON TV. The Olympics Closing Ceremony Sunday 2/25. And Cleveland Indians baseball returns; well Spring training on TV but I'll take it..... I'll take anything about now. All games on STO at 1:05 MT; 3:05 ET unless noted. FRI 2/23; SUN 2/25; MON 2/26, check your local listings for times. Then in March 6; 10; 11; 17, 18, 21, 27 for 10 ST TV games. Most all on radio and only off 3/13 and 20, so there you go.
  7. 5 Finalist to Host the 2019 & 2020 NFL Draft

    http://www.sportsmediawatch.com/nba-market-size-nfl-mlb-nhl-nielsen-ratings/ I like this chart even better............. MAJOR LEAGUE TV MARKETS # Market Homes NBA NFL MLB NHL 1 New York 7.075M Knicks, Nets Giants, Jets Yankees, Mets Rangers, Islanders, Devils 2 Los Angeles 5.319M Lakers, Clippers Rams, Chargers Dodgers, Angels Kings, Ducks 3 Chicago 3.300M Bulls Bears Cubs, White Sox Blackhawks 4 Philadelphia 2.870M 76ers Eagles Phillies Flyers 5 Dallas-Ft. Worth 2.648M Mavericks Cowboys Rangers Stars 6 Washington D.C. 2.492M Wizards Washington Nationals Capitals 7 Houston 2.467M Rockets Texans Astros no team 8 S.F./Oakland/S.J. 2.452M Warriors 49ers, Raiders Giants, A’s Sharks 9 Atlanta 2.449M Hawks Falcons Braves no team 10 Boston 2.425M Celtics Patriots Red Sox Bruins 11 Phoenix 1.920M Suns Cardinals D’Backs Coyotes 12 Seattle 1.881M no team Seahawks Mariners no team 13 Tampa-St. Petersburg 1.880M no team Buccaneers Rays Lightning 14 Detroit 1.779M Pistons Lions Tigers Red Wings 15 Minn.-St. Paul 1.730M Wolves Vikings Twins Wild 16 Miami-Ft. Lauderdale 1.678M Heat Dolphins Marlins Panthers 17 Denver 1.590M Nuggets Broncos Rockies Avalanche 18 Orlando-Daytona 1.531M Magic no team no team no team 19 Cleveland-Akron 1.447M Cavaliers Browns Indians no team 20 Sacramento-Stockton-Modesto 1.413M Kings no team no team no team 21 St. Louis 1.190M no team no team Cardinals Blues 22 Portland 1.181M Trail Blazers no team no team no team 23 Charlotte 1.145M Hornets Panthers no team no team 24 Pittsburgh 1.142M no team Steelers Pirates Penguins 25 Raleigh-Durham 1.133M no team no team no team Hurricanes 26 Baltimore 1.108M no team Ravens Orioles no team 27 Nashville 1.031M no team Titans no team Predators 28 Indianapolis 1.026M Pacers Colts no team no team 29 San Diego 1.003M no team no team Padres no team 30 Salt Lake City 949K Jazz no team no team no team 31 San Antonio 924K Spurs no team no team no team 33 Kansas City 901K no team Chiefs Royals no team 34 Columbus 897K no team no team no team Blue Jackets 35 Cincinnati 872K no team Bengals Reds no team 36 Milwaukee 869K Bucks Packers Brewers no team 40 Las Vegas 757K no team no team no team Gldn. Knights 41 Oklahoma City 706K Thunder no team no team no team 42 Jacksonville 701K no team Jaguars no team no team 50 Memphis 649K Grizzlies no team no team no team 51 New Orleans 638K Pelicans Saints no team no team 53 Buffalo 593K no team Bills no team Sabres [2017-18 estimates from Nielsen via TVB (.pdf))
  8. 5 Finalist to Host the 2019 & 2020 NFL Draft

    NOTE: The above is from reddit and I couldn't easily copy the link but it appears somewhat good in the data.
  9. 5 Finalist to Host the 2019 & 2020 NFL Draft

    Well I was curious and had to look this up, SURPRISED? I was a bit..... So, during discussion with /u/JoeFlaccoIsAnEliteQB in this thread I was inspired to do a little research and rank NFL teams by (English-language) media market size — not just their primary market, but any market within a 75-mile radius of the team’s stadium. Yes, I am a data freak. Why a 75-mile radius? Because that’s what the NFL uses to determine primary and secondary local markets for blackouts. If a media market was in the radius of more than one team, I used the team that was closest. If they seemed equidistant, I just split the market in half. Rank Team(s) Pop. in TV Households (000s) Media Market(s) 1) New York Giants / Jets 22421 New York, Hartford-New Haven1 , Wilkes-Barre--Scranton 2) Oakland Raiders / San Francisco 49ers 10645 San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose, Sacramento-Stockton-Modesto, Monterey-Salinas 3) Chicago Bears 10606 Chicago, South Bend-Elkhart, Rockford 4) New England Patriots 9684 Boston (Manchester), Hartford-New Haven1 , Providence-New Bedford, Springfield-Holyoke 5) Philadelphia Eagles 8688 Philadelphia, Harrisburg-Lancaster-Lebanon-York2 6) Carolina Panthers 8152 Charlotte, Greenville-Spartanburg-Asheville-Anderson, Greensboro--High Point--Wiston-Salem, Columbia 7) Dallas Cowboys 8071 Dallas-Fort Worth, Waco-Temple-Bryan, Sherman-Ada 8) Detroit Lions 8032 Detroit, Flint-Saginaw-Bay City, Toledo, Lansing, Windsor 9) Atlanta Falcons 6462 Atlanta, Macon 10) Houston Texans 6452 Houston, Beaumont-Port Arthur 11) Washington Redskins 5853 Washington (Hagerstown) 12) Miami Dolphins 5722 Miami-Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach-Fort Pierce 13) Minnesota Vikings 5073 Minneapolis-Saint Paul, Rochester-Mason City-Austin, Mankato 14) Cleveland Browns 4794 Cleveland-Akron (Canton), Youngstown 15) Denver Broncos 4727 Denver, Colorado Springs-Pueblo 16) Cincinnati Bengals 4666 Cincinnati, Dayton, Lexington 17) Seattle Seahawks4 4565 Seattle-Tacoma 18) Arizona Cardinals 4438 Phoenix (Prescott) 19) Tampa Bay Buccaneers 4417 Tampa-Saint Petersburg (Sarasota), Orlando-Daytona Beach-Melbourne3 20) Pittsburgh Steelers 4396 Pittsburgh, Johnstown-Altoona-State College, Wheeling-Steubenville, Clarksburg-Weston 21) Baltimore Ravens 4248 Baltimore, Harrisburg-Lancaster-Lebanon-York2 , Salisbury 22) Green Bay Packers5 4186 Milwaukee, Green Bay-Appleton, Madison 23) Saint Louis Rams 3986 Saint Louis, Champaign-Springfield-Decatur 24) Jacksonville Jaguars 3660 Jacksonville, Gainesville, Orlando-Daytona Beach-Melbourne3 25) Indianapolis Colts 3266 Indianapolis, Terre Haute, Lafayette 26) Buffalo Bills6 2990 Buffalo, Rochester, Erie 27) Kansas City Chiefs 2903 Kansas City, Topeka, Saint Joseph 28) San Diego Chargers 2683 San Diego7 29) Tennessee Titans 2667 Nashville, Bowling Green 30) New Orleans Saints 2635 New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Biloxi-Gulfport Split between New England and New York 2 Split between Baltimore and Philadelphia 3 Split between Jacksonville and Tampa 4 This excludes the Vancouver media market, which is within the radius only by the southern tip of Vancouver Island. My reasoning is that a) NFL blackout rules don’t apply in Canada anyway (I was wrong) and it’s a long ferry ride from Victoria to Seattle. If I included Vancouver, Seattle would be tied with Dallas at spot 7. 5 I used two circles, 75 miles from each Milwaukee and Green Bay, which is what the NFL uses. 6 This excludes the Toronto media market, which is actually within the 75-mile circle. If I included Toronto, Buffalo would be ranked 4. It also excludes the Syracuse area which, though outside the 75-mile radius, is apparently sometimes blacked out if Buffalo doesn’t sell out. 7 The San Diego market in particular includes a wide swath of Mexico, including the Tijuana metro area, so I suspect there might be some Spanish-language households where they can/do watch American football, but I have no idea what number would be, nor for other teams that have a Spanish-language following. In addition, I didn’t include the Los Angeles area in the San Diego area, I guess assuming they were going to get their own team soon enough. If I included LA, it would rocket the Chargers to number 1. Special thanks to /u/NapoleonBonerparts for first linking me to a data source. EDIT: Formatting EDIT 2: In case you were curious, because I was, here are the 75-mile radius market(s) that are larger than at least one of the above: Los Angeles (18217) Toronto (9787) San Antonio (3933) Raleigh (3557) Vancouver (3506) Birmingham (3435) Oklahoma City (3404) Norfolk (3195) Portland (3022) If we were also to include non-English speaking households, San Juan and Montréal would be on that list, too. EDIT 3: I suspect that there will be some consternation as to where I put some markets, like, does anyone in Pennsylvania actually root for the Jets, Giants, Bills or Ravens? I don’t know. I’m just using (somewhat) strict geography. I’d love to hear from people who actually live in those areas EDIT 4: Thanks to /u/superbluefish for noticing that I read my source documents wrong. The numbers I have aren’t actually TV Households, but they are Population in TV Households. I’ve fixed the title, and if I can find actual Canadian TV Household data, then I will update the numbers to that instead. Sources: Nielsen, Television Bureau of Canada, Wikipedia, the506.com
  10. From the end of the super bowl to the beginning of MLB is the sports dead zone of the year. 0-16 team doesn't help much.
  11. Any Good Books Lately?

    I've been watching and listening how CDs and DVDs are getting phased out due to the popularity streaming content especially with the new generation of consumers.....plus the costs are WAY down not to burn, stock, sell, etc. I've got over 100 each of VHS, eight tracks, cassettes to prove it can happen. The problem also is they quit making and selling the devices to play them on.
  12. Psychic Projections

    They are all overreach bums. No I'll think about it when I can figure who is really the best professional football quarterback prospect.
  13. Saquon Barkley Combine Bound

    I would think so, and only the #3 pick is somewhat uncertain, maybe. And who's the real #1-2-3 maybe 4 QBs in this draft? Only the BROWNS are in the unique position to get most everything they want. BUT still time to sign a FA QB and really gain some draft freedom this year......I hope.
  14. 5 Finalist to Host the 2019 & 2020 NFL Draft

    The RNC was a huge success regardless of your party, Cleveland was packed with no problems, and plenty of national and international media was there to cover it. The CAVS and INDIANS have drawn well especially in the playoffs. Cleveland has also added tons of new hotel and motel rooms. It's a real small market both as a city and sports teams but NOBODY? Wrong. (yes it's not NYC, CHI, LA, BOS, PHI, MIA, DAL, ATL, WAS, HOU, SF, et.al. D'UH we know that)
  15. Trade Kizer and release Gordon ?

    Some people may not realize that Kizer didn't really have that much experience at ND plus he was a passing and running QB there, doesn't always translate to the NFL game. And maybe he had recievers that could catch? Passing Passing Year School Conf Class Pos G Cmp Att Pct Yds Y/A AY/A TD Int Rate Career Notre Dame 422 695 60.7 5805 8.4 8.5 47 19 147.7 *2015 Notre Dame Ind SO QB 13 210 334 62.9 2880 8.6 8.5 21 10 150.1 2016 Notre Dame Ind JR QB 12 212 361 58.7 2925 8.1 8.4 26 9 145.6 Rushing Receiving Scrimmage Year School Conf Class Pos G Att Yds Avg TD Rec Yds Avg TD Plays Yds Avg TD Career Notre Dame 264 997 3.8 18 1 4 4.0 0 265 1001 3.8 18 *2015 Notre Dame Ind SO QB 13 135 525 3.9 10 0 0 0 135 525 3.9 10 2016 Notre Dame Ind JR QB 12 129 472 3.7 8 1 4 4.0 0 130 476 3.7 8
  16. That's like saying on offense all 10 other guys are as important or can score like the skill players most importantly the quarterback. That's just the way team sports go. Your starting pitcher is far more important than who is in RF. The DE does anchor the defense, ask any coach. Oh and the pathetic 1-31 BROWNS beating one team it's pretty much irreverent that one guy caused that besides the BROWNS were just lucky there they didn't go 0-32.
  17. That USA gold count was in one Olympic game. The true spirit which I love is the little guys who just appreciate being there without a big Olympic committee getting them there with over 200 athletes, it's neat when they can win one metal.
  18. The Official Olympics Games site and NBC Olympics site, Feb. 7 to 25, 2018 The Olympic site: https://www.olympic.org/ The NBC site: http://www.nbcolympics.com/live-stream-schedule#/ The official events schedules, medal count and more right there. GO USA!
  19. Any Good Books Lately?

    My wife and her 93 year old mother especially her mother are voracious readers, my wife for decades now has done the occasional yard sales and got boxes of books for pennies on the dollar we then give many away. Lately once or twice a month she will stop in the local Goodwill store same deal......and the occasional amazing clothing finds, new sweaters with the tags still on $85 for $5. She has also got me some amazing name brand shirts for $2 or $3 each, when I lost a ton of weight in the hospital I needed a new wardrobe 10 shirts for less than $30? Incredible other deals but we don't really need household stuff but there are the occasional beautiful pieces. They must get estate clear outs and other things these prices for top merchandise are better than yard sale junk. Oh our neighbors of 28 years just moved we got a few boxes of books and other stuff, her mother also just moved out......looks like we might have a yard sale, must have hundreds of books in our upstairs library.
  20. If all of the #1 seeds went down the networks would go crazy with that fan base diminish greatly. NOW in all these years and the new format a #16 team has NEVER beaten a #1 seed, been close a very few times but will it ever happen? D'UH big bracket tip, push all of your #1 seeds up one.
  21. Time for the greatest tournament in all of sports! The official site: https://www.ncaa.com/news/basketball-men/bracket-beat/march-madness-dates-tournament-schedule March Madness 2018 dates and schedule ROUND SITE DATE(S) Selection Sunday N/A March 11 First Four Dayton March 13-14 First/Second Pittsburgh March 15 & 17 First/Second Wichita March 15 & 17 First/Second Dallas March 15 & 17 First/Second Boise March 15 & 17 First/Second Charlotte March 16 & 18 First/Second Detroit March 16 & 18 First/Second Nashville March 16 & 18 First/Second San Diego March 16 & 18 Midwest Regional Omaha March 23 & 25 West Regional Los Angeles March 22 & 24 South Regional Atlanta March 22 & 24 East Regional Boston March 23 & 25 Final Four San Antonio March 31, April 2
  22. The Indians open *the regular season with 6 Games at SEA & LAA and close the season with 7 at CWS & KC. Plus they still do the game, off, game, game instead of game, game, off, game start.......just plain stupid you get geared up for the season opener they a day off. edit add - *regular season
  23. Norway is making a run at the usa's all time winter gold metal wins. Canada is doing well also.
  24. STUFF COMING UP SOON ON TV. The Olympics Closing Ceremony Sunday 2/25. And Cleveland Indians baseball returns; well Spring training on TV but I'll take it..... I'll take anything about now. All games on STO 1:05 MT; 3:05 ET unless noted. FRI 2/23; SUN 2/25; MON 2/26.....check your local listings for times. Then in March 6; 10; 11; 17, 18, 21, 27 for 10 ST TV games. Most all on radio and only off 3/13 and 20, so there you go.
  25. NO NFL, NCAA and NO MLB yet so what are you sports nuts watching? It's that major sports lull period for me. The "Cadiverliers" are in tailspin although LBJ won a game at the buzzer yesterday - I'm no hoops guy EXCEPT for MARCH MADNESS I'm all in there. Thank goodness for the Olympics that start tonight! Thought for a while it might be the NK vs SK missile throwing contest, lol. I've been watching "m" vs THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY BUCKEYES lately on ESPN CLASSICS. Golf, sock-her, even hockey can be boring I'd rather watch kids playing in the street......if you can find any, they're all inside playing video games.....no wonder they'll never leave home. SO WHAT AM I MISSING ON TV? DON'T SAY THE NETWORK SIT-COMS OR REALITY TV, they stink!