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  1. BrownPile

    Defense Wins Championships

    The core of any sport is to score points and keep the other team from scoring points. You don't win championships without winning games and you don't win games without a defense. And if you are content with losing games as long as they are entertaining... that is exactly what the NFL is counting on. Last year's Super Bowl was the epitome of that. Both teams chose to play NO defense and it was one of the most boring games I've watched. All pass, all the time and all scoring. And it took ONE - just ONE - defensive play at the end to win the game.
  2. BrownPile

    3-4 defense....

    It didn't work because you need stud LBs for a 3-4.... Browns didn't have any and didn't draft any. We wanted QBs.
  3. BrownPile

    The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

    Sorry Mike, but tackling is no longer a "fundamental". The "hit", the biggest "impact collision" you can make is what is coached now. But it really doesn't matter about defense in today's NFL, either. So, there really isn't much point about railing on about whether or not they tackle.
  4. BrownPile

    I think we might crush it this week

    Ummm.... I have been watching the Cavs and.... well... Spring training starts in 3 months!
  5. BrownPile

    Tanking in the NFL

    Won't be but a few years before gambling pads are available at every seat in every stadium, let alone on your phones. So, when you see those shots of QBs on the sidelines with a pad, you can be sure they'll be checking the current line, placing a bet, then trotting out for the next offensive series... ? So, yeah... greatest thing to happen to sports since sliced bread...
  6. BrownPile

    Browns vs. Chiefs Factoids

    The Super Ball. I remember those. Had many of them. I'm sure in today's world they would be banned, though.
  7. BrownPile

    Tanking in the NFL

    Your assumption is only valid if the team is dedicated to building through the draft - such as Haslam has stated numerous times since he bought the Browns. (therefore, implied 'no costly free agent signings') From what I've read, there's only one guy available in the draft next year who could be an NFL "franchise" QB. Even if they get him, it's pretty long odds that he actually IS a "franchise" QB - ironically appropriate for a team moving to Vegas.
  8. Honestly, not the way I saw it. Defender did what he was coached to do. Mayfield was upright, trying for first down when defender 'launches' his body at what-would-have-been his chest. Not trying to tackle, but create a collision impact. Only, Mayfield starts to slide and defender - already being in mid-air - hits him helmet to helmet. Didn't look like he intended to hit him high and in the helmet. It's the result of coaching the value of hitting over tackling.
  9. BrownPile

    Opportunity Cost - Effective discipline?

    Hard to lay this all on the players when they are coached and taught to do a lot of these bonehead things. Lineman are taught to hold. 95% of it doesn't get called, so play the percentages. Defense is taught that tackling is wrong, that it's 'old school'. In today's NFL they are coached to create the hardest impact and collision. Most guys don't even try to use their arms anymore. They're taught to hit high and hard, even if it leads to helmet first collisions. When you stiff-arm a guy, grab his face mask and twist it off. That never gets called. If I'm teaching guys to skirt the rules, it's kind of hard to dock their pay when they get caught.
  10. BrownPile

    Backup Quarterbacks

    Actually, I'm more surprised that so many of these guys are still in the league, let alone #2 on the depth charts.
  11. Defense wins championships. Always has. Always will. We saw NO defense from both teams until ONE play. THE game deciding play was on DEFENSE.
  12. BrownPile

    The games deliver Ghoolie's lessons

    Curious that 4 of the top 5 DEFENSIVE teams are in the championship games. I hate all this 'this is more important than that' prattle. Especially in the NFL. The game has two sides to the equation - score points and keep the other team from scoring points. Always has, Always will.
  13. BrownPile

    Black Monday follows Bloody Sunday

    Agreed. Haslam made this situation untenable. No one would come here now if he fires Jackson... unless it's for an exorbitant amount of guaranteed money. Dorsey's comments in his first week were the shot across the bow. We're in for another GM/head coach power struggle next year until Jackson is fired and Dorsey can pick the replacement. Let's hope his reputation for drafting/signing talent is well deserved. At the least there would be some talent here for the next iteration of FO/coaching staff.
  14. BrownPile

    Cotton Bowl

    Darnold looks good getting sacked. He can throw the pick 6. He’s a Brown. did manage to score from the 1, so we might have to hold that against him... if he can show ability for concussion, then he’ll be a lock at number 1
  15. BrownPile

    Crying at the Movies? Over the Browns?

    I feel for you. I lost both parents within months of each other last year, so this is the first year without either of them for me.