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  1. Josh Gordon

    ...and I don't think Haslam or Hue WANT him back after his last episode. But the reality is, their receiver corps is quite the mess so they NEED him back. Let's face it. Coleman's injured and maybe gone for the year. Britt is jogging around out there and the only way he gets open is by pushing the DB out of the way (what's he got, 2 penalties for doing that?). Aside from that we've got big lumbering TE's....and Higgins who's had one decent day in 2 years. In as much as they might want to tell Josh to go bang his ass on a sharp rock, they can't. They need his ass.
  2. Kizer

    I hear ya. We didn't get to see much of Hogan during the preseason. And when he DID play it was against the FPMA (future pizza makers of america). But he was on the team last year...so you have to figure that Hue knows his abilities. He's promoted him above Kessler.....so there is that.
  3. Betting odds on HC Firing

    Whew! He'd rather have no football team at all than have the gang we've got. That certainly doesn't say much for Haslam and his crooked Pilot J's Flying Circus and the Harvard Think Tank that's running the team. He even hates Williams, who actually has our D playing half decent. I have to admit that I'm not a big Hue fan. I don't know who the hell dubbed him a QB guru. (that was his status when we were hiring him) I've seen him mismanage the QB's...but not the guru side. I don't like that he designs plays for the QB to be running the ball. And I don't like his play calling when we get down around the goal line. AND, I think one of the best examples of coaching stupidness was displayed to us just before the half of the Cincy game last year when we cowardly kicked a field goal and then, by calling a time out, we invited the Bengals to come down the field to score a TD on their way into the locker room. To the tradition: We WERE a respected franchise, with positive W/L statistics and team records. But that all moved away to Baltimore (and a lot of the blame for that falls on city officials...and of course, Modell). Now, we've ruined our positive W/L records against opponents...and the winningest QB in our home stadium is a Steeler. (OMG...just saying that makes me want to jump off a cliff) We can't help but to ask ourselves, "What did we do to deserve this?" - None of US threw any bottles at the refs during bottlegate. And on top of all that, we now have the most hideous uniforms in the league...cos somebody thought THAT was a bright idea. OK, so....it's time to come in from the ledge. We HAVE a football team to root for. IMO, as bad as they are, it's better than having no team at all (but don't ask me to repeat that on a Sunday around 4pm). And Haslam IS TRYING. He tried doing it the old school football way with FOOTBALL people, more than once. So now he's trying something completely different (to borrow a Flying Circus phrase). I actually applaud him for that. And I don't applaud him for much. AND, trigger finger Haslam did NOT fire the whole bunch of 'em after having the worst season in team history. I'll bet that was not easy for him to not do. The Ghoul wants the team to be humiliated from here on out so that Haslam fires the whole lot of them. Well, that's a plan (a fan plan). If he thinks that we've got all the wrong people in all the wrong places then that's what would actually be best for the organization in the long run. Now, that wouldn't be so good if the thinking is that we're on the right track but there's still miles of track to traverse. Me, I'm just not sure yet. I know I'm not a big Hue fan. And I know that I wanted Wentz to be our QB. But aside from that I've got to see more of how things play out this year. And one more thing that I think.....I think Bernie Kosar still posses one of the best football minds around and I wish that he had tons of money and could buy the team.
  4. Josh Gordon

    Fall started when...a day ago? Roger GoToHell is pissed (great choice of word here ) at Gordon. As much as I hate Roger, he went out on a limb for Haslam and Gordon by letting him attend meetings and learn the playbook only to have Gordon fuck up again and run himself into some rehab center. Nope, GoToHell is going to put Gordon through hell.
  5. Kizer

    Look. The kid won the starting job in TC & preseason. Blame that on the other 3 QB's (now down to 2). Or blame Hue's evaluation if you want. But the bottom line is that the rookie beat out the guys that have been here for a year. NOW, we let the rookie take his lumps. We coach him up. When he comes off the field after a series you go over to him and coach him up (let Greg Williams Head Coach his defense at that point). - A great many rookie QB's did not look too great in their first year. It comes with the territory. It's still tackle football...but it's a faster brand of tackle football, with good players at ALL position (compared to college). Sure, if you see consistent bad passes (like Brandon Weeden or Derick Anderson - throwing balls at the feet or waay behind receivers 8 yards in front of him) then maybe you decide that this guy just doesn't have the accuracy to play in the NFL. But the 'rookie mistakes' that Bradshaw, Aikman, EVERYBODY made/makes...those are things that ya just have to live and learn through. They would not have spent a 2nd round pick on Kizer if the thought that Kessler or Hogan was going to be the answer. At this point we have to use this opportunity to find out if we need to draft our QB of the future again this coming April or not.
  6. Betting odds on HC Firing

    Here's my bet: A coach(s) of a lousy team(s) that continues to lose miserably throughout the year will get fired.
  7. NFL offensive lines

    If you have a bunch of Cam Ervings on your OL then it doesn't matter HOW GOOD your QB is. He's gonna suck and get broken. You need a good OL to protect your good QB so your good QB can utilize his goodness. On the flip side, a good OL will not do a whole hell of a lot to make a bad QB good. They'll just give him a little more time in the pocket so he can make bad passes/decisions. Lastly, you have to have some receivers that can run good routes so as to create a little bit of space....and they have to be able to catch the damn ball. The offense is a package deal.
  8. Kizer

    I don't think it's meant to 'fool' anyone. It's more to see 'who' moves with the players. To see if it tips the D's hand to some degree. Ya know what I really hated in our past offenses? It's when we set up at the LOS and the D makes changes to their alignment (adjusting to what they see from us)...and we do NOTHING. We snap the ball and they stuff us. The same with our D. The offense would see our alignment, the QB would bark out some signals, the offense would realign...and our D would do nothing. Then they'd run the play and succeed against our D. I'm not a fan of 'trick' plays. It usually means putting guys in uncharacteristic positions and asking them to do things that they don't normally do...while the guys that normally DO do those things are doing things that THEY don't normally do. Usually we just trick ourselves.
  9. Browns @ Colts Practice Reports

    Well...all the pundits felt that Kessler could've been had in the 5th round or later. If you reach on a guy I don't think you deserve a free pass on him.
  10. Garrett Hurt Already

    Now, here in New England, the Patriots are the model team and organization. And they have a VERY happy and apparently loyal fan base. Best in the nation right? Nope! Cos when I was in my 20's my friends and I could decide to go see a football game, drive up to Foxborough, buy tickets and sit just about anywhere we wanted. And it'll go BACK that way again if the team goes into a Browns-like funk (Brady retires, etc.). The Patriots have had a QB. A QB! And a decent OL to give him time. And some receivers that could run routes and catch the ball. The receivers didn't have to be GREAT. They just had to be able to get a LITTLE bit of space and CATCH the damn ball. It's no coincidence that we've sucked since Bernie Kosar (& Vinny T.). It's because we haven't had a good QB since then. We LET the Eagles have a QB...so we don't have one...unless Kizer turns out to be the guy. But if he doesn't then we gotta start swinging the QB bat until we hit on one. Or else we're going to continue to see other team's jerseys dominating our stadium.
  11. This is where my head's been at since seeing our D in game 1. Peppers is athletic....but not so much when he's standing in outer space.
  12. ESPN analyst goes off on analytics...

    ...umm, ya gotta have the fatasses.
  13. Josh Gordon

    ...just got back from rehearsal. We're gonna weave Twist And Shout into Delbert McClinton's Givin' It Up For Your Love. It's gonna be great!
  14. Josh Gordon

    lol I used to have the 'he's a good kid' attitude. That he just liked pot...like everyone else. But when he continued to hang out with 'Billy'...and was found in the mansion that Billy trashed...I changed from the 'good kid that likes to party' attitude to the 'he's a friggin' dope' attitude. Even though we're basically in a world of shit at the WR position, I think the Harvard think tank (AND Hue) will severe ties with Josh. - I think it would be a dumb move because of our world of shit WR position...but I think our guys cut off their noses to spite their faces sometimes.
  15. Kizer

    You ruined it! I had the sympathy card all filled out, stamped and addressed to Ghoolie's wife. I was sure it would bring on the BIG ONE...and you ruined it.