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  1. im fixing to go to the store and get the ingredients
  2. damnit im getting hungry tonight is gonna be easy chicken breasts with Italian dressing of a marinate and zucchini and squash lightly oiled on the grill Bristol is on tonight and is one of the few races I still enjoy don't have time to be bothered doing to much
  3. syd

    Flash Is Back

    I don't fuking understand it either
  4. syd

    Jackson trying to look stupid?

    also last night's game the cameras focused on haley and Williams when ever it was on hue he looked like a bumbling idiot (kinda like here doggy doggy got a treat for ya}
  5. syd

    Jackson trying to look stupid?

    a blind squirrel could have stumbled into a few wins and ya the haslems said we tanked but still "look at squirrel"
  6. syd

    Flash Is Back

    lets see what ?
  7. syd

    Kizer's 142 Passer Rating against Steelers.

    good for DeShone hope he doe's well
  8. syd

    Jackson trying to look stupid?

    I remember blasting you for it saying to give the guy a chance never did I envision 1-31
  9. syd

    Game Day #2

    and cuss at it soundly
  10. syd

    Jackson trying to look stupid?

    seriously ? a nice trade ? what do you mean by nice
  11. syd

    Game Day #2

    ah you would have gotton your old a$$ up there on a ladder I can see ya know beaten the hell out of the dish with your cane glad u got the game
  12. syd

    Dez on his way ?

    hmmm didn't see that anywhere but oh well