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  1. Furious Styles

    NFL / Covid Updates

    ...........or maybe clean up the AR-15 to face those threats in the State Capital buildings ?
  2. Furious Styles

    Christian Kirksey Released

    Like what ? Thank you for firings me ? His comment was just self motivation after getting fired. Nothing wrong with that.
  3. Furious Styles

    Status AFCN as of 3-10-20

    You must not have seen that last Browns vs Bengals game ?
  4. Furious Styles

    Myles Garrett Reinstated

    No other Browns player heard it. No Steeler player heard it. No white player heard it. No other BLACK players heard it. No Hispanic player heard it. Steeler black coach goes public defending his white QB (who sucks as a QB) Myles should have responded like this when that complete STRANGER pimp SLAPPED HIM in his vehicle that day.
  5. Furious Styles

    Hoping for a more mature Baker

    I would say, last season has matured Baker quite a bit already.
  6. Furious Styles

    Mayfield..cant handle fan chatter..

    I'm willing to bet Bakers not feeling quite so dangerous these days.
  7. Furious Styles

    Mayfield..cant handle fan chatter..

    Are you saying effort and emotion are steady and not up and down ? If I were to look across the line and yell......" ALL YOUR LINEBACKERS ARE BITCHES", I will be the focus of increased intensity. You must not have participated in many contact sports. Some players are sleeping dogs. Arrogant punks wake them up sometimes.
  8. Furious Styles

    Mayfield..cant handle fan chatter..

    ........but......but.... six sacks....three picks....the Bengals ? I'm just saying.
  9. Furious Styles

    Mayfield..cant handle fan chatter..

    The NFL has a way of teaching arrogant young players humility. Bakers attitude motivates defenders to a higher degree of effort/aggression in my opinion.
  10. Furious Styles

    Week 17: Browns at Bengals

    Rookie Coach vs Rookie Coach We'll see which one is able to get theirs player minds right.
  11. Furious Styles

    The 'Who you watching?' 2020 thread.

    Tackling was one of the few negatives in their predraft analysis if I remember correctly.
  12. Furious Styles

    The Article Our Team Should Read Together

    Myles played himself.
  13. Furious Styles

    Kitchens wearing “Pittsburgh Started It" shirt”

    Are you saying the phenomenon of " bulletin board material " doesn't exist ? It does. Athletes can be inspired to greater levels of aggression and motivation by various reasons and sht talk is one of them.
  14. Furious Styles

    But really, What is the major malfunction?

    Opposing Defenses seem to be especially motivated against the Browns. I attribute "some" of that to the personalities of Baker Mayfield and OBJ. Those are the types of players Defenders salivate about laying a GOOD STICK on !
  15. Furious Styles

    Goodbye Whitehead

    Well aren't you the sensitive one. Be best you avoid any All in the Family, Sanford and Son or Jefferson episodes. You sensitivity may leave you emotionally curled up in the fetal position. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Atlanta_Black_Crackers I guess people were thicker skinned back in the day.