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  1. Orion

    Price Increase

    I would assume you've all been expecting a rate hike. They're still one of the cheapest NFL tickets. Hey, the money for OBJ's orange Rolls has to come from somewhere...
  2. Orion

    Browns to celebrate 75th Anniversary in 2021

    The athletes were getting too big and powerful. Training all year round. You can't be lining up a defenseless receiver to cream him, not even giving a shit about the ball. That's not in the spirit of sportsmanship. And recently with medical imaging blowing the whistle on concussions, rules regarding the head have been put in place. It's a natural progression. I'd like to think that if they knew then what we know now, they'd have taken many of the same measures. I mean, once knowledge hits the papers (or today's social media outputs), you can't hide from it. The crack back block was never a good idea for a human body. ...to the 75th uni's. The white helmets would be cool for a game or two.
  3. Orion

    Browns to celebrate 75th Anniversary in 2021

    I like it! I want #56. Donte Lavelli
  4. Orion

    Browns Draft Needs

    The Browns on Friday placed a tender on exclusive rights free agents TE Stephen Carlson and DE Porter Gustin. Exclusive rights free agents have the option of signing their tender or sitting out the season. ...I find it hard to believe that Carlson is that important to them. Stefanski loves his TE's. (I guess he played special teams) And Gustin isn't bad, but he really only played because we ran out of guys. DE's will be comin'...
  5. Yup. If you're reading a map you're using true north. The stars are better than the compass. If you know how to use them. I'd wind up at the north pole going in circles.
  6. ...towards True north. Or Celestial north. (the two stars farthest from the 'handle', follow the arc to Polaris) A compass points to magnetic north which is to the left, or west, of true north. Magnetic north is a bit of a moving target due to molten material movement down inside the earth.
  7. Orion

    Browns Draft Needs

    ...and of course this makes sense. Delpit & Greedy were drafted to be starters. But Greedy wasn't drafted by this regime. Although I'm sure Berry researched him while he was in Philly. I wasn't overly enamored with him when last we saw him...but he was a rookie...and he was injured some of the time (missed 4 games). There's an old saying, You can never have too many CB's. But you CAN have too many highly paid CB's.
  8. Calling me an astronomer is an insult to astronomers. 😊 I'm just a mild enthusiast. I have an 8" equatorial that's set up in my enclosed back porch...but it hardly ever carries itself outside. The constellation Orion is heading west now at night. Spring's a Comin'.
  9. He's actually rated higher than Vernon.
  10. The Fermi Paradox. Where are all the aliens? We don't see them. We don't hear them. We don't see any sign of them. Not with our best telescopes. No signals from anywhere in the observable universe. No signs of Dyson Swarms. No self replicating robots colonizing a galaxy. No evidence that a civilization ever got that far. And in theory, there's been plenty of time before us, billions of years, for many civilizations to have progressed Waaaay beyond our current condition. There's a Great Filter out ahead of us (most probably ahead of us, unless we're the first). What is the Filter? Is it a killer virus that wipes out life? Is it that civilizations always ruin their habitat before they can figure out how to live as one with the planet? Do civilizations eventually blow themselves up, or actually engineer and unleash a killer virus? Does the universe wipe out life by gamma ray bursts eventually? Asteroid / comet collisions? Is abiogenesis REALLY hard? Was that the filter? If a civilization exists at such a distance that we will never know of them due to the expansion of the universe, then does it matter that they exist? If a tree falls in the forest and there's no one there to hear it, did it make a sound? I'm sure that Mayfield & Rogers saw something weird. But the answer is never aliens.
  11. Orion

    Revenge against Opt-Outs?

    Detective Columbo doesn't like coincidences. Those three, and only those three, and all three at the same time. Columbo would say that a message is being sent to Raider players and potential future Raider players.
  12. Orion

    Revenge against Opt-Outs?

    Mayock is a spiteful sort. ...I'm sure that as the season wore on the vast majority of them wished they hadn't. The NFL did a remarkably good job with COVID. Even though they made us lose to the Jets. They DO seem like bottom of the roster type guys. Some guys in their situation took the opt out just to get some money for the season. They might have gotten cut and got nothing more. I thought, however, that there was a stipulation that opt outs had to be invited back to camp the following year. Did anyone else understand it that way?
  13. Orion

    JJ Watt to Cardinals

    I've gotta say this, our defense is a much better defense with Ward on the field. I've said before, I know he gets hurt. But he gets better. He's one of the core guys that are a main reason that we now win games. Baker, Chubb, Ward, Myles, Landry, Hunt....add to that the whole OL, Hooper and OBJ (yes, OBJ). We kinda' NEED those guys!
  14. Orion

    JJ Watt to Cardinals

    I was kinda' hoping we'd get him. Just because we've got no real replacement for Vernon. But, the numbers have to line up. I guess you just can't have a Fearsome Foursome...or Purple People Eaters anymore. They cost too many NFL credits.