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  1. I wish our QB's could be half as 'done' as Brady is/was.
  2. The reality is, that for us, Joe was chasing guys into the end zone. But does cutting him to save some millions look kinda' weird in light of the whole Osweiler thing? Yes.
  3. Kenny Britt - Congrats!

    That's right up his alley. Go to the super bowl and not even have to play in it.
  4. Bradley Chubb #1

    Can he throw touchdown passes? Or is he one of the eleven guys that are supposed to tackle people? We have lost 31 of 32 games because we cannot throw touchdown pases. A quarterback's abilities are graded on a curve compared to any other player....because of the sheer value of the position. Without a QB that can throw TD passes...you are in tough shape...like we've always been.
  5. Are you all so sure Kizer can't be your QB?

    We really can't say that without knowing the offensive coordinator situation.
  6. Mel Kiper says

    ...this guy don't sound any dang good.
  7. Drafting a RB in the Top 10 is...

    Depends on the hype. .....has to be quite special to warrant a very high pick in today's NFL.
  8. .....whenever I see this thread: ...I think to myself, "Yeah....'cos that's always been good for a QB's future". ...and our roster! Our best player is our 3rd down RB. - and a druggie WR who's always one toke away from being banished from the NFL. - and we CAN'T really do much to pretty up the roster to entice a FA until free agency is upon us. I just can't get by thinking that a 'normal' person, a sought after veteran QB, would want to go somewhere where he has at least a remote chance of playing in a super bowl someday. - and I don't buy the bit about a veteran coming here to be proud of being a part of turning a team around. BullS#it. ( 1-31 ) We would be a last resort. Player agents know us. They see that we have an owner that's not known for making good decisions regarding his football team. His last regime played moneyball so he could save money so he could pay out millions to a ton of customers of his company Pilot Flying J because he was ripping them off. - but it's the 0-16 parade that would really scare away a FA -
  9. 2018 Mock Drafts

    Nope, He never lost his ability to sling it around a DLineman.
  10. 2018 Mock Drafts

    Almost every QB out of college needs their footwork, or weight transfer, or where the hold the ball while in the pocket, or something tweaked. Bernie had to come over the top more out of college. Apparently Joe Thomas wants Drew Brees to come on over. (how cute) - Who can blame him for wanting a QB to play at a high lever Right Now?! We're in this endless loop of wondering who our starting QB will be next year, thing. (Please get me the top rated QB with the best mechanics with pick #1......tall drink of water, preferably) - After that, we need a free safety, WR, CB, RB, OT....one of those should be there for us at #4. Then we go to the top of round two with a couple more chances to attach the list of FS, WR, CB, RB, OT. Maybe something like last year happens and we wind up back into round 1 for a third pick I have FS very high on my draft list because I hate that we play Peppers out in the Hinterlands because of our lack of a FS. But all else equal, if an offensive player is available...draft offense...our offense cannot be allowed to be horrible any more!
  11. 2018 Mock Drafts

    ...the thing is, QB's coming out of college are usually not prepared to play NFL football. YES, I know it's just tackle football...but as far as the QB goes, college is waaaay different then the NFL. The current way that QB's are used in college does the NFL teams drafting them absolutely NO favors. I think NFL teams need to PLAN to have their newly drafted QB watch from the sidelines while they learn (in practice & in meeting rooms) the NFL QB position. ...and THAT'S just to play the position. Many times mechanics need to be tweaked on the rookie QB's. - Having said that, you cannot make a starting pitcher (Tim Tebow's) into a quick release Dan Marino.
  12. Mel Kiper says

    He DID say that it's VERY early in the process. The senior bowl could change Mel's draft board. The Combine. Free Agency could theoretically take QB right off our draft board. And even Joe Thomas could put a dent in the board. BTW, I feel pretty sure that JT will let the Browns know his intentions before FA.
  13. 2018 Mock Drafts

    ...and make him sit at learn.