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  1. Furious Styles

    Steelers writer Ed Bouchette

    How would you know ?
  2. Furious Styles

    LeBron lost to Disease

    Rustbeltitis is a known risk factor in the development of hollywooditis. There may be no place like home but there are other places besides home. LeBron still does lots of charitable work in NE Ohio and that's just the truth opinion aside.
  3. Furious Styles

    LeBron lost to Disease

    I personally would take Kyle Kuzma, Brandon Ingram, Julius Randal and Josh Hart over those remaining busters on the Cavs roster any day.
  4. Furious Styles

    The Browns Will Be In The Playoffs This Year

    Yes you will miss a beat. You most definitely will miss a beat.
  5. Furious Styles

    Big Gay Soccer Thread

    What's that got to do with my comment about why the US sucks at kickba.....I mean futbol ?
  6. Furious Styles

    Big Gay Soccer Thread

    American futbol players are thumb suckers who could afford the camps, coaches, travel etc, not exactly the most gifted athletes. In other nations some of their most gifted athletes (regardless of economic status)) are playing futbol. For these reasons, expect continued underachieving in soccer
  7. Furious Styles

    Former Brown Winslow arrested for burglary

    It's only fair to hear the other side of the story...... https://nypost.com/2018/06/11/ex-jet-kellen-winslow-jr-i-was-arrested-for-house-shopping/
  8. Furious Styles

    Big Ben is no More?

    "Pretending to be triggered" ? Pretending......yeah, right. Looks like he snared you like a Walleye.
  9. Furious Styles

    WR position

    Contractually Browns can afford Dez Bryant but can a locker room "afford" the possible distractions of a past prime rotational playing Dez Bryant ?
  10. Furious Styles

    Hue To Jump In Lake June 1st

    A Mind is a terrible thing to waste.
  11. Furious Styles

    Mason Rudolph

    A thread on a soon to be practice squad player. Really ?
  12. Furious Styles

    POLL: When will Baker start?

    Without a padless snap being taken.
  13. Furious Styles

    Antonio Callaway

    Just what a young identityless 0-16 team needs.
  14. Furious Styles

    #4 Trade Down Talk

    I stopped reading at "settle" for Barkley."
  15. Furious Styles

    The number #1 pick

    My Barkley pick is more SHOULD than WILL.