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  1. Sooo...this means McCown could be available. We sign McCown and draft a QB at #1. Perfect!
  2. VERY lucky. A reliable kicker missed a FG. Nope. I wasn't talking about offense. (and I know that the edge rusher is one of the most important pieces on D) On offense it's the QB...the group of receivers...the running back(s)...then OLinemen. And although I list the OL last, they are quite important because if they're not all fairly GOOD then the rest of the offensive skill positions suffer greatly. Last year Garrett was rated head and shoulders better than anyone else in the draft. But the QB is the MOST important position...by a lot...so although we selected the 'head and shoulders' best player in the draft, we didn't win any games. That's how important NOT having a QB is.
  3. ...and yet in 32 football games, his team is the only one we beat. - He's just one of the 11 guys that are supposed to tackle people.
  4. ...a few things: Injuries stunted his growth in training camp, then preseason, and during the season. (I've got a bad feeling that injuries are going to be a problem with him) He's a rookie. He's one of the eleven guys that tackle people. Very rare that you come across a guy that can control a game on defense. His team went 0-16 for a reason...he personally was not going to win games for us. We needed a game changing player on offense. A competent QB could've won us a few games. hijack to Kizer - I'm blaming Kizer. And we're all blaming Kizer. He gave it to the other team most of the few times that we got in the red zone. But sadly, it's NOT fair to blame poor Kizer. College QB's come into the league now knowing NOTHING of what it's like to run an NFL offense. They've never spit out a play in a huddle all through college. They're never under center, always in a spread. - He was never supposed to play last year. He just got caught up in a situation where the looney toons that were in charge of the QB position let McCown go and went into the season with Kizer and 2 second year guys who'd neither had ever won an NFL game. Kizer almost won the job by default. (the poor kid) - Kizer DID at times look bad though...I mean some really bad (inaccurate) passes...but even THAT could've been from things just moving very fast for him. As has been said before, other great QB's have been quite bad in their rookie seasons. Kizer deserves a roster spot next year and a chance to progress...but we should STILL draft a QB #1 overall and find a veteran to play now. I like Sam Bradford, but he's brittle...but then, tough as nails McCown is always injured too. hijack over - If he doesn't get hurt again, Myles should improve a bit in his second year. If we can get him help on the other side and someone so that Peppers can play where he SHOULD be playing, the D could take some steps up the charts of team defense. I've talked about a couple of things here; Pass and Rush The Passer. That's the nutshell of today's NFL. Last year they drafted the 'Rush The Passer' guy. He couldn't get us a single win. Now, we need the 'Pass' guy.
  5. Pryor Wants Back On Browns?

    I used to say that Coleman should be a slot receiver. But nope, those slot guys have to CATCH the ball. For me, that ball he dropped against Pittsburgh at the end of the game, did it to me. He dropped our chance to beat the Steelers! THE STEELERS!! He didn't even have to move to catch it. He was just standing there. - He's got a LOT to do to earn my respect back. He's useless to me. THE STEELERS YOU IDIOT COLEMAN!!!
  6. Joe Covets Kirk .....

    This 'could' be true. YES! I list it as a must fix. Right behind QB and somebody to make Peppers line up somewhere within earshot of the opposing QB. (he might be closer to the opposing QB when their both on the bench and our offense is on the field)
  7. Joe Covets Kirk .....

    If I were Dorsey I'd ask him if he can make his mind up by March 12th. To sign Cousins to a big contract is to say that Washington screwed up by not getting a deal done with him some time ago. (like, even last year at this time) - How come they didn't try hard enough to sign him? He's still young enough. - They can't have thought all that much of him. In Cousins' first couple of years he wasn't the starter and we played them in the preseason. He tore us to shreds two years straight. But that might not be saying much. We need a veteran QB to stand besides our young QB's on the sidelines and point things out. A Josh McCown would be perfect in that role. He could be the starter and still be a part time teacher. But he gets himself injured every year. - I want us to pick the best QB in the draft at #1 (for once). But free agency sets the stage. In about a month we'll get a little clearer picture as to what we might do at #'s 1 & 4 in the draft.
  8. Joe Covets Kirk .....

    But who would be the analytics guy? Depo, the QB guru, who said Wentz wouldn't be a top 20 QB? I think Hue wants McCarron badly. And I think Dorsey is frothing at the prospect of drafting a QB at #1. - Does Haslam stay the hell out of it? Or is HE gonna choose the QB again?
  9. Joe Covets Kirk .....

    There IS that. You really can't have the players sticking there noses in this area. But as has been said, Joe wants to win RFN. And I'm sure he figures, Hell, if they get pissed at me, what are they gonna do? Fire me? I'll friggin' retire if they don't like it. - Like my neighbor who was getting sick of the bull crap at his job. He tells me things are pretty good at work now. I said, Wow. What happened? I'm old enough to retire now, he said, so I grew a set of balls and told them what I thought.
  10. I listened to the interview on 92 The Fan while working at work. (seriously, while working) I like how, no matter how badgered, he would not say anything negative about any player on the team. He used the excuse of not knowing the players well enough yet. I like how he says that he builds his system to suite the strengths of the players he has. I LIKE THAT. Hue doesn't do that. Don Shula DID that. I like that he has scouting and talent evaluation 'trained' into him since he was young. I like that we have two respected guys at the coordinator positions. It kind of sets a tone of respectability for the team and organization. And lastly, we now have two guys that could take over the team in at least an interim manner should Hue need to be canned during a season.
  11. The Prime Order

    Some time ago I posted a pyramid of needs. (like Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs) And yes, the top belongs to the QB, next on the list was pass rushers. And this is what Joe Banner said when he was with us, Today's NFL is Pass and Rush the Passer.
  12. 2018 QB Class

    I swear that was Haslam wanting the most flamboyant QB...to put HIS team in the spotlight. To get HIS team talked about. To sell tickets and beer and jerseys. ...how's that trial going? Any chance the'll lock him away? At #1 they have to pick their favorite QB. (it's ok that he's not an impact player year one. they still have the fourth highest pick in the draft to get one) THEN....there are a couple of 'must do' things. They've GOTTA get someone so that Peppers can play up closer to the LOS than to the parking lot. And they've GOTTA get a WR that doesn't drop the ball at the 11 yard line, on 4th down, with the game on the line. AND, because it's a good draft for RB's, they've gotta come out of the draft with one of 'em.
  13. QB mike white

    OK, here's my thought: If you're gonna post something like this, then include a highlight reel.
  14. Johnny is back in spring league

    lol. I love that one. ......Billy....
  15. ...hmm...and why would THAT be? Could it be because the QB is far and away the most important piece of the puzzle? And that they'd be MORE than willing to jump into the ranks of the Rams, Eagles & Texans just to have the Queen of the Chess board? If I were Buffalo I'd certainly call up the Browns. Right? The Browns have ALWAYS been willing to give teams the keys to success in exchange for a couple of shiny things. That's been a part of their 'Playbook To Winless'. Hopefully Dorsey understands that it's WAY past time to turn your 'assets' into a 'real' QB and a blue chipper at #4. WE NEED some good players. Aside from Joe Thomas (and perhaps the part-timer Josh Gordon) our best known player, a 'playmaker' best player, is our 3rd down running back. - A researcher said to me, "Oh, you guys have a player that I had on my fantasy team!". But she couldn't remember his name. ( 'twas the Duke) -------------------------- Drafting a QB high in the draft: There hasn't been any team, in recent memory, as poised to pick a QB at #1 than us. We are in the proverbial Cat Bird Seat. When you draft a QB high in the draft, usually, a season (or more) goes by where you get relatively little production from your high draft pick (if anything at all). WE, HOWEVER, have the #4 draft pick also. WE have the luxury of getting our cake (QB) and eating it too (getting a player, high in the draft, who WILL produce this very year). - It's ALMOST like, ya can't even phuck this up... (did I just say that?......about the Browns?)