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  1. StinkHole

    Our great President Trump feeding the needy

    Stuart Because thousands of bottles of water were left on the tarmac, they had nothing to wash it down with you big dummy.
  2. StinkHole

    How is your excitement

    Maybe too early for that. Last season there were a half dozen or so games the browns didn't get blown away , and the year before that. I'm sure teams have always been aware of the browns. No one wants to fall victim to being the first to lose to them.. It's like an additional hurdle the browns have to face. Teams play extra hard.
  3. StinkHole

    Just for fun, happy Sunday

    Stuart If there is "so much incredibly wrong" I would expect you to have come up with at least one reason by now.
  4. StinkHole

    Just for fun, happy Sunday

    Stuart Did you not read the thread title you idiot? It says "just for fun"...but even that couldn't keep you and that other indoctrinated left wingnut Woodley from getting your panties all knotted up...
  5. StinkHole

    Just for fun, happy Sunday

    Stuart And? The church is not the focus of the meme you goofball. Whether church employees or not is irrelevant. It's bible vs. science of the times.
  6. StinkHole

    Just for fun, happy Sunday

    Stuart Yes, from you...%5 from everyone else
  7. StinkHole


    Boswell missed a FG as well.
  8. StinkHole

    ***Official Browns @ Saints Game Day Thread***

    The Browns own the Stains...17-4. Doesn't matter how good or bad they are. Beat them as an expansion team in 99.
  9. StinkHole

    Puerto Rico

    Stuart George Washington University is claiming this BS number First reported a half dozen or so, then 64 confirmed dead, then 1,427 confirmed dead by the Puerto Rican government.... now it's 3,000..."confirmed" dead, without evidence, using computer models, by some researchers at George Washington University of whom none had gone to Puerto Rico to take a body count. They used a public health study that compared mortality in the six months following the storm with the number of deaths that would have been expected if the storm had not hit. A computer model. Someone relay this info to the idiot I'm responding to.
  10. StinkHole

    Puerto Rico

    Stuart You forgot a crucial word.
  11. StinkHole

    the case of the cop who entered the wrong apt...

    Stuart So Cleve is making a little progress!.
  12. Stuart The poster is in orange and brown. Are you sure its support for the hurricane affected people, and not support for affected Browns fans longing for that first win on Sunday!? LOL
  13. Stuart Where's Cleve?....is he still trying to figure out a way to implicate Republicans in this Google story?
  14. Stuart Except that the Repubs are the lesser of two evils...way, way lesser. By miles.
  15. Stuart Sorry, but Dems use dem tactics. Ted Kennedy conducted dialog with the Russians in an effort to undermine Reagan