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  1. The "Eyes" Have It...

    The kind of eyes you look for in a QB
  2. The "Eyes" Have It...

    Yeah, I can see that,... but rather than confident, I see a kocky guy who can't hit water if he was in a row boat.
  3. The "Eyes" Have It...

    The most confident look imo. As if "this is easy peasy"
  4. The "Eyes" Have It...

    Lol...now that the Indians are getting rid of Chief Wahoo.
  5. Browns Schedule Thread

    Not all the time...and this came from Emmit Golden and Grossi today, not me.....that it was good the browns were given the Thursday night game early in the season due to the fact that that there may be empty stands later in the season.
  6. Browns Schedule Thread

    Haha...you really hate losing to the Steelers don't you? Dem Pisspuke Squealers!!!
  7. More Obama deep state corruption uncovered.

    Exactly. Can't get excited until an indictment actually happens.
  8. Browns Schedule Thread

    Because the opener at home vs. Pitt is the one the browns want to win really really bad....and they almost did. Funny how in the opener Pitt won because of a magnificent catch by A. Brown toward the end of the game....and the other game the browns wanted to win really really bad, the season finale ..... how Pitt won because of a stupid drop by a wide open Coleman toward the end of the game.
  9. Browns Schedule Thread

    The browns at home in the opener will play the Steelers again. That sucks.
  10. Obama associate deputy attorney general Sally Yates, fired by Trump, instructed McCabe to drop the Clinton Foundation investigation... The link ink to the OIG report here. https://www.cnsnews.com/news/article...t-down-clinton Charges recommended against McCabe.
  11. A Steeler! I knew there was something I liked about you! lol
  12. New voting age

    Stuart This test would do just fine as a competency test. Got 23 of 24....missed the amendments question. https://www.washingtontimes.com/quiz/2015/feb/11/us-citizenship-test-could-you-pass/result/445492/
  13. New voting age

    Stuart A competency test should be given to all democrats regardless of age.
  14. New voting age

    Stuart And dead people....oh wait, I think they already vote.
  15. New voting age

    Stuart Guess how many will vote democrat? That's what its all about.