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  1. Darnold at 1 then trade down?

    You think we should take a RB at #1 and then trade up to #2?
  2. Darnold at 1 then trade down?

    I don't want to trade down. The QB won't play this year....but the #4 would contribute right away. No trading down....unless it's like, to pick 5.
  3. All Saquon, all the Time...

    Can you imagine if we ever picked a RB at #1 overall? With all of the QB position problems we've had since our return? The store with the names on the jersey...that was getting all the publicity from it...they took the shirt down because it's just too painful to Browns fans. And some think we should just take the one that falls to us.
  4. Rosen

    You said 'almost'. I don't see how to leave the most important position on the team to chance and 'hope' he falls to #4. - If you think Josh Allen is the QB for your team, then you take him at #1 and NOT let anyone else take him. WHOEVER (of the top 4) is the QB you like best, you pick him right there at #1. NO gettin' cute with the QB position.
  5. Rosen

    That's a thought. ...me, I don't think they want any rookie QB to play this year.
  6. You're evil. - But I like it. Draft value chart shows only 100 points value to move from 5 to 4. That would be their pick #99. Maybe we could wrangle their 71st pick but I highly doubt we get their pick #40.
  7. Jets trade up

    You're overly negative Ghoolie. I don't see the value of taking a RB #1 overall. Even Jim Brown in his prime wouldn't be worth that in today's NFL. - It's Pass & Rush the Passer. We want the best QB in the draft. Not the best RB. We can do fine with the right 2nd round RB. - Yes, we need WR. At TE we 'should' be ok. Our offense needs all the attention it can get...but the best pass rusher in the draft at #4 would help our team immensely.
  8. Jets trade up

    Do you see McCarron on our roster? Jackson may have a voice that's actually listened to and thought about...but Dorsey is calling the shots.
  9. Throwing away money and picks

    What is it that you're expecting? Bringing in players who paint portraits? Perform in their local philharmonics? Poets? Our team was full of players that have done nothing but lose their whole time here. Including three lost soul QB's. A lot is different now. That's a culture change on a football team.
  10. Today's NFL is Pass & Rush the Passer. If he's the best pass rusher in the draft then at 4 pair him with Myles...as Myles could use the help. (ability to rush the passer is huge for a team) The 'Pass' part is more than just the QB...but it certainly STARTS with the QB. (pick #1) There needs to be receivers that know how to run routes and get separation. (and catch the damn ball) You have to be able to block people to give TIME to pass and room for your RB's to help out the offense. Best QB in the draft at #1 and best Pass Rusher in the draft at #4. Wow. The 2 most critical parts of the game...in 45 minutes.
  11. Throwing away money and picks

    From signing a QB that knows how to play in the NFL...as opposed to our QB throwing int's all the time. (QB play is so important) From bringing in Landry for the slot...which is something TT likes to utilize. From bringing in OLinemen, DB's, RB, etc. All of these guys come from other teams where games are won and winning is expected. They come right out and say that they had no part in our past losing. The knowledge that a respected football man is in charge...and that the best QB in the draft is going to be joining the team. Cumulatively the team is much different, better and far removed from the last 2 years.
  12. Jets trade up

    So, in theory, they want Mayfield.
  13. Jets trade up

    Good thoughts. But let's take door #1 and watch the rest of the round unfold with our three 2nd round picks sitting on the table. I'd prefer to not get cute and just pick the two best players that are not Barkley. (RB later) If someone that we really like starts sliding then perhaps we wanna jump back into the latter part of the round like we did last year. Like Joe Banner said, Today's NFL is Pass and Rush The Passer. - Pick the QB de jur and Chubb. (Garrett and Chubb with Ogbah off the bench) -------- So the Jets traded with the Colts. They didn't trade to the top of the round. (they probably called us but we want a QB too and there's no way we're trading that far down and miss out on a QB - again -) They didn't trade with the Giants. They probably called the Giants. Why couldn't they move up to #2? I'm going to have to assume that the Giants want their QB to groom also. (of course the possibility DOES exist that the Jets don't really believe that the Giants WILL take a QB this year - I think they probably will because essentially, it's FREE this year. You don't have to trade up and give away a King's ransom for the QB. I guarantee you that the Giants do not expect to be picking anywhere near this high next year.) But in order to have made this trade, the Jets had to understand that it was quite possible that the 2 best QB's in the draft would be gone. Assuming that those two are Rosen & Darnold, then they like Mayfield or Allen enough (and Rosen and Darnold in case one of THEM is there) to make the trade. This shows all of us that AT LEAST three of the four top QB's in this draft have show the Jets enough to warrant trading up for. Just like the Bears last year....and the Rams & Eagles the year before that. - Ya gotta have a good QB.
  14. Jets trade up

    I believe it's option #3....they're willing to take one of the 3 best QB's in this draft. The question is, What order do they have them in? - What order do WE have them in?
  15. Barkley at #1?

    Supply and demand. If ya want a QB...ya gots to pay.
  16. Jets trade up

    I said yesterday that the Colts would trade down a little. And the Jets are in good shape for a new QB with Josh McCown in place there. He HELPS the young QB's like he's a coach...even though he's the starting QB.
  17. Barkley at #1?

    Apparently the Colts read my post.
  18. Barkley at #1?

    1) and the Colts can give him Trent Richardson's locker. 2a) whichever QB Dorsey & Co. thinks best fits the Browns. 2b) that's what you DO with a rookie QB....but we're in the cat-bird's seat because we can pick a really good player at #4 to contribute right away. (called having your cake and eating it too)
  19. Barkley at #1?

    The Colts may very well trade down a bit as they have multiple needs and someone may want to jump up for a QB (as someone does that almost every year). We, of course, have multiple needs...but we have multiple 2nd round picks. I don't understand how anyone can think that we're drafting a RB at #1 overall....but then, I can't figure out flat-earther's either.
  20. Kevin Hogan resigns with Browns

    Yup. All things being equal, that's who he was gonna keep.
  21. Throwing away money and picks

    Dorsey is doing what he was brought here to do. Get us some real football players so that we can win some games....while he builds for the future. In two phucking years we've had ONE MONDAY MORNING where we woke up with a football smile. ONE! He's brought in a player so that Peppers doesn't have to play goalie any more. He's brought in a QB who won't constantly throw it to the other team if we happen to get into scoring position. Crow wanted the hell out of town so he brought in a guy to fill the void quite well. He got us a receiver who actually catches the damn ball. He's spent some of out draft picks to improve our team. And what the hell was the youngest team in the league gonna do with 12 draft picks anyway? Get younger? More inexperienced? I swear, we are a better team right now than we've been in some time....and we haven't hit the draft and our 5 picks in the first two rounds yet. By trading for TieRod & Landry he gave our offense a reason to exist. That sent the signal to free agency that we were no longer going to be the Siberia of the NFL. Such that you don't have to avoid Cleveland like the plague any more. And he WAS able to sign some FA's. - This really is a big deal for the Browns. He's trying to change the culture...and I mean REALLY change the culture. With our future QB being picked at #1 overall in April, and the #4 pick bringing someone who should contribute day one...and three second round picks who will hopefully improve the situation even more....well...it just appears like we could be a REAL football team right now. Not GREAT right now, but respectable. And if you want to attract talent, then you have to be respectable. Since the end of the regular season we've known that no FA was going to want to come here. Well, Dorsey turned some mid round draft picks into players that made us more attractive to FA's. - Smart move if you ask me.
  22. Kevin Hogan resigns with Browns

    Dorsey didn't draft Kesler....so he's chosen Hogan as our #3. - Six or half a dozen I guess.
  23. Despite all the moves

    Somehow Hue obviously convinced Jimmuh & Dee that he couldn't win any games because of Sashi. And really, since Jimmuh will listen to a homeless guy Hue only had to convince Dee. If Dorsey runs the show and the two coordinators run the offense & defense, then all Hue can screw up is Time Outs, Red Flags, when not to punt and when to kick a FG. It's not totally impossible to overcome him and still win a few games.
  24. Dorsey skips Mayfield and Rosen pro days...

    Elway was at Rosen's pro day today. - I'm certain someone from the Browns was there...
  25. Dorsey skips Mayfield and Rosen pro days...

    DePo and Berry are still there. Jim Brown is an adviser.....