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  1. National Title Observations

    And what was the record last year? That's right.
  2. Camp Barkley #1 Overall

    Still waiting for youto refute my many points on him. I've posted them multiple times and I don't think I've ever seen you respond.
  3. National Title Observations

    Well since the vast majority of the league didn't participate in that hat-handing, what the record says really means nothing.
  4. Ben McAdoo

    That grease looks good.
  5. That rap track by Le'veon wasn't bad.... Whoever made that guy is a complete tool, even though he's right.
  6. This may be a touchy ?

    I'll give it a solid maybe. Depends on how the fundamentally change the franchise. Sure, I'd consider switching allegiances, but I don't know where else I would go.
  7. Camp Barkley and Sutton

    I don't have them confused, I'm making general comparisons. Fournette was not the full time starter throughout 2014 so I didn't think to compare that one. I do believe 2014 Ohio State against 15 or 16 Alabama feature Zeke with 100+ rushing yards. Regardless, even against the 14 team Barkley would have done very little.
  8. The stats mean nothing. Kirk got about 12 targets a game. Hard to NOT throw up stats with that kind of usage, and indeed I could argue the stats are low considering. Beckham and Brown both play on the outside. Kirk never has. Christian has made some pretty clutch plays (especially this past year), but he messes up many of the routine ones.
  9. Mock Fantasy Trades

    No. Maybe if those 1st round picks we got were 6-8 spots higher.
  10. Because they won't give him a contract.
  11. Mularkey ?

    They fired that guy? Wow the NFL is dumb.
  12. Alex smith

    That's rich.
  13. National Title Observations

    The SEC has two teams? Even though it also has a team that beat both of them. Yeah. Ok. I won't argue too much about the Big 10, but the ACC is way overrated.