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    Bleacher Report Game of the Year

    I thought you were arguing about bowl game locations. Yeah, I'll agree that there should be some more homes and homes, but I think there are probably as many in the SEC as any other conference. We have Clemson. Georgia and Clemson had a series recently. So did Auburn and Clemson. Texas scheduled LSU and Alabama. Florida offered to go to UCF (not your point, just saying), and four of our teams have quality teams from other conferences that they play every year (Georgia, SC, Kentucky, Florida), Tennessee went to OU, etc.
  2. wargograw

    Bleacher Report Game of the Year

    Penn State a cupcake?
  3. wargograw

    Bleacher Report Game of the Year

    For determining what is the best conference right now? Recent would be what matters most. I don't think I've ever argued that the SEC is the best conference all time (maybe it is, who knows, I've never looked into it because it doesn't matter).
  4. wargograw

    Bleacher Report Game of the Year

    Well I gave you a million data points and so far your only one is "well y'all don't travel for bowl games," and I showed you why that is irrelevant. I am awaiting better info.
  5. wargograw

    Bleacher Report Game of the Year

    I agree and I think the Big 10 is far and away the second best conference.
  6. wargograw

    Bleacher Report Game of the Year

    This is the most irrelevant and reachy point that I hear. Most bowl games have like 25,000 people in the stands. Who cares? We do play a lot of neutral site games. If you don't like it, don't schedule them. We will see you in the playoffs and history has proven one of our teams will win....
  7. wargograw

    Bleacher Report Game of the Year

    4-3 in bowl games last year. The ACC "had the season edge in games vs. the SEC" in 2014 and 16. That's pretty much it. Every other year since 07 the SEC has been on top of that. "the SEC had a losing record vs. P5 interconference competition." Yes, it was 10-12 last year and it was sub .500 in 2016 as well. This year it's 9-3, and the SEC's had a winning record against other P5 competition all other years since 2005.
  8. wargograw

    Bleacher Report Game of the Year

    This would be a halfway decent argument if the SEC didn't dominate the bowls, dominate interconference competition, dominate the NFL draft, dominate the playoffs, etc. Get over it.
  9. wargograw

    7 F'N OVERTIMES !!!!

    I like the rules, but it should be a separate score and stat sheet. Just play out the OT periods then go back and add 1 point to the winning team's regulation score. I'm sick of people saying we have a bad defense because we gave up 72, when it was 31 at the end of the game.
  10. wargograw

    Once Again... Ohio State Exposed

    You do realize no one would troll you nearly as hard if you didn't hype Michigan so much right? Like the fact that you think they are recruiting "well." If you're trying to beat Ohio State, "recruiting well" is top 5 classes. Y'all aren't getting those. Ohio State is (every. single. year.). If your posts were more like this throughout the year, probably no one would troll you. Trust me, I have always been surrounded by fans of more successful programs. I know how to do this ; )
  11. wargograw

    Don't stumble, Mountaineers

    Big 12 is a complete and utter joke.
  12. wargograw

    Aggie Fans Have To Be Pissed --- WAIT, NVM

    That team you barely beat lost to Akron....
  13. wargograw

    Tex, what the fugg

    I just saw this. Texas was the greedy ones in the whole deal. Until you admit that, you're not being honest. But then, that would be no surprise.
  14. wargograw

    Talk me outta baker

    Why do millennials say "talk me out of...."?
  15. wargograw

    John Dorsey

    Win or lose tonight, Dorsey is bad.
  16. wargograw


    0-1 1-6 against rivals in the Harbaugh era. Discuss.
  17. wargograw

    Nick watch...

    According to Ourlads, Bama has 2 redshirt seniors on the starting lineup. Ohio State has 4. Auburn and Georgia have 1. Clemson 4. Oklahoma 3. Notre Dame has ZERO.
  18. wargograw

    Nick watch...

    Wisconsin is a mostly white nerd team that will never win a national championship. Is that your goal? How many 5th year seniors starting do Bama, Ohio State, Georgia, etc. have? Don’t look to Wisconsin as an example if you want to win really big. If you want to win 10 games a year, then go emulate Wisconsin. Otherwise not relevant. I never said true freshmen OL should play (though again, many of the big time squads have had those). And I concede A&M didn’t recruit enough (in fact wrote lengthy blog posts about as much on NSD both 2015 and 16). Jimbo will affect that don’t you worry. Sumlin was an overrated recruiter, never addressed needs, and loved to load up on 4 star receivers while they rest of the SEC stacked the front 7 .
  19. wargograw

    Nick watch...

    Call it what you want. Saying some of Harbaugh’s failures in preparing this particular team are in any way Brady Hoke’s fault is “playing the Hoke card.” So a guy not being able to play his 5th year is a good reason? Seriously? Most of the big time programs have very few guys staying until their 5th year. They’re either run off before then or go to the NFL. Everyone does the whole transition class thing. That’s no excuse. Every class matters. The effects of depth trickle upward. The true freshmen push the 2nd stringers which makes the 2nd stringers better which pushes the starters. Gotta sign a top flight class every year. Nevertheless, my point was that I might give a pass on Hoke’s bad recruiting IF Harbaugh was signing consistent top 5 classes. He’s not, so I won’t. If Jimbo ever signed a twenty-something class, I’d panic a decent amount.
  20. wargograw

    Tex, what the fugg

    “Showed some recruits some kind of movie.” Wow. You have no idea what you’re talking about. Yes it’s clearly infected us since we’re playing the number 2 team in the country in a non conference game this weekend. We’d crush Texas like a bug. Not your brightest hour here.
  21. wargograw

    OUR "Hard Knocks" Thread

    They set up a whole murder scene for a reason.
  22. wargograw

    OUR "Hard Knocks" Thread

  23. wargograw

    OUR "Hard Knocks" Thread

    Then that would be incredibly lame. That’s what I said. How do you refute what I posted? Lol no they didn’t (either blow it or admit they did).