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  1. Orion

    This Week in the NFL Playoffs

    You mean The Prevent Defense I assume. The 9'ers go about the game exactly like we do. Get ahead and try to cling on while having our eyes and mind glued to the game clock. Except they do it with a classier QB. A good friend is a 9'ers fan so I texted him, "How many grey hairs ya got now?" He replied, "All of 'em." (he's not a Jimmy G fan)
  2. Orion

    This Week in the NFL Playoffs

    ...but is he a better version of what we have?
  3. Orion

    This Week in the NFL Playoffs

    ......I can smell what you're thinking.
  4. Orion

    This Week in the NFL Playoffs

    9'ers are a lot like us.
  5. Ahh, all set. I don't need any instruction. I got it all in my head. I got this. Well, I as a Browns fan feel better.
  6. And I said, like I always say about a QB, "I want the biggest, tallest drink of water with a strong arm." The Derick Anderson type. (and if he turns out to be an inaccurate bum with no touch, then ya move on, but you went down swingin') ...last night the Patriots got whopped by the Bills. During the season the Pats beat them with 4 passes and 40-something runs. But there was no hurricane winds blowing last night. 40 runs last night by Nick Chubb and the Browns was NOT gonna win that game. If you wanna stay with a good passing team who is 'on their game' against you...then you better be able to pass the ball well yourself. We need to get to that point. I love our running game, Chubb is great, Hunt, D'E...imagine how much more effective they'd be with an honest to God passing attack for the D to worry about.....
  7. ...yeah...that keeps gnawing at the back of my brain. Sometimes they show replays from the behind the QB view...and sometimes I can see Njoku coming open right in the middle of the field (or a different receiver) and Baker decides to look elsewhere for a bigger play...and by the time he comes back to Njoku, he's covered. But to be fair, sometimes there's nobody open on those replays.
  8. I think we're heading into this next football calendar year with two receivers. The two guys this bunch drafted....a 3rd and 6th round picks. ( I'm figuring Landry's gone ) So we're going to have to add probably two veterans...and a 1st rounder (or 2nd the lowest). Still though, we'll only go as far as our QB will take us. ----------- Waiting for ya to chime in hoorta. And wonderin' if you're creamin' your jeans with the way James Webb is deploying itself (knock wood, still got stuff to do with the mirrors) in anticipation of seeing....well....we just don't know exactly do we....
  9. Show me a consistent winner. And I'll show you a really good QB. Jim Brown. Perhaps the best RB ever. One championship. And he didn't score a single point in that championship game. Frank Ryan threw 3 TD's to Gary Collins. Otto Graham was our great QB...and he's got the Championships to prove it. Bart Starr was a really good QB. Bernie was pretty good. He took us to multiple AFC Championship games. John Elway, Peyton Manning, Friggin' Bradshaw, Friggin' Big Ben, (you can go ahead and add to the list)...they're all consistent winners. Tom Brady, old as the hills, left NE and boom, Tampa Bay wins the super bowl. We have Baker. Now, we can bring up Archie Manning who never won squat...and he was a terrific QB. Obviously it takes more than JUST a QB. And it's terrific to have a really good running game...like we have. But it's no substitute. If you want to be a consistent winner and be able to challenge for and maybe even win a Super Bowl or two....you have to have a really good passing attack and that always comes back to having a really good QB. We have Baker.
  10. Orion

    You're the GM...

    You judges think everything is an offence. lol IMO, therein lies the problem. YOU HAVE TO BE a big passing offense. You can't run yourself back into the game if things don't go your way and you fall behind. As we've seen.
  11. Orion

    Pro Pick'em!

    1 MaximumJack 146 146-124 2 Browns57 140 140-130 3 ballpeen 138 138-132 3 Kamac19 138 138-132 Good guessing guys!
  12. Orion

    Free Agents

    Without Clowney we'll need to find a new DE to compliment Myles....because the cupboard will be bare. Clowney's agent won't say it, but we all know it, having Myles on the other side certainly made Clowney's job easier.
  13. Orion

    You're the GM...

    I do. ...and I don't think Trubisky or Mariotta is much of an upgrade if any over Baker. I also don't think we'll draft a starting QB for 2022 either. Nor do I think the odds are very high that we will trade for Garapppolllo, Carr or Wilson. So I'm hoping that Baker heals up well, matures 10 years and grows 3 inches so he won't throw the ball over receiver's heads. ( I personally believe that Baker misses high sometimes because he's trying to throw over the linemen while throwing it hard in order to get the ball to the receiver quickly ) I DO think that Baker does a nice job on the commercials and that he might actually have a shot at an acting gig after football.
  14. Orion

    You're the GM...

    How do you know that Berry hasn't given up on Baker? Based on his press conference? He certainly wouldn't be able to say anything about replacing Baker in front of a camera and microphone. That would make things a HUGE mess. It would drive up the trade value of any veteran QB Berry might inquire about. It would devalue Baker more than he already is. And if Berry wasn't able to do anything at QB it would make Baker being the starter again next year ANOTHER mess. The fact is, we don't know what's going on in their minds and behind closed doors.