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  1. One Post

    2019 Board Mock: Day 2 - Rounds 2 and 3

    Sorry fellas been really busy. I have no life. Ill be reading tho
  2. Ok cool. So we do it next weekend I hope. A lot of stuff has happened to me in one nfl year and didn't want to let any of you dolts down again.
  3. One Post

    Everyone Wants Some

    So in your opinion what the Cards do at #1 this year?
  4. So when does this start? I was on earlier and the board was down.
  5. One Post

    Game on Cleveland

    I hope so. That's where arrowhead came in
  6. One Post

    Game on Cleveland

    Fuck the Cheifs
  7. One Post

    OBJ is a BROWN!!!!!

    You just killed the buzz.
  8. One Post

    OBJ is a BROWN!!!!!

    Its starting to come together.
  9. One Post

    The Last Chevy Cruze

    I got one. I wanted the 2017 but bought a 16 from the year before. It had 22 miles on it and was the first time I bought anything NEW. My wife drives it now.
  10. One Post

    I love youns

    Not much other than work. Can't wait for baseball season.
  11. One Post

    I love youns

    I've been workin' mfer. I love you rotten sons a britches.
  12. One Post

    Collection for Stan's Family

    Wow. I've been so busy I don't have the time to hardly post anymore. I just read this and you guys are so awesome.
  13. One Post

    Not brushed your teeth in 20 years?

    Lol! That's disgusting Lmao
  14. One Post

    Chris Smith appreciation thread

    Rub Chris Smith's belly Cleve. Lord knows you want to get that hand down his britches.
  15. One Post


    We are starting to win my boys. We are doin this. Don't make me sound like a Jim Jones Mfer. Its happening!