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  1. Realistically, can duke give you 8 weeks of consistency?? As much as I'm a duke fan, my answer would be no.
  2. chimpy07

    Bell to jet’s

    You didn't address the "missing the play offs and just fine" bit
  3. chimpy07

    Free agency begins March 11

    That will hurt a few browns fans wanting to see him in brown n orange
  4. Denziel ward will need locking up too
  5. $71m left if cap space after the trade I read somewhere, maybe we go for Mosely next. Things seem to be hotting up
  6. chimpy07


    I prefer the rumour that Dorsey doesn't allow leaks
  7. chimpy07


    Absolutely, I just seem to remember reading one involving zeitler, can't remember if it was the 3way where we get Von Miller and OBJ..... LOL
  8. chimpy07

    Draft Day Trivia, First round QBs

    Isn't number 4 Brandon Weeden? I'm from the UK btw with limited knowledge so please keep that in mind before ripping on me
  9. chimpy07


    Think he was part of the OBJ trade rumour if I remember correctly.
  10. chimpy07

    Jimmy Garoppolo Speculation

    Sorry haven't heard Garoppolo mentioned in a while
  11. chimpy07

    Bitonio signs extension

    Right, so we need like 4/5 threads that could all be kept in 1 in reality.
  12. chimpy07

    Bitonio signs extension

    Hey tour, i was passed a note for you... "Can you kindly stop spamming the forum with your draft threads, the clutter is getting ugly... Regards" ?
  13. chimpy07

    Browns trade for BROCK OSWEILER

    Would love to know how some think this is a move to get JG... You think the pats would take a 2018 2nd with or without Bo and serve up JG?? I'm thinking if we cut him were gambling on one of the qb needy teams above us at 12 takes him leaving us to get MT if that's the guy. I'm in the cut RG3 and take the half hit camp, give him a year and see if he just had an off year last. Would be typical browns if we cut BO and he signs for someone and makes the Pro bowl taking whoever to the playoffs.
  14. chimpy07

    Pryor to Redskins

    Visiting the Redskins according to NFL network