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  1. tinythinker

    Latest news and headlines

    It all sounds great for the start of an *actual* rebuiling process. But gonna wait until game one of the regular season to see how it turns out in a real game. Here's to the good news continuing so that there's another competitive team in the division instead of the butt of jokes and loser parades. Don't blame anyone though who is pumped and ready to go.
  2. tinythinker

    The number #1 pick

  3. tinythinker

    The number #1 pick

    Denzel Ward at #4
  4. tinythinker

    The number #1 pick

    Sam Darnold to the Jets
  5. tinythinker

    The number #1 pick

    Giants take RB Saquon Barkley at #2
  6. tinythinker

    The number #1 pick

    The Browns select... Baker Mayfield
  7. tinythinker

    The number #1 pick

  8. tinythinker

    The number #1 pick

    Do these things have a long intro before the clock starts? Like a warm-up with lots of blah blah blah?
  9. tinythinker

    The number #1 pick

    Oh wait.. is that today?
  10. tinythinker

    Twilight Zone (Spring 2018)

    I don't think they will let Hue screw it up. But it's weird how the Browns are being covered. Not the usual "Oh sure hey, the Browns have a chance to reboot I guess" or "Yeah right, this is the Browns we're talking about" vibe. It's also not "let the dynasty begin" tone of course, but actual intrigue that the organization is making solid moves with lots of options at their disposal.
  11. tinythinker

    Twilight Zone (Spring 2018)

    Does anyone else think it feels strange to be approaching the draft and not have the possibility of a decent season seem like it's all of overblown hype and wishful thinking? Not that decent means a 10+ win season or playoffs. It can be modest and still be decent. Are you buying in yet on an actual rebuilding foundation or are you holding off until you've seen the first few regular season games this fall?