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  1. I can't believe it in the hospital again for the third time again this year......infections again I'm hoping that it won't be too long maybe a week or so. ....geeezzz. Just popped up Wednesday night, in ER Saturday.
  2. Shea Patterson

    What no Ringo? (Richard)......I did watch the Beatles special on PBS yesterday, not bad brings back memories.
  3. So, Jimbo gets $75 Million

    Jumbo in 8 seasons did have a better career winning percentage than Bobby Bo. 2010–2017 Jimbo Fisher 8 83–23 .783 And these top college coaches make an obscene amount of money now these moves are generally about other things like change of scenery, control, whatever. Even mid and lower coaches can make six or seven digit salaries. It's only about the money in movies........... or court.
  4. Sashi fired

    WHAT? I was just showing the track records of the coaches, I thought Davis was OK (and run out of town on a rail). Holmgren? AND I thought the BROWNS beat the Los Angeles Chargers......Oakland? Any other questions?
  5. Back to cheerleading a bit the MEN'S FITNESS 2017 Miami Dolphins cheerleaders swimsuit calendar (there are 15 here)
  6. Sashi fired

    Hue Jackson NFL 2016- ? Mike Pettine NFL 2014-15 10-22-0 (0.313) Rob Chudzinski NFL 2013 4-12-0 (0.250) Pat Shurmur NFL 2011-12 9-23-0 (0.281) Eric Mangini NFL 2009-10 10-22-0 (0.3125) Romeo Crennel NFL 2005-08 24-40-0 (0.375) Terry Robiskie NFL 2004* 1-4-0 (0.200) Butch Davis NFL 2001-04 24-35-0 (0.407) 0-1-0 (0.000) 24-36-0 (0.400) Chris Palmer NFL 1999-2000 5-27-0 (0.156) So now what?
  7. Sashi fired

    TODAY'S SPECIAL: Fried Brown Sachi. Watch for our coming specials like Burnt Brownies, Sauteed Quarterbacks and Skewered Dog Pound Fans.
  8. Sports illustrated #1 bowl game to watch and why: 1. COTTON BOWL: USC VS. OHIO STATE Who will respond better to the committee’s controversial playoff snub? The Buckeyes would like nothing more than to finish ahead of Alabama in the final rankings, while USC just wrapped a whisper-quiet 11-win season without hardly any of the fanfare that normally hijacks Trojans runs. Sam Darnold and J.T. Barrett are set up to wage an imperfect yet enthralling quarterback duel, and both teams are loaded at the skill positions. Clear your Friday night now for Dec. 29—given the deep lineup over the next three weeks, rescheduling any plans last-minute won’t be easy.
  9. So, Jimbo gets $75 Million

    Largely true, Bowden and FSU had their great run back in "PRIMETIME" 1987-2000 1976–2009 Bobby Bowden 34 304–97–4^ .756 111–27^ .804 2010–2017 Jimbo Fisher 8 83–23 .783 48–16 .750 2017 Odell Haggins Interim 1–0 1.000 0–0 – 2018–future Willie Taggart 0 0–0 – 0–0 – Totals 11 coaches 71 seasons 538–250–17 .679 159–43 .787 ^ Bobby Bowden's record does not include 12 wins that were vacated that would otherwise make his record 316–97–4, including 6 conference wins that would otherwise make his conference record 117-27. ......Also don't underestimate Deion Sanders' contribution in turning the FSU and Bowden's success around! Under head coach Bobby Bowden, Sanders was a two-time consensus All-American cornerback in 1987 and 1988, and a third team All-American in 1986, intercepting 14 passes in his career, including three in bowl games, and managed to return one interception 100 yards for a touchdown breaking Fred Biletnikoff's interception return record by one yard. He won the Jim Thorpe Award in 1988. He was also a standout punt returner for Florida State, leading the nation in 1988 with his punt return average, and breaking the school's record for career punt return yards. Sanders made an interception with 5 seconds left to seal Florida State's 13-7 win over Auburn in the 1989 Sugar Bowl, during the 1988 postseason. Based on those accolades, his jersey at Florida State, #2, was retired in 1995. He finished his career with 126 punt returns for 1,429 yards.[5] Bowden would later state that Sanders was his "measuring stick for athletic ability".[6]
  10. There are 40 bowl games this year at about 3 1/2 hours each that's about 140 hours of sleep deprived football watching nobody.....in their right mind....can do that so there are lists out there by different sports authorities who rate or rank these things, ESPN has a good one9 ranking all 40 games but in particular the top 10 naturally. Now I'm a sports nut and particularly college football (I now prefer it to the professional grossly overpaid and overpriced variety) And agree with most lists which have the USC/OSU game in their top 5 picks, check out ESPN's list: http://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/21667155/a-viewer-guide-most-entertaining-bowl-games Here's Sports Illustrated a bit strange but USC/OSU as #1, a lot of BIG TEN teams up there, but B1G fans do travel! https://www.si.com/college-football/2017/12/06/bowl-games-rankings-tv-schedule-viewing-guide
  11. If the playoff started today December 5th

    "You tell everybody. Listen to me, Hue. You've gotta tell them! Soylent Green is people! We've gotta stop them somehow!"
  12. Brande Roderick was a Playmate and was in the Starsky & Hutch movie.......since we're on bunny talk.
  13. Oh not that far from the 2004 Playmate of the Year (there are better pics )
  14. Yeah that would be the two strikes against him clause.