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  1. Orion

    Chad Pennington mentoring Mayfield.

    He did. Two complete seasons and six with nine or more games. To me he was always an, average at best, kind of QB.
  2. Orion

    Which FANS love their team the most?

    What did the blonde call her pet zebra? spot
  3. Orion

    Chad Pennington mentoring Mayfield.

    I never much cared for Pennington as a QB. As they say, Those who can - DO. Those who can't - Teach.
  4. Orion

    WR position

    ...you don't think he'll use it to pay off his credit cards?
  5. Orion

    WR position

    Saw it the same way. The mind sometimes sees what it expects to see. Still though, that whole beat down thing looks and smells real bad. I can see it now, a 3 receiver set of Gordon, Coleman and Callaway. The Three Thugs Set.
  6. Orion

    Hue Jackson strikes again

    I think he said the right thing (surprising, for him). TieRod was brought here to be our starter opening day...and until our #1 pick QB (whoever that was to be) was 'ready' to take over. Hue cannot let the media or Hard Knocks start a QB controversy by asking him questions leading to that answer.
  7. Orion

    WR position

    But this isn't college anymore. The DB's are better and faster. He didn't have to run too many routes in college. (...and Corey, you go long.) Can he get separation? Can he create space in the nfl? - I hope so -
  8. Orion

    WR position

    I agree with both of these statements. I don't think Dorsey is high at all on Coleman, based on one of his interviews when he said he expects that Coleman will have a big year this year - in a sense like, He BETTER have a big year. But I also don't think he's just gonna kick him to the curb to a team who offers a 5th rounder or something. Our passing attack has been bad. Anybody that might help it is required on deck this preseason.
  9. Orion

    WR position

    The passing game is what's held us back more than anything else. And the wr position has been no small part of it. We haven't had anyone, QB or WR, to scare a defense. Nobody's known how to get open. So hopefully Landry is that guy that gets open. He's been able to do that before. And really, aside from him we've got a bunch of question marks as to how they may perform. It could go either way with the wr unit. It's conceivable that Callaway may not be much help, as rookie wr's many times struggle in their first year in the NFL. Coleman could continue to underimpress. Or they may both play fairly well, as might Gordon, and together with Landry we have a good group.
  10. Orion

    WR position

    I supported him...and his injuries...but when you LOSE us a game against the steelers then you go straight to my doghouse. He and Hue are BOTH in there (and RG3). 1st and goal, in OT, on the steelers one yard line....and you call a bubble screen...and we lose. And last year, STANDING...not running or nothin', ALL ALONE, not covered...and you drop a 4th down pass at the steeler eleven, and we lose. - Not against the Tennessee Tuxedos, or the Panthers or something...no, THE STEELERS. That's ALL THE WAY IN THE BACK of the doghouse.
  11. Orion

    WR position

    Agreed. In two years he's really done nothing to show more value than an undrafted FA rookie.
  12. Orion

    WR position

    89 Berry, Evan WR 5-11 202 22 R Tennessee 16 Board, C.J. WR 6-0 181 24 1 Tennessee-Chattanooga 19 Coleman, Corey WR 5-11 185 23 3 Baylor 12 Gordon, Josh WR 6-3 225 27 3 Baylor 81 Higgins, Rashard WR 6-1 198 23 3 Colorado State 13 Janis, Jeff WR 6-3 219 26 5 Saginaw Valley State 80 Landry, Jarvis WR 5-11 196 25 5 LSU 15 Louis, Ricardo WR 6-2 215 24 3 Auburn 18 Ratley, Damion WR 6-1 200 23 R Texas A&M 10 Scott, Da'Mari WR 6-0 205 22 R Fresno State 84 Willies, Derrick WR 6-4 207 23 R Texas Tech Unsigned Draft Pick # NAME POS. HT. WT. AGE EXP. COLLEGE 11 Callaway, Antonio WR 5-11 200 21 R Florida -------------------------------- All things being stable going forward.....who's the favorites? Gotta figure Callaway makes it .... there's Gordon, Landry, Coleman, Janis.....that's five......there's a couple of Sashi guys, Higgins & Lewis....
  13. Orion

    Great offseason

    We're always substantially improved looking in May. This year, however, is markedly different from the previous years. We have Todd Haley instead of Hue running the offense and play calling. We've brought in 3 offensive weapons in Tyrod, Landry & Chubb. (I'm not counting Mayfield...but even if he DID play it'd still be 3 weapons as Tyrod would sit. and Carlos Hyde is the new Crowell) On D we are now to believe that Peppers will play his normal position due to the Kizer trade and the draft. We get to play eleven on eleven. ...and of course, last but not least, we have the joker of the deck....Josh Gordon. He could be anywhere from the pro bowl to a jail cell. On paper, we're quite improved...although we're gonna need a little luck with the guys we brought in for the offensive tackle positions.
  14. Orion

    Boring Times - New Era

    It's even less for me. Sports is the Browns. I used to love the NY Knicks (Walt Frazier - I modeled my game after him - Earl The Pearl, Dave DeBusher, Senator Bill Bradley, Willis Reed, Jerry Lucas bombing 3's - with no 3 point line- Phil Jackson - all shoulders & elbows- and D!ck Barnette off the bench) ...and the Yankees (Mantle & Maris, Clete & Clint Boyer, Bobby Richardson, Elston Howard, Jim Boutin, Tom Tresh, Joe Pepitone, Tony Kubek...) Now, I quit watching basketball back when it turned into Gang Ball. - It's moved on from that but the Knicks always suck. And baseball has just plain gotten boring. I'd rather watch golf. I watch the Browns......(and occasionally IndyCar, IMSA, LeMans & F1 racing)
  15. Orion

    Brogan Robeck

    Another very raw kid who never takes snaps from center. 6'3"