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  1. mjp28

    This Week in the AFC North

    Thanks. My wife is a now retired in June nurse after 42 years in the hospial and that has helped. The diagnosis is lousy, have the surgery and spend months in the hospital and months in rehab up to a year with no guarantees -or- no surgery and maybe (probably) have the infection for years with the other bsd side effects. So who's the starting quarterback or wide reciever questions dont bothrr me much.....hey you carry on.
  2. mjp28

    This Week in the AFC North

    Briefly......I'm freaking beat. 8th trip to the hospital since 2015. Includes boughts with pneumonio and a bad kidney infection while in there. Ive been dealing with an infected hip since 2014, a tunneling wound, my infectious diesease doctors want surgery my suregons do not advise it. Oh well only in once this year but got to see freakin BROWNS WIN before I was admitted! I was really on some serious pain meds there, whoa. GO BROWNS,
  3. mjp28

    Browns vs. Raiders Trivia

    Nice questions Gip. 6.  Name the two players that made the Pro Bowl as a Raider that also played for the Browns? Was one Lyle Alzado? Always likdd him.
  4. A legendary Philadelphia Eagle has passed. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000966150/article/pro-football-hall-of-famer-tommy-mcdonald-dies-at-84 Tommy McDonald died Monday at the age of 84, the Pro Football Hall of Fame announced. "Tommy McDonald lived life like he played the game of football," Pro Football Hall of Famepresident and CEO David Baker said in a statement. "He was charismatic, passionate and had fun. He was such a character. Heaven is a happier place today. The entire Hall of Fame family that includes his fellow Hall of Famers, the Board of Trustees and staff share our heartfelt condolences with the McDonald family. The flag at the Pro Football Hall of Fame will fly at half-staff in Tommy's memory. Tommy's legacy will forever live in Canton, Ohio through his bronzed bust that is a symbol of his many great accomplishments. His impact on the Game serves as inspiration to generations of fans."...........CONTINUED IN LINK...........
  5. Strange small world, tonight I was coming home from the hospital via a local ambulance two young guys on the crew both football fans started talking about football including high school football got around to Niles McKinley RED DRAGON football including the 1964 NILES - MASSILLON Game of the Century and this one NILES - MASSILLON 1966. He googled them up, I told him I was there on the sidelines in NILES in 1966.....amazing moment.
  6. mjp28

    This Week in the AFC North

    Just got home from the hospital Sunday night at 10 pm......
  7. mjp28


    I've been sick all week, just got out of the hospital Sunday night at 10 pm -and-.......
  8. mjp28


    A big collective WHEW! GO BROWNS!
  9. mjp28

    Talk me outta baker

    I honestly thought Baker needed more time but......WHOA!
  10. mjp28

    This Week in the AFC North

    Ive been sick this week but this feels GOOD!
  11. mjp28

    How is your excitement

    Good guy, shows up always ready......so's a bus driver but the backup NFL QB is definately a better gig.
  12. mjp28

    Vonte Davis Retires at Halftime

    Thats it i want OUT, now thats it im done. .........ah do i still get a 50% game check? 40%? 10%?
  13. mjp28

    ***Official Browns @ Saints Game Day Thread***

    And Jim Tressel was 9-1 including 7 in a row, he owned "m". The only NCAA coach to win over 100 wins with two different schools, nasty.
  14. mjp28

    Browns vs. Jets Short week Trivia

    Just wanted to make sure incase it comes up again.....amazing what little details slip a bit over 48 years or so.
  15. mjp28

    ***Official Browns @ Saints Game Day Thread***

    I noticed in the under 40 (+/-) diehard steelrz fans almost a pity. They just don't remember the Joe turkey Jones planting Bradshaw and all those good memories. It's mainly we older boomers keeping those memories alive.