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  1. wargograw

    Would an NHL team work in Cleveland?

    Let’s trade the Cavs for one.
  2. wargograw

    Grossi Interview from 6/25 Browns Daily Show

    2 minutes offense isn’t nearly as important as this guy’s making it out to be.
  3. wargograw


    Yeah, Ratley never had drop issues.... *eye roll* lol
  4. wargograw

    Mayfield is no Brees

    I was going to pull some quotes from this article but they just heap praise after praise after praise on him. Just read the whole thing. https://www.profootballfocus.com/news/draft-baker-mayfields-tape-numbers-say-he-should-be-no-1-overall-pick
  5. wargograw

    Nick Chubb

    Low ceiling on him. I agree. Reach.
  6. wargograw

    Shmuck you haslem

    Jimmy does what the fans want. How many complaints we had about now having OSU guys?
  7. wargograw

    The number #1 pick

    Sig bets are pretty standard on messageboards. Man up Dutch.
  8. I still fail to see how 20,000 people in a 65K stadium constitutes some sort of serious home field advantage. Aren’t you the one always whining about trolling?
  9. wargograw

    The "Eyes" Have It...

    Love ya Tour, and I’ve certainly evaluated worse things than this (would point you to my SEC uniforms analysis on Texags one time), but I’m gonna agree with the shark-jumping comment.
  10. wargograw

    Tour's 2018 All Sleeper Team: Offense

    Kyle Allen has (or at least had—or should I say didn’t have?) zero leadership skills.
  11. Yards per carry when contacted at or behind the LOS (a common affliction in the NFL): Rashaad Penny: 3.32 Saquon Barkley: 0.46
  12. wargograw

    Talking to a Penn State fan last night...

    Ding ding ding. Join the club.
  13. wargograw

    These Helmets were spotted in Berea today

    Is that Gary Burteer?
  14. wargograw

    Trade for OBJ ?

    Beckham’s much better than Landry.
  15. wargograw

    What's your worst case scenario?

    5,259 – Herschel Walker, 1980-82 (SEC Record) 3,424 – Nick Chubb, 2014- 3,285 – Todd Gurley, 2012-14 3,232 – Garrison Hearst, 1990-92 3,017 – Lars Tate, 1984-87 2,734 – Knowshon Moreno, 2007-08 2,668 – Rodney Hampton, 1987-89 2,646 – Thomas Brown, 2004-07 2,581 – Kevin McLee, 1975-77 2,411 – Sony Michel, 2014- https://www.sicemdawgs.com/uga-football-records/rushing
  16. wargograw

    What's your worst case scenario?

    Michel’s not 3rd or anywhere close dude.
  17. wargograw

    Michigan is an embarrassment.

    Gonna be proven even moreso Thursday night! Gig em!
  18. wargograw

    Does trading for Landry...

    Christian Kirk tough. Lol. Are we talking about the same guy?
  19. wargograw

    Browns Let go of McCourty

    Hmm. Someone said this would be the reaction. But but they’re professionals!!
  20. wargograw

    The FA money and cap space

    We had the most expensive defense in the league in 2015. That was awesome.
  21. wargograw

    The FA money and cap space

    Why would Tyrod and Landry get cut?
  22. wargograw

    Throwing away money and picks

    So how would you spell paint based on its pronunciation? They were developing just fine, they just happened to be rookies. We’ll see the benefits over the next couple of years of the ground that’s been laid in the last two.