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  1. Stuart Another empty Cleve gotcha. Most would criticize Obama because we all know what that azzhole was all about. Trump has demonstrated over and over both by his words and actions that he is pro Armed Forces, pro troops, pro America...so if he wasn't there I'm not going to question it.
  2. StinkHole

    Bell done in Pittsburgh

    It by no means weakens the Steelers. Aside from Connor being better, the Steelers have 14.6 mil in cap space for next year. That along with Shaziers contract being gone, it can only strengthen the Steelers...they need a top notch DB. Heard that Jalen Ramsey wans out of Jax !
  3. StinkHole

    LIberals addicted to hatred and depression

    Stuart That's not surprising at all. Pew research did a study years ago that found liberals and conservatives having the same education and socioeconomic status....and it is the conservative who tends to be happier and satisfied with their life. What the fukk do these libtards think would happen if every conservative/Republican disappeared and they were on their own? A Nirvana? Gee, no more Conservatives, who would they blame for all their fukkups? Would they really want this country overrun with illegals, have no problem with 3/4 of their paychecks going towards taxes, pay reparations to black folks for the sins of slavery, reward laziness (because its not really laziness, its oppression) etc. etc etc. Uh oh! The only whites that blacks can blame for their oppression are liberals. Guess who are the ones that begin to embrace conservatism now? Bottom line is that while you liberals need conservatism, conservatives don't need you. This country would thrive if every liberal fukktard died and went to hell.
  4. StinkHole

    Court Justice Ginsburg falls - breaks ribs

    Stuart Way back in the day Unions, like the Democrat party had value. Today both are worthless.
  5. StinkHole

    Court Justice Ginsburg falls - breaks ribs

    Libs freaking out over RBG's injury offer to donate their ribs. lol https://www.kansascity.com/news/nati...221343550.html #RibsForRuth lol
  6. StinkHole

    This Week in the AFC North

    It warranted an ejection. It is not the severity of the hit that matters, but rather the act of going after the QB after he IS ALREADY DOWN that warrants an ejection. What needs to be cleared up is that what happened to Baker and Dak is not exactly the same thing that happened to Ben and Cam, as so many of us would like to believe. Although the refs got it wrong with Baker and Dak...Baker was just starting into his slide when he got hit. That should have warranted a penalty and a fine....Not necessarily a suspension. Ben and Cam were already on the ground and nearly completed their slide when the defender struck...that's why the players on both teams got pissed and came to the aid of their QB. Clearly flagrant and warranting a suspension. What was consistent were the ejections. What was not consistent were the calls. Video of the hit on Baker: https://www.sbnation.com/2018/10/24/18013828/worst-call-week-7-why-dangerous-hits-dak-prescott-baker-mayfield-werent-flagged-browns-cowboys The hit on Cam Newton in which the defender Kazee was ejected: Sure he took a harder hit than Ben, but as I said, the severity of the hit is irrelevant.
  7. StinkHole

    Le'Vion Bell for the Browns

    That's kinda silly. Connor went out in the 4th. He was averaging 5 yards a pop! His replacements? ...fresh legs who went up against a worn out, beat up Panther D? Ridley had 26 yds. and averaged 3.2 yards per carry... Samuels had 7 monster yds on 5 carries. If you want to call that "not missing a beat" OK...but it does not in no way shape or form prove that Connor is replaceable. The kid is gonna be a star.
  8. StinkHole

    Le'Vion Bell for the Browns

    Yeah I was just goofing around. That trade would never happen. Love to have Ward. He's top notch for sure.
  9. StinkHole

    Le'Vion Bell for the Browns

    Bell is a potential HOF'er and would make the browns winners!!!! How about Bell for that Denzell Ward character?
  10. StinkHole

    The Browns Path to the Playoffs

    Heard Doug Deiken the other day say that many times teams don't come into true form until they approach the 5th or so game...then is when you know what a team is all about. Is what we are seeing now the true browns?...hope not. Others like WKNR's Jerrod Cherry have expressed the same opinions. Yes the browns should have beaten the Saints, but you must remember the Saints also lost to the hapless Bucs in the opener...they still hadn't had their act together when they played the browns. Yes the browns tied the Steelers, but as we now look back at the opener, we know now that it was an aberration as well... only because the Steelers blew them out the second meeting. The browns couldn't even compete in that second game.. Yes they beat the ravens, but like you said the ravens aren't that good....not to mention that the browns always give the ravens fits anyway. Every team, bad or good "hangs with the Chiefs". You knew from the beginning the browns weren't gonna win that game. What I find troubling is that 5 teams put up more points against the Chiefs than the browns did...the Pats put up 43, the Steelers 37, the Chargers 28, the hapless 49'ers 27, the hapless Broncos put up 23 both times they played...then the browns at 21. Only JAX and the bengals scored less than 21 against the Chiefs. Seems the Falcons have arrived after a slow start as well.
  11. StinkHole

    Democrats take the house

    Stuart Ivanka just being nice. It was not good news for democrats and all those thirsting for a "Blue Wave". This was a huge victory. All the never Trumpers in the Senate are gone..outa here! Trump right up there with Reagan: The most House seats ever lost by a president’s party in power was Obama in 2010. He lost 63. Next was Bill Clinton in 1994. He lost 52. In 1958, Eisenhower lost 48, as did Ford and Nixon in 1974. They lost 48. Lyndon Johnson in ’66, lost 47. Harry Truman in ’46 lost 45 seats. George W. Bush in 2006 lost 30. In 1950, Harry Truman lost 29. Reagan, in ’82, lost 26 seats, and in 2016 Trump is at 27 . In the Senate everyone Obama campaigned for lost. 9 out of the 11 that Trump campaigned for won.
  12. StinkHole

    This Week in the AFC North

    Correct. No matter how good or how bad the rest of the division is, the Steelers are always just a little bit better. They are currently a top 7 team and a SB contender... after believing at the beginning of the season they were finally going to contend for the cellar. I'm extremely disappointed in the browns, believing they were going to soar this year I was wrong about that too. Baker changes nothing. Hue gone changes nothing. That 21 points vs. KC?...five other teams scored more vs that mediocre KC defense, even a pathetic Denver team put 23 on them twice. Only once have the browns scored more than 23 in a game this year. Just not seeing this vast improvement.
  13. StinkHole

    This Week in the AFC North

    He doesn't ring a bell.
  14. StinkHole

    Browns vs. Chiefs Factoids

    lol..I was shocked that you of all people missed that one!
  15. Stuart. Let that caravan in... then the one after that, then the one after that, then the one after that.... It's lunacy. So absurd, idiotic...there's not a word strong enough to describe it.