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  1. Orion

    Fire Hue now!

    Has Hue been fired yet? < fingers crossed > ( and I didn't even see today's game )
  2. Orion

    ***Official Browns @ Buccaneers Game Day Thread***

    Oh, ok, thanks. But I'd still have liked those 3 points there before the half. Woulda' brought us within two scores reach.
  3. Orion

    ***Official Browns @ Buccaneers Game Day Thread***

    So I couldn't see or even hear the game. But just before the half I was begging that we would take a FG. Why did we not want to take 3 points when were starting the 2nd half with the ball?
  4. Orion

    Who is BrownsDawgPound?

    He's from the Andromeda galaxy. Has he been doing this for 11 years?
  5. Orion

    Terrelle Pryor

    We offered him more than he ended up getting from the Redskins. And he's always an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty waiting to happen. But if you HAVE to have him then bring him in. He'll fit right in as an injured browns receiver.
  6. Orion

    Terrelle Pryor

    He was averaging less than 3 catches / game with the Jets. He went a three game stretch accumulating only 2 catches.
  7. Orion

    Hyde traded

    Well, we have the #1 overall pick in the draft playing QB...Chubb better be picking the blitzer...while he's trying to do better than 3.4 per carry. Ya don't get a lot of room to run when the D isn't too worried about your receivers. I just don't see why we couldn't have kept him as Chubb's backup. Unless he was going to be a malcontent. Or, like the half-crazy theory of Dorsey trading him 'cuz the damn coach wouldn't play Chubb....in which case, Hue would be a lame duck.
  8. Orion

    Hyde traded

    Hyde got us yards when there was nothing there. He's a tough, hard nosed runner that picked up the blitz well. Not sure what they expected out of him. Chubb's turn now. (I guess having Hyde as the backup to Chubb wasn't an option)
  9. Orion

    Breshad Perriman

    Atom, Syd uses that avatar. #12 is available. ------------ Hopefully, Perriman has a little something for us. We could really use a good break at WR. I think with this influx of WR's from all corners, we're going to see an uptick in INT's and penalties. Receivers will be lined up incorrectly, run wrong / different routes, timing will be off...and I think Baker likes to try to throw a receiver open but he'll be hesitant with the new receiver(s). We may continue to see sacks. People will say he holds the ball too long. We have got the worst friggin' luck with WR's. We bring in guys and they turn to complete $#!+. Britt had 1000+ yards the year before. Coleman, who we hoped would take that big step forward in his third season, instead has gone through 3 teams since August and just landed on the practice squad of a 4th team. Untrustworthy Gordon finally got too bizarre to continue with......and viola! We're counting on guys like Higgins, who we were none too sure about before TC. After Higgins gets hurt we turn to undrafted Willies, who can't survive 5 days before getting hurt and on IR. We have to depend heavily on 2 rookie WR's.....Callaway & Ratley. - warm fuzzies -
  10. Our secondary is in a shambles...like the WR position. So we can't pass or cover the pass....in a passing league. - Beautiful.....phucking Beautiful.....
  11. Orion

    A Case For Hue

    I would not be in favor of firing Hue during the season, unless: 1) you have his replacement already on the coaching staff (none of the playbooks will change) 2) you know who you want to hire, he's available, and you already know that he wants the job (you've had discreet discussions)
  12. October............Browns draft scenarios..........ahh, the smell of fall in the air......... Yup, they'll be scouting WR's. .....Corey Coleman singed on to the Giants practice squad. They're out scrapping the bottom of the WR barrel too.
  13. Orion

    The Big Four Rookie QBs

    That's what the league wants now. I KNEW we shoulda' drafted Peter Out.
  14. Orion

    Active Roster WR's

    He's a dumbshit. And when he showed up late and 'not himself" for a team meeting they decided that they had to get away from him. - As much as I love his talent, and as much as we sorely need him.....I agree with what they did. He had to go. Of course now we're in a bit of a lurch at WR........but he'd have left us in a lurch had we not traded him anyway. As many have said, He did not want to be here.
  15. Orion

    Active Roster WR's

    Jarvis Landry - defenses are taking him away with multiple coverages. Antonio Callaway - having rookie struggles, drops passes, disappears... Damion Ratley - how's THAT for our #3 receiver? Wasn't even sure he'd make the team. Breshad Perriman - currently trying to figure out which end of the playbook is up. DaMarie Scott - who? Rashard Higgins - injured. By default became our 2nd best receiver. ----------------------- Hello 7 or 8 in the box. I should think the brain-trust likes the few minutes of action that Willies had...and they may hope to pair him with Higgins, Landry & Callaway. With that in mind, I would doubt that Dorsey would trade for any of the expensive WR's being talked about in the media. He seems to be trying to patchwork a receiving corps in hopes to get Higgins back, finish out the season and attack the position in the offseason. It's not looking like Baker is going to have as much fun playing QB this season as it once appeared......unless Haley can figure out how to fill receiving voids with Devalve, Njoku and Duke. The blocking TE's aren't very reliable as receivers although Fells isn't God Awful. In training camp talk was of us having one of the best receiving corps in the league. Boy, does that ever seem like a decade ago!