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  1. hish747


    Ok Kitchens...don't forget about Hollywood Higgins...geesh...
  2. hish747

    How did the Defense get so bad?

    Please jettison Sendejo...wow
  3. hish747

    Protest Thread

    ... ...until the AFC Championship game
  4. hish747

    Odell Embarrassing Us Yet Again...

    Calling out being pissed on by whores doesn't scream 'liberal' to me. If anything, I think the opposite would be true.
  5. hish747

    Protest Thread

    I'm not trying to inflame passions or make enemies but there is a real question here that I think is important to consider. I understand the point of view of those who think it's un-patriotic and wrong to burn the U.S. flag. What strikes me as curious, is that these the same people who desecrate and co-opt the flag by coloring is black, white and blue. The don't like kneeling at football games when the flag is presented, but they are in favor of displaying the flag held flat on the football field which, you guessed it, is another violation of the U.S. Flag Code. Is it that these "patriots" think it's only proper for them to dishonor the flag for their own purposes? Are they simply ignorant that this treatment of the flag is dishonorable and unlawful? If you stand for the flag as a symbol of the United States (which I absolutely do) would you change your view of the those who co-opt the flag for their own purpose and dishonor the flag by displaying it flat at football games? Or would you just not care?
  6. hish747

    Hoping for a more mature Baker

    You and I aren't paid millions of dollars to lead NFL teams. The question is how many successful NFL QBs had their shit together at that age. Prescott, Wilson, Allen, Mahomes, Jackson, etc...all young QBs who conducted themselves more or less the right way. So...it can be done. Baker needs to grow up, put down the Twinkies and hit the gym. Having a decent mentor wouldn't hurt either.
  7. hish747

    Browns hire Kevin Stefanski as HC

    You had a chance to hire the bully but you hire the victim. Typical Browns...hire the guy who just got embarrassed. https://www.nj.com/eagles/2020/01/browns-coaching-search-did-49ers-robert-saleh-embarrass-vikings-kevin-stefanski-out-of-the-job.html
  8. hish747

    Next man up

    Agreed. Mike Priefer coached the standout unit on the Browns.
  9. hish747

    Coughlin out in Jville

    I take back what I said about you being humorless, this is the funniest post I've read in a long time.
  10. hish747

    Coughlin out in Jville

    You're right Dutch, but believe it or not, I'm really not that interested in political talk. It started out as a joke but a humorless forum member was apparently too butt hurt to take it in the spirit of good natured camaraderie as opposed to comrade-ry. See, I can't stop. But threatening someone's free speech while accusing them of threatening free speech? It's noT haRd to imagine who woUld eMPloy this tactic.
  11. hish747

    Coughlin out in Jville

    I know the comrades disagree, but speech is still free...for the time being anyway.
  12. hish747

    Coughlin out in Jville

    Well, I thought it was very clever because it was both funny and terrifying at the same time. You know, because the USA is pretty much a part of Russia now.
  13. hish747

    Coughlin out in Jville

    I was talking about the USA not rUSsiA
  14. hish747

    Coughlin out in Jville

    Well, Jacksonville is the largest city in the US so that would account for a lot of support I would think.
  15. hish747

    Kitchens fate?

    I know, it was my turn for funnin'.