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  1. Fuck that let's get em.
  2. I'm not going to apologize for working all the time but I am a man of work. Speak...your mouth doesn't Lol what's up brownies!!!@@@
  3. I correctly predicted pittsburgh as our first round playoff opponent

  4. One Post

    Ok new free game

    Free If browns make the playoffs guess which team they face. Act now because the winner gets a Jim Brown football card. Answers by the end of Thanksgiving. If multiple people pick the same team...first come first serve.
  5. Make that major purchase. I'm so happy to see your priorities your money. God I wish everyone was mindful. Jk
  6. Saki Saki Kawasaki. Sucky fucky Saki!
  7. One Post

    Big Ben sets new record

    He is the only qb to start 9-0 and get away with rape.
  8. One Post


    Eat a big en Adam.
  9. One Post


    Fag beer. Drink Budweiser and whiskey. Well on occasion drink moonshine.
  10. One Post


    I'm more of a blow dryer now a days. I'm like a clogged gutter.
  11. One Post


    Yes truth be known I'm also a squirter.
  12. One Post


    Ya I TRY to not everyone know my business. But ya most of you know. Anyway go 5-2 Browns!
  13. One Post

    I kinda like....

    Pineapple on my pizza. Yes not totally weird but what you got?
  14. One Post


    Yes it was awkward but funny. She never lets anything go...well she did get back with me after all my bs.