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  1. Building the Browns 2018: Episode 2

    thanks woody a good Saturday morning watch
  2. surprised no one said that damn theme song to dallas
  3. 2018 Mock Drafts

    can anyone please give me some kind of hope as to why I should like Allen over Darnold
  4. Pick Six

    it's more of a ego thing he want's to go top 5
  5. Pick Six

    Mayfield is a douche it was just reported on NFLN that after his visit to Da Chargers that he did not have time to bother to look at their playbook(why would he say that ?) guess he really believes he is going top 5 for me it's just another reason to dislike him
  6. Browns Schedule Thread

    Thursday @ 8 P.M you can start making your plans
  7. maybe it's subliminal or just makes me want to poke a dagger through my ear SA QUAN SA GONE

    da chargers pick Madison OT from WSU

    i messaged you my picks last week
  10. Good video to pass the time

    i was just watching lyle's story on nfl network sad but true
  11. Landry to sign extension

    heard he posted here I knew the dickfaced crying to the mods fukc from a different board
  12. Landry to sign extension

    that's been his m.o for years along with the dickface shep
  13. did haslem go back in time and make that trade ?
  14. Tyrod Taylor A Brown

    actually the phrase is "book it" or you could have said "you can take that to the bank" just trying to help man
  15. Post Your Favorite Stoner/Doom Rock Albums!

    Monster Magnet