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  1. 0-16 will live in BROWNS lore and NFL history forever. The Joe H. deal will not except for some of us diehard fans.
  2. ......... Thomas said that Haden's release was particularly felt by the younger players on the Browns roster. "Especially all those young guys we have, they all looked up to Joe, they loved Joe, everyone loved him and we’re thinking, ‘We cut this guy and we have $70 million in cap space? What is that trying to say about the season?.'" Adding salt to the wound was Haden signing with the hated Pittsburgh Steelers, who won the AFC North yet again as Cleveland was left languishing in the league's basement. ........ So what's most important here? Young player's feelings? Free up $70M in cap space? The now somewhat slipping if not ancient old Pittsburgh rivalry? Player's feelings (or fans' feelings or twitter chat) versus management rights to run the team in a business like manner, what is really the most important here anyway? Will this whole issue even be remembered when the next year's season begins, I don't think so but we'll see.
  3. Oh Nichole is sad her Jaguars lost, I'm sure we all can share her feelings.....or something like that.
  4. The First-pick Draft game thread

    Sometimes it works great like the #4 pick sometime it doesn't, eh? The Eagles are one win now from the last pick.
  5. Kenny Britt - Congrats!

    Don't the Patriots have the option to decide who gets a ring for inactive player or staff? Maybe?
  6. And some 38, 39 ooooops now 40 year quarterback(s) are all worthless with slowing skills.......oh forget about a lifetime of amazing knowledge when heading into yet another Super Bowl.
  7. I thought without Gronk they couldn't win, before the game I noted he might be the key to the game. ......turned out to be Amendola and Bradyl .
  8. Anyone? Like the league with all of their massive amounts of game data wouldn't know this? Same ol' ghool slop again.
  9. Well Forrest Gump's momma was right!
  10. This Week in the NFL Playoffs

    She must have distracted me.
  11. Yes he just finished winning the AFC, he's done.....for today.
  13. This Week in the NFL Playoffs

    Do we know football or what? Well Z does.
  14. Brady Injured?

    Geeezzzus H Christmas NE 24-20, 2:48 left......