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  1. Josh Gordon

    Which does nothing to help diminish the fact that the browns are viewed nationally as long running joke. I would venture to say that the average browns fan who has only seen a lifetime of losing would trade those meaningless champeonships for a Super Bowl winner. It would erase the years of misery. Browns fans would literally sob. Crying tears of joy as they watch a QB wearing brown and orange hoist the Lombardi... and the parade would make the Cavs look like childs play...no rioting please. Until then keep going to your Holy Trinity of "go to's" to make yourself feel better while putting Steeler fans in their place ....that always works! lol. 1. Browns have 13 Championships. 2. Turkey Jones planted Bradshaw. 3. Browns beat the Steelers 51-0
  2. Kizer

    During Kordell Stewarts years as a starter in the 90's he led Steeler teams to 13-3, 11-5, 7-9, and 9-7, and the playoffs. Brister was starting QB from 1988 to 90. ...9-7, 9-7, and 6-10. The 80's, considered by Steeler standards as their "down years" had only 3 losing seasons. They produced teams that made the playoffs 4 times including losing to Denver in a divisional playoff game...a Steeler team led by the one and only Bubby Brister. ...Denver who by the way moved on to play the browns in the Conference championship....yet another thing you can hate the Steelers for, because they would have most likely beaten Bubby Bristers Steelers and been playing in the Super Bowl. Since the formation of the new league in 1970 and the newly established Super Bowl era, the Steelers have had only 9 losing seasons. Nine losing seasons. That's really all you need to know. Yeah Ghoolie is a bit harsh at times but he owns you on this. Some good info. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NFL_standings_since_AFL–NFL_merger Drop mic.
  3. Kizer

    What the fuck? This is a reach like no other.
  4. Good call! Although Pitt still would have won with Bradford.
  5. Kenny Vacarro

    Pittsburgh can afford to play nasty once in a while and absorb the penalties. The browns can't. They're not that good. Yet. They're young and still under construction. Plus this retaliation mentality doesn't seem to fare well for those doing the retaliating. Just ask the Vontaze Birthdefect and the bengals who had the Steelers beat in a playoff game.
  6. So? Not really the point. If you call that not contributing, then you could find a player who did absolutely nothing to contribute on almost every play. I said Watt flipped Thomas. He presumed Thomas was held. I posted the video. I'm sure that if an all pro Steeler O lineman got taken down Judo style by a browns rookie LB 70 lbs. lighter, your sentiments would be quite different. You'd make a thread about it.
  7. And who the fuck are you to make that call? According to JJ his little bro is light years ahead of him at this point in his career.
  8. I'm not sure, maybe unnecessary roughness. He didn't have to flip him. I was going to post the video, but felt it would get deleted. But I'll give it a shot. Also, not sure why this is a freeze frame video. The lower black screen. http://steelerswire.usatoday.com/2017/09/12/check-out-t-j-watt-with-the-sweet-hip-toss-on-joe-thomas/
  9. Against a rookie LB...
  10. Uttter garbage. Watts first sack took roughly 3 seconds, his second was 7. The rookie also performed well against Joe Thomas...once hip flipping Thomas to the turf.
  11. Ravens open @ 7.5 point favorites

    LOL ok then, what does say about the browns? I would rather believe the browns had something to do with making the Steelers look average. My feeling right now is that the Steelers are a way above average team, and the browns are not a joke anymore. They are competitive and will win games this year.
  12. Power rankings

    You've been talking out of both sides of your mouth a lot. If the rest of the division is mediocre, then how can you be so sure the Steelers will take the division if they too are mediocre? You've at least twice stated that the Steelers were mediocre. I don't think you really think the Steelers are mediocre. You're still reeling from yet another loss to them and this is how you cope.
  13. Power rankings

    So in other words your browns are the same old browns, no improvement, and Pittsburgh shoulda blown them out? I would be more inclined to believe the browns have vastly improved is why they were able to hang with the mighty Steelers.
  14. Ravens open @ 7.5 point favorites

    Gee Gip, wouldn't your rather believe the browns were competitive against a damn good team on Sunday rather than a mediocre one?
  15. Does Hue Panic

    Ha..I knew sooner or later you'd get it wrong...Kizer was sacked 7 times! lol. Twice from Steelers first round pick TJ Watt who also intercepted him. That aside, the browns played one heck of a game. This type of game is the way I felt it would go when I predicted that the Steelers "should' win but wouldn't be surprised if the browns pulled it off. The browns came close to winning this game.