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    John Football Excuses Forum....

    I wanted Manziel to succeed because if he did then the Browns do. I wanted to see Pettine put in Manziel in the fourth quarter of the Colts game as I thought he could do no worse than Hoyer and might give the team a spark. That game was so winnable with just a little bit of offense. I was wrong. Pettine was keeping the better qb in the game with Hoyer. I have to believe Haslam pretty much made the decision to take Manziel. I read where the Browns had done some $100,000 study on quarterbacks in the NFL in the last 20 years and what qb to take in the draft and that person was Teddy Bridge water whom they passed on for Manziel. Why would you even do a study like that and not follow the recommendation?
  2. I like Pettine. He took over a Browns team in turmoil for years and in his first year made them competitive. He will only get better. I like how he handles himself and the team. He has made a few rookie head coach mistakes (such as clock management) but I would still grade him an A in his first year. With the right coach we can finally start building something here in Cleveland instead of this constant tearing down and rebuilding.
  3. OldBrownsFan

    Jonathan Paul Manziel

    I feel for Manziel in that one of his problems he cannot help and that is his size. I would feel better about him if I read where he was burning the midnight oil, studying game films, working on reading defenses and the like but I read where he himself said he has not put in the effort with this team when he should have been using every opportunity to improve his game while waiting in the wings with Hoyer playing.
  4. OldBrownsFan

    Pettine The Right Coach For The Browns

    If the Browns can take on the identity of this coach I will be happy. If this team can get a reputation as a hard nosed no nonsense football team the wins will take care of themselves. No more trying short cuts, the continual search for the franchise quarterback which has produced little since 99, no more blowing things up and starting over. Just start laying a good foundation and making good draft picks.
  5. OldBrownsFan

    Jonathan Paul Manziel

    I personally have seen enough of Johnny Manziel and want to see this team at least end up 8-8 and go out with a win over the Ravens. I hope they start Hoyer and play hard to win this game. I wish no ill will towards Manziel but he needs to go to another team and play back up quarterback and try and master his craft and try again as a starter sometime in the future. He is a distraction this team does not need and I hate to even think about going through this again with him next year.
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    John Football Excuses Forum....

    My grandson's school bus driver and (Bengal fan) gives me the money sign every morning at the bus stop.
  7. OldBrownsFan

    Can we talk about Shanahan?

    The Browns opened the season with a running game which vanished after Mack went out. Without a running game any quarterback in the NFL is going to struggle and that is when Hoyer and the entire offense started having sub par games. Can losing one guy on the O line make that much difference? Apparently so if he is an all pro center like Mack. From what I have seen and many of you guys know more than me about this but I would cut my losses with Manziel, keep Hoyer and improve our O line. Does this team really want to give up so many draft picks which we badly need to get Mariotta? I don't know. No matter how well a college quarterback is in college you never know if they will make it in the NFL and the Browns need help on both sides of the ball.
  8. OldBrownsFan


    I thought Cam showed a lot of class. You don't want to see anyone injured on the field, it happens and injuries are part of the game but you don't cheer for it to happen against any player.
  9. OldBrownsFan

    O-line Grades: Week 14 IND and Week 15 CIN

    Interesting stats thanks for posting. Glad to see Ryan Seymore looks to be improving.
  10. OldBrownsFan

    Pettine The Right Coach For The Browns

    They did get turned down by some of the coaches they were looking at probably because the Browns organization was toxic due to their reputation of instability and constant firing of head coaches. That is why I am glad they found this gem in Pettine. ^^
  11. OldBrownsFan

    Pettine The Right Coach For The Browns

    The Browns have perpetually been in transition since 99. I liked Pettine's attitude at the start saying they were not rebuilding this year and we had enough quality players to compete in the NFL. The Browns did compete this year and in a rarity were still in the playoff picture in December. Pettine comes from a very good defensive background with the Ravens, Jets and the Bills. The Browns took a lot of time in hiring Pettine and I think they did their homework when they chose him. He brings some much needed stability to this club. I for one am getting tired of blowing everything up every few years and starting over. Since 99 we have averaged a new head coach about every two years. The Browns needed someone that can bring a no nonsense, no excuse, winning mentality. Mike Pettine is a hard nosed ,no nonsense type of coach that can relate to his players. This is exactly the type of coach the Browns needed. We now have some good chess pieces in place and I hope we give this some time to bear fruit. Things are looking up in Cleveland...finally.
  12. OldBrownsFan

    Jonathan Paul Manziel

    You might be right ^^ but I still would have felt alot better about the clowning around if the Browns were up 23-0 and dominating the Bengals at that moment.
  13. OldBrownsFan

    Jonathan Paul Manziel

    I don't understand how Manziel and Hoyer can be acting this way and joking around when they are down 23-0 at the time and the team is emabarrassing themselves in front of the home crowd as well as a huge television audience.
  14. OldBrownsFan


    Hoyer has proven that he can be a good quarterback in the NFL. The offense has not been the same since pro bowl center Mack went out injured. The running game has suffered as well as the play of Hoyer since Mack has been out. I believe with an improved offensive line Hoyer will be back playing like he has shown he is capable of. I have little confidence in Manziel and I don't like all the celebrity status he has been receiving when he has not even proven he is capable of being an NFL quarterback. I can't pin the embarrasing loss to the Bengals solely on Manziel as that was a total team lack of effort.