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  1. One Post


    We are starting to win my boys. We are doin this. Don't make me sound like a Jim Jones Mfer. Its happening!
  2. One Post


    Said Damn! We beat the jungles the bam! The Broncos follow....
  3. One Post

    Steelers exposed?

    It means he's a meth head. Can't wait for him to get hurt.
  4. One Post

    Bell done in Pittsburgh

    ^^^ This
  5. Call me cynical but this is perfect timing with the Bruce Arians suggesting he would coach the Browns.
  6. One Post

    Steelers exposed?

  7. One Post

    Fire the Kicker

    My point. He missed an extra point try to put us in the situation. Fire the mfer.
  8. One Post

    Fire the Kicker

    Send him away!
  9. One Post

    Funny Stuff

    Lol. You guys are actually funny.
  10. One Post

    Funny Stuff

    I have a good friend and she's a good person. She asked me for advice and if she was wearing a good outfit... I asked her..."where you going? The Vikings game"? Lmao
  11. One Post

    Baker time

    Time. Time..time to make the dognuts.
  12. One Post


    He sucks. I thot I was watching church. Everyone was like "JESUS"!!!
  13. One Post


    I'm in when the time finally happens. Like the time I poked that red headed chick back in '89.
  14. One Post

    Got my foid card

    Yep. Next up my CC. Got a .40 Springfield its really ok Next up i don't know yet.
  15. One Post