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  1. https://247sports.com/nfl/cleveland-browns/Bolt/Joe-Thomas-Release-of-Joe-Haden-demoralized-Browns-113977688 I have to give it to Po. Most of us didn't find this that big of a deal (some did). But there you go. I for one was wrong on this.
  2. Camp Barkley #1 Overall

    Our discussion's over already? How does a 65 yard TD run once a game help you when the rest of time you can't muster up a yard and a half?
  3. Camp Barkley #1 Overall

    So they're happy about something that could and likely does have very little to do with their success.
  4. Joe Thomas Says Haden Release "Demoralized" Team

    Citing one thing that demoralized them in no way means there weren't others. Maybe you need a logic class. Or just high school. I don't know. I can't speak for JT, but I'm certainly not making the argument that this means Haden was good. Ones that destroy your argument? Indeed I am.
  5. Camp Barkley #1 Overall

    Big plays aren't there nearly as frequently in the NFL. What's going to earn you a job is being able to pick up yards on a DOWN TO DOWN basis. Not getting stuffed 24 times for 36 yards, then breaking a 45 yard run. That helps no one. It's absolutely a legitimate exercise to remove the long run. I looked up Trent Richardson's college stats last night too. Take out his long runs and his YPC is still relatively the same. Why? He didn't have to rely on that. He could move the chains every time he touched the ball. I have watched his games. I'm the CFB guru around here. This kid is outstanding, best-in-a-decade RECEIVING back. Occasionally, he makes an amazing run. He's nowhere near good enough on a down-to-down basis to justify picking him #4 for a team that just went winless. As for whether his team won those games. A couple of them they didn't, and I'm betting a better and more consistent rushing attack would have helped tremendously. I bet , on the whole, they're more glad they signed AJ BouyeCalais CampbellDante Fowler (back from injury)Barry churchDede Westbrook Cameron RobinsonHealthy Myles JackMarcell DariusMalik Jackson Jaelon Strong But yeah, Fournette's the difference between 3-13 and the AFC championship game.....
  6. Drafting a RB in the Top 10 is...

    By generational you mean "comes along every 1-2 years," right?
  7. Todd Haley

    Definitely get both.
  8. Time machine Foles

    Proof positive Carson Wentz isn't anything special. At least not yet.
  9. Camp Barkley #1 Overall

    That was a new argument. I've posted the old one several times. This guy has no down-to-down ability to get tough chunks that keep the chains moving. ALL his stats come from big plays and receiving. 1. 14 carries, 88 yards against Pittsburgh in a game that was close until the 4th quarter. With offensive weapons all around him. Doesn't really scream #1 overall to me. 2. 10 for 47 against Georgia State, including a 33 yard carry. So without that he had 9 carries for 14 yards. Under 2 YPC. 3. Under 3 YPC against INDIANA. 4. Take out his long against Northwestern and he had 15 carries for 22 yards. 5. Do the same with Michigan and he had 14 for 39. 6. 21 carries for 44 yards against Ohio State....and that was with a long of 36. So 20 carries for 8 yards. 20 CARRIES FOR 8 YARDS. 7. Take out the long against Michigan State: 13 carries, 27 yards. Even with the long, a mere 4.5 YPC. 8. 2.5 YPC against Rutgers. 9. Under 5 YPC against Maryland, which was 93rd in rush D. 10. Without his long against Washington, 17 carries, 45 yards. 11. He was 70th in YPC in the FBS last year. 70th. 6.43 YPC against unranked teams which dropped to 4.6 against ranked teams. That's NOT good in college football. Go look at Zeke, especially in 2014 (we know the whole team was hungover throughout 2015 which was NOT the case in Happy Valley where they thought they had a shot at a 'ship). You can NOT make his stats look anywhere near this bad regardless of what you do.
  10. National Title Observations

    Yeah, I'll give that to you. Most of the teams were involved. Didn't realize that. Still, the SEC dominated the matchups last year, so your initial point was wrong anyway.
  11. National Title Observations

    And what was the record last year? That's right.
  12. Camp Barkley #1 Overall

    Still waiting for youto refute my many points on him. I've posted them multiple times and I don't think I've ever seen you respond.
  13. National Title Observations

    Well since the vast majority of the league didn't participate in that hat-handing, what the record says really means nothing.
  14. Ben McAdoo

    That grease looks good.
  15. That rap track by Le'veon wasn't bad.... Whoever made that guy is a complete tool, even though he's right.
  16. This may be a touchy ?

    I'll give it a solid maybe. Depends on how the fundamentally change the franchise. Sure, I'd consider switching allegiances, but I don't know where else I would go.
  17. Camp Barkley #1 Overall

    I don't have them confused, I'm making general comparisons. Fournette was not the full time starter throughout 2014 so I didn't think to compare that one. I do believe 2014 Ohio State against 15 or 16 Alabama feature Zeke with 100+ rushing yards. Regardless, even against the 14 team Barkley would have done very little.
  18. It's about the frame.
  19. The stats mean nothing. Kirk got about 12 targets a game. Hard to NOT throw up stats with that kind of usage, and indeed I could argue the stats are low considering. Beckham and Brown both play on the outside. Kirk never has. Christian has made some pretty clutch plays (especially this past year), but he messes up many of the routine ones.
  20. Mock Fantasy Trades

    No. Maybe if those 1st round picks we got were 6-8 spots higher.
  21. Because they won't give him a contract.
  22. Mularkey ?

    They fired that guy? Wow the NFL is dumb.
  23. Alex smith

    That's rich.
  24. National Title Observations

    The SEC has two teams? Even though it also has a team that beat both of them. Yeah. Ok. I won't argue too much about the Big 10, but the ACC is way overrated.