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  1. and what Nazi boards do you speak of
  2. Joe Covets Kirk .....

    if we do sign cousins it will do two things 1) make a lot of f.a qb's very happy by setting a new standard on qb pay 2) piss off a lot of cap stressed teams by driving the market up
  3. of course it just makes to much sense to do that
  4. Joe Covets Kirk .....

    my thoughts exactly,still do not think he ends up here
  5. Radio Buzz

    the colts have so many holes on their team I can see them trading back but no way in hell do they give up picks to move up
  6. Radio Buzz

    it all depends on how much we value a QB if there is one that they feel is can't miss then there is no way i am trading that pick
  7. Saquon Barkley Combine Bound

    OMG oh no i'll try to get the link Barkley was just involved in a car accident
  8. not sure but she has moved on to aaron Rodgers what a couple they make he's a flipping red A$$ and she's a bitch Bet they last forever
  9. mixed curls back on tonight on nbcsn
  10. i think she is out of nascar and I believe she drove the Viagra car for a race or two
  11. you know it's flipping louder in there than all get out
  12. the truck guys raced here years ago quarter mile track and for some dumbass reason the owner thought he could make more money with it as a dirt track (NOPE) guess he didn't figure the upkeep was so spendy it has been closed for awhile now
  13. that's a cool race love watching the brake rotors glow at night there was a time when you had to save your braking for the end of the race now they are made so well you don't have to, totally changed a teams strategy
  14. Daytona is coming up I never miss it i used to watch it all the time until they started adding crap tracks (Chicago texas) just to name a few and of course the rule changes like pit row speed and not being able to race back to the line when the yellow came out kinda ruined it for me