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  1. Would you believe Marino and Clayton? Would have thought Aikman and Irvin were together long enough. How about Kelly and Reed?
  2. Aikman to Irvin Marino to Duper Manziel to Little
  3. Ish

    Trivia Questions and Answers

    Nixon and Jurgenson are Duke. Taking wild guesses on Clinton and Creekmur(because I have no idea who that is). Wilson and Levy because Levy seems like JHU
  4. Ish

    Trivia Questions and Answers

    How about Warren Moon and Dan Marino. But probably not Ryan Leaf.
  5. Ish

    Solution to Tanking??

    My suggestion would be to use a 3 season rolling average to determine draft position. Eliminates the one year miracle of the Colts/Luck scenario. Just requires math.
  6. Ish

    Coaches/Stadium trivia

    Another perfect score
  7. Ish

    Browns vs. Oilers....errr...Texans Trivia

    4)Whitney Mercilus. Really enjoy your trivia Q's. You may already know that Larry Poole, Jim Lash, Steve Craig and Dave Brown all played for Garfield at the same time in the late 60's and all went on to play in the NFL.
  8. Ish

    The Worst Things in Sport

    Regarding tanking for draft position I have always thought the draft position should be on a 3-5 season cumulative record. It would eliminate the Colts scenario of 10+ wins for a decade and then suck for luck.
  9. Ish

    Great Zomboni on the run

    Can't believe nobody has mentioned the dangers of a Sharknado
  10. Ish

    GOAT? Trivia

    1) Add Dawson and Luckman to Richs answers