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  1. Your choices: Paul DePodesta and Sashi Brown, the analytics/legal minds behind the current rebuilding process, including trades, draft picks, and business arrangements for the Cleveland Browns professional football organization. Bill Cowher, former NFL player and coach familiar with the AFC north who helped revive a rival of the Browns from a slump of mediocrity and inconsistency to playing in divisional titles and Superbowls. [Note: There is no rumor or speculation that Mr. Cowher would consider leaving his current position as an on-air analyst for CBS Sports or that the Browns have attempted to contact him, this is just poll of forum opinion toward a hypothetical situation]
  2. FO you are much too good to us

    I will try cheering for bad plays next week. Not to be bitter, just to have something to cheer for. Plus maybe if enough of us do it the football gods will be confused...
  3. They ALL must go

    That's the rub. A valid argument against blowing things up so soon is that rebuilding takes time (and that no one good wants to be working under a hair trigger so staying the course is a sign that some future FO would get a fair shake). A valid argument for blowing thing up (yet again) is that the wrong people are in charge of rebuilding and waiting to pull the trigger is just wasted time and money (but again, who among those that might be the "right" people would want to come in under these circumstances to start another rebuilding project? Who is both good enough to make a difference and willing to work for the Browns organization?) Both perspectives are compelling in their own way. Other options include: a partial blow-up, patching the rebuilding machine, new owner, and new city.
  4. So, who here thinks that if this story is true the new hire will make a real difference next season? And how do you define a real difference? What would be acceptable? And who is available that you would want? Not trying to trash the idea, just wondering what people see on the horizon.
  5. ***Official Browns @ Texans Game Day Thread***

    Bring on the Titans
  6. ***Official Browns @ Texans Game Day Thread***

    Officially 0-6 for 2017.
  7. ***Official Browns @ Texans Game Day Thread***

    TD Browns. 33-17 with a minute left. Another late Hogan TD after the other team stopped really caring.
  8. ***Official Browns @ Texans Game Day Thread***

    Imagine if Hue was clearly upset and not even-tempered while "saying all the right things". I think that day will be sooner rather than later.
  9. ***Official Browns @ Texans Game Day Thread***

    "Fake it 'til ya make it" optimism can only get you so far when things go so wrong for so long
  10. ***Official Browns @ Texans Game Day Thread***

    Hogan sacked, loss of 9, 3rd down and 16... and... lost the ball
  11. ***Official Browns @ Texans Game Day Thread***

    That could disrupt some plays. No one will expect it.
  12. They ALL must go

    One more. That sends the message that you'll get a fair chance (three drafts, three seasons) to show how your process is working but if you can't show real progress in that time (better than 0 to 3 wins per season) you're done. I just can't see the owner waiting two more.
  13. Ok are we done with hogan now?

    Every time someone says #1 QB for Browns in the draft...
  14. ***Official Browns @ Texans Game Day Thread***

    Watson throws a Pick6
  15. ***Official Browns @ Texans Game Day Thread***

    Deflection and a punt for the Browns. Time runs out in the third quarter. One more to go... Predictions for final score? I'm guessing some Houston starters are going to sit the rest of this one.