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  1. StinkHole

    I hate Thanksgiving

    Literally "praising" ? Nah. Unless you're a devil worshipper or something. It's pretend praising. Pretending to glorify monsters and death one night out of the year for fun is harmless. It's back to normal the next day. It's like people who love to watch horror and monster movies, they're not praising death...rather they love being scared shi tless...it's fun to them.
  2. StinkHole

    This Week in the AFC North

    Zombo picking the Steelers to win is worrisome.
  3. StinkHole

    This Week in the AFC North

    Now there ya go!! So I guess its only Zombo and Gip that like fat azz.lol
  4. StinkHole

    This Week in the AFC North

    What is it with you people and your infatuation for fat asses? Is it a Cleveland thing???
  5. StinkHole

    I hate Thanksgiving

    Yes Ghoolie but Thanksgiving is also time when we're supposed to give thanks for our blessings! As a browns fan you should be thankful for a franchise QB, Myles Garret, Dorsey etc.. and the makings of a winning team!
  6. StinkHole

    This Week in the AFC North

    Yeah, just like it wasn't how the well the browns played in that comeback win against the Jets in the second half....it was more about how the Jets played poorly. The Jags played bad in a critical time because the Steeler D stepped it up and made them look bad. They shut down Jax running game in the second half... and those two crushing back to back sacks by the Steeler D were huge. Going back to your "being lucky" rhetoric...You can probably come up with a number of NFL games on any given Sunday and deduce how the winner was "lucky" and how the loser was "unlucky"...and it would still remain inconsequential. ...except if it's the Steelers we're talking about...because seeing them win causes you much pain, and your consolation is to point out how lucky they were. Am I off base here?
  7. StinkHole

    Steelers exposed?

    I don't believe anyone is truly an imbecile though. It starts with envy. Envy produces hate, then denial, then looking like an imbecile... There's not enough room for wisdom here....just look at the absurdity of Gips last post lol. "Yeah a bad team found a way to get unlucky" Whoever heard of "finding a way" to get unlucky? Being lucky or unlucky just happens. Gee, that would mean the Steelers rather than just simply being lucky, found a way to be lucky! What geniuses the coaches must be! Hate and envy is powerful stuff. Look what it does to a pretty smart guy like Gip.
  8. StinkHole

    Steelers exposed?

    LOL..you're too funny.
  9. StinkHole

    Steelers exposed?

    Great teams always seem to get lucky. Bad teams always seem to be unlucky. That's always been the nature of the beast in this game of football.
  10. StinkHole

    Steelers exposed?

    Yeah, you can say the Steelers were exposed. Ex Steeler QB Landry Jones signed by JAX a few weeks ago just released today.
  11. StinkHole

    Bell done in Pittsburgh

    Unless your name is Unsympathetic.
  12. StinkHole

    Steelers exposed?

    Well, yeah...then no. The Steelers shut that shi t down in the second half. http://www.post-gazette.com/sports/steelers/2018/11/18/Steelers-defense-slams-door-on-Jaguars-Leonard-Fournette-in-second-half-sparks-comeback/stories/201811180204
  13. StinkHole

    Hueless to join Bungles

    Rumors out of Cincy are that if the bengals lose to the browns twice Hue was gonna jump in the Ohio River.
  14. StinkHole

    Bell done in Pittsburgh

    So bottom line, $14.6 million was not enough for poor LaVeon? One hit and their NFL career is over? So? They can start a career in the field of study that they graduated from college with... I also know people with shot knees, hips, and shoulders that never played a down of football in their life, so save that sob story. I would almost bet my life James Connor would not pull that Sheet. A cancer survivor so grateful his favorite team took a chance on him. That would humble anyone.
  15. StinkHole

    Bell done in Pittsburgh

    True, Connor being better than Bell still remains to be seen. I was only making a bold prediction based on what has already been seen... ... Conners performance vs. Bells in their rookie years. As the season progresses, Conner continues to pull away from Bell in terms of rookie performance. Conner outpaced Bell, 164 to 160 rushing attempts, and also in receptions, 39 to 33. Conner has 11 touchdowns compared to Bell's 5. The difference between the pair in yards gained also shows where Conner has really outplayed Bell. Through their first 9 games, Conner has 771 yards on the ground vs. Bell's 528 (and a higher average at 4.7 vs. 3.3). Conner also has more receiving yards (386 vs. 319) and a better average (9.9 vs 9.67).