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  1. Stuart Sure it is simpleton, and I'm sure Rev Al would agree with you. You're an indicator of the white guilt liberal fggots in our country. Pay them reparations fggot.
  2. Stuart CNN, CBS, ABC, NBC... breaking news : “Leftist heads exploding all over America”
  3. Stuart No you're pathetic. I'm not trusting that little fat fukker, so we'll wait and see, but you fukkin "hope and change" Obama buttthole kissers got some real "hope and change" goin on here yet refuse to applaud it because that would put you on the same side as Trump and the USA.
  4. StinkHole

    Dine and Dash, republicans or democrats?

    Stuart They're owed reparations...cut em some slack.
  5. Stuart Ok perhaps I misunderstood Woodleys post ….thought Woodley was referring to the presidential nominee. The names you mentioned never got that far...so shouting "Jesus" didn't help them get the nod.
  6. Stuart What candidate ever did that Woodley?
  7. StinkHole

    Possibly the least offensive part of his show

    Stuart The kind of poosy you are Cleve.
  8. StinkHole

    Trump lifting ban on marijuana?

    Stuart Lol..."Trump is all talk". Relying on Racheal Maddcow for your info it's easy how you would come up with such an idiotic conclusion. You think you've got him figured out? Figure this out dipstick... TRUMP APPROVAL RATING Better than Obama and Reagan at Same Point in their Presidencies President Trump’s approval is now at 45%. And that is with 90% negative coverage from the far left mainstream media. President Trump – 45% President Obama – 44% President Reagan – 44% On June 9, 2010 Barack Obama’s approval number was 46% on the Rasmussen poll. President Trump’s approval number is at 47% according to Rasmussen today.
  9. Stuart Um yes dipstick, we all know about the power struggle that exists in Washington, it always has. But this concerted effort from you leftist assholes, deep state, lib media, and to a lesser extent establishment RINOS to take down and to delegitimize the election of a president is unprecedented. Go ahead penis brain deny that too...5, 4, 3, 2, 1....
  10. Stuart Clearly JABF has schooled you. Time to grow up Cleve.
  11. StinkHole

    Iranian official admits Iran's role in 9/11

    Stuart You somehow know that for a fact that under no circumstances would a leader in state sponsored terrorism help Al Qaeda? Amazing. Funny how the denial gets stronger as the evidence gets stronger. Here we have a video and an English translation gift wrapped for you and you ain't hearing none of it. You people are a trip. The English translation was published by Al Arabiya, a Saudi news outlet. Obviously you have no knowledge of Saudi - Iranian relations otherwise you would have played your propaganda card against the Saudis. "Most likely from Israel" LO fukkin L
  12. Stuart Um.. It looks like he was calling all students by their last name all along....and never gave the reason why. To insult and degrade him you say? Why can't you liberals control the urge to throw out baseless accusations in a discussion? Instead, Kluge said he reached an agreement with school administration that allowed him to call all students — those who identify as transgender and those who do not — by their last name. Kluge said it seemed like a fine compromise. He did not explain to students why he only used last names this past year. https://www.getreligion.org/getreligion/2018/6/7/religious-freedom-question-in-indiana-can-teacher-refuse-to-call-transgender-student-by-preferred-name I can understand how his decision to call all students by their last name would be offensive to the tranny if indeed he, she, it, knew it was because of him, her, it. Otherwise he, she, it is just a spoiled brat believing he, she, it deserves special treatment.
  13. Stuart That is very true, if "everyone"... many leftists deny the existence of shallow or otherwise. Everything is on the up and up.
  14. Stuart When denial becomes extreme. Whatever it takes to keep convincing yourself there is no deep state.
  15. Stuart and Cleve posts another false equivalency.