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    So Today I Tested Positive For Covid 19

    That is great news!
  2. OldBrownsFan

    So Today I Tested Positive For Covid 19

    I keep you in my prayers. You were very wise to have your daughter take you to get tested and get yourself in the hospital and not wait. Now for at least a silver lining with all you have faced you will have an immunity to the dreaded virus going forward.
  3. This is good to see and I applaud her for telling her own story. Michigan Democrat who recovered from coronavirus: Everyone needs to get behind the president https://www.foxnews.com/media/mi-lawmaker-former-nfl-coronavirus-recovery-hydroxychlorquine-drug
  4. I never bought into Obama's apology tour around the world as somehow making us more respected. It is not that we are a perfect country but we have done so much for the world that never gets appreciated and all those other countries have their own skeletons in their closets.
  5. OldBrownsFan

    Conspiracy Theorists

    What advice was he getting from his top CDC adviser? Fauci v. Fauci: How America’s infectious disease chief evolved his pandemic advice Before he embraced social distancing, Fauci recommended cruises, and dismissed a ban on restaurants as ‘overkill,’ review of comments shows. https://justthenews.com/politics-policy/coronavirus/fauci-v-fauci-how-americas-infectious-disease-chief-evolved-his
  6. The WHO is a practically worthless, useless propaganda puppet for China. Maybe by withholding money this will force the WHO to make some changes where they will be less of a political org and more of a health org like they should be.
  7. OldBrownsFan

    Trump Coronavirus task force an absolute clusterfuck

    Speaking of Red State they not only did not support Trump in 2016 but specifically dis-invited Trump to their gathering in 2015 where they had other republican presidential candidates speak. That they support Trump today has more to do with supporting how he has governed as president and not some blind MAGA following.
  8. OldBrownsFan

    Trump Derangement Syndrome

    WATCH: Two Doctors Steal Elderly Man’s “Trump 2020” Flag https://www.toddstarnes.com/crime/watch-two-doctors-steal-elderly-mans-trump-2020-flag/ TDS is real. I don't get these people except they have lost their minds with hatred at Trump.
  9. LOL Wapo really.......... https://www.investors.com/politics/commentary/the-washington-post-takes-anti-trump-bias-to-a-new-level/
  10. Here is some more "anecdotal" evidence for hydroxychloroquine https://twitchy.com/samj-39... https://nypost.com/2020/04/... https://www.westernjournal.... https://techstartups.com/20... https://www.contagionlive.c...
  11. Whatever. I said 2/3 rds of doctors polled preferred hydroxychloroquine...1200 doctors were polled.
  12. Actually Cal it is sad that people can hate Trump so much they root for a drug to fail just because Trump promoted it. "The most hated topic for mainstream media is President Trump. The second most hated topic is Hydroxychloroquine, the malaria drug that many, including the President, believe may be a valid and potent treatment against the coronavirus. They hate the second because they hate the first, and President Trump has been touting results of the drug’s use for weeks."
  13. Here you go.............. Two out of three doctors would take Hydroxychloroquine if they contracted the coronavirus A new survey of 1200 doctors indicated that 65% of them would prescribe the drug to family members if they contracted the disease, and 67% said they would take the drug themselves. One of the mantras from the left since the coronavirus prompted the current crisis is, “listen to doctors.” Well, here we go… https://noqreport.com/2020/04/09/two-out-of-three-doctors-would-take-hydroxychloroquine-if-they-contracted-the-coronavirus/
  14. OldBrownsFan

    Bottom line on the virus

    I don't take this virus lightly as it is much more contagious than regular flu and more severe. In a perfect world we could all take months off work and starve the virus but what kind of country would we have? If we let the virus put us in another great depression how much more devastating would that be compared to the virus? These are tough decisions but the obvious correct decision is we cannot let the cure become worse than the disease. It seems to me like once we end the shelter in place we will start the process all over again of spreading the virus but what other choice do we have? At this point maybe try to quarantine and protect the most vulnerable in society? Speaking of protecting the most vulnerable in society I read of a man dying of covid19 locally who had Downs Syndrome and was working in a grocery store. Our grocery stores are likely one of the worst places to pick up the virus if you are not careful. I question if this man should have been working at a grocery store? Was he aware of the precautions he needed to take working there? It makes me sad thinking about it as maybe someone should have gotten him off that job. https://www.usatoday.com/story/money/business/2020/03/27/shoppers-beware-grocery-stores-have-heightened-risks-covid-19/2914069001/
  15. OldBrownsFan

    Story time . . . Swamp draining ( . . . )

    As always follow the money trail.
  16. OldBrownsFan

    Bottom line on the virus

    When I go to the grocery store, pharmacy etc from now on I will take my shoes off outside before coming into the house and make sure I disinfect the soles. As we learn more how contagious this virus is there seems to be evidence that it can be tracked from the floor to our shoe soles. I have heard of a number of people now who contacted covid19 and said they were doing all the things the CDC recommended and the only place they went was to the grocery store or pharmacy. Maybe it did come in through the bottom of their shoes? I figure it wouldn't hurt anyway although the distance in the air this virus seems to travel is well beyond the 6 feet the CDC has recommended. https://www.foxnews.com/science/cdc-study-coronavirus-can-travel-13-feet-in-air-live-on-shoes
  17. Also Tex 2/3rds of doctors polled world wide said they recommended hydroxychloroquine as the most effective treatment for covid19. It seems obvious that would be where we should be doing the clinical studies but those studies will not be done by big pharmaceutical companies because there is no money in it for them.
  18. I remember before my father passed away he was not happy with his family doctor always prescribing higher priced medications for him and not giving him any choice with generic cheaper meds....until he found out this doctor was heavily invested in the big pharmaceuticals and it was in his own personal interest to push the higher priced drugs. https://www.forbes.com/sites/peterubel/2017/10/16/physicians-for-sale-doctors-with-strong-financial-ties-to-pharma-prescribe-overly-expensive-drugs/#25d8fb142a3e
  19. "Remdesivir was developed by California-based biotech Gilead Sciences, which funded the study." There is an old saying of follow the money. The same company funding the study is the company who developed Remdesivir and likely has the patent and stands to make huge amounts of money if it ends up being the "go to" drug for covid19. But again Tex what if hydroxychloroquine is the better alternative but there is no money in it for big pharmacy? Will the truth be told? I am skeptical.
  20. I am all for testing and finding the best treatment for covid19 but I am skeptical of big pharmacy. We have a drug right now with a whole lot of "anecdotal" evidence of being effective against covid 19 (hydroxychloroquine) so that would be my first choice to run clinical studies to test. The problem though this is a cheap easily mfg drug with an expired patent and the money wouldn't be there for the big pharmaceutical companies so of course they will want to find another more expensive profitable drug to replace it. Again if they find something better that is great but what if they find HDQ is the best option? Will they push it aside to promote a less effective more profitable drug? In my older age I am more skeptical today than ever about what goes on behind the scenes and kept from public view.
  21. OldBrownsFan

    Conspiracy Theorists

    Common sense commentary regarding the coronavirus hysteria being stoked by the left and their useful idiots in the mainstream media https://powderedwigsociety.com/covid-hysteria/
  22. OldBrownsFan

    Conspiracy Theorists

    Why did Fauci CHEER when hydroxychloroquine was used in 2013 for MERS, but is now skeptical for coronavirus? https://www.naturalnews.com/2020-04-12-fauci-cheered-hydroxychloroquine-for-mers-2013.html
  23. Right after the world found out about the coronavirus spread in Wuhan, China's dictator put out a decree that all viral labs in China needed to tighten security procedures. Now we find out the wet markets in China are back in business. I think China's actions here speak for itself. They know this virus escaped from their viral lab and did not come from their wet markets (don't get me wrong they should shut down their wet markets anyway for a number of reasons).