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    Cavs trade Varejao

    I used to trade for Hawes when I played NBA 2K. Liked it, and it looks like its paying dividends. Id like to see him re-signed.
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  3. Beretaair83

    Season ticket renewal today

    Does anyone have a spare baggies ticket tomorrow I can buy. Im a season ticket holder but was on holiday when the tickets were on sale
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  5. Beretaair83

    Any mold experts?

    Not an expert, but Ill take on the low hanging fruit. Lactose is a disaccharide made up of glucose and galactose. Is your impurity possibly one of these?
  6. Beretaair83

    How to beat the Warriors

    You know with new camera I could catch Rick's dad on film. The question is will I live long enough to post
  7. Beretaair83

    Best Ethnic food

    There are many mouses out there but it all depends on the gamer getting a grip on the one that suites him the best doesnt matter which mouse is it.
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