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  1. Just my opinion Tex but I believe it really bothered Trump to have seen someone like Biden being the point man in the Obama administration fighting corruption in Ukraine yet having his own son raking in tens of thousands of dollars monthly doing nothing sitting on a board from a corrupt gas company in Ukraine. And then Joe Biden having the prosecutor looking into Biden's son's gas company (for corruption) fired under threat of losing a billion dollars in aid from the United States. Trump may have wanted to withhold aid from Ukraine until they looked into apparent corruption from the Bidens. I don't see Trump as wanting the Ukranians to dig up dirt on Biden more just to investigate what appears to be corruption. There would not have been a problem here except when Biden decided to run for president I guess it was now off limits for Trump to want Ukraine to investigate the Bidens. The facts are the aid was given to Ukraine without any promised investigation of the Bidens and the aid that was delayed did not hurt Ukraine (like some lying democrats were portraying Ukraine soldiers losing their lives because the aid was held up). This was future aid and our democrats who now are so concerned about the future of Ukraine were silent when Ukraine was in need of lethal military aid the Obama administration would not give them but Trump did. Impeaching a president over this was way over kill. It deserved an oversight hearing from congress but to have a president impeached and removed from office in an election year was way over the top. First the democrats said they had to do it because it was so urgent it couldn't wait and then Pelosi sat on the impeachment for 33 days before sending it to the Senate..it was so urgent. All political is more like it. I don't drink (anymore) and because of church I don't go to the games and watch my Browns on TV but if you ever get into my neck of Ohio (about 40 miles north of Dayton) let me know and I will take you out to dinner (and attempt to take you away from the dark side and make you see the light)😄
  2. That is spot on. A majority of the black vote is a bridge too far but if Trump can double what previous republican presidents have gotten that would make a huge difference.If Trump would get 20 percent of the black vote that would be significant
  3. Buttigieg Trashes Christians Who Support Trump https://townhall.com/tipsheet/bethbaumann/2020/02/18/watch-buttigieg-says-he-cant-find-any-compatibility-between-christianity-and-trumps-policies-n2561516 This is my biggest problem with Buttigieg. He is constantly preaching to Christians his version of what a real Christian should be. The problem is the bible does not line up with his version of what he thinks a Christian should be.
  4. That kind of hyperbolic language Tex is why people on the left act like they have lost their minds with their hatred for Trump.It is why you see so much violence against Trump supporters. What is ironic is even though EVERY republican president gets branded by the left for being racist (and they have worked overtime to brand Trump as a racist) yet Trump has done far better than any other republican president with the black community. That has to drive the left crazy. Since you are concerned about Trump being "worshipped" by his supporters I have no doubt you were probably having the same feelings when public school children were singing their songs of praise to Obama.
  5. OldBrownsFan

    President Trump grants Clemency and Pardons to the good guys

    "You know, if a Democrat President was to attempt what Trump is planning by pardoning Blagojevich, you and other conservatives would be fuming and foaming at the mouth over a democrat pardoning a politician over corruption. The fact that Trump is the one doing it and your major gripe isn't that a president who's campaign was advertised as "draining the swamp" is pardoning a corrupt former governor, but rather that Trump's timing is off, is rather telling". ******************************************* You are making an assumption and you would be wrong. I worked in the criminal justice system for almost 20 years. 8 years is not a short stretch of prison time which Blago already has served. In my time in the court room I saw defts who committed serious crimes of violence not receiving more than 8 year prison sentences. Blago did not get off scott free, he is still a convicted criminal having his sentence commuted and not pardoned. Also you mentioned "if a democrat president did this"....remember Blago was a democrat ex governor that a republican president commuted his sentence. If Trump commuted Blago's sentence for any kind of political gain I'm not seeing the political gain. The only thing telling about me saying Trump should have waited until after the election is that I know a little about politics and I am just stating a fact that making a controversial commutation of Blago is not a wise political move months before an election. Politically for Trump I see no upside, no political gain only downside for commuting Blago's sentence. In that sense I give Trump credit for what he did.
  6. OldBrownsFan

    Bloomberg and Memes

    Bloomberg has a whole lot of negative baggage that will eventually get out to the public. Right now many voters only have a positive scripted image of Bloomberg that he wants projected with the hundreds of millions of dollars in campaign ads he is bombarding the airwaves with. It will be interesting to see how he does in his first debate tomorrow. I haven't been able to force myself to watch any of the democrat debates but I might watch this one .
  7. Corrupt Stone Judge Amy Berman Jackson Wanted To Jail Conservative Journalist For Exposing Juror Bias https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2020/02/corrupt-stone-judge-amy-berman-jackson-wanted-to-jail-conservative-journalist-for-exposing-juror-bias/
  8. You would be guessing wrong.
  9. Yes imagine that I am posting on a political message board. Is there some kind of point that you are making here? Because we can post on the Browns Board that means there is no media bias. Give me a break.
  10. OldBrownsFan

    Bloomberg and Memes

    Its all good for Trump. Sanders would siphon away democrat votes too.
  11. I was given a big supply of MRE's years ago which I stored away. They supposedly had a 5 year shelf life and I was going to throw them out the other day but when I checked the mfg on the internet they said although they list 5 years expiration they actually guarantee they will be good for up to 30 years so I was glad I checked first before throwing them away. I also have stored away now everything the CDC recommends to have stored away in case of a flu pandemic.
  12. This has got to be hurting the cruise ship business. I would be real leary about going on a cruise ship right now. It would be bad enough to be quarantined on a cruise ship with a balcony room but it would really be awful to be quarantined to an interior room of the ship,
  13. OldBrownsFan

    President Trump grants Clemency and Pardons to the good guys

    Not sure politically why Trump would do this now to stir up any unnecessary controversy before the election? Why not wait 9 months after the election and do it then? I may be a partisan anti democrat but I don't want to see anyone either democrat or republican get treated unfairly in our judicial system. It did seem like democrat Blagoevich got hammered pretty hard sentencing wise for his crimes. I also see the commuting of Blagoevich's sentence as possibly paving the way for an eventual pardon or commutation of Roger Stone's sentence.
  14. There are likely some people with that attitude but ONLY if it isn't their own herd being thinned out.
  15. Coronavirus is 20x Deadlier than the Flu, Shocking New Data Reveals https://www.ccn.com/coronavirus-is-20x-deadlier-than-the-flu-shocking-new-data-reveals/
  16. OldBrownsFan

    Bloomberg and Memes

    I think at least some of Bloomberg running for president is a personal animus against Trump. If he ran third party and Sanders is the democrat nominee I think Bloomberg would siphon off more votes from dissatisfied democrats than never trumpers or other republicans. For that reason I don't think he would run as an independent but if he did I think that would divide the democrat vote and help Trump.
  17. Snowflake? Nah..the colorful language doesn't help you make your point. I would love to see real journalism but that is dead today. Journalists who held both parties feet to the fire and asked the tough questions for both parties. What we have now are politicians going to friendly media sites knowing they will get softball questions they can knock out of the park. The late Tim Russert was a great example of good journalist standards of what I am talking about. When he hosted Meet the Press he used the simple formula of asking liberals the questions that conservatives were asking and asking conservatives the questions liberals were asking.That was a really fair way unlike what we have now with a liberal hack like Chuck Todd who now hosts Meet the Press. Russert was a liberal personally but by using his formula he kept his own personal bias out.
  18. No need for the potty mouth Tiam. I am not arguing bias against both sides what I am arguing is the power the MSM wields by having so many more media outlets.The power of ABC,CBS,NBC,CNN,MSNBC and PBS far outweighs anything else like FOX.
  19. OldBrownsFan

    Bloomberg and Memes

    Darn right!
  20. Sorry Tiam MSM bias against Trump is well documented and you would be presumptuous to say otherwise. https://insider.foxnews.com/2018/10/10/study-92-percent-abc-cbs-nbcs-nightly-news-coverage-trump-negative https://dailycitizen.focusonthefamily.com/bias-revealed-media-covered-trumps-impeachment-defense-team-100-negatively/ ** btw you do know the Washington Times link you posted is a more conservative leaning newspaper?
  21. I don't think It is a coincidence that Hillary Clinton wrote her senior thesis in college about Sal Alinsky. Also the influence of Alinsky with Obama is obvious as well. The Saul Alinsky American Left https://townhall.com/columnists/larrykelley/2019/01/28/the-saul-alinsky-american-left-n2540352
  22. The left will criticize the source here of Breitbart news. It is on Breitbart news because our MSM will NOT cover these stories that don't support their anti Trump narratives and views. Time after time the criticism will be about the source being used but sorry we cannot usually use NY Times, WaPo, and most other MSM news sources because of their bias and unwillingness to report on stories they don't like such as anything that might help Trump.
  23. We know Ukraine did try to interfere with the 2016 election but I agree they weren't the main culprit that was Russia. https://www.politico.com/story/2017/01/ukraine-sabotage-trump-backfire-233446. Even with Russia there is a lot of evidence their interference was small, amateurish and insignificant: https://www.thenation.com/article/archive/russiagate-elections-interference/ No disagreement it was silly to try to make the larger crowd than Obama argument. Not too many people really care. It is always going to be a challenge for any republican to draw a larger inauguration crowd than a democrat because DC population runs so lopsidedly democrat. Our intelligence agencies to me obviously need more oversight. When Chuck Schumer said you don't want to cross our intelligence agencies because they will come back at you six different ways from Sunday should we really have Senators fearing our intelligence agency or should that sound the alarm they need to be reigned in where they are focused on outside threats and not political opponents? Look at the leaking our intelligence agencies have done with Trump where Trump cannot have a private conversation with a foreign leader and that private conversation gets leaked out by our intelligence agencies. I believe Trump has narcissist tendencies and his actions seem to show that but I saw it with Obama too. Obama did not have buildings or planes with his name on it but in every speech he gave all you had to do is go back and count the "I's" in his speeches. He always made everything about himself. So we had Obama with the same narcissist personality saying things secretly (he thought it was secret but he was caught on a hot mic) "tell Vladimar (Putin) when I get re-elected I will have more flexibility". No red flags Tex? Even if Russia tried to manipulate Trump it cannot be done in a vacuum and I don't think we have to fear that. Trump is constrained by the constitution and our executive branch does have oversight (which I believe the democrats are abusing with endless investigations and a sham impeachment). China is our real threat. I was surprised to see how little of an economy that Russia has (about the size of Italy) but because they have nuclear capabilities we must always take them seriously but China and China wanting to be the dominant super power in the world is our real threat.