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  1. mjp28

    Super Bowl Trivia....Quarterbacks

    I remember a few from my YSU days and following YSU. 5. A. Name those colleges that are NOT CURRENTLY FBS level schools that have produced Super Bowl winning QBs. 3 names Phil Simms followed by Doug Williams of course then......eh, guess wait not a guess Kurt Warner at No. Iowa a frequent YSU opponent. B. Name those schools that are NOT CURRENTLY FBS level schools that have produce SB Losing QBs.......5 names. Ron Jaws Jaworski was at YSU with me. Kenny Anderson, my buddy was a trainer at UC and Kenny's heir aparent Greg Cook at CIN Steve Air McNair, YSU wacked him in a playoff game 4 & 5 I'll have to think on that.
  2. mjp28

    The official Terry Pluto thread

    OMG I was at that game, still have the ticket stubs somewhere in my collection I'll have to look for them. I was a maintenance foreman and my superintendant often gave me FREE or COMPLIMENTARY tickets. .......edit add, I found my LAR at CLE ticket stub from 1978 BROWNS won 30-19. Have not found the 1977 game but it might be in another box. Did find the 1977 PIT at CLE stub among others......and lots of INDIANS ticket stubs.
  3. mjp28

    Pro pick'em league

    Someone has to pay the light bill.
  4. mjp28

    Dutch's '18 Browns Questions

    How do you win with an incomplete or DNP grade?
  5. mjp28

    The official Terry Pluto thread

    This is something Browns fans have missed: A chance to sit and shiver through bone-chilling winter weather and watch their favorite team in the playoffs. Even if it means have yet another rotten Browns postseason memory. For the record, the Browns lost: 36-33. ........ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~● Ahhhh yes cold weather memories, we look forward to more.
  6. mjp28

    Dutch's '18 Browns Questions

    Bob806 had the 9-6-1 pick......looking for that tie.
  7. mjp28

    Conference Finals live Chat room

    Well here we go, two pretty close games both opened at PICK. Las Vegas Odds Las Vegas Odds · Offshore Odds · Future Odds · Line Originators · Live Odds · Mobile Odds · More Odds NFLMLBNBANHLNCAA FBNCAA BKAFLCFLWNBASoccer Spread · Money Line · 1st Half Page 1 · Page 2 NFL SPREAD 01/27 3:00 PM 497 AFC 498 NFC PK -10 TV: ESPN , DTV:206 02/03 6:30 PM 101 New England 102 L.A. Rams PK +05 57½u-10 -2 -10 58u-10 -1½ -10 58½u-10 -2 -10 58u-10 -2½ -10 58u-10 -1½ -10 58½u-10 -1½ -10 58½u-10 -2½ -10 58u-10 -1 -25 58u-15 Picks TV: CBS Updated: Mon, Jan 21 02:50 AM EDT NOTES: Open Line: Consists of the first betting line received from one of our Las Vegas or Online sportsbooks. VI Consensus: Consists of the current betting line which occurs most frequently among our list of Las Vegas and Online sportsbooks. All Game Times are Eastern Standard Time.
  8. mjp28

    The official Terry Pluto thread

    Now with just the SB LIII and the exhibition game formerly known as the Pro Bowl left I imagine many of us feel the same way.
  9. mjp28

    Pro pick'em league

    Wow the race for win, place and show are still very much up for grabs going into SUPER BOWL LIII. And both players tied for 1st place have never even won one single week, I've never seen that before. GOOD LUCK EVERYONE! Standings Rank Pick Set Name Total Pts W-L 1 Browns57 132 132-126 may come down to a tiebreaker??? 2 Tour's PrescientPigskinPicks 132 132-126 3 roach 129 129-129 #3 and 4 tied at .500, what a year! 4 rick's 129 129-129 5 Kmac's Dawgs 128 128-130 and the beginning of the "thanks for playing" group 6 G-Man 128 128-130 7 mjp's ALL PROS 127 127-131 8 Mark O 123 123-135 9 Roaming Buffalo 123 123-135 10 Brownie Beater 122 122-136 11 ballpeen 121 121-137 12 Howie 120 120-138 13 Betelgeuse 119 119-139 14 UGOTBLITZED 119 119-139 15 Endymion 118 118-140
  10. mjp28

    Conference Finals live Chat room

    I don't think this trend is going to reverse this year in SB LIII. After a big rise from 2006 through 2011 it just has leveled off and it dropping.
  11. mjp28

    Conference Finals live Chat room

    SB LIII LAR vs NE, ZZZZzzzzzoooooooo for me, go LA I guess?
  12. mjp28

    Conference Finals live Chat room

    Was there ever any doubt? .........actually a great game!
  13. mjp28

    Conference Finals live Chat room

    They're probably gassed.