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  1. One Post

    More Peter Fonda

    Peter Fonda is a queer. At least his sister Jane was easy on the eyes although she is politically insane as well.
  2. One Post

    White Lightning

    Hooked up with some Illinois boys and got some. Its pretty good.
  3. One Post

    David Johnson

    I was actually joking. I listen to a lot of music besides hip hop. Who cares what you think is good and what isn't.
  4. One Post

    David Johnson

    Ahuh. Metallica dude Lol.
  5. One Post

    David Johnson

    Lmao. Yes I've read your other posts and they are so biased its even laughable. There were 9 mistakes before Josh Chosen deal with Baker Mayfield.
  6. One Post

    David Johnson

    https://www.revengeofthebirds.com/2018/6/21/17487468/arizona-cardinals-cleveland-browns-david-johnson-duke-johnson-carlos-hyde-carl-nassib I'm not the only one seeing this. This was posted 10 hrs ago kiddos.
  7. One Post

    David Johnson

    7moses7. That's freaking stupid.
  8. One Post

    David Johnson

    Whatever all you people know David Johnson is way better than Carlos Hide Lol or Take a duke Johnson. I think the Cards move him I really do and the Browns are a perfect fit competing with Bell and the Stinkers.
  9. One Post

    David Johnson

    What would you give for him? Just a topic for talk I haven't heard any rumors.
  10. One Post

    Greg Little

    Greg little doesn't stand a chance to ever play in the league ever again...I mean look at the track record.
  11. One Post

    Greg Little

    Now let's let the season play out. I think Rosen should be awesome and Mayfield? Well lets let the laundry list continue.
  12. One Post

    Greg Little

    Greg? Lol
  13. One Post

    Mychal Kendricks Signed

    Good deal. Time to beat the Stillers.
  14. One Post

    Browns Trading Jamar Taylor

    Yes I still follow the Cards as well as the Browns. I can't help it. Yes we need cb's everywhere and on both teams. Taylor took a pay cut when he was traded. Going back to my original point...he's not a weak link if the chain is made out of lead.