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  1. The Worst Things in Sport

    Regarding tanking for draft position I have always thought the draft position should be on a 3-5 season cumulative record. It would eliminate the Colts scenario of 10+ wins for a decade and then suck for luck.
  2. Great Zomboni on the run

    Can't believe nobody has mentioned the dangers of a Sharknado
  3. GOAT? Trivia

    1) Add Dawson and Luckman to Richs answers
  4. Mangold

    Maybe his sister Hilly, 5'8" around 350 pounds, Olympic weightlifter and only 26.
  5. OT Brush With Greatness

    Sparred with Michael(call me Dynamite) Dokes when he was in Golden Gloves(ran from him was more accurate), played basketball with Buster Douglas at the gym on Shrock Rd. in Columbus about 6 months before he whooped Tyson and met Vic Janowicz(friend of a friend). Vic was a super nice guy.
  6. Biggest Hitters in Browns History

    Don Rogers hit. While not very good/ disciplined Robert (Stonewall) Jackson was a hitter. As of late I haven't seen much.
  7. Swag Survey Thursday

    1)Jim Brown, Don Rogers 2)Jack Tatum,Ronnie Lott 3)Bogart, Eastwood 4)General Eisenhower(not pres) 5)Mother Teresa
  8. We are the Champions...Trivia

    1) Jerome Lane 2) Gus Johnson 10)Eagles
  9. Post Modell Brown Trivia

    Long time lurker. Figure I would do my Corey Snyder swinging at a curveball on this quiz. BTW Gipper, I have enjoyed these quizzes. 1) Romeo 2)Haden, Gipson 3)J. Miller 4)None? 5)KJ,Braylon 6)5-28 7)8-24 8)10-22 9)GM's 10)W's 11)Daboll 12)Dawson, Schwartz 13)Green B)Trent R. 14)Dansby, or he may only be tied. (sarcasm) 15)Couch