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  1. The Best First Rounds in History

    A couple of other things the 1930s, 40s, 50s fewer teams and players fewer HOF candidates and most of them were quarterbacks. But maybe things haven't really changed that much the franchise quarterbacks are still the most important single positions in sports. In the great quarterback class of 1983 those three HOF guys of course came to the top but after the R1 picks a lot of players were taken before the next quarterback was taken none really notable. Still a better system than the stingy MLB HOF.
  2. Bernie was an underrated quarterback in his era maybe not playing in or winning a Super Bowl might have hurt him some. He gave his all to the game in Cleveland.
  3. All Saquon, all the Time...

    Oh look there he goes! Is it just me or did he look faster at PSU?
  4. 2018 Mock Drafts

    Oh goodness I can't wait for April 26 to get here and alleviate some of this R1 pent up excitement.
  5. Cleveland athletes or athletes who played in or for Cleveland? Not that many fall in both catagories. LeBron will go down as a GOAT, Joe Thomas as an OL was incredible, Thome and Omar are among my favorites. And who could shoot foul shots like Mark Price? Some Cleveland area kids did alright in college and the pros.
  6. Browns Board March Madness

    I watch virtually no hoops of any kind now except some lead in conference championship games and of course the most unique tournament in all of sports MARCH MADNESS. Normally not nearly as wild as this year but definitely better than beanie babies or other stuffed animal collecting.
  7. Big Ten Rules Wrestling

    So much for the Midwest centered B1G. The only thing I have against wrestling is that they do get some potentially good football players. The ones that crossover from wrestling or even basketball tend to do well in football. GO BIG TEN.
  8. Browns Board March Madness

    And it will be the lowest rated March Madness ever. Even Villanova needs to win.
  9. Yes and not just on St. Patrick's Day.
  10. Browns Board March Madness

    I've been doing this for awhile and have never seen anything like 2018 and that's just getting to the Sweet 16......amazing.
  11. Browns Board March Madness

    Xoly crap, the best seed left in the West is......#3 Michigan? Are you kidding me? Who'd pick them?
  12. Well for the 50% Irish & English in me........ An Irishman goes into a bar in America and orders three whiskeys. The barman asks: "Would it be better for if I put all three shots in one glass?" The Irishman replies: "No! I have two other brothers back at home, so every time I come into a pub, I order a shot for them both."The following week, the Irishman orders just two whiskeys. The barman asks: "Did something happen one of your brothers?" "Oh no," replies the Irishman. "I just decided to quit drinking!"
  13. That's what's so scary. Actually I was referring to the rework v2.0 that would cover all options and not have 15 options. Simple, eh?
  14. Browns Board March Madness

    Syracuse? Really? Who invited them? -BUT- MST missed their last 14 shots, shame on them!
  15. A generic QB is fine, the top 3 or 4 are essentially the same -plus- DB, DE, RB, BPA etc. (assuming they do take a QB at #1 or 4) The no Quarterback option scares some people but is an option but with Kizer gone they don't really have an experienced backup, like it or not Kizer did have live fire experience. Then there's the 1. acquisition of more top R1 picks or 2. trade down/out which is just crazy. Just to play devil's advocate or just being picky.