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  1. That was a must win! And it was entertaining. I'd much rather watch a good offense while having a bad D than a good D with a bad offense. Takitaki leaves much to be desired. Sadejo also. Bottom line, we were fun to watch while looking good in our uniforms....instead of those clown outfits that Jimmuh & Dee had us in!
  2. Man, our OL is beat up. Our LB'ers and DB's are mostly backups. C'mon next men up. Step it up. Go Browns!
  3. Well said. But it's our D that doesn't give us the time to pound a D into submission. ( agree 100% that Tannehill is very average )
  4. I think that would break mathematics.
  5. It's hard to run the ball as well as you're suggesting. Even harder when you end up punting (eventually) and they take the ball down the field in short order for points. And again...and again... You have to be able to pass the ball. When you get behind by a bunch of points, and you see that your D is not holding up well...then you can't just keep running the ball. You're only gonna get so many drives. If you're offense is supposed to 'cover' for the defense, then when you get behind you've gotta put it in high gear in order to catch up. If you're not far behind on the scoreboard then you can try your running prowess and try to wear down the D. IMO, if our passing game sucks, and we're gonna have to win games with run right, run left, and run up the middle, then we're not gonna win too many games. Or not enough anyway.
  6. I keep going back to them bringing in a bunch of kickers for the last few days of TC. ...and I would assume that the ST coach, who was with Seibert all TC, had some input...at least I would hope so. Is it a bad move? If so, we'll add it to the ever-growing list.
  7. Orion

    Njoku to ir

    He's quite athletic...yet he gets hurt in the most awkward of ways. I was surprised when I heard and wondered, "What happened to him?" Does anyone know? Did he trip over the ball boy?
  8. Orion

    Would You Undo the Giants Trade?

    When it was being discussed by Bull & Fox before the trade happened I was against doing it. But I DID feel that we needed a true #1 receiver to set up Landry. When we DID the trade I was like, ok...we got our #1 receiver, lets see if the offense clicks. At this point, I think most of us would undo the trade...but we can't so the script isn't finished yet. And it's only the 1st game of the season. Let's see how it unfolds as the season goes on. This is an off-the-charts wacky year to be a new head coaching regime with new playbooks.
  9. It was the timing that tells the story. They brought these guys in just days before roster cuts. They'd been watching Seibert since the beginning of camp. And then after cuts they signed a kicker to the PS. Ya don't see a lot of that....but perhaps it's a good idea. Stash a K there in case yours gets the yips. He was a 5th round pick. Must have had good college numbers. But he was somebody else's view of a 5th round pick. Berry could argue, "I would never have used a 5th round pick on him". (in theory) To me, everything pointed to a short leash. I wasn't surprised. Does it suck that we don't have 'our kicker' by now? Sure. (some are no longer sure that we have our QB) I, along with a great many, soured badly on Parkey after he lost us that game against Miami (as Flugel points out). He missed several kicks over his time with us. I didn't crush them for spending the 5th rounder because I too wanted a 'good' kicker. Now, as I said, I've soured on Siebert, so as my punishment I get Parkey back.
  10. A little surprising. But he didn't impress me last season either. He had no clue of how to kick in the late fall / early winter conditions of a northern city. And Nero, I don't think he was a scapegoat. As I recall, just a week or so ago they brought in 4 kickers. Gotta be a reason for that.
  11. Orion

    ***Official Gameday Thread Browns at Ravens

    yup. That was quite dumb. What'd we end up with a 3rd and 41?
  12. Orion

    ***Official Gameday Thread Browns at Ravens

    Just chekin' in. I saw OBJ kill a drive by dropping an easy pass. I saw an illegal forward pass (the attempted lateral) early in the game by Jackson that wasn't called and wasn't challenged. I saw mistakes by Hodge. I saw Baker miss some guys. I saw Kendall Lamm playing LT. I saw our D get Whopped. I saw our kicker cost us 4 points. I saw our crazy punter get tackled short of a first down in our own territory. I saw pretty much what I feared. Hopefully we can do better against Cincy.
  13. Orion

    Pro Pick'em!

    Don't mean to be a pain...and it really doesn't matter...but what does that even mean? just curious
  14. Orion

    2020 Browns Depth Chart

    I think people get psyched for the start of the season and their hopes get elevated beyond the level that the team can play. I'm concerned about our OL at this point in time. And I'm concerned as to how well a brand new offense can perform without any preseason to test and tweak. Having said that, and as always, it's.........Go Browns!
  15. Orion

    Ravens Week

    Kevin Stefanski will be calling the offensive plays in his first season as Browns head coach. Stefanski confirmed the decision Friday in a video call with reporters and explained how the unusual offseason played a major factor. He had hoped offensive coordinator Alex Van Pelt would have the opportunity to call plays during the preseason, but the adjusted schedules in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic wiped out any chance at a few practice runs. "I just think with everything we do I just tried to be mindful and take in all the information," Stefanski said. "I will tell you, I have not called 1,000 games, but I will tell you when I have called it we are very collaborative. So, we have a lot of people that have a hand in this, and I am really lucky because I am surrounded by a bunch of really good coaches on the offensive and defensive side. So, feel good about our staff." Stefanski called plays for the Vikings during the final part of the 2018 season and all of 2019. Under Stefanski's watch last season, QB Kirk Cousins posted the most efficient numbers of his career, and the Vikings ranked eighth in the NFL in scoring offense (25.4 points per game) and sixth in rushing offense (133.3 yards per game). ---------- For the record, I was hoping Van Pelt would be calling the plays and Stef would just run the whole show.