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  1. OC help

    What about the Colts OC, Rob Chudzinski? He looks like a real up-and-comer.
  2. Deshone Kizer

    Maybe Hogan is still injured?
  3. Browns vs Lions

  4. Browns vs Lions

    you mean The Process
  5. Browns vs Lions

    Lions win 24-13 Kizer 16 of 30 for 189 yards, 1 TD and 1 INT
  6. You Decide Week 10

    Him not being brought back isn't even an option. Don't you know he's the future of this franchise?
  7. Browns sign 1 Release 1

    Campbell was not released. He is still with the team. He was "waived/injured". If he clears waivers, he will revert to the Browns injured reserve list.
  8. Why didn't we get Garoppolo?

    Were the Browns asleep while the trade negotiations were going on? The Pats should have let the Browns in on the deal. If we were gonna use a 2nd and a 3rd on McCarron, we probably could have outbid the 49ers for Garoppolo.
  9. Who would you rather have?

    Brad Kaaya is on the Lions.
  10. Who would you rather have?

    Kizer, Hogan and Kessler or the current Texans QB's, who are: 1. Tom Savage 2. TJ Yates 3. Matt McGloin Are they trying to challenge us for the worst set of QB's in the NFL?
  11. Who will be The Wolf.

    Hue Jackson
  12. So this is it??

    Haven't we been rebuilding for like 10 years. Lol
  13. AJ McCarron

    That's so Browns. They try to do something bad and they can't even do that. Maybe if they tried to lose games on purpose, they might accidentally win them instead because that would be so Browns.
  14. AJ McCarron

    Whoever said that the Browns were seven point underdogs to the bye recently was right. lol
  15. AJ McCarron

    Jimmy G wasnt gonna stay in New England past this year. They wanted to keep him but he wants to play. The Pats were just getting some value for him.