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  1. Furious Styles

    Hue fired

    First Lue, now Hue.
  2. Furious Styles

    ***Official Browns @ Buccaneers Game Day Thread***

    Maybe Browns can deal for Carlos Hyde for like a 5th rounder ?
  3. Furious Styles

    Best Players not in the HOF

    Ken "the Rattler" Riley. Cornerback Former FL A&M Quarterback 65 interceptions. 5th best ALL TIME . 5 Touchdowns.
  4. Furious Styles

    Josh Gordon Traded to Pats

    Yes, Josh should be very upset of the Browns for supporting him and putting up with his ish for 6 years
  5. Furious Styles

    Josh Gordon Traded to Pats

    You have to at LEAST be a starter to have a nickname like "Hollywood".
  6. Furious Styles

    Seahawks sign Kendricks

    Nah..........but kneeling does.
  7. Furious Styles

    Bill's cut Corey Coleman 🤣🤣😂😂

    Patriots SIGN Corey Coleman
  8. Furious Styles

    Desmond Harrison is Left Tackle

    I predict the offensive line will be the weakness of this teams offensive production.
  9. Furious Styles

    Respect from Tomlin

    Nope. I have yet to see a Browns player retaliate when a teammate gets cheapshotted. Pitt, Balt Cincy will retaliate in a heartbeat.
  10. Furious Styles

    Respect from Tomlin

    You fell for that sandbagging ? In the lockerrom away from the press he's telling his team to stomp the Browns and not give them a hint that Steelers will be their first win. Thats how they roll.
  11. Furious Styles

    Kapernick Lands A Job!!!

    Yet has MORE SUPER BOWL APPEARANCES and playoff wins than the last how many Brown QBs combined ?
  12. Furious Styles

    Cory Coleman Traded

  13. Furious Styles


    Yep. Straight outta Dayton at the moment. I want to dump Spectrum too.........just not tonight.
  14. Furious Styles


    Not blocked on Spectrum
  15. Furious Styles

    Cory Coleman Traded

    Gave up too soon on a player working hard everyday at practice ...............while waiting for Gordon to focus on his health and wellness.