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  1. Browns selected for Hard Knocks

    Shmucking A man Super Bowl hard knocks is just the beginning
  2. Great offseason

    olomu is the guy
  3. Great offseason

    I forgot the kids name but he got hurt on a non contact drill leading up to the rose bowl vs Ohio State (good thing for him that he took out a insurance policy on himself for injury)
  4. Boring Times - New Era

    I will let her borrow my towel
  5. Boring Times - New Era

    the mayflower ? Shmuck that where did you learn your history ? the mummers came over on the aprilflower and they shall be exterminated
  6. Browns selected for Hard Knocks

    average win total for teams that have been on hard knocks is 7,5
  7. Boring Times - New Era

    Sheet man I have had a tardis in my garage for years
  8. so wtf do you think they do with all the cash ? bury it in the back yard ? shove it in a mattress ? Yes those moneys do end up in the bank(credit unions small banks are happy to take that cash) maybe what you were thinking of is that it is a cash only business credit cards cannot be used
  9. Great offseason

    a 4th round pick from last year missed the entire season we drafted 2 cb's and added in f,a he is gonna have to ball out on special teams if he wants a roster spot
  10. Great offseason

    shurmer for sure he seems to have a little more practice calling plays that said thank god hugh got stripped of that duty
  11. Boring Times - New Era

    so you are actually trying to say is that if rape is inevitable you might as well just lay back and let it happen
  12. dude you gamble every day once your feet hit the floor after you wake up you might as well try to win some money along the way
  13. the Olympic committee do test for weed they just have a higher threshold compared to the nfl 0% policy
  14. Boring Times - New Era

    i knew this dude he fell off that mountain he's dead now
  15. sports gaming is low on the Vegas list shows slots table games is what built those casinos and will continue to
  16. Boring Times - New Era

    bro i have up there in august make sure you pack some warm cloths
  17. we used to have a thing called sports action (betting the NFL) through the Oregon lottery it was cool once the line was set there was no moving it (not saying it moves that often) but still it was great but they got rid of it so we could get some first round NCAA B-Ball tourney games assholes
  18. POLL: When will Baker start?

    nah man you were right from day one when i first starting posting here,hugh is and was a clown
  19. Lamar Jackson to the Ravens

    i thought there was something new they were using
  20. Brogan Robeck

    K enough of this gay hippee Sheet who the hell is this guy ?
  21. Playmakers

    ya i had a argument with someone here about Gordons hussle last year that i believed he gave up on plays also But this is a contract year for him and i think he will be chasing those dollar signs
  22. Hue To Jump In Lake June 1st

    well it is about damn time people started to take notice of slavery i have been giving to "Not For Sale" it's a foundation that helps with the rehabilitation of former slaves back into society
  23. Playmakers

    neither one was drafted by Dorsey so sorry man but i would not put much money down on either being here once the season begins
  24. Playmakers

    just cause i like to quote a dude and yes i had not a white but a black Russian just a bit ago o.k enough rambling WTF is taco talking about with Chubb ? he hits the hole with power and can move the pile and with us running a ZBS scheme he should thrive