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  1. Week 11 - You Decide~

    duke will score first for us
  2. I ducked up there bout the family thing ,my bad my wrong
  3. I have run into the cry babies before I normally get kicked off for hurting their butt's Shmuck em
  4. or many A$$HOLES getting arrested
  5. Yes we knew she was dirty but......

    that was a wise remark Damn ,,to bad you do not have any in that crap forum you run
  6. my bad was not meant to be
  7. jimmy better hope and prey they believe he is that stupid or it's bye bye and good riddance see ya hope you enjoyed your millions enjoy all those bars and no drinks
  8. I would, how about you guys?

    23 in the 7th grade Priceless
  9. look it's like this jimmy is going to prison and dee has the hot's for payton which could open the door for ownership for him
  10. Yes we knew she was dirty but......

  11. Yes we knew she was dirty but......

    more insults Wow ever think of being able to comprehend a intelligent phrase c'mon die hard i'm sure you think you are better than that
  12. so is that all you got stupid insults also if you talk Sheet about my family mother Shmucker I will kill your butt
  13. Yes we knew she was dirty but......

    na I was gonna vote for Bernie so honestly there die hard what is your problem ? every time I see you post you just seem all pissed off whats wrong ? the wife not put out ? lose your job ? stuck in the closet ? c'mon man i'm here for ya if you want to talk