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  1. Orion

    Josh Gordon reinstated again

    He's answered that question many times already. It's been Groundhog Day with him. He doesn't try very hard.......at anything......he's dumb as a stump.......I don't care how articulate he can be.
  2. Orion

    The Scary Week of Practice

    That's my favorite brand of auto racing. I also enjoy IMSA (and the Corvette team). If your QB has a decently strong arm, then the weather doesn't keep you from kicking ass with the pass. The Patriots have set passing records in snow storms. The QB & the receiver know where they're going. The DB has to guess right. That said, you HAVE TO be able to run, half decent anyway, in ANY weather.
  3. Orion

    Josh Gordon reinstated again

    Isn't that somethin' though. With us, it's a 10 game suspension. With the Pat's, he can play in game 1. < shakes head >
  4. Orion

    What 2 or 3 Players Would It Be Hardest To Cut

    I'm sure the player's union would approve of that. I think that if they give ya 53....then they should all be able to dress and play.
  5. Orion

    What 2 or 3 Players Would It Be Hardest To Cut

    Too early to tell. Only see 1 game. Sheehy-Guiseppe, is the feel good story....but can he run routes crisply, can he block at all for the running game? Can he consistently catch the ball in the return game? (he juggled the td return) Corbett is NOT getting cut. imo ....gonna have to see a couple more games.
  6. Orion

    The Scary Week of Practice

    That's it, in a nutshell.
  7. Orion

    Sleeping on Ravens

    We can't sleep on ANYbody!
  8. Orion

    The Scary Week of Practice

    I knew the coaches would like it.
  9. I never understood the thinking of turning Duke into a WR. Fortunately, Dorsey went out and got 'real' WR's.
  10. Yeah. I WOULD like to see more of that guy. He had 2 carries for 16 yards. (#43)
  11. ...what He said. We signed the guys that we have for a reason. We have to see them enough to be sure about them....one way or the other.
  12. Orion

    The Scary Week of Practice

    I hear ya! I understand that the coaches tell their players not to overdo it., no touching the QB etc.....but guys are looking to make the team......in their minds, this is a great opportunity to show that they're better than the guy across from him. And some of 'em are just excitable boys.
  13. This week the Browns will practice a couple of times with / against the Colts. I'm sure the coaches see the great value of this. Seeing our guys against another team...and how they do or don't match up to other NFL talent. But I'm just hoping we can get through it without losing anybody.
  14. Well, part of that could be because he was flat on his back in the end zone and everyone jumped on him....making it hard for him to breath under there. He probably got gassed twice.