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  1. One Post

    Calling it first

    Both or either
  2. One Post

    Calling it first

    Let's just say who will be the first to toss a ball into an empty?
  3. One Post

    Njoku Back In

    He'll go to AZ for a late round 2021 pick
  4. One Post

    New style vs Ol style

    Wow how profound. Good job old school.
  5. One Post

    New style vs Ol style

    Ok so we can all kid ourselves.. But this is an unusual sports year right? The only breath of sports is this draft. Let's see what front office nail this? You with me on a nation of sports excitement?
  6. One Post

    Coronavirus humor

    Jblum1986 You're threads make me want to kill a buzz.
  7. One Post

    Browns sign safety Andrew Sandejo

    Do what son?
  8. One Post

    Both Murray and Burris gone

    I had a buzz but it's gone.
  9. One Post

    Both Murray and Burris gone

    No but we need to address the situation before it even comes. Browns seem like they don't like to draft a safety. Perfect opportunity this year though. That safety out of Alabama seems legit. Time for a boring draft.
  10. One Post

    Both Murray and Burris gone

    Draft one like every other team does.
  11. One Post

    Trump is awesome

    Giving thanks to the people of Az for loving God. All the liberals don't agree with Christianity. I'm not a perfect person and the ones that know this? They know. But to discard God is evil and Democrats are the podium of another option. Hey if you don't believe Jesus is God's son? Ya you ain't living right. If I'm wrong then I guess this counrty boy gets sleep forever. But if I'm right and you're wrong. Boy howdy
  12. One Post

    Stefanski Introductory Press Conference

    Another dumb mfer
  13. One Post

    Stefanski Introductory Press Conference

    Another Pollock. Should've hired Dusty Baker I guess. 4 wins next year. Sucks
  14. One Post

    The 'Who you watching?' 2020 thread.

    Whatever the draft picks are for any team...plz don't ask me to do the mock draft again. Some people are workaholics.
  15. Let's go Demcrat. Seriously let's vote the liberal and non whites in and get completely destroyed. May as well I mean even drugs are legal now? While they rape us and take everything we've ever worked for I mean....it's going to happen anyway. Oh and I almost forgot I hate lesbians too.