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  1. ***Official Browns @ Colts Game Day Thread***

    Aren't you a PAC 12 fan? That's debatable
  2. London game Ravens Jags

    Yahoo stream, duh.
  3. Kizer

  4. Who are the championship contenders?

    So let them actually earn their way in instead of getting an automatic bid over teams that actually deserve it. Your proposal would have some clown Mountain West team in the playoff over Ohio State last year. That's gay.
  5. A and him put Rosen on Heisman lead

    Outside of the busted coverage the kid had, what, 4 receptions for 20 yards? He was averaging less than 50 yards/game prior to yesterday. He's still just slightly above average. Getting your fair catches in is just as important as big returns. He's got one down. Let's see him clean up the other.
  6. ***Official Browns @ Colts Game Day Thread***

    Shut up Dutch Oven. Dork.
  7. Closest thing I could find Ghoolie

    We need to rock those inverted color helmets sometime.
  8. Kizer

    Goff definitely did not come out of a pro style offense.
  9. You're not really respecting the baseball gods here.
  10. Betting odds on HC Firing

    Guys that are "boring as dirt" don't have guys playing hard while 0-14.
  11. I see tickets on Stubhub start at $244. Can anyone give me any info or tips about tickets for this game? I am an absolute fiend for deals. Is it better to wait until closer to game day? Should I just buy them from a scalper?
  12. Who are the championship contenders?

    No one except you wants 5 loser non-P5 schools in a 16 team playoff. Terrible idea.
  13. Who are the championship contenders?

    Yeah but this isn't basketball. Basketball's not a physical game. In football you can fluke your way to one upset. But rarely two straight. Never three. Yes, that's when they started being good. And their fan support before, during, and since that run has been pretty poor. None really. But they'd have even less than the minuscule shot they currently have, insofar as that's possible.
  14. Next four games

    If we do what you expect, things are way worse than expected?