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  1. ballpeen is probably right. Jimmuh seems like he'll skate. HaSlammer - for a name if he goes up the river.
  2. IMO...it's only a matter of time for Gordon to fall off the wagon.
  3. Go Vikings

    Earlier this evening, the very best friend that I ever had. A guy with a big heart, who would do whatever he could to help me, before I even asked....passed away. He was a Vikings fan. I got the pastries from the bakery near my house and he brought the coffee and we watched the Vikings / Browns game a few Sunday mornings ago. He said that we had a good game plan. That we knew what they do best and that we did a good job of thwarting them. He had the Sunday ticket and he would watch his Vikings but he would always be flicking over to the Browns game to see how we were doing. He'd send me texts about how, "That was a bad call." or that, "You guys shoulda' scored a TD right there". - Who does that? Who watches the Browns because a friend happens to like them? A true blue best friend that's who. I just got home from his house where I cried with his wife for a while. (his lungs let him down about a week ago and the intensive care unit could ultimately only ease him into the afterlife) I will miss my best friend until I die....but he'll be my best friend forever. Go Browns! Go Vikings!
  4. Correct. Not correct. He and his father were both involved in the purchase idea of the truck stops. While traveling they stopped at a truck stop or two and took notice of the amount of business they were doing and saw dollar signs.
  5. I've gotta admit....I'm incredibly surprised that he's been shielded from this for all of this time. I was ALMOST about to believe that maybe he WAS the dumbest company owner ever. The thing is, he was quite involved with the Browns. It would seem like he'd just HAVE to have his hands involved in everything. ...and frankly, he's always struck me as the conniving sort.
  6. The real estate market in Cleveland has GOT to be the hottest in the entire world by now.
  7. https://sports.yahoo.com/cleveland-browns-owner-jimmy-haslam-191700615.html?src=rss I've been saying for years, "Of course he knew about it. He probably TAUGHT it.". - I mean really, if he DIDN'T know about what was going on right under his nose he'd have to be about the dumbest company owner ever. No?
  8. It's hard to pin down the exact reason from where we're sitting. I think it was many factors at that point in time. 1) Gipson was gimpy at the time. 2) He wanted money because he was a pro bowler. 3) The new regime (FO & coaches) had no history with him. 4) The FO was kind of Socky. Know it alls that figured, "We sucked with you. How much worse could we possibly be without you?" - That is a sentiment that I heard on another board....and I immediately fired back that, "It could DEFINITELY be worse!"
  9. Rumors. Harbaugh, others to Browns??

    Yes, I do. And he can't do squat with what the Harvard Think Tank lets him have. And when / if his butt gets shown the door at season's end HIS name will be mud just like everyone else that coached under Haslam.
  10. Rumors. Harbaugh, others to Browns??

    umm...in a word...YES Have you not seen what's been going on around here since Jimmuh took over? The man fired the coach and FO when he got here. Then he fired the new coach & FO the very next year. Two more years and fired another coach & GM. And now he's got the Harvard Think Tank making all of the decisions...and they've made the team incapable of winning a single game while supplying OTHER teams with their franchise QB's. And we JUST recently had the coach's daughter and the owner's wife blasting the FO. - WTF - Who in their right mind would wanna come here? How 'bout this? If a coach came out and said, "I want to coach the Cleveland Browns"....I wouldn't hire him, because he'd have to be phucked in the head!
  11. Houston - our 2nd first round pick

    Tankathon has Houston (us) picking in the 8 spot now.
  12. Sashi let him walk after being promoted from lawyer to beyond his competence level.
  13. Rumors. Harbaugh, others to Browns??

    31. And if ya can't get one of those then ya wait 'til next year....rather than go to football's Siberia.