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  1. Its happening

    Yeah neither has Darth Vader........just kidding Boo, we kid because we care. Now back to the missing link in nature or professional football the once in a generation franchise quarterback, myth or absolute FACT!
  2. Shea Patterson

    When anyone says SEC/recruiting I sometimes think about the likes of Bear Bryant, Jackie Sherill and the famous quote (and you know how quick quotes can be)....... When asked about retirement, Joe Paterno once said that he would not, because it would leave college football in the hands of "the Jackie Sherrills and the Barry Switzers". Paterno apologized to Switzer for the comment, but wrote in his book that he "didn't give a damn about what Sherrill felt."Paterno later said that the comment was made off-the-record and in jest during a party at Paterno's house, but it was printed anyway. Sherrill and Paterno later became friends – and Sherrill and his wife were guests of the Paternos in State College in 2004. Notably, Sherrill went 2–3 in five games leading Pitt against Penn State, including a 48–14 loss in 1981 that destroyed Pitt's chances at a second national championship in six years.......
  3. The question that will never die but maybe should.........pizzburg. Or better yet 1 pizzburg 2 Cincinnati 3 Baltimore, well today.
  4. Bowl Mania!

    There's nothing wrong with confidence points..........or do overs, timeouts, play nice with the other kids, don't cheat. ......I'm in baby.....now you guys will probably destroy me I've had zero chance to prepare for this so let's all just have fun.....right. Now which buttons do you use to make your picks? .....oh this is for money right?
  5. That was post 1...... well my weekend menu looks totally boring now here but word is I might import my old go to..... a good PHILLY STEAK SANDWICH with some amazingly good and affordable breaded mushrooms and onion rings from The Sandwich Factory here in Austintown, Ohio which is near the rehab place I'm in. GO BROWNS! And who are they playing this week? #1 should be locked up soon. Oh and bowl season kicks off, GO somebody!
  6. Well the latest is 5-7 days on IV antibiotics and that changed from two weeks on the day I left the hospital........and we know how reliable they are. I'm lobbying hard for one really good weekend of excellent Italian delivery food and beer but I don't think it's gaining much traction yet. In any event about two weeks from Wednesday looks about right now.......but I've had my heart broken in these places before, then again there's always a few nice nurses or PT girls here. Two got me up yesterday
  7. Army vs Navy Final - Sat, Dec 9, 3:00 PM Lincoln Financial Field, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Army Black Knights (9-3) 14 Navy Midshipmen (6-6) 13 1 2 3 4 Total Army 7 0 0 7 14 Navy 3 7 3 0 13 HOLY CRAP WHAT HAPPENED? NAVY 6-6, THOSE GUYS A WINNING RECORD??? 14-13 NO NAVY BY 30? Oh well and thanks I missed the first half but I never miss that game........now on to bowl season, GO BUCKEYES!
  8. Yes for the first week or so it's the reward games to fill out the 40 game tournament.......well make that the antiquated ol' boys mainly empty parade, banquet and football game between barely. 500 teams......who'd want to see a couple of top 8 or 16 teams duke it out before Christmas? It would only be for a few games Hopefully that may change soon. Now the about December 29 on games have some classic matchups this year. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ And Gipper I love your avatar makes you look so much younger!
  9. I just got a main line put in today a shorter version of the PICC line will enable me to go home and still get IV antibiotics at home. Really tired today hope to feel better in the next few days, GO BROWNS, there I feel better already
  10. I can't believe it in the hospital again for the third time again this year......infections again I'm hoping that it won't be too long maybe a week or so. ....geeezzz. Just popped up Wednesday night, in ER Saturday.
  11. Shea Patterson

    What no Ringo? (Richard)......I did watch the Beatles special on PBS yesterday, not bad brings back memories.
  12. So, Jimbo gets $75 Million

    Jumbo in 8 seasons did have a better career winning percentage than Bobby Bo. 2010–2017 Jimbo Fisher 8 83–23 .783 And these top college coaches make an obscene amount of money now these moves are generally about other things like change of scenery, control, whatever. Even mid and lower coaches can make six or seven digit salaries. It's only about the money in movies........... or court.
  13. Sashi fired

    WHAT? I was just showing the track records of the coaches, I thought Davis was OK (and run out of town on a rail). Holmgren? AND I thought the BROWNS beat the Los Angeles Chargers......Oakland? Any other questions?
  14. Back to cheerleading a bit the MEN'S FITNESS 2017 Miami Dolphins cheerleaders swimsuit calendar (there are 15 here)
  15. Sashi fired

    Hue Jackson NFL 2016- ? Mike Pettine NFL 2014-15 10-22-0 (0.313) Rob Chudzinski NFL 2013 4-12-0 (0.250) Pat Shurmur NFL 2011-12 9-23-0 (0.281) Eric Mangini NFL 2009-10 10-22-0 (0.3125) Romeo Crennel NFL 2005-08 24-40-0 (0.375) Terry Robiskie NFL 2004* 1-4-0 (0.200) Butch Davis NFL 2001-04 24-35-0 (0.407) 0-1-0 (0.000) 24-36-0 (0.400) Chris Palmer NFL 1999-2000 5-27-0 (0.156) So now what?