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  1. One Post

    Got my foid card

    Yep. Next up my CC. Got a .40 Springfield its really ok Next up i don't know yet.
  2. One Post


  3. We just need to work on two things. Offense and defense. We can punt very well.
  4. One Post

    Bernie on immigration

    We need to capture more people slipping across the border so we can harvest organs. Next time they want to come in illegally they'll think twice if they can only one kidney.
  5. One Post

    Barack Obama Threat

  6. Well his name is Peter and he sucks. But Jane at least deserves respect from me bc she's still doable.
  7. One Post

    Shamus Winston

    I seen this the other day. The NFL is looking at 3 games but nothing is written in stone yet. But I can tell you now if Winston gets 3 games I'm going to throw a fit because Rottenburger got zero.
  8. One Post

    More bitter idiots

    Yes if you're gay it means you like boys. No way around this other than to keep them in one place and keep your kids away.
  9. One Post

    More bitter idiots

    Pizza is like opinions. Slice it up anyway you like it its still whole. Just like Trump and his administration the pie is always complete even when its dished out. Too bad the customers don't appreciate the greatest POTUS of all time. MAGA
  10. One Post

    More bitter idiots

    I bet you would. Lmao
  11. One Post

    More bitter idiots

    That's sounds ok as long as is isn't a gay podium? A beacon for legitimate equality should be understood and not for dead horse beatings. ?????
  12. One Post

    More bitter idiots

    Makes zero sense. Its really bad when one post has to make you out to be a douche in a browns board political forum. Ya really.
  13. One Post

    David Johnson

    No I don't watch too much tv now a days. My boss has been showing me a lot of things. I've always been mechanical but the painting thing is a new chore. I like it and I don't have to worry about a customer notching about something so inane. How are you doing?
  14. One Post

    David Johnson

  15. One Post

    David Johnson