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    Joe quid pro sex assualt Biden is a loser thread

    The bias of the MSM couldn't be better illustrated than with the insane coverage they did with Kavanaugh and how they are handling Biden's sexual assault case. It couldn't be more clearer they have two sets of rules they apply, one for republicans and another for democrats...what they really are they are a bunch of hypocrites. Biden skates through TV interviews as anchors avoid questions about Tara Reade's assault claim https://www.foxnews.com/media/biden-skates-through-tv-interviews-as-anchors-skip-questions-about-tara-reades-assault-claim
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    Those early models the CDC were predicting of so many more deaths were really wrong. We never had close to the fatalities they were predicting. Now the bad news is many are going to attribute that solely to the success of the lock down and use it is a reason to continue a lockdown. Once Trump opens back the economy we will inevitably have more break outs of the virus and the left will play politics trying to make the case he should have kept the country in lock down longer. Of course then the cure gets worse than the virus itself as it leads us further into another Great Depression.
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    Yes. That is good news although the contagiousness of covid19 is everything it has been advertised to be. It is more contagious than any other virus I can remember. Coronavirus: Santa Clara County has had 50 to 85 times more cases than we knew about, Stanford estimates Stanford research concludes that the infection rate is far higher, and the death rate far lower, than previous estimates https://www.mercurynews.com/2020/04/17/coronavirus-2-5-to-4-2-of-santa-clara-county-residents-infected-stanford-estimates/
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    I think it is under reported in one area. It is under reported that there are likely a whole lot more people who have had covid19 with either no symptoms or mild symptoms we will never know about. There are some indications there are a lot of them and that is good news because the virus is not as deadly as we believed. https://www.economist.com/graphic-detail/2020/04/11/why-a-study-showing-that-covid-19-is-everywhere-is-good-news
  5. I'm glad to see there are at least some democrats who put the needs of the country over politics. Nancy "let them eat designer ice cream" Pelosi isn't one of them. Senate Democrats, Obama Small Business Chief Break With Pelosi, Urge Loan Funds Now https://thefederalist.com/2020/04/17/senate-democrats-obama-small-business-chief-break-with-pelosi-urge-loan-funds-now/
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    Joe gets stuff done!

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    Coronavirus humor

    Obama shatters previous record, mentions himself 467 times in one speech in Berlin 😄 http://tmp.americanthinker.com/blog/2019/04/obama_shatters_previous_record_mentions_himself_467_times_in_one_speech_in_berlin.html
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    Land O Lakes butter logo removed

    I think if they took a poll about this the majority of people would have no problem with the Indian logo as it is but time after time we see these companies bow to political correctness over the minority complaining.
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    Trump Derangement Syndrome

    TDS. Where to start. I'll start with this one: SENIOR HILLARY ADVISER HAS MELTDOWN AT FOX NEWS WHILE WEARING NO PANTS https://dailycaller.com/2018/11/28/philippe-reines-fox-news-harlan-hill-pants/
  10. OldBrownsFan

    Trump Derangement Syndrome

    When a couple of Trump supporting doctors go to an elderly neighbors house and remove his Hilllary Clinton flag like those two doctors with TDS did with their elderly neighbors Trump flag I would call them deranged too. When it happen be sure to post it.
  11. OldBrownsFan

    Trump Derangement Syndrome

    People can have irrational hatred of anyone. I saw some of it directed at Bush. I'm sure there were some on the other side towards Obama but to the degree and amount of hatred towards Trump is something I have never seen before. I think alot of the hatred is being stoked by the 24/7 news media. I talked to someone yesterday who was calling Trump a murderer because of the lack of covid19 personal protection gear for nurses. The case I posted about the two doctors taking down a Trump flag from their elderly neighbor's house for example. They may have had an impulse to do that but what made them cross the line to actually do it? Do they believe Trump is a murderer? I mean these are smart people yet one of the children they brought a long with them was wiser then they were and was begging them not to do it. Is TDS a medical issue? I guess it can be but I don't see it in most cases. I don't see it as a medical issue for those two doctors but I cannot explain why they thought doing what they did was a good idea?
  12. One of the reasons we opened up trade with China was in hopes our democracy would influence them. Just the opposite has happened. The NBA for example was quick to give up our own first amendment rights to bow to the whims of China. An NBA owner had the nerve to voice support for freedom of Hong Kong and when China voiced displeasure an apology was quickly made. Other U.S. companies and corporations have also bowed their knees to China to placate them. Who is influencing who now? 14 Times American Companies Self-Censored Or Apologized To Appease Communist China Out of fear of financial backlash, U.S. businesses are quick to issue groveling apologies and fold to the demands of both Chinese consumers and the Chinese authorities. https://thefederalist.com/2019/10/10/14-times-american-companies-self-censored-or-apologized-to-appease-communist-china/
  13. OldBrownsFan

    Trump Derangement Syndrome

    I don't see it as a medical condition. I see it as a psychological/spiritual issue. People fill their minds with thoughts of Trump being a dictator, being evil, whatever bad thing you can think of he is it and then those thoughts dominate them to a point where they lose rational thought. Some people even feel justified acting out bad behavior because of those thoughts dominating them. It is not a good place for our country to be at.
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    Trump Derangement Syndrome

    Even worse than that Cal if they are dissing hydroxychloroquine only because Trump endorsed it, that is insanity which is what TDS really is.
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    Coronavirus rules!

    It's a mess. What Trump is wanting to do in opening back up the economy is something that has to be done or the cure will be worse than the virus. Already we are seeing food banks being swamped. However it doesn't take much of a prophet to see in the future once we open things back up again the virus will spread. Then the blame game will continue with those claiming Trump opened up the economy too quickly.
  16. OldBrownsFan

    Trump Derangement Syndrome

    TDS is something that is not rational. Hydroxychloroquine should not be political but since Trump promoted it there are some on the left who seem to be rooting against it. That is insane. I wouldn't care myself if Nancy Pelosi or Chuck Schumer was promoting the drug I would want the drug to work regardless of who was promoting it. Right now we have pretty much an empty tool box in treatments for covid19 and IF hydroxycholorouqine and zpack are the best options available why wouldn't any sane person want that available to sick patients? We are learning more all the time with this virus and I am all for seeking new and better treatments but for now hydroxychloroquine and zpack have had at least the most anecdotal success. Yet Another Hydroxychloroquine vs Covid-19 Success Story – This Time From Texas https://dcwhispers.com/yet-another-hydroxychloroquine-vs-covid-19-success-story-this-time-from-texas/
  17. OldBrownsFan

    Conspiracy Theorists

    I've believed all along this virus escaped from China's viral lab. Now look at the damage, suffering and deaths they have caused the entire world. We are in dire straights because we have exported so much manufacturing of medical drugs and supplies to China that we are now dependent on a country who is not our friend for these vital supplies and medicines. Trump has been proved right in calling out these terrible trade deals with China and in seeking to bring back mfg from China to the United States.
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    Bernie sabotaged by the media?

    You never know. Most of the political experts gave Trump little chance of winning. The powers that be in the democrat party believed Sanders could not win though so they took him out.
  19. OldBrownsFan

    Bernie sabotaged by the media?

    You nailed it WSS. It wasn't because Sanders was an open socialist the democrat party brought the long knives out against him (using their MSM allies) but because the democrat establishment knew our country hasn't yet reached the point they would elect an open socialist so they had to take out Bernie. If they thought Sanders could win they would have supported him. It is all about winning. Sanders breed of socialism is not much different than what they advocate for but Sanders mistake was he is too open about his socialism.
  20. OldBrownsFan

    A cynical look at the pandemic response

    HUD Encourages Stimulus Recipients To Post Signs Praising Obama The Department of Housing and Urban Development is telling recipients of the $787 billion stimulus bill to post highway signs praising big government – and Barack Obama. Internal HUD memos and e-mails show the agency tells states undertaking road improvements or building projects funded by the bill that posting such a sign is “highly recommended.” Among the suggested signs is a template that reads, “Funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, Barack Obama, President.” It’s nice to see the mainstream media catching on to this. My friend Tait Trussell discovered more than a year ago that roadway signs touting the massive spending bill cost at least $1,000 each in his home state. (It appears to be down right now. Here is a cached version of the article.) I’m proud to have edited the article to bring this aspect of the story to the fore. ABC News reported the taxpayer-financed political ads last month. One sign at Dulles Airport near Washington, D.C., cost $10,000 alone. Tennessee spent only “$12,931 and an average of $37.67 each.” Rep. Darrell Issa, R-CA, and other Republicans recently offered a bill to defund these signs, which Congressional Democrats rejected. Obama intended readers of the signs to marvel how his costly bills are “Putting America Back to Work.” Instead, readers should look at each one as a thousand dollars he transferred from their families to his 2012 reelection campaign. http://therightswriter.com/2010/08/hud-encourages-stimulus-recipients-to-post-signs-praising-obama-2/ ** I'm sure Trump putting his name on stimulus checks was a whole lot less costly than the $1,000 signs the Obama administration used to make sure Obama got praised for his stimulus.
  21. Worse than her lifestyle is her lack of concern for the rest of the country and time after time putting politics ahead of the good of the country.... "On top of all that, she’s the one, along with other Democrats, standing in the way of Americans actually getting help through the Paycheck Protection Program. Pelosi bragged about the Senate blocking the refunding of the program last week. They were given a clean bill, basically saying just put in more money, you already approved the program in the virus relief bill. But the Democrats blocked the refunding with Pelosi saying there wasn’t enough “data” to understand the request. Then they said they wouldn’t be back in session until May 4, “absent an emergency.” What do they think a pandemic with millions out of work is? Well the “data” today is that the fund runs out this afternoon, so if you haven’t gotten it yet, you’re out of luck until Pelosi decides to stop eating ice cream and comes back to address the emergency in D.C. and passes the bill.
  22. Millions of Americans have been thrown out of work by the government closures in response to the pandemic. One way of trying to save some of those jobs was the Paycheck Protection Program, which provides loans to small businesses and gives them incentives to keep their employees employed. As we reported earlier, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is bragging about blocking additional funding for the Paycheck Protection Program that’s been saving jobs. But, no skin off her nose, right? She’s not about to lose her job (well, we can hope, come November, but it is San Francisco so chances are small). What does she care if millions are thrown out of theirs, apparently. The House beat it out of Washington and wouldn’t be meeting on anything until May 4, “absent an emergency,” says Democrat House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer. Not like we’re in the middle of an emergency and people might need that money to help stay afloat. But just so you know how much she cares, Pelosi gave us a lovely “Let them eat cake” Marie Antoinette moment from her luxurious San Francisco home, with what looks like two refrigerators. Nice to become rich while being in Congress. If you’ve lost your job or are having trouble getting toilet paper, food or paying your mortgage or rent, what a great thing it is to see Pelosi talk with James Corden about how she keeps her spirits up “during these trying times,” showing off expensive commercial grade appliances jam packed with her $12 pints of designer ice cream in her freezer. The shear cluelessness of this at this time is just astonishing. But it’s so normal to her that she doesn’t get how it strikes a bad chord. No, House Speaker, some can’t begin to afford the things you can and you’re keeping people from being able to support themselves. https://www.redstate.com/nick-arama/2020/04/15/clueless-pelosi-gets-blasted-for-her-marie-antoinette-moment-while-americans-are-suffering/
  23. OldBrownsFan

    Coronavirus humor

  24. Bombshell: China Knew Virus Was ‘Severe’ ‘Epidemic’ Nearly a Week Before Telling Public, Even As WHO Saying ‘No Evidence’ Communicable https://www.redstate.com/nick-arama/2020/04/15/bombshell-china-knew-the-virus-was-severe-epidemic-nearly-a-week-before-telling-public-as-who-was-saying-no-evidence-communicable/ Why it matters....... As we have previously reported, according to one study, they could have alleviated 95% of the cases had they not tried to cover it up and been honest from the beginning.