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  1. Biggest Draft Miss

    You should have made this thread more challenging and stipulate players "other than Browns" because we all know who they are and there were just too many of them. Touchdown Tommy Vardell, another Brown. Ryan Leaf.
  2. Biggest Draft Miss

    Brian Bosworth Gallery was an all pro compared to Tony Mandarich...biggest O line bust ever.
  3. Stuart When you get a libtard dead to rights he responds by arguing semantics. So Woodley, can you finally agree with what you've been told all along that by whatever means they are here illegally, illegals are viewed by dems as critical to their future election success? Can you? Yes or no.
  4. Yes, I Went There

    Bet you didn't know Randy Macho Man Savage was a Jew either.
  5. Yes, I Went There

    I'm tellin ya, he's Wahoo Or

    Yeah, yeah, yeah. Give it a rest already you fossil. lol AAFC titles, equivalent to the modern day Arena Bowl championships are not recognized by the NFL. The operative number is 6, and the only thing that matters in todays football world are Super Bowls. I bet even Browns fans grow weary of your "feel better about yourself because we actually have more Championships than the Steelers" rhetoric. But if it works for you then by all means keep going with it.
  7. Patriots' dinasty finale?

    OK,, then you should have said that in the first place. You said in the present tense "the Steelers and Pats are boring", you should have said "the Steelers and Pats would be boring." Two entirely different conclusions, so its not a matter of being obtuse, its a matter of you failing to convey what you really mean.
  8. Patriots' dinasty finale?

    Lol...no, not just because I root for them. Theres not a anyone in the football world with half a brain that would consider the Steelers boring. I guess you didn't watch the Pats game. You can argue that the Steelers used to be boring ...but recent Steeler teams are atypical of past teams...those teams having defenses that would smack you in the mouth and an offense that would "do just enough" to win games....Rarely could they mount comebacks like this team has.
  9. Patriots' dinasty finale?

    The squibs? If you're referring to the Steelers, they are hardly boring. Between JuJU (what a great pick eh?) Brown, Bryant, Bell, and Ben, you have arguably the most dynamic and exciting team in this years tournament. Yeah, the Pats are boring, but those bastards win. Btw...don't look for the Steelers to "fade away" any time soon . Their continued success will outlive you. Me too.
  10. Its as simple as 1,2,3

    Did ya get this Gip? Simple as 1,2,3! LOL
  11. The nation thanks you President Trump https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-01-03/manufacturing-in-u-s-accelerates-to-cap-best-year-since-2004
  12. Its as simple as 1,2,3

    Tomlin inherited a winning culture where players don't have to be motivated or inspired. Putting on that Black and Gold uniform does that to a player, not Tomlin. The idea that Tomlin and Ben on the browns and they would rickroll the Steelers with regularity is silly.
  13. Superbowl poll

    So now all of a sudden the browns NFL Championships don't count? According to you, NFL Championships carry the same weight as Super Bowls. Jax has been in the league 23yrs. and never played in a league championship game.
  14. I Warned You This Is Where It's Going

    Stuart Bannon was involved in a feud between him, Kushner and Trump Jr. His "treasonous" and "unpatriotic" were empty accusations.