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  1. I met someone

    You guys are forgetting how good looking my soon to be ex was. I get the ladies always have for being an ugly bastard.
  2. I met someone

    I tried to take the pic down. I'm not boasting by the way just wanted to show you guys what's up.
  3. I met someone

    She got divorced last year. Her ex hubby wanted to have kids so after changing his mind and looking for someone he can have a family with left her lonely and hurt.
  4. I met someone

    Lol. Ya it's real buddy I have no reason to lie. Yes when we meet we meet halfway.
  5. I met someone

    She is. This is actually a very good pic of her she doesn't wear a lot of make up all the time which is ok with me. She is from Nebraska and I'm a lucky guy. I'm finally happy instead of trying to be happy.
  6. I met someone

    Lol whatever! Ya this woman is awesome. She can't have children and I don't want any. We met online and she asked to borrow some money and I was very sceptical but I did it anyway. She paid me back a couple of weeks later and it's been a growing thing ever since. Hey guys there's hope for everyone out there.
  7. I met someone

    You'd get to hang out with this ugly mug.
  8. I met someone

    Sound good I hope it happens. Right now everything is so in flux it's not hard to make it happen. Be nice to catch an Indians or Browns game too.
  9. I met someone

    Lol. This little young girlfriend of mine has no kids and willing to move anywhere with me. I want to move to Ohio if at all possible.
  10. I met someone

    I don't know. After I finish my training in Sryacuse NY it's going to be well east of this shit hole where I'm at now. I'm not guaranteed to be at any location. Heck they don't even know yet.
  11. I met someone

    I don't care she can have everything except for my vehicles. She doesn't like them anyway. She's been a bitch so this is what happens
  12. I met someone

  13. I met someone

    I'm filing for divorce. My wife is a traveling nurse and she's never home anymore. I have a job offer from my company to go to district manager training. It pays awesome. The kids are grown and now it's time for me to be me instead of waiting all the time. Plus this chick is way hotter than my wife ever thought about being. Not that should a account for my actions but ya.... I just need a change...a good change.
  14. I met someone

    Ive been really busy juggling work and my love life... Shun me if you may but I've met this hot ticket and she's beatiful in body and in mind. Yes I've been with my wife for a super long time but I feel new and need to complete the rest of my days. Even if it's a mistake I need to move forward instead of being in place. I'm not looking for approval just letting all you guys know I've been busy and I will be around. Im going to relocate east and will be seeing some of you. Bye for now