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  1. free mlbtv for a week starting today for us out of marketers
  2. NFLN is broadcasting 3 I believe fox is doing the philly game so is there any news if the local guy's are going to be in the booth or will nfln use there own people,,was kinda looking forward to here Couch's take's on the Browns
  3. syd

    Mason Rudolph

    I just perused this thread and what did I get from it ? I can't wait for training camp to start so there will be actual football talk, I mean jeez don't any of you take some sort of summer vaca ?
  4. syd

    Ghoolio Iglesias

    you had some purdy lips there boy (in my best southern accent)
  5. syd

    Ghoolio Iglesias

    I thought you were black
  6. syd

    Browns and “The Office”

    loved the part when Garrett put a pic of the rapist in the shredder
  7. syd

    Mayfield or Mahomes

    ah yes I have fond memories of blimps
  8. and the O'Dell talk has also started back up again ,guess he was working out with taylor Mayfield and landry in cali
  9. syd

    Elf come back?

    put The Elf at the 50 with it giving the finger
  10. syd

    Fun article on “under the radar” Browns

    do ya think that's why we brought in Fells ? to cover up the L.T position
  11. syd

    CB Sam Beal worth a 2019 draft pick?

    Brandon Bryant db from msu had 14 teams at his workout The Browns were one of them
  12. syd

    CB Sam Beal worth a 2019 draft pick?

    so doe's the bidding go in order as same as the draft order ?
  13. syd

    Antonio Callaway

    forgot about that
  14. syd

    Antonio Callaway

    I get Calloway as thug status so who is the other thug wr ?
  15. o.k yeah I know Baker is a sooner fan but why did he leave TT ? and why not just walk on at oklahomo is the first place ?
  16. that F.UCK was are local morning radio guy here in Portland I was so glad when I heard he was leaving only to find out he was gonna be espn's morning guy I went back to stern
  17. syd

    WR position

    hopefully he can stay off the dope
  18. syd

    Big Gay Soccer Thread

    saw MUSE play there
  19. syd

    OTA's = Joke

    thanks for the remind
  20. syd

    CB Sam Beal worth a 2019 draft pick?

    with gaines injury history that room may not be as crowded as you think
  21. by November I would expect Nebraska to be ranked 8 wins for the season
  22. syd

    CB Sam Beal worth a 2019 draft pick?

    we have two thirds next year if they think he would be a part of the future lined up opposite ward use a 2nd
  23. syd

    WR position

    isn't he still out with a groin injury
  24. syd

    NFL & National Anthem (rules)

    Look it's like this ever since he was denied a ownership of a team he has hated the NFL he wanted so bad to be part of the owners group #butthurt
  25. syd

    Solo review

    so in the empire strikes back movie when 3cpo is interacting with the falcon is that L3 he mentions ? and if so that was pretty cool