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  1. Josh Gordon

    thing is he really pissed of roger and I am sure other players under suspension jg was the first player that was under suspension to be able to be with the team go to meetings and be at practice and what did he do ? he fucked it up somehow last year and went back into rehab ,the way I see it he is just a monkey in a cage throwing shit
  2. Josh Gordon

    we need a playmaker so ya bring him back but he was into more than just weed and booze I'm sure he mixed in a 8-ball when ever he felt inclined to do so
  3. Browns @ Colts Practice Reports

    ricardo lewis to be are emergency qb
  4. Browns @ Colts Practice Reports

    just read that Collins is out edit: per obr
  5. Survey Wednesday

    they are all real,well except moses c'mon man could have been king but through it all away
  6. Ghoolie Style Bragging Thread

    sue everyone once some of them twice
  7. PFF Week 3 Power Rankings

    giants +4 after Monday night ?
  8. Browns @ Colts Practice Reports

    I brought up Collins yesterday and never heard anything back also nothing on any of the usual web pages
  9. The pass rush today was atrocious...

    did anyone else hear that Jamie Collins had a concussion
  10. The pass rush today was atrocious...

    last week we were not that far behind and hue quit running the ball i'm telling ya hue panicks
  11. Kizer

    smoke pot smoke pot everyone smoke pot
  12. tavern ??

    I do all my computering from my lab,t.v in the other room or I would be there
  13. Fuck the ravens

    +1 on the meds
  14. Fuck the ravens

    seriously Fuck them c'mon ghoul I know your are allways up for a good fucking