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  1. Orion

    Browns sign Strong

    He's got good size. Let's see if he can beat someone out of a roster spot.
  2. Orion

    The official Terry Pluto thread

    I think that we're all a little gun shy of being optimistic because of the past. Dorsey & Mayfied (and hopefully Freddie) are certainly reasons to be optimistic. Mayfield, however needs to fully understand that he cannot get hurt. He has to throw it away, slide, get OB, or just plain fall down. Without him, we'll suck.
  3. Orion

    Looking back on Bill

    Putting it on youtube was brilliant. Is he outa' jail yet? ( I guess if ya don't put it on youtube, nobody knows it was done )
  4. Orion

    Looking back on Bill

    Look, I understand and have always understood your legal ee's point. But it does not jive with what we, as Browns fans, went through. They way to explain what happened to us was that our team moved away and THEN won a super bowl. The ultimate snub. As has been said, we got an expansion team that was called the Browns.
  5. Orion

    Looking back on Bill

    For Browns fans who have never lived anywhere near Ohio, what is the 'huge' difference between rooting for the Cleveland Browns or the Baltimore Browns?
  6. Orion

    Looking back on Bill

    Thank you for saying what I was just about to say. Technicalities meant absolutely zero to the tires on the trucks that moved our team to Baltimore. Lipstick on a pig.
  7. Orion

    Looking back on Bill

    True. But Bill did NOT do what was best for the team at the time. As I said much earlier, we had a pretty good team and Bernie could've kept them afloat until Vinny got healthy. Bill should've bit the bullet for a while....for the good of the team. The QB position is too important to the outcome of football games. But hey, that's the way he is. He held his CB out of the superbowl and lost the game. He's a pig-head.
  8. Orion

    OL Tour

    Our OL was not terrific...but it was our tackles that were of concern, and still are. I don't see why we should tinker with the interior and possibly make 'it' a concern also. - You would have to be pretty darned sure that Corbett was gonna be GOOD.
  9. Orion

    Looking back on Bill

    ......and then there are those that think the earth is flat....and we never landed on the moon....and the new Ravens were 'clones' of the Browns organization, while the originals were zapped into non existence by gamma rays. - The reality is, the Browns moved to Baltimore, and subsequently were told to paint themselves purple and call themselves something other than the Browns. (ok, I lied. they weren't told to paint themselves purple...they chose to paint themselves purple) - Then we got a stadium, so we could have a team, and so we could select all special teamers in the plan B expansion draft. We came back into the league as dummies and remained that way until a blind squirrel finally found John Dorsey.
  10. Orion

    Looking back on Bill

    Technicalities mean nothing.
  11. Orion

    Looking back on Bill

    They moved away and THEN won a super bowl. The ultimate snub. We hated Bill because he cut Kosar....WHILE Testaverde was injured and thought might be out for the year. He inserted Todd Philcox. We watched Philcox play horribly (as expected) and lose while Bernie played the following sunday for Dallas....and won 2 of 3 games. We had a pretty good team. And it went into the sewer...while Kosar could've kept us afloat until Testaverde came back. - The cutting of Kosar was not in the best interest of the football team at that time.
  12. Orion

    Jimmy sez fock u Espn

    Understand that you stated that he technically still works for and is paid by the company. Browns149 is a trucker and obviously takes it quite personally.....as that brotherhood would.
  13. Orion

    Jimmy sez fock u Espn

    ...b,b,b,b,but He didn't know. Him....and the janitor had no idea crooked stuff was going on.
  14. Orion

    Flacco is going to Denver

    I heard that earlier today and was thinking, 'The trade deadline passed. And it's not the new league year until mid-March'.
  15. Orion

    The official Terry Pluto thread

    Yup, you need to be able to run the ball respectably...but you ABSOLUTELY MUST be able to pass the ball, cos if you can't, your opponent will shut down your run and you'll be dead in the water.