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  1. mjp28

    Vonte Davis Retires at Halftime

    Thats it i want OUT, now thats it im done. .........ah do i still get a 50% game check? 40%? 10%?
  2. mjp28

    ***Official Browns @ Saints Game Day Thread***

    And Jim Tressel was 9-1 including 7 in a row, he owned "m". The only NCAA coach to win over 100 wins with two different schools, nasty.
  3. mjp28

    Browns vs. Jets Short week Trivia

    Just wanted to make sure incase it comes up again.....amazing what little details slip a bit over 48 years or so.
  4. mjp28

    ***Official Browns @ Saints Game Day Thread***

    I noticed in the under 40 (+/-) diehard steelrz fans almost a pity. They just don't remember the Joe turkey Jones planting Bradshaw and all those good memories. It's mainly we older boomers keeping those memories alive.
  5. mjp28

    Browns vs. Jets Short week Trivia

    Geeezzzz I thought Gifford was the always there guy, so Cosell, Don Merideth, Keith Jackson.
  6. mjp28

    Vonte Davis Retires at Halftime

    Yeah part of his God's plan for his life. Is this a great country or what!
  7. mjp28


    ......."oh I found my car keys!" Z.G.
  8. Big cap hit? Any likely replacements?
  9. mjp28

    is hue gone on monday?

    Context is very important! .......when taken in the proper context.
  10. mjp28

    Browns vs. Jets Short week Trivia

    Yeah a lot of players don't really care if they are pro bowl picked like in years past.
  11. mjp28

    Baker time

    And remember that they are still a rebuilding team coming off of a miserable 1-31 and 0-16 season(s), patience guys still a PK, WR help and a few pieces from a AFCN competing team. GO BROWNS 2019! 0-1-1 isn't going to make 2018 look so good......even though we know that they are improving.
  12. mjp28

    Browns vs. Jets Short week Trivia

    I'm there with Zombo's answers except one on MNF #1, I was 19 in college at YSU watching the game at Tony's Hideaway. . The Browns and the Jets played each other in the very first Monday Night Football Game. Some questions on this: A. Who were the opposing QBs to play in that game? Namath and Nelson B. Who were the three announcers in the booth for that game? Keith Jackson , Howard Cosell, Frank Gifford <---- not Keith Jackson I think it was Dandy Don. (Oh and what a crowd at the Ol' Muni). C. Where was it played and who won? Cleveland, Browns won D. Who ran back a kickoff return for a TD for the Browns? Homer Jones E. Who ran back an interception for a TD for the Browns? Billy Andrews
  13. mjp28

    Baker time

    "IF" maybe the BROWNS had a half decent kicker, beat pizzburgh game 1 and were 2-0 right now the can hue and play Baker now talk would be a whole lot quieter. A freaking kicker, hmmmmm. Oh well......
  14. mjp28

    Browns sign kicker

    Well the BROWNS have got an Owl on the team. A lot of those newer football programs have been gaining in football prowess compared to the old UM, FSU, FLA teams. FAU highlights: 2014 Season Game HighsField Goals: 4 at Wyoming (92/20/14)Longest Field Goal: 43 at Wyoming (9/20/14)2015 Season Game HighsField Goals: 4 at ODU (11/28/15)Longest Field Goal: 48 at ODU (11/28/15) 2016 Season Game Highs Field Goals: 2 Ball State (9/24/16), UTEP (11/12/16) Longest Field Goal: 50 FIU (10/1/16) 2017 Season Game Highs Field Goals:Â 2 Buffalo (9/23/17); WKU (10/28/17), NT (12/2/17) Longest Field Goal:Â 54 Navy (9/1/17)
  15. Yes or maybe your offense isn't controlling the clock? (but has to be better than 2017)