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  1. http://www.nydailynews.com/entertainment/porn-star-ron-jeremy-accused-sexual-assault-rape-article-1.3638724
  2. Our color rush jerseys

    That's way better than the all brown. They look like walking turds...and just so happens the team stinks. The Cleveland Stoolers. After all the redesigning, the browns uniforms are still regarded as one of the worst in the league. I'm only putting in my .02 here because I've always had a color scheme that I believe would make the browns uniforms look good. So Cleveland got to keep the colors. Great. But is there a law that says you have to keep them? What I would have done is lose the orange, let the bungles have it, and bring in tan and black, or go with black and brown. You cant go wrong with black. Black is badass. It's the only color that makes brown look good. Tan resembles brown so some of the tradition remains. Imagine a uniform incorporating this color scheme... I could imagine tan pants with that fat black stripe the Steelers have. Not crazy about the almond. Someone submit this to the browns. The least I could do for a city that gave Pittsburgh a very cool logo.
  3. Sounds, uh, great.

    No argument with any of that, its just that your statement can be easily be interpreted as Dan creating a dynasty AFTER he took over. for 40 years they sucked under Art Rooney....but then the younger generation...Dan Rooney...took over...and they became a dynasty.
  4. Sounds, uh, great.

    Not exactly. Art Rooney turned the reins over to Dan after the Steelers had won their first Super Bowl. The seeds of the dynasty were already planted before Dan took over...the familiar names...Bradshaw, Greene, Lambert, Ham, Franco, Greenwood, Blount, Webster, Swann were on the roster. Mike Webster was a rookie back up, and Lynn Swann was relegated to special teams.
  5. Stuart Then why did you make a thread about it? You that hard up for attention?
  6. Hue "irate" with Haden cut

    Some devastating smack there kiddo.
  7. Hue "irate" with Haden cut

    OK if that's what you believe, but their talent level is not what I was arguing, My reply was to you saying: Your entire DB is a cause for major concern. Again, being 5th in pass D is hardly cause for concern.
  8. Hue "irate" with Haden cut

    Perhaps now you will have some of that crow. Steelers are 5th in the league in pass D. Thanks to the Browns.
  9. Another moan, this time the media

    Goldhammer is a patronizing dbag...pretends to be outraged at the browns situation when on the inside he is loving it. Pretends to want to see Cleveland sports teams to do well when he really doesn't. Pretends to be disappointed when Cleveland teams lose when on the inside he gloats to himself when they do. Anyone should be able see right through that little twat, and some caller needs to call him out on it.
  10. Stuart Maybe because its old news to us. Something we've known all along you liberal imbecile Liberal imbecile....there I go being redundant again.
  11. Got that Orion?....Them titles will surely put Pat fans in their place and in awe! lol Seriously don't...it will only embarrass you more.
  12. Can we just make burfict an offer already?"

    Lol ...thirsting for a dirty thug on his team...a last resort sign stemming from bitter desperation and futility. Burthdefect gets flattened then kicks like a girl...that's the type of player the browns need to reflect their image. The last two meetings vs the Steelers this girlyman had a whopping 4 tackles and 0 sacks...being neutralized by the Steelers is just what the browns need. Facing a huge suspension the next time....just what the browns need. Avoided suspension this time. Looks like Nix may have done a little something which "made" the girl kick him, and the fact that he was on his back after the play may have afforded him some leeway by the league this time. Perhaps he gets fined only. That's my guess. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/bengals-vontaze-burfict-reportedly-wont-be-suspended-for-kicking-at-steelers-player/ Oh I know how a mindless knuckle dragger like you thinks..."forget all of the above, if Burthdefect can take out a Steeler by injuring him, signing him would be worth it... yeah baby!!"
  13. Haden a Steeler

    LOL...yeah, what a dysfunctional organization them Steelers.
  14. Surprise!!! Its a white guy???

    Stuart They don't want to be labeled as misogynists.