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  1. Yes, I was thinking about population and Nevada is pretty much dependant on Los Wages, NV for money and any other state bragging rights, if Vegas slows it would not be a great thing.....at least Vegas isn't too far from California money. But Vegas has a hockey team and are going to the Stanley Cup, woo-hoo!
  2. Doug Flutie-ish? The CFL is very conducive to the wild scrambling type of play......especially with the deeper field of play and missing a down. The CFL could greatly improve their product by adopting NFL style rules.
  3. I don't think that we have seen most of the good and mainly bad effects from the legalization of weed yet and won't have all of the hard numbers for awhile.
  4. Playmakers

    Yes, same as ERA: In baseball statistics, earned run average (ERA) is the mean of earned runs given up by a pitcher per nine innings pitched (i.e. the traditional length of a game). It is determined by dividing the number of earned runs allowed by the number of innings pitched and multiplying by nine. Runs resulting from defensive errors (including pitchers' defensive errors) are recorded as unearned runs and omitted from ERA calculations.....
  5. WR position

    True. You sure don't just want to chuck a former 1st round pick for nothing in return. PLUS remember Flash Gordon isn't exactly a trustworthy proven commodity yet......hopefully JG, Landry, Coleman and others all click together if so the BROWNS might have something good going on.
  6. Pluto talks Mayfield

    I always look for the crux of Pluto's writings, I think this might be it this week: ......"But Dorsey was keeping lips sealed before the draft. Making Mayfield the No. 1 pick didn't leak out until about 36 hours before the draft. As for the selection of Denzel Ward at No. 4, that shocked nearly everyone who followed the draft....." Sure fooled me but it might work out, we'll all see in time.
  7. Pluto talks Mayfield

    I have a cousin and her husband that live there......both are doctors.
  8. Oh yeah Jeff and his bunny have 4 kids now too. Is this a great country or what?
  9. Or maybe the most penalized team gets the ball? We'll call it the old Raiders' Rule.
  10. Football is in a down period but it's always favorite car time......any more?
  11. For all you CFL die hard and Johnny Football Fan Club members from CFL FAQs...... In 2017, ESPN broadcast 23 games on ESPN2/ESPNNews, including all playoff games and the Grey Cup Championship. The remaining games in the regular season were available on ESPN3. ESPN announced it would carry 20 games on ESPN broadcast networks in 2016, starting with the first game of the season June 23rd and ending with the 104th Grey Cup Championship in November. ESPN signed a 5-year broadcast deal to carry CFL games for 5 years starting in 2014. All CFL games are carried on ESPN3 and select games (minimum 17 games/season) on ESPN/ESPN2/ESPNNews. For the CFL broadcast schedule in the US and other International locations, please see the CFL's website with the scheduled broadcasts usually announced in late June or early July or check the ESPN TV listings. Determining whether a game will be available either by broadcast or streaming is fairly simple. If TSN is broadcasting the game, it is available on TSN broadcast channels in Canada and streamed on TSN.ca and ESPN3. For French language broadcasts, all Montreal Alouette and select Ottawa RedBlack and other CFL contests are available on RDS/RDS2 and streamed on RDS.ca. Select regular season, playoff and the Grey Cup game are broadcast on ESPN networks. For other non-TSN broadcast pre-season games, other parties may decide to stream the game. If this does not occur, the game is not available to view or stream anywhere. This handy chart summarizes the availability of CFL game broadcasts each year. For information on streaming around the world, see the streaming question. Season TSN 1 TSN.ca2 ESPN Networks3 ESPN34 International5 Other streaming6 Pre-Season Select games Select games None TSN Selected games None Individual games Regular Season All games All games Select games All games Select games N/A Playoffs All games All games All games All games All games N/A Grey Cup Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes N/A 1 — TSN is the Canadian broadcast rights holder for the CFL. They broadcast all regular season, playoff and the Grey Cup championship game, along with select pre-season games. 2 — TSN.ca is the Canadian Internet streaming rights holder for the CFL. All games broadcast on TSN networks are available for streaming on TSN.ca to qualified individuals. 3 — ESPN Networks is the US broadcast rights holder for the CFL. They broadcast select regular season, playoff and the Grey Cup championship game. 4 — ESPN3 is the US Internet Streaming rights holder for the CFL. They broadcast all regular season, playoff and the Grey Cup championship game, along with select pre-season games. As they carry the TSN feed, the same games available on TSN/TSN.ca are available on ESPN3. 5 — International broadcast rights holders for the CFL broadcast the TSN feed for select regular season games. Games are broadcast in a mixture of live and tape delay availability. 6 — Pre-season games which are not broadcast by TSN may be acquired for streaming by others, such as the home team, for streaming via their exclusive access web sites. Broadcasts of such games, while they occurred in the past, are not likely to occur as streaming is more economical. Streaming a game that is not broadcast is expensive and requires a substantial amount of skilled persons. Camera operators, producers, directors, and other technical personnel are required along with the on-air broadcast team. Absence of any of these will be noticeable. Streaming pre-season contests currently does not draw large enough audiences to make this a break-even proposition, and draws away from in-stadium attendance which is lacking in the pre-season (10 year average pre-season -17% over regular season and -10% difference in percentage of capacity).
  12. FROM CNN, 2016..... "Brothels not legal in big cities Nevada law allows counties with a population below 700,000 to offer brothel prostitution. That means no legal prostitution in Clark County, where Las Vegas is. County law prohibits brothels in Washoe County, home to Reno, and several other counties." (SEE THE LINK IT EXPLAINS NRS 244.345 in detail.) The current law says under 700,000 in population, 60 miles is never mentioned. Nevada is a tiny little state with nothing except Vegas and Henderson in Clark County and Reno in Washoe county...... nevermind this is going nowhere. Facts just tend to confuse some people.
  13. Oh there is Toronto radio 1050 (I believe) if you can get that.
  14. With a little checking around on the 2018 CFL on ESPN...... (I'm not sure on the facts but sounds legitimate. ) The new ESPN+ application for US viewers is now live and appearsto have CFL games for the 2018 season.https://plus.espn.com/ scroll down and see the CFL logo on the right.They don't have the listing of games available for this season just yet. It wouldbe nice if the league could indicate how many of these games will be behindthe $4.99 paywall.I would prefer to give my money to the CFL directlyinstead of helping subsidize other leagues.~~~~~~ More Teams. More Leagues. More Games. More Sports. Live Sports. ESPN Originals. Only $4.99 a month. START MY 7-DAY FREE TRIAL Then $4.99/mo. Cancel Anytime. Subject to terms. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~What this means is the CFL for U.S based viewers is now behind a $4.99 paywall.It is great for someone who does not want to subscribe to cable.There are manywho would probably like this option in Canada but it has it's downsides.The article does not confirm if there will be a weekly game available on The ESPNcable networks(ESPN,ESPN2,ESPNEWS etc..).Thus no games on cable outletswhere a person(not familiar with the CFL) might see the game and be introducedto it.This hurts the league particularly during the summer months in terms of exposure from a casual fan in a sportsbar or other outlet.It also means the playoffs and Grey Cupmight not be available via cable.I hope Mr.Ambrosie and the BOG examine their options when the contract expires after this season.
  15. Long, long ago I watched some CFL, I imagine that some games are on TSN and ESPN. 2018 CFL SCHEDULE from the preseason through the 16th Grey Cup Sunday November 25, 2018......see it isn't all just AMERICAN FOOTBALL.! https://www.tsn.ca/2018-cfl-on-tsn-broadcast-schedule-1.721560