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  1. Best Game Day Grub

    Don't we all! I miss their specials, root beer floats, greasy chili fries plus you could eat under the awnings rain or shine. Hard to believe that the owner Saxey couldn't find anyone to take it over.....so we now have another auto parts store.
  2. Browns Board Survival!

    And undefeated NFL teams through week 6 ZERO, what a year!
  3. Only Team worth rooting for now

    None of the above really, no attachments to any of them.
  4. Best Game Day Grub

    Back in the 1960s to 1980s+ it was great when Rich was running it, I went there after EVERY Niles football and basketball game in 1966-67-68 and occasionally in college and after until I moved to Boardman in 1985. Rich's brother was big in Trumbull County politics knew him and his son Michael who ran the Springfield Grill in Boardman for 11 years ate there a lot. Michael now runs Alberini's in Boardman an upscale menu place, not bad.
  5. Best Game Day Grub

    Dutch you are thinking about none other than JAY'S HOT DOGS a real old greasy spoon place but good! Used to go there occasionally at lunch, cheapo they actually used to use old bread bags as carryout bags. Oh from my office parking lot on 224 we had taco bell, Friendly's (had breakfast there every morning), A&W, Pizza Hut, plaza donuts,Wendy's all with out getting in a car......for casual dining.
  6. Which school?

    Wisconsin and their tradition of All American and NFL caliber linemen which contains to today.
  7. Everytime I hear of one of these purges I remember the old sayings it's easier to get rid of one manager than 25 players or one coach than 53 players. Same with the FO, you're chopping off the head of the snake.....you're still stuck with the carcass for a long time until it rots away. And the Cleveland Browns revolving door of futility continues, NEXT!
  8. Or "the Yankee$ way" since the beginning of time? I alway love the question : Why did the yank$ win the AL every year from 1946-1964 but three? A. Better loving, caring fans B. MO' MONEY!
  9. Which school?

    Nice to have our own Judge Roy Bean here for the definitive answers. Well I guess he's the modern day Ohio version the original was an eccentric U.S. saloon-keeper and Justice of the Peace in Val Verde County, Texas, who called himself "The Law West of the Pecos". I guess he's "The Law East of the Cuyahoga", or is it West? (and we kid because we care) And you almost could have a time cutoff because as time goes on the number of pro teams got larger along with the explosion in number of players. For example the best before/after 1980? The older ones are already in the HOF if they're getting in. Still a good topic.
  10. Best Game Day Grub

    Uptown has long been a nice fairly economical Italian restaurants/carryout with a decent menu, my wife worked up that way for about 25 of her 41 years at the hospital many used their carryout. On trying to name all the Youngstown/Warren area good restaurants, pizza joints, carryout only, whatever would take pages here PLUS taste in anything can be very subjective we tend to lock in on our favorites but we should occasionally try other pizzas and other foods which is also GAME DAY GRUB HEAVEN and what better than football. (Oh I see Gia's is now named after their two grandkids, I had an office right there at 224 and West Boulevard.) We also LOVE to cookout but we can do that 52 weeks a year, have a nice BIG three burner natural gas grill for quick anytime cooking but for football Saturdays or Sundays often pizza, sandwiches, chicken or whatever just fit. And YES this "hicktown" area is blessed whth dozens of fabulous restaurants of all nationalities including Italian, Mexican (besides taco bell), hunkie and others. <----- just check out my interests listing up here from day 1. And yes I like many here would know having traveled extensively in the USA and elsewhere.
  11. Best Game Day Grub

    Most pizza joints also have sandwiches, specialty dishes and more. I got some baked wings with ranch dressing with my last pizza from Wedgewood Pizza in Boardman. They also have a nice $3 salad and their new Philly Steak pizza along with cold beer at state minimum prices, ummm.
  12. Best Game Day Grub

    That so nice to know. Oh well some of us never grow up.......got any good eats information to share with us? Or do prefer to just ruin a thread?
  13. Best Game Day Grub

    Gezus H. Christmas this is about pizza......and I know the history of Youngstown way more than you do my dad started at US STEEL there in the early 1950s right after WWII and Korea in the NAVY. GET IT?
  14. Best Game Day Grub

    I was first there in the 1980s they've really expanded since then often losing quality control that's why you can't beat ma and pa......even though they are getting squeezed now.
  15. Best Game Day Grub

    C'Mon diehard, you've got to up your game to stay in this battle......pizza, Italian food in general in Youngstown and NE Ohio is well known all over the USA!