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  1. ATOM

    hey bro whats up

  2. syd

    Overtime games

    we held them to 3 field goals the entire game we should had deferred
  3. syd

    Overtime games

    when we win the coin toss as like last week (in a defensive game) why in the hell is hue electing to receive ? I mean wtf hue we stop em and then all we need is 3 Shmucking dumbnass
  4. syd

    ***Official Browns Vs. Ravens Game Day Thread***

    put Duke in the slot move Landry outside
  5. syd


    he's a baller
  6. syd

    Now that we are 2-2-1...

    he is out till next month so ya the bosa's seem to get hurt and being that we will pick 32nd I don't think he will be available ;0
  7. syd

    ***Official Browns Vs. Ravens Game Day Thread***

    no it's a damn bullet and I already explained why (but for the rest jiggins would enjoy the dicks)
  8. dumbf.u.c.k godell should make ref's fulltime none of this side job crap
  9. but it gives people here something to bitch about you know since we won they can't about that side note: calloways block in the back penality the one after his first down catch and run was phantom
  10. syd

    Late games

    na man hanging here But for once it will be nice to watch football night in America honestly I have never watched it
  11. syd

    Now that we are 2-2-1...

    give em time man give em time
  12. syd

    whats intentional grounding?

    well with the Browns going in the right direction and winning some games the ref's will not be so quick to call or not call a crap penalty against us (cause you all know damn good and well that's how it go's)
  13. thank god my computer is in the other room don't think I could deal with others bullshiit
  14. syd

    ***Official Browns Vs. Ravens Game Day Thread***

    Colquitt did his job well today
  15. syd

    Party Time

    well thing is he would enjoy that