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  1. When we talk about 'analytics' in the nfl.....

    It's a joke. No, I think where we're headed is superior to winning 4 games a year.
  2. Darnold vs rosen

    I'm not wild about Rosen's antics either. At least Johnny's team would take a bullet for him (and I'm guessing Mayfield's would too). Everyone hates Rosen.
  3. When we talk about 'analytics' in the nfl.....

    60% think 3-13 was just awesome!
  4. Darnold vs rosen

    Manziel was a winner too.
  5. No Penalties...

    So your beef is with the OL, not the defense.
  6. Well we knew this sht was coming....(darnold)

    Yeah I got the joke. Get over it with the receivers. Coleman is going to end up at worst a WR2 and I think we can find 3-level performance from Louis next year. No exactly the worst thing ever. Regardless, you're talking about scrapping an entire FO because they missed out on 4 picks, three of which were 4th round and later. Absurd. Wentz, Goff, and everyone else would suck as bad as Kizer had we drafted them, so I'm glad we instead got Coleman, Coleman, and other ballers. All of Heaven will sing hallelujah while the smoke of the whore's torment goes up forever and ever. Time to get right folks.
  7. And yet I gave you a perfectly suitable answer to the question you asked. I'm just asking for the same in return. Otherwise, why did you post this thread?
  8. I think I'd rather add Cousins because he's actually had some success in the NFL. I guess I am just a battered Browns fan (I shudder to think about what that makes everyone else here), but I think you need a guy who's already been developed elsewhere because our fans run every game out of town that doesn't kill it in his first few games.
  9. No Penalties...

    Yes our defense was really terrible Sunday.
  10. Wentz v Prescott

    Dak Prescott hall of famer. Lol
  11. Well we knew this sht was coming....(darnold)

    He'll get the joke. He's not as stupid as you. Except that they're not bombing at all. If you could look past the record, you'd see that. Just like if you can watch Drango's play and judge him rather than just saying "0-10!!!"
  12. The Hoorta goes Ghoolie...

    Yeah baby, back to Hogan!