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  1. Draft Supplies

    We must be the best prepared fans for the draft in the league. Every year we start preparing in October.
  2. Draft Supplies

    I'll never forget the year we drafted Joe Thomas. Round one was on Saturday. My son had his friends over. The Fridge was going, the Grill was going, all kinds of snacks, frisbee's, footballs...... When I'd given up and was riding around mowing the lawn one of my son's friends came running out yelling, "YOU TRADED AND PICKED BRADY QUINN!!!" ......Good times. Now they put it on a Thursday night. People have to work the next morning. More people stay home and watch...which means more tv's tuned in. Thanks NFL. I hope you enjoy your tv money.
  3. Hard Knocks ....Looks Like We Are Up

    BECAUSE I'm a Browns fan I don't wanna watch it.
  4. Dorsey pre-draft presser

    Someone should've followed up with a "Whaddyamean by that". Is he talking about game film? (I'm assuming) - Would that be a good thing for Mayfield and/or Rosen? And not such a good thing for Darnold & Allen?
  5. Dorsey pre-draft presser

    From what I've been able to discern from various Dorsey comments, we're taking every top rated QB at #1 and we're taking every top rated non QB at #4. - And, of course, we could trade down. ...unlike Dorsey, I learned most of my card games from friends and not my father.
  6. A Prudent Solution

    In premise...but I'd prefer to have the one that Dorsey thinks is the best this time. I've wanted Rosen....but I don't like his number. We used to have a guy that wore #14 that won some games for us.........
  7. The Best Bargain Basement QB Picks

    We're shopping Nordstrom's this year. No more trading for Walmart gift cards thank you.
  8. A Prudent Solution

    He's a big kid QB. And QB's are rated on a curve. He could go in round 1 I guess. We have the #1 overall pick....in a draft where 4 QB's may go pretty high in round 1. May I please have the best one in the draft for once? Please? Teams have been jockeying around to get in position to draft one of the four. Let's not try and outsmart the league again this year ok?
  9. A Prudent Solution

    Great! I love that Sherlock. No, no more picking a QB at #22 please.
  10. A Prudent Solution

    Of course, that could be true. But if you were a decision maker, and you were wrong like Sashi...then you wouldn't be the decision maker any more. (DePodesta still has a job though)
  11. A Prudent Solution

    It's not that simple. (and many people believe the offensive guard is the best player......or a fatass as the Ghoul would say) The value of the quarterback to a team / entire organization is calculated on a curve. If your team has one, then even very good college QB's don't have top of the first round value. (low on the curve) But if a team doesn't have their QB of the future then that same QB is of incredible value (high on the curve) Neither Barkley, Chubb, Nelson, etc throw enough TD passes to be valued ahead of a QB. Especially to a team that's won one game in two years because they couldn't throw TD passes. We know that TieRod is not really 'the answer' at QB or he'd still be a Bill. The prudent thing to do is to attempt to fix the huge hole in the boat and worry about the burnt out light bulb later.
  12. Barkley at #1 Overall

    It would be hard to fault them for taking an offensive weapon, obviously. Or the other defensive players you mentioned. But I think a pretty good RB could be had in round 2. But ya know what, if they want to give TieRod the best RB in the draft as a weapon so they can go 'win now'....who's gonna fault them?
  13. Barkley at #1 Overall

    lol ...the devil made me do it. --------- I would like: 1)a Rosen or Darnold 1b) Chubb 2a,b&c) best - RB, OT, WR (if possible, any order)
  14. Barkley at #1 Overall

    Here's the thing: Without a good passing attack, Barkley will be an average RB. The difference in Todd Gurley is a good example. Todd Gurley stats CAREER STATS Year Team ATT YDS AVG TD REC YDS AVG TD 2017 Rams 279 1,305 4.7 13 64 788 12.3 6 2016 Rams 278 885 3.2 6 43 327 7.6 0 First Dorsey has to take who he thinks is the best QB in this draft for his team. We cannot let our QB go to another team. Draft him at #1. It's the QB that makes the RB...not the other way around. Then, if the #2 pick (Giants?) don't pick him, he'll be there at 4. And then we'll see how much Dorsey likes a RB high in round 1.
  15. Baker Mayfield Thread

    I just don't see Jimmy & Dee allowing Mayfield to be the face of their franchise. (and the voice of the franchise in interviews & pressers)