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  1. Orion

    Steve Carlson

    Well, all I've been hearing lately is Njoku saying he's been ready for weeks.
  2. Orion

    Freddie had the right message in July

    He was trying to counteract all of the media hype going on. Trying to make them understand that the hype would not be a substitute for hard work and preparation. Everybody loved him back then. Now, everybody hates him. I've been one of his staunchest supporters throughout the season. I supported his decision to attack the end of the first half against Seattle. (I like an offensive minded HC) He learned then that he could not count on his team and that he should be more conservative. But recently he has done things that have rubbed me the wrong way. Keeping his secondary quarterback out of the Steeler game punished the rest of the team and all of us by giving up some big pass plays and costing us a chance at a playoff run. With Myles out and Vernon gimpy and useless, the secondary was going to have to carry more of a burden. Then there's the whole Higgins thing. What the hell happened to him under Freddie's watch. Tack on Njoku supposedly being cleared to practice, not being listed on any injury report while being a healthy scratch every week. And then the whole T-shirt controversy. He should have never left his house wearing that thing. He represents the team and organization. I don't care that his kids got it for him and wanted him to wear it. As THE ADULT he should've told them that he could not wear it outside of the house. But no, when asked about it he said that he'd do it again. - That is just plain dumb. I let the 4th and 9 draw slide, I let the 5 yard non punt penalty resulting in going for it on 4th and double digits slide........but keeping productive players suppressed? And letting his daughters dress him foolishly in public? It's getting hard for me to remain in his corner.
  3. In 2017 he was in Miami...and did he not have over 100 receptions. And in 2018 he had 80 something catches. That's mediocre?
  4. Orion

    Steve Carlson

    I went to school with a Steve Carlson. (no longer with us) I find it odd how Freddie holds Njoku out of the lineup. He said the other day that there's no 'half-way when you're on the field' about Njoku as a reason to keep him inactive, yet Vernon was in the lineup limping and obviously gimpy. Will we see Njoku this week? (after all, Njoku was drafted in round 1 while Carlson wasn't drafted at all)
  5. Adam The Bull tried to make a big deal of OBJ's interview and how he's got no idea of God's plan for his future....and how that supposedly meant that he may want out of Cleveland. But the fact is, he CAN'T know his future. It's not in his control. He didn't want to be traded from NY. But here he is. So, not only does OBJ not know, but NOBODY knows. He's here. Landry is here. Let's keep them here. Let's work on the OL in the offseason. And let's get this offense where it's supposed to be for next year. We finally have a couple of Honest To God wide receivers....they help the running game just by being on the field.
  6. Orion

    Fire Freddy

    John has done a very good job! Has he made some blunders? Yes, which is proof positive that he's a human being.
  7. Orion

    Week 14 NFL TV Maps

    I have that same Telecaster that John is playing. (Keith Richards has been known to play it also)
  8. Orion

    Week 14 NFL TV Maps

    I believe I heard it was to be Tiki.
  9. Orion

    CB problems

    Eric Wright comes to mind. Follow the receiver closely, wherever he goes, then tackle him after he catches the ball.
  10. Orion

    Steve Carlson

    I wanted to see him also. But at first he was winding up in the area of other receivers...so I was thinking, 'Well, he's not running the right routes and we're trying to make a playoff push.' Of course, now, all bets are off so let's see him....and anyone else that we need to look at. I guess they don't call the old Hands to the face when you're stiff arming a defender into the turf.
  11. Orion

    We are still very much in the wildcard race

    There's a thread that states the odds at 4.8%. We blew it. We had to win last week. We ain't beating the Rat's again. We HAVE some offensive weapons...but we can't get the most out of them when we play teams with strong defensive fronts....because our OL tackles cannot handle good defenders consistently enough to get us down the field. That's not going to change without an offseason. We need to retool. Right now we cannot generate a pass rush....because Myles has to sit in the corner and Vernon is gimpy. (Vernon didn't really show much this season) 4.8% chance that all the stars line up. So that we can go face a team with a good D in the playoffs.
  12. Bellichick is a jerk sometimes. Just ask any Patriot. What he shoulda' done was played him, won the super bowl, and then trade his ass to Cleveland. It certainly taught Collins a lesson.
  13. And Bellichick probably lost a super bowl because HE held a player out of the game. At what point does The Greater Good kick in? ---------------- I honestly don't know what the correct answer is. All I know is that we LOST to another 3rd string QB. Our season came to a screeching halt. And all of us, as well as the 'other 52' were 'probably' affected by the decision to punish one guy. In essence, the rest of us got punished too. There's gotta be a better way, no? -------- going to bed. I'm old....or very, very old....as I was told earlier this eve. lol
  14. I hear ya. But our season is now done. So, was that good for the other 52?