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  1. Blake Bortels

    Well he should be available.
  2. Hey Guys, New Member here

    Lol @Ghoolie.
  3. Steelers playing backups this weekend....

    Shmuck em. Lets take em out as much as we can. Not playing your starters ok:
  4. Newest bombing in St.Petersburg.

    This is going to be a big thing. After the tip from Trump that saved lives it just might the giant handshake the Dems need.
  5. Lets say good bye to 2017!! Bad luck and bad news!!
  6. Hey Fellas

  7. Hey Fellas

    Good to see you guys again. I'm just glad to be back home. I've gotten back into my music again. No I'm not Eddie Van Halen. Just gives me something to do. Ill post a pick of this nice Schecter I bought off a crackhead for $50. I had to take it to a pro and have him run through it. It needed some tlc but its all good now.
  8. Hey Fellas

    How is everyone? Is Die Hard ok after this dismal season? Is WSS still getting more tail than an ol polecat? I'm ok. I'm unemployed but everything is cool I start my job in the middle of January. Stay cool
  9. Is Putin going to finally find out the Syria is a sess pool of trouble? Or is he going to let it blow over again?
  10. Another bad decision by John Kasich

    As being a grandfather of two beautiful twins I can tell you a child with a syndrome or disease falls in the responsibility of the parents. Its the luck of the draw...you play you pay. I wouldn't disown these kids for anything and to abort? It doesn't make any sense. Jerkoff or pull it out goddamn it.
  11. I agree although I'm not happy about this. When he was first hired I was excited because the bungholes at the time were very good. Getting a coach from a rival I was thinking maybe we turn this around. After all he was very familiar with the division as a whole not too even mention the smaller nuances of the pro circuit. Lets Sheet can this fool and yes Ghoolie you were right all along.
  12. ***Official Browns @ Bears Game Day Thread***

    Does Kizer know that he plays for the Browns? Either he doesn't realize who drafted him or he's colorblind.
  13. ***Official Browns @ Bears Game Day Thread***

    Browns 17 Bears 14 In OT goddammer.
  14. Merry Xmas