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  1. mjp28

    Rank Em

    This kind of reminds me of our FL Drafts wich will be coming up in about 5 short months. Those FL ranking lists are handy in figuring out the #1, 2, 3.. at each position..
  2. mjp28

    Bye gronk!!

    I had Gates for years on my FL teams he was a WR at TE along with a few others. A great TE who can block and catch is a real asset. There are only maybe 3 or 4 in any given year that can rack up FL points......or win games!
  3. mjp28

    March Madness Tournament Challenge

    Chalk in gambling terms means "take or give" the (chalk) points it's been a good tournament overall to bet on the underdogs.......but SU the favorites have squeeked by just ask TEN, DUKE and others, exciting weekend.
  4. mjp28

    Bye gronk!!

    One of the best all time TEs he won a lot of games just on his grit and detrrmination. Tom Brady and the Pats nation will miss him.....big time.
  5. mjp28

    March Madness Tournament Challenge

    Day 4 results the easy picks are over now the big points starting Thursday night.
  6. Day 4, kind of like the 12 days of Christmas only in March.
  7. mjp28

    March Madness Tournament Challenge

    Day 3 results a dead heat for first place ~but~ that should change in Day 4 headed to the bigger points in the Sweet 16 and Elite 8.
  8. mjp28

    The official Terry Pluto thread

    7. No matter what Gettleman says, his actions scream the Giants wanted Beckham out. They even are willing to carry $19 million of “dead salary cap money” in 2019 for Beckham to play for the Browns....... 8. I doubt the record had anything to do with Beckham being traded. The Giants are in a roster teardown, and that has helped the Browns acquire some very talented players. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~● Nice to be on the receiving end of a team doing a fire sale? Yes it is.
  9. mjp28

    March Madness Tournament Challenge

    I have to run there Gip.
  10. mjp28

    March Madness Tournament Challenge

    Wrong again I just finished watching LSU beat Maryland....oh I had LSU. I just like the tournament all 64 teams. I'm not a hoops guy at all.
  11. mjp28

    March Madness Tournament Challenge

    It wasn't the teams it WAS the matchup between the two best players of their era......and before PCs. Yeah 1979, I was in grad school, I remember that sports era well.
  12. mjp28

    March Madness Tournament Challenge

    No actually I watch zero regular season games I just like the March Madness tournament.
  13. mjp28

    March Madness Tournament Challenge

    D'UH grandpa Bird and Magic that was 100 years ago.
  14. mjp28

    March Madness Tournament Challenge

    There is parity there GHWB that's why #12 and 10 seeds won yesterday -but- it is tough if not impossible to win 6 games without a full powerhouse bench. In the past 34 years only one #8 seed has ever won it. Maybe you're more the NIT type.
  15. mjp28

    Are we done improving?

    Although it is nice NOT having the top pick again and three in round one. Time to use true drafting and trading skills this year.